Lair Nears the Finish Line, Full Speed Ahead!

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Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Hamlyn, I’m the associate producer for Lair. It’s been a long haul—almost 2 years for me, and even longer for some of the team over at our developer, Factor 5—but putting the finishing touches on the game and now seeing all our work culminate into a finished product is very exciting.

I’ve spent every free moment I’ve had lately playing this game, looking for bugs and places to add polish. And yeah, I know I’m biased, but I have to say, the more I play this game the more fun I’m having, which certainly speaks to the depth we’re achieving with the gameplay. Plus we’re getting screenshots like this one of our Spiderwasp boss above, and the game is just looking gorgeous. I love the sense of scale that you get in this shot, and that the Spiderwasp itself has so much detail. In order to get this guy in the game, Factor 5 created a physical model (or maquette), had it scanned to the nth detail and then worked from the scans to get it modeled and textured digitally. A long process to say the least, but the results were worth it and speak for themselves… and wait until you see it move! In fact, you won’t have to wait much longer, as Lair is set to launch on Aug. 14th. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with some brand new videos and other cool content that’s on our recently updated official Lair site.

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  • This is one of the games I am most looking forward to this year and i cannot wait. A demo on the PSN would be nice.


  • Ha no one`s got a bad thing to say about that one!! Nor do I. This looks absolutely brilliant!!! I for one don`t have a problem with six axis and am looking forward to more games that use it. Cheers for this

  • This game is looking awesome.

    Guys you have to download the creature trailer in 720p from the official site and pop it in to the PS3, no conversion needed, nice touch.

    The creatures look awesome. There is a serpent in the trailer that is abolutely friggin huge. Your dragon looks like a fly next to it. This will definately be the next game I buy. It will be perfect to show of the motion sensing.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • This game should also move some hardware units.

    I have been looking forward to this game for two years now and, Dragons eating and burning solders, sixaxis controls, and bosses that look bigger than the ones in Shadow of the Colossus, whats not to like?

  • I need to go reserve this, Go Go Gadget Copter!!

  • Looking good. Better than before I think even with that compression in 1080p.

    Some blur added and the dragon seem to look better to me.

  • Looking good, but I still want to see the fire effects improved, like a poster above stated, that should be priority.

    Other than that, I haven’t seen a game with this much scope since Oblivion (which sucked IMO, but technically impressive)

    Reminds me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus with a Ugly, Gear’s-style beastly bosses.

    Very nice…Through in some Home stuff Factor-5!!!

  • The game looks amazing, nice graphics and controls use the sixaxis abilities.
    I love all the factor5 games that ive played so far! So this is a must have =)

  • I pre-ordered this game along time ago. Ithink it will be awesome. One question tough…I live in Europe can I play the US version the PS3?

  • Spiderwasp!? i hate spiders. omg this game is going to scare the hell out of me.
    i cant wait!

  • this game will be the best game ever. until i play killzone and MGS4

  • *in my best Stewie voice* where’s my demo man?…where’s the demo

  • Lair is set to launch on Aug. 14th


    this should be great! AND IT”S ACTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TO THE PS3!!! woo-hoo!

    hopefully the sixaxis will be worth it!

    thanks for the interview

  • this game will be great, but what about multiplayer?

  • hurry and release this game so i can buy it!!

  • I know everyone’s all hyped about the visuals (and with good reason!), but I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, so here goes:

    Absolutely stellar soundtrack.

    Seriously, guys. Great job on that. I’ve been checking out what few videos there have been since the game was first announced, but none of those have had a sufficiently audible soundtrack, whereas the new videos posted on the game site do. And wow, did they blow me away. The epic score really does add a whole ‘nother layer of immersion.

    So kudos to the folks at Factor 5 and hurray for us, ’cause we’re getting an awesome game.

  • Oh wow, I am getting this on launch day, even if it means being mobbed for it!

  • im going 2 purchase it for sure…but im going 2 look at gamespot and player reviews first, im also gonna play the demo that comes out July

    did u hear (Lair is Teen!!!!!!!) :)

  • with Ninga Gaiden (IGN rated: 9.3) amazing. Now LAIR this summer will be Hot. 2 huge games with huge ratings to start bringing up the sales.

