Inside the Developers Studio: Cory Barlog

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Today we kick-off our Inside the Developers Studio series with guest author, Cory Barlog, creative director for God of War: Chains of Olympus.


1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
God of War: Chains of Olympus

2. Describe it in five words or less.
Kind of limiting, huh? Well I think the best description is that it’s ‘God of War for PSP.’

3. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
Jack Thompson. I think after 5 minutes of playing the game that hard crunchy exterior would melt away and reveal his candy coated liberal center.

4. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Bioshock. That game looks pretty amazing and I’m dying to see how it feels. I think I would want more than an hour though…how about two?

5. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
Does this really count as an E3? I mean, it’s like a mini-E3…so I will count it as one-half of an E3. So with that in mind, I would say 7 and 1/2.

6. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
A loud, stinky, electronic orgasm.

7. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
You have a ticket to the (insert company name here) party?

8. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit- what three items HAVE to be included?
A fifth of Jack Daniels, a bottle of ibuprofen, and a package of hand sanitizing wipes, and some AXE body spray along with some Altoids for some of the people you have to talk to.

9. What advice would you have for someone who has never experienced E3?
Swing away Jaoquin Phoenix, swing away. I really don’t know what advice to give for this years E3 since it is going to be so totally different, so I will just go with don’t start drinking before noon.

10. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.
I expect to ACTUALLY have time to actually play games this year – Nice!

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  • I’m personally interested in the uncapping of the limit on the PSP CPU and if Chains of Olympus will use the full 333 Mhz available. If so, I’m wondering what the impact on battery life will be.

  • what a let down, i still have not finished gow 2, y would i want it a psp, i have a ps2 slim in my car i can play gow 1 & 2 on the go for less than a psp, i knew this gonna b a pr page for e3, whats tomorrows interview, home’s developer who cant say anything about what to expect, but he’s still excited for e3, where we can see what availabe from every company except and c how much better “THEIR” products and communications r?

  • Are you sure you haven’t started GOW3. I am guessing that there will be announcements at E3.

  • I thought that was great. I like knowing the minds of the poeple behind the games I play. Not much info on the game, but he showed his persona. i dig that.

  • Wow…what a crappy interview…how dare you guys call this “Inside the Developers Studio”??? I couldn’t have seen a more by the numbers interview anywhere else. You should change the name of this newly developed feature to a name that fits more appropriately…like “E3 propaganda” or “useless questions to your favorite developers”…you said it was named “inside the developers studio” because that show repeats the same questions to every single guest. Does that mean that we’ll get treated to the same mediocre questions every day??

    You have a chance to ask some good questions don’t take it for granted…or at least don’t confuse your readers by referencing such a great show as Inside the Actors Studio. Please change the name of this section ASAP so that people don’t get their hopes up high expecting some quality interviews.

    Also, don’t say you didn’t proposed details about the games because that is exactly what is being promised in that quote:

    “…and have the developers of some of our most anticipated first-party titles candidly give insight into their titles and E3.”

    I’m sorry but I didn’t see the insightful info of God of War for PSP in this interview…I also don’t think that by criticizing the interview we are consequently criticizing the developer. That’s far from the truth…actually I’m sorry for him that he had to take away some time to answer those stupid questions.

    We all love Cory Balrog…he (and the great team at sony santa monica) gave us God of War 2…how can we disrespect him?

  • Well, entertaining, but not too insightful. I got a few laughs out it, so that’s cool.

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  • @Hiroken

    Questions like “what are you going to have for lunch at E3” are not going to generate hype, sure even with these questions I was interested for a couple seconds. Not saying I don’t appreciate Cory’s responses, but I am sure he also would of liked for it to be more interesting… hopefully.

  • Gotta say, I was looking forward to this but seems a bit short without much information.
    I think limiting to 5 words is crazy for 2 of the questions! I would want to read a paragraph on stuff like “Describe the game”…..

  • Boring ‘interview’ but respect if you’re gonna take the criticism on board and sort something better out for the future posts.

  • Patrick,
    You can’t please everyone man ;) no worries. do what you gotta do. you guys didnt have to start this blog at all. the people that are ripping on this post are greedy bastards. i have mad respect for you guys.

  • Correct me if Im wrong, but I thought that Bioschock is headed to both the PS3 and 360.

