Introducing a New Series to PlayStation.Blog: Inside the Developers Studio

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We wanted to introduce you to a new series of posts we’re going to have here starting Monday that we are affectionately calling “Inside the Developers Studio.” If you’ve ever seen Inside the Actors Studio, you are familiar with how host, James Lipton, asks the same questions to every guest on the show. Inspired by this ritual, we thought it would be fun to develop our own set of E3-specific questions and have the developers of some of our most anticipated first-party titles candidly give insight into their titles and E3.

Over the next two and a half weeks we will post a different developer’s responses every day, so stay tuned and hear directly from the creative minds behind some of your favorite games…

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  • How long do I have to wait for my Avatar to show? I signed up about a week ago, placed my avatar and I still get nothing. Can anybody help me :(?

  • @ Citizianinsane27
    i look through your point of view, and i can understand a person may give into sin at a certain age (at least thats what it seems like today) but i belive sony would not want whats happened to the computer with all its AO titles…this would make gaming more restricted (even for normal titles) and the blame would be flamed faster
    media does have a impact on a persons mental stat, it is slow but it does show effects, like when when mortal kombat came out, ppl would learn and obsesse over combos, voices, and overall feel.
    i am not saying it made ppl kill others, but it did make a hand full cosplay (dress out, sound like, and act like a character).this is real close to copying a murder in a game imo, if they soon do nothing but play the game (lets say WoW long) they may get bored and deside to make their own storyline of the game by acting it out…i am not saying manhunt 2 will make a person kill another, but there is always a small chance somebody will…and human life should not be gambled.

  • When does it start?
    Who are the first lucky contestants?

  • self.confessed.cynic

    Aside from my agreement with CitizenInsane27 and Coolwater (although we all know that losing manhunt aint much of a loss at all – I certainly wouldn’t have bought it) – back to the topic.

    @ Seybold (I guess we can call you Patrick? …Pat?)

    Nice red outlining Pat – I see there’s improvements being made to this blog as we speak. Ride on.

    Anyhow, I definitely see where you’re coming from there – you guys have a lot of work to do before E3, especially looking at the vid posted a while ago (although not all of you would be on the show floor, it works as a cool metaphor).

    Ah well, I’ll check out some of Inside Actors to tide me over till monday – which I’m looking forward to. Like DooM, I agree that y’all will do a great job (and are doing one right now). It’s good to see you guys separating yourselves from other 1st party blogs already.

    Keep up the good work.

    Continuing from DooM’s message though, we assume that you guys will indeed get interviews from 1st party devs in the US, but what about in JP and the UK?

    Of course, I, nor anyone, expect it this time around – as you have enough on your hands to be going with – but the next series? (shall I say – Season 2? – heh) Could be interesting.

  • I wish there was a way to contact people off this blog…

    Floyd Bishop, I met you at E3 the past few years. Last time I met you, you were working outta the Scranton area. I interviewed you for the Playstation Pulse, I think you were working on Mark of Kri? You were with that Harry Potter looking guy?

    Anyway I cannot wait to see what the future blogs hold in regards to talking with developers. I hope they have the candor of a David Jaffe and aren’t afraid to share their true opinions….

    As far as AO games go, you need to be 17 to purchase M rated games, and what, 18 to purchase an AO game? Hardly a difference, the AO rating is a joke and should be abolished. It is time to turn the responsibility back on the parents and retailers to make sure these games don’t get into the hands of children. Let me decide what games I want to purchase….

  • Sounds cool!

  • This is a very cool idea – and I am definitely looking forward to Take Two’s post. If Sony has the balls to post it, that is.

  • Cool Sony, keep up the good work.

  • sweet maybe we can hear some cool info from motherH

  • Keep it up this is a great blog site!

  • Tell me where is the engineer that going to implement Divx or Xvid into the next firmware update turn the gaming community and PS3 early adopters into true believers of Sony throw us a bone, you know a thank you for spending our rent money on this high end piece of equipment .

    Thank You,
    P.S. please clean up the PSN Network move the videos post more deoms and ……you fill in the blanks.