  • This game looks AMAZING cant wait

  • Visually stunning, epic storyline and incredible audio have me sold on this game, I’d just love a demo to check out the gameplay. There’s been a little bit of anxiety that it won’t have long term playability. But I’m curious now as the writer mentions that in fact the game grows on you and becomes more fun as you play it. So like I said, a demo on PSN next week if you will…please. Also any details on what we can expect on the BR disc, any special extras like behind the scenes? Hope so to take advantage of the storage that the BR disc offers or have you guys used it up already with the game?

  • got mine preordered, cant wait!

  • What’s amazing to me is this:

    The PS3 is what, 9 months old? LAIR looks better than Gears of War and it came out a full year after the 360. Obviously, graphics aren’t everything. However, I think this is a testament to the PS3’s power. Glad to see some developers (I’m talking to you EA)know how to do their jobs.

  • Multiplayer anyone?

  • WOW @ spiderwasp boss. @_@

  • This game looks pretty amazing but the gameplay -from what I’ve seen in videos- doesn’t seem very compelling. Hopefully the demo eases my concerns.

  • this games look so good and i think u put so much work on this guy i think that will be one of the most have for the ps3 :) Im happy u have a lot of fun playing ur own game lol that encouraging … 2 year of work and u play … so i think its a nice proof ur games is really good …. but i just want to say EA are one of the best just look on the new MoH Airbornes and u will see :)

  • I’m gonna get this together with my PS3 on the release date. Then 2 weeks later get Warhawk. Just got a 32″ Bravia. Can’t wait to play my first HD game.

  • got it pre-ordered. release a demo to my mouth salivating

  • I hope that this lives up to the hype. It’d be such a shot in the arm for Sony who really needs to pick up the sales. That and my PS3 library is so small at the moment.

  • All I can say is: It looks like Factor 5 is doing it again! =D

  • Hmm that not my cup of tea, back to Ratchet & Clank blog :P


  • Looks great. Make sure those Moving jaggies stay away from me. :)

  • I know this is off topic but I still want to know. After Lair is done is there any chance that the PS3 could see a Rogue Squadron game. I like the RS games in the past. The third one not so much but it still was good. So any chance Factor 5 that there could be a RS game for the PS3.

    Also any chance of Turrican coming out on PSN as a downloadable game or a new Turrican game.

    That all being said it is nice to hear that Lair is almost done and I can’t wait to get that game.

  • This game will blow every one away. And I hope this will also be a succes game. What means Lair 2 will have MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool would that be!!!!

  • This is Great news Ive pre ordered lair ALREady :-) SO this is nice :-)

  • Look like Starship Troopers movie, I need to pre-order GTA4 and GT5 when it comes out..

    Now that my cup of tea, god damn I need other Sly Cooper game :P


  • Just remember to buy this game in any case. They promised multiplayer in the sequel. :)

  • The detail on the spiderwasp looks amazing! I was just wondering, though, has the screen shot been edited at all? The edges of the spiderwasp , legs in particular, look as though a blur layer was placed on top and then the spiderwasp part masked out. Hope it looks like that in motion, though. Can’t wait!

  • mohahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Everything looks fantastic, the detail of the monsters, dragons, fire… but except for one thing, as I observe from some trailers, when the dragon attack a group or a row of people they will fall with exact position, movement if the developer can change this the game will look more realistic

  • I’ve been waiting for this game since it first showed up at e305. This is a must have type of game for the PS3. I’m not sure if it will sell systems. But it is going to be a great game. I can’t wait for this game!

  • Looks great! I hope the game realeses in august in Europe to

  • Awesome!! this game looks amazing.

    Thanks for the update

  • I love the concept of this game its just amazing how the cinematics play out in this game, hell if this wasn’t even a game yet a movie I would still wanna see it.

  • I’m very excited about this game! It’s in my top three along with Heavenly Sword! Do not stop doing what you are doing and don’t stop doing for us! We’ll do our best to show your baby love when it’s born!

  • ConsistentChamp

    can’t wait to play it!! does it use Home trophies?

  • I’ve already got my pre-order paid off! I can’t wait to pick this game up, but I hope all the rumors about the controls are either just rumors or resolved.

  • I already have it pre-ordered :D

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