  • This was a sad excuse for an interview. I didn’t like it. Only thing I got from it is “dam, we don’t get Bioshock on the PS3”. I guess you guys don’t read the comments…

  • ok ok maybe I was a little harsh in my earlier comment… sorry, didn’t mean to be disrespectful.
    I must say though, even just restating things about the game in question (in more than five words) that have previously been released would have been nice… maybe giving the developer a chance to point out the pieces that make them most excited/proud?
    I dunno… I know the info imbargo prior to E3 is a hard wall to butt all our heads on.
    If there’s an interview amongst the list which mentions a game (in five words or less) which has not hitherto been on our collective radar… consider me smacked down (quite happily).
    -with love and lowered blood pressure, dragNdrift.

  • that was a funny interview haha.

    i really hope to get my psp this year, becouse i still not have one :( .

    Patrick you are doing a great job… thanks for the interviews :)

  • “aaquib | June 25th, 2007 at 12:22 pm
    you guys should get Kojima in here to reconfirm MGS4’s exclusitivity”
    I couldn’t have said that any better aaquib.

    I also agree with andycapps post 34. You guys need to cool your jets. Sony cant just log on here and tell all their secrets. First of all, they have to have some surprises for E3. Secondly, if they were to give everything away on this post then other companies would know exactly what are Sony’s plans to kick their ass in the long run. So chill out and be patients!!! Some of you guys are acting like little kids. This is complex business planning and execution. Think about that!

  • Keep up the good work with the blog guys. Some of us out here do understand that it takes time to dish out quality.

  • great avatar cory :)
    Who’s B.A.?

  • Pretty inane questions, to be honest.

    I agree – I’d like to hear more about the games.

    Question 1 is pointless – could be done in the introduction.

    Q2. Wtf? Give away as little info as possible about your game to people who want to know more about it. Pretty lame.

    Q3. Pretty good idea.

    Q4. Not terrible, since it at least talks about other games at E3

    Qs 5 – 10. Terrible. Just terrible.

    Sorry Sony, I was expecting actual interviews.

  • did u expect sony to give out every piece of info before e3? They say theyre gonna provide us with a little something and they did and you people still complain

  • nice, too short but nice

    where is GOW3 btw?

  • Thanks for taking the time to do this interview for us Patrick and Cory. It’s appreciated….mostly….

    ….But, I must say, I was very disappointed with this interview. It wasn’t very serious, was it ? I was kind of hoping for some in-depth questions about the industry, or the creative process, or how they came up with their previous stuff, what changes in company are happening, you know, enticing stuff. I really hope that all of these “Inside the Developers Studio” don’t become just some serious questions/silly answers type interviews. No offence, but I know I’d rather not see you guys just joking around, it’s rather useless. We are here to read some serious, interesting articles, not goofing off, or that’s what I thought this Blog was intended to do.

    Sorry if that sounds rude, it’s honestly not intended. Keep up the good work guys/girls…baby steps, that’s all, baby steps and growing pains.

  • I wasn’t expecting much more than this. The point of these things are to give you insight into the personality and to hype up E3. I mean, the fact that Sony is trying to hype up this E3 with these things is good news enough. It shows that they aren’t afraid of it being bad. E3 saved the best for last, Sony is going to kick ass.

    You guys really shouldn’t expect too much info about the games.

    But, get one of the guys behind 8 Days in here soon! That game look like it could be really awesome.

    Good job Sony, thanks for the blog and this series of posts.

  • i find it ok, at least its something to nibble on…but the 5 words or less questions are usually used 1 time and usually at the end. still pritty good though

  • Heh, at first I was dissapointed how this Q&A went, but after reading all the comments here, I see people take this way too personal. Take it easy guys!!

    I do think you guys made a mistake in describing it as “Inside the Developers Studio”. That might threw a few people off in what to expect of it.

    A more suitable name, “Get to know your developers – Pre-E3 version” would have made more sence. Also 5 words is insane. Give them at least a sentence or two. And please, 20 questions is ok, 10 is too little.

    Ayways this was just constructive ideas, keep up the good work!!!

  • Awesome! Keep’em coming! :)

  • What happened to the top 10 firmware requests Eric promised us two weeks ago?

  • Those questions sucked bad.

  • Good interview bad questions. Cory was a great choice to get us pumped then it went down hill. Also I want to here from the Cory thats on the GOW bonus disc, you know the sarcastic ahole Cory. LOL

    Next up Kojima?

    And will someone please talk to MarkyMarkPS3 about Twisted Metal!

