Inside the Developers Studio: Cory Barlog

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Today we kick-off our Inside the Developers Studio series with guest author, Cory Barlog, creative director for God of War: Chains of Olympus.


1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
God of War: Chains of Olympus

2. Describe it in five words or less.
Kind of limiting, huh? Well I think the best description is that it’s ‘God of War for PSP.’

3. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
Jack Thompson. I think after 5 minutes of playing the game that hard crunchy exterior would melt away and reveal his candy coated liberal center.

4. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Bioshock. That game looks pretty amazing and I’m dying to see how it feels. I think I would want more than an hour though…how about two?

5. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
Does this really count as an E3? I mean, it’s like a mini-E3…so I will count it as one-half of an E3. So with that in mind, I would say 7 and 1/2.

6. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
A loud, stinky, electronic orgasm.

7. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
You have a ticket to the (insert company name here) party?

8. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit- what three items HAVE to be included?
A fifth of Jack Daniels, a bottle of ibuprofen, and a package of hand sanitizing wipes, and some AXE body spray along with some Altoids for some of the people you have to talk to.

9. What advice would you have for someone who has never experienced E3?
Swing away Jaoquin Phoenix, swing away. I really don’t know what advice to give for this years E3 since it is going to be so totally different, so I will just go with don’t start drinking before noon.

10. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.
I expect to ACTUALLY have time to actually play games this year – Nice!

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  • Geez, that’s it? No details about the game, or the development process, or anything else…?

  • Good way to start off the interviews! I’m looking forward to Chains of Olympus. And Bioshock eh? I wish we could get that on the ps3… maybe

  • Kind of limiting Huh? I kind of was expecting more on the game. The article was rather short and I need more details. I am kind of disappointed.


  • I hope Sony’s E3 conference is not as shorta and prasaic as this.


  • Haha I liked the thing about jack thompson. The whole thing was kind of short and didnt give much info about the game.

  • Inside the Developer’s Studio? More like Ask Some Dude About This Year’s E3. Lame.

  • told you this ” q&a ” was a waste of time…

  • Kind of small and not very interesting, you guys can do better then that. ;) Let us ask the questions, that would be much more interesting.

  • Kind of Lame.


  • kind of very darn limiting…
    as the Only question about the game in question (other than stating the title) I was kind of hoping for a chance at some detail…
    “20 words or less” may have been sufficient.
    I know that the press and devs love E3, but really the gaming community just sees it as “when all the announcements happen”. We don’t get to go along you see….
    So I for one don’t give a toss about ‘the experience’ or how drunk you’re all going to get.
    some info on the games, even just a little, is what I was hoping for.
    This series has suddenly become very very dissapointing.

  • you guys should get Kojima in here to reconfirm MGS4’s exclusitivity

  • what the hell? no details on anything for a big game on the psp that was pretty dang small. I was over hyped like usual. Come one sony Give us details on games we really don’t care for what developers like

  • God of War for PSP will be pretty cool but I wish I knew more about the game!

  • Yes, get Kojima in here.


  • Love Cory but throw us a bone huh?
    Content, news, a good tease?

  • yeah, I have to agree, that was all stuff that could have been said on his/your own blog, it’s mainly personal stuff.

  • God of War 3 announcement at E3? Make it happen!

  • Well i hope the rest aren’t as boring as this one….not one word about the game itself, boring boring boring. If its not worth reading its not worth posting. Totally NO information whatsoever.

  • God!? This was bad… Only 10 questions? Why even bother?

  • I have a question anyway, is the game going to run at the new 333mhz?

  • @brandothe2nd

    I want bioshock, too! I reallllly hope they annouce it’s going multiplaform at E3.

  • The questions were mundane and the answers seemed irrelevant, and the guy answering persistently tried too hard to be funny and didn’t actually talk about the studio he works.

    A 14year old would have done better with this Q & A. God I hope Sony’s E3 conference is better.

  • Godfather_of_gaming

    Wow..last blog, I asked for the developers of GOW, and now they actually posted! WOW!!!!

  • i dont think they will reveal any info on the game because they want to save it all at e3

  • Kojima!!!!!!!!!Kojima!!!!!!!!!Kojima!!!!!!!!!Kojima!!!!!!!!!Kojima!!!!!!!!!Kojima!!!!!!!!!


  • BioShock is most likely timed exclusive, they will announce it prelaunch on 360.
    There are just to many rumors about that game. Me personally, dont care! Give me Uncharted! :-)

  • Cool Concept, stupid questions.
    —- Getting to know some of the develoeprs behind the game is cool, but getting to know more about a project they are currently working is even better.
    Blog guys, more content. Try asking more intresting questions as well. I.e. What direction do you think your team is headed for their next title? HINT: god of war ps3? Some other PS3 Game?
    Also Bio-shock, great game, too bad not for the ps3.

