Lair Nears the Finish Line, Full Speed Ahead!

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Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Hamlyn, I’m the associate producer for Lair. It’s been a long haul—almost 2 years for me, and even longer for some of the team over at our developer, Factor 5—but putting the finishing touches on the game and now seeing all our work culminate into a finished product is very exciting.

I’ve spent every free moment I’ve had lately playing this game, looking for bugs and places to add polish. And yeah, I know I’m biased, but I have to say, the more I play this game the more fun I’m having, which certainly speaks to the depth we’re achieving with the gameplay. Plus we’re getting screenshots like this one of our Spiderwasp boss above, and the game is just looking gorgeous. I love the sense of scale that you get in this shot, and that the Spiderwasp itself has so much detail. In order to get this guy in the game, Factor 5 created a physical model (or maquette), had it scanned to the nth detail and then worked from the scans to get it modeled and textured digitally. A long process to say the least, but the results were worth it and speak for themselves… and wait until you see it move! In fact, you won’t have to wait much longer, as Lair is set to launch on Aug. 14th. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with some brand new videos and other cool content that’s on our recently updated official Lair site.

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  • Nice to know! Looks awesome, even by that little trailer. I’m looking to get this on the launch date!

  • Yes !!! Day 1 purchase for me.

  • i….cannot…wait….for…..this game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wit for this game to come out. It’s because of Lair and Super Stardust HD that I’m buying a new 1080p TV.

  • Awesome news. Can’t wait for this. This is a Day One Purchase for me too. Good luck with the launch guys/gals. :D

  • This game looks awesome! I can’t wait. Hopefully, just hopefully, I’ll be able to message my friends while killing some dragons.

  • This blog is getting better and better. tnx for info, game looks great!

  • thank you for this game, i cant wait for it!!!
    it looks amazing!!!!!!!

  • Sweet mother of … that looks great and thanks sony for this blog..its great.

  • A spider….AND A WASP? IN ONE THING!?
    Holy carp thats awsome.
    Spiderwasp Vs Dragon.
    This game marks the rise of the PS3. I cant wait

  • I was skeptical about this game in the beginning but now I’m hyped for it. Good use of the blog. Since the game is almost done why do we not have a demo?

  • I’m anxious to play this thing!

  • man cannot wait to play this game
    looks AWESOME!!!

  • You have my money guys,

  • Visually stunning!

  • omg i cant wait for this I’ve been teased to the point of premature climaxing

    i want it now

  • Totally awesome! I wonder how the framerate is going, given all the detail on screen and the game playing at 1080p…

  • Sounds great, and looks great. Any word on a demo? When it was scheduled for release in July, I know Factor 5 was planning on putting out a demo in June, but that’s obviously not happening. Are we getting a demo on this in July?

  • I am really looking forward this game so much. Before I was not sure but It does hit me.

    Anyway I made my own wallpaper for my new wide-screen monitor.
    But it has been resized automatically when upload.

  • thanks for the update, that screen does look awesome. This is one the games I’m looking forward to the most right now.

  • IT’s too sick. Look at that screen man. it’s sharp with 1080p!!!!!!!

  • The scale is incredible. Can’t wait.

    I wonder how much data the game will cache onto the HDD.

  • Beautiful.

    Eagerly waiting the release of this game and it’s great hear the a considerable amount of time is being spent on perfecting the game.

    +1 purchase

  • I have to say, the screenshots for this and ratchet and clank we’ve been seeing, downloadable at 1920×1080 from flickr look amazing on a big screen TV. It hurts to think how good it will look once in motion.

  • hey , nice blog. Finally registered, namely because of this post on the web:

    I wondered if Jack could just tell us a little more about that here ? thanks in advacne

  • Awesome, simply awesome….I cannot wait, hope to see a demo on the PS store soon, that would be icing on the cake. It don’t even have to be super long…just SOMETHING!!! Great work guys, it looks awesome…

  • I just hope that you guys offer an option to switch to analog sticks. I’ve been hearing a lot from journalist previews how they aren’t too fond of the Sixaxis control setup.

    Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to play this game! Great job to the team!

  • does this game run at 30 fps or 60 fps?? and is it locked at that framerate???

  • We voted for High res shots
    and we are waiting.

  • So this means a demo this Thursday …Right?? :)

  • Great!
    Now demo during E3 please :D

  • Hires screenshot within a day. Sweet.

    Also, nice update. That looks gorgeous.

    Long live to the King (PS3)


  • Bloody hell! That screenshot looks great! Buying this as soon as it hits UK stores.

    The only annoying thing now is that I need to go and fork out for a 7.1 surround system to get the full epic experience

  • I can’t wait for the demo of this game. It will decide for me if this is a buy or not. Game looks great, but I am not a big fantasy game person. So hurry and bring on the demo Sony! ;-)

  • Nice screenshot of the boss. It reminds me a little of Gears of War’s palette and detail. Unlike what seems to be the majority here, I am witholding on my opinion on this game until I try out the SixAxis controls and see more video of the gameplay or get to try it out on a demo. I am hoping that the controls ‘make sense’ meaning, that it’s intuitive, simple to use, and overall cool to fly a dragon and tear down some armies and big bosses. I guess what I mean is: the idea sounds cool, but I want to see how it is implemented, and above all else, is it fun. Hoping for a demo. to find out!

  • that screen looks awesome!!

    one thing though, have the fire effects changed any from the early versions? for some reason they looked a little off to me and fire should be one of the major focuses of a dragon game.

  • Nice, I wonder if we will see a demo soon.

  • where’s the demo

  • 2 Years is a long time, can’t wait to see the demo in the European store!

  • Is the august 14th release date also meant for the european market? say yes, pretty please.

  • i want this game even more now… *drools*

  • I really look forward. August 14th? Good, gives me a month to beat ninja gaiden sigma and move on to Lair. : D

  • Ya im definantly going to buy this game. Just the whole concept with dragons is awsome.

  • Will we be seeing a demo before the game is released? If so, when can we expect it?


    I need a 1080P tv though :(

  • looks great.

  • Thanks for the update! I hope this game lives up to the hype. So far it looks like it just might!

  • Man 1 “Good night?”
    Man 2 “Cousins!”
    Man 3 “Yours?”

    lol (watch the clip on )

    This is one of the games I’m looking forward to. HOME, LittleBigPlanet and LAIR, (very often misread by me as Liar (as in telling lies)). I don’t like platform games, OBLIVION was a big let down (too slow and too spread out) and I’m sick of losing at racing games. This to me seems totally different to the games I’ve played in the past. Just a shame my birthday is July instead of August. :)

  • I’m so excited. There are so many good titles coming out by the years end!

  • TwoBlack4America

    That game looks incredible.Can’t wait ’til it’s released!

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