  • I guess Sony does read the posts, It is good to hear that they listen to its fans and gamers.


  • Did you guys hear that received a special invitation to the Killzone Ps3 E3 press event. They event is sopposed to be 2.5 hours long. Wow. I cannot wait for news on this game. I loved the first Killzone and I cannot wait for the sequel.


  • This is Great stuff Thanx Sony for always supporting what the consumers WANT :-) without u guys i will be still playing nintendo back in the day ps1 wooped dem! pwnd them ps2 and NOW ps3 wow thank you [-_-]/) thank you sony ahah :-)

  • WOW! that was short and irrelevent to the game’s development.
    hope you guys update this later, because that was suprisingly dissapointing.


    (keep it going guys and maybe they’ll get the message!)

  • self.confessed.cynic

    @ Patrick Seybold.

    Hehe, ah well – I think we all missed the boat when you stated what these interviews would be about – either that or we just ignored you and hoped they’d be what we wanted them to be like.

    In general, I liked the interview – but then, I had taken your advice this weekend and watched some of Inside the Actor’s Studio, so I was kind of prepared.

    On the other hand, as soon as I saw the first comment, I knew what had happened. Ah well, I’m personally sorry that you’re going to have to change up the formula of what you actually wanted to do. But then, I don’t think the times are right for these lighter interviews – the weather is way too stormy.

    Still, the moment you ask the questions these guys want you to, they’ll stop crying for your blood.

    Perhaps you can do the lighter pieces after e3? (and name the segment something else, as to not confuse people – even though I personally realise where you wanted to go with this)

    Keep up the good work, I assume the demands by everyone else here are enough to keep you on your feet, let alone with the orgasmic E3 coming up. : )






  • Kojima needs to post some new information on MGS4, atleast reafirm its exclusivity on the Ps3.


  • @81

    so did one of the writers. he shows the whole invitation on the facebook page except the address.

  • “You have a ticket to the (insert company name here) party?”, lol so true that’s at this and GDC hahahah. thanks for the interview it was nice to hear :-)

  • Hey, i hope you read this patrick, or someone in charge.

    this was a good start, but i think instead of forcussing on questions about E3, try asking developers questions about how they like to design games.

    what types of genres they’d like to see explored better.

    if cory barlog made a sports title, how would it be different from a regular sports game?

    whats is an idea for a game he has, that probably wouldnt ever work, or that wouldnt work with current technology.

    things like that would be SO interesting.

    announcements for the PSP game will be good, but thats not what these interviews are for.

    so, steer clear of the E3 stuff, and steer clear of the game announcements.. lets hear some questions about their creative ideas.

    Thanks! (hope you read this!)

  • Um ok, good stuff

  • way to short. but great interview. i want kojima and team ico

  • Alright, no need to point the obvious thing everyone is saying.

    But still, thats a really cool image if thats in-game.

    I was going to say something about the article, but I guess you can give away all the info and also, you must have permission of the developers to post things here and if you also put there the fact that we have E3 in our backs, at least is something.

    It is not easy to amuse thousands of hungry electronic maniac geeks.

    You are on the right track. Just take the messages as good feedback.

    For E3 I am going to wait for this:

    – 2.0 Firmware
    – Killzone 2
    – Home
    – Future Games in development
    – Improvements in PS Store
    – To be able to download daily videos of the E3 with interviews maybe?

    *fingers crossed*

  • Great way to start out the Interviews, but why no details about the game :(

  • @self.confessed.cynic

    No we got the idea of this “session” but come on. These were pointless questions. I don’t think anybody expect info to be revealed before E3, but questions about the easy or difficulty of working with the PSP, how thinks are with Jaffe gone (if he is) stuff like that These were just horrible boring “lets do something quick” questions.

    Great idea, just not executed to its potential.

  • I like the screenshot. Looks great. :)

  • my gawd! what a bunch of complainers!
    he said it was going to be like InsideTheActor’sStudio with the questions. obviously you’ve never seen ITAS or else you’d know that at the end, he shoots off a few rapid-fire questions which is exactly what this is.
    take your ridaline, people, and calm down.

  • WE WANT TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Solace

    *Starts sarcasm*
    My bad for not watching that show and expect something related to the game.
    *Stops sarcasm*

    Really, the fact that they are supposed to be 10 rapid questions doesn’t mean they have to do regarding something kind of off-topic.

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