  • The depths of my memory » Blog Archive » God of War: Chains of Olympus

    […] God of War, Chains of Olympus: Cuando vi en mis feeds información sobre esto, sentí cierta emoción, de estar jugando este juego me he enviciado, pero no era sino una entrevista con Cory Barlog, director creativo de este juego, en el que hablan mayoritariamente sobre el E3. Una entrevista medio basura, pero que me sirve para dejarles el link del trailer de este juego para PSP. […]

  • I don’t get it. Why people are complaining? This was supposed to be like the actor’s studio, and it feels like it. You were really expecting something about game announcement BEFORE E3? I think some of you just expect too much…

  • @ Gothdom

    We were expecting quality of atleast satisfactory level with the questions and more importantly, type of questions. The answers we got make me wonder how long this “interview” took.

    My money is on 2mins 30 seconds

  • awesome! more useless information. another 5 minutes of my life that i’ll never get back. you guys at sony just don’t get it do you?

  • ha, that was pretty cool. no new information, but still interesting enough to read. keep em’ comin’ guys!

  • I really like the idea and this is a great start.

  • Wow, hear you loud and clear. We’re working on some more info for this and we’re going to try to get an updated post on this game later today. We’re aren’t going to give away the farm and as many of you have noted, we are saving info for E3, but this series is supposed to be a look inside the developers and their personalities. Hang tight, we’re working on a few things more related to the games….

  • Patrick- You guys are doing a great job so far, I think people need to cut you a little bit of slack. I’m sure you’re still probably figuring out what you can/can’t put on here and the best way of doing these interviews. Looking forward to whatever else you guys have lined up. *Keeps fingers crossed for interview with Team ICO on anything they have planned for PS3* :)

  • @Patrick

    I don’t think the info has to be big to be interesting, it just seemed thin and unrelated to anything.

  • Too short and not personal and detailed enough. Look at the recent WatchImpress interview with the 2 Japanese AV engineers. That was awesome !

  • Funny interview. I think I am going to go get a fifth of Jack right now.

  • What’s with all the E3 questions? I thought this was, “Inside the Developers Studio”. Oh well keep ’em comin’

  • Stop ripping the post for the E3 questions. The last blog post, introducing this seciton, stated they questions would be “E3 Specific” in order to learn what the devs were bringing to E3, and which games they personally were excited about.


  • Hey Patrick,

    I like the idea of getting to know their personality, but I don’t think asking them a ton of questions about E3 is the way to do it. Getting real opinions about their own game, good and bad, that’ll show us some real personality.

    Like Jaffe or Molynuex. You can tell their personality from how they talk about their games.

    Thanks for trying so hard to please us! Can’t wait for the update.

  • @Hiroken

    We already knew Cory Barlog is bringing this game to E3 and that’s all we learned about the game here. I don’t think many were expecting not to find out things, even minor things about the game.

  • Ask them questions about their game and what they hope it to be like at E3.
    And like someone else said, Get Kojima stuidos to re-confirm exclusisivity in THIS BLOG. It would get traffic sky high

  • I knew this was setting up for a disappointment. No one’s going to even pretend to be happy until the E3 announcements, we’ll have to get used to it.

    All that aside, this is a fun diversion leading up to E3, thanks. I didn’t really expect a whitepaper on programming the Cell spus for maximum efficiency. Woulda been nice… hehe.

  • I understand, and actually was hoping for details about the game, but I think it’s absurd, not to mention very rude to the dev who took the time (even if it was only a few minutes) to sit here and complain that we didn’t get what wasn’t promised in the first place.

    I quote from the last post from Playstation Blog:
    “we thought it would be fun to develop our own set of E3-specific questions and have the developers of some of our most anticipated first-party titles candidly give insight into their titles and E3.”

    I don’t know what you all were expecting. While I’m sure we’d love details about the games, that’s what E3 is for, right? If we get some details, great, but don’t expect what wasn’t proposed.

  • what a load of [DELETED], i was expecting alot more.

    not one bit of info about the game, just a load more [DELETED] about E3.



  • I think Kojima has better things to do than give ammo to PS fanboys against MS fanboys.

  • indeed Twisted Metal!
    great interview, it made me smile.

  • Well, I think with the company busy with E3 its an incredible show of out reach to even sneeze for us. Though I would have like questions like “Assuming that there will be a God of War 3 for the playstation 3, and given the experience of using the PSP; could we expect some sort of interoperability between the two consoles in the future?” -OR- “There have been several reports of the PSP firmware 3.5 uncapping the speed of the processor, allowing games to run at 333Mhz; has this changed development of the game?” oh, and @ Cory B., you can feel free to answer these if you have the time / can with out getting in trouble / want to.

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