  • at least this blog post is more related than some kid winning 5000 $. And I agree with phrozen1one.

  • 48
    CitizenInsane27 | June 22nd, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    I agree i am 21 and should be able to buy what ever game I choose Sony shouldn’t stop a good game from being made because of a rating.I am not sure if you guys at sony know of how many adults you have playing games on the consoles.And if you are then why not start making AO material for the PS3 its a part of the gaming market that no one is currently ruling over you could and were talking about lots of money here there is no reason a system like the ps3 can be considered a kiddy console(So you shouldt have to worry about to much bad pr) it a man machine not just so fricken toy for kids so make some game that carter to us Adults (On a side note this rating will never stick that rating is bull there is no way that just killing and a little nudity can get a game a AO rating so dont worry to much guys))

  • Oh……don’t pull AO games.
    Actually make PlayStation for everyone.

  • this is great and who cares about manhunt 2. they probably made a good decision by doing this because they know it will therefore not sell well because of the rating and strictness of stores. why dont u guys care more about the good games and great games coming out for it. i havent played a manhutn game, but its basically a very violent killing game just like gta4, mgs4, dmc 4,etc so who cares if we can get that gore in other games?

  • seybold officialy rules

    SUPPORT MANHUNT 2 AO for PS2 please, also, for this E3 special, can Guerilla get up in here and give us some pre E3 killzone info

  • Can we here from Gurella?

  • Good God just post up a New MGS4 E3 2007 already on PSN store.

  • Hey i really like what you guys are doing with the blog, and i think Inside the Developers Studio is a great idea. i also appreciate that the Blog Creators posts come up as RED now, very nice touch. But i do wish you guys would respond more. i know you are busy and i dont want you to stop what you are doing, but the Sony nation loves to hear from you guys!

  • Awesome concept Sony. Good idea, perhap even better if you do indeed have media to go with this.

    Is killzone coming out this year?

  • I’m 35 and I agree with CitizenInsane27 and Coolwater why have the AO when no one can use it don’t forget that GTA3 was M and NO one but Sony wan it to release it but after it was released everyone saw it for what it was just a game and everyone wanted it on their system. WE THE ADULT GAMERS NEED A ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION .

  • Thats what i’m talking about .Sony keep it popin baby

  • Manhunt 2 should not exist! Sorry guys but that game is to much. GTA is wild, bloody game but it also has some comedy feeling while you are playing it. And compared to Manhunt, GTA is kids games. Splitting heads with axe and that stuff is really just developers loosing control.

  • Oh and btw SEYBOLD this is great idea, can’t wait to check it out and keep up the good work!

  • Yes a video or audio version would be great.

    By the way, Gamespot is doing something like this here:

  • Can’t wait… you should try to ask similar questions to the developers.

    This is so similar to GameSpot’s Behing The Games!

  • Sounds cool!! Do you know wat else would be cool for this blog??? Can anyone remember back to nokia game 2003 – the snowboarding one with Flo??? Well, before it started and during it, emails, posts and txts were sent to the members hinting clues about the game with riddles to solve and pictures to view for people to try and figure out! I thought it was a really good idea because it created loads of hype and got the whole internet talking!! Each day a new picture was shown and it contained a hidden letter which eventually made up a sentence!!

    This blog should do something like that for upcoming games and new features!!! It would attract so much attention and would create a great buzz!!!

    Anyways, keep up the good work Sony!!,


  • 1) Don’t let this become tainted by the politics involved in gaming, especially at the moment. The audience is wider than the U.S., and not everyone will be outraged by the recent stance on things like Manhunt. Don’t let a great opportunity get bogged down in politics that ultimately can’t de-polarise the audience. The audience isn’t going to change its mind through reasoned discussion, here, this is as close to religion as gaming gets – stay out.

    2) I want to see hardcore dev questions. Let’s talk more about how games apportion time between SPUs; what kinds of tradeoffs developers have to make, and how they allocate system resources.

    3) Please consider interviewing your internal tools teams. I know you’ve got people like RJ Mical there – people who are vintage experts in the industry, and I’d love to hear more about OS/Dev tools and what’s happening in the PS3 space. What were the tooling tradeoffs made, and what kind of challenges does the PS3 face that tooling helps to solve? What makes PS3’s tooling unique? What were the biggest challenges?

    4) Games are as much about the game developers’ tools as they are about the games themselves. Lets hear more about the process of building games, beyond the programmers – art pipelines, level building, etc., and find out more about the tools they use to build games. We all love to watch shows that show how a house is built – the whole “Grand Designs” shows. Using that show as a template, show us in miniature how the games were constructed, from the bottom up, to create the resulting masterpiece.

    That’s the kind of content that is so rare – the kind of information that most of us love reading. We love the games more when we know the kinds of things it took to build them; we’re more willing to overlook flaws when we understand the challenges of its production.

  • Yeah, the only difference is that GameSpot is xbox fansite, and cute part is that they pretent not to be.

  • i’m looking forward to this, i wonder what game will be first…

  • This is a great segment. I hope the future entries for this subject will be entertaining and informative (hopefully multimedia included). Keep up the good work.

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  • Globox82 said “Yeah, the only difference is that GameSpot is xbox fansite, and cute part is that they pretent not to be.”

    What makes you say that?
    There are many people working at GameSpot.
    Why would they have Phil Harrison,
    Leslie Mathieson and Tsutomu Kouno on Behind The Games and noone from Microsoft?
    And why would 2 of the 4 games that they have given a perfect 10.0 be PS games?
    The other 2 are on DC and N64.

    I’m guessing you just did not like the result of the “Xbox 360 versus PS3 graphics comparison”.
    I’m shure that if in a year the PS3 games looks bether then they will say so.

  • I hope that you will be stealing the show again like you have done at lately mainly at GDC. Little big planet and home were the big subjects of the event. I hope to see more surprises.

  • Simply awsome, cannot wait, should be able to help ease the anticipation of E3 announcements and the like.

    Really looking forward to it.

    Keep up the awsome work your doing guys.

  • Trond said: “What makes you say that?
    There are many people working at GameSpot.
    Why would they have Phil Harrison,
    Leslie Mathieson and Tsutomu Kouno on Behind The Games and noone from Microsoft?
    And why would 2 of the 4 games that they have given a perfect 10.0 be PS games?
    The other 2 are on DC and N64.

    I’m guessing you just did not like the result of the “Xbox 360 versus PS3 graphics comparison”.
    I’m shure that if in a year the PS3 games looks bether then they will say so.”

    Do you ever listen to “HotSpot” podcast? Or do you ever watch “On the spot” and listen what they say and how they say it?
    Do you read theirs articles and how FAST they are to report when there is some negative “rumor” about Sony but when ther is some possitive fact they usually never write it?
    To be honest i did’t even take a loot at graphics comparasion, since i knew who is going to win, and that doesn’t bother me one bit. Reason are above, just pay attention.

  • self.confessed.cynic

    I agree with Gregory Block partially – namely, I assume that these guys already have their questions written etc, but I expect that they’d move in this direction next time round (I assume that’d be around TGS).

  • T W I S T E D M E T A L



  • Godfather_of_gaming

    Awesome stuff, but I really really hope this blog is not only for PS3, but for PSP as well. I wana talk with God of War: Chains of Olympus developer, Readt at Dawn plz:D

  • Globox82:
    Ok if we are talking about HotSpot and On The Spot then I get what you are saying.
    But I see that as them just sitting there talking and having some fun.
    Thats ok as long as they dont do that when writing a review.
    And we all know that Jeff loves points :)

    Most of them dont have a PS3 at home.
    I’m shure that by the end of the year when there are more games on the PS3 and most of them have one then they will say more good things about it on the shows.

  • Why oh why is there a Aviatar of Killzone…..pls don’t keep us waiting this long, i know KZ is just going to blow the competition away…way to go Sony, this blog is great, listen to the public, its what they want after all, we are the one’s buying your products. This is just a step in the right direction as far as i’m concerned. Keep up the good work and keep this blog up to date with info no one else has, that way, we will be happy…

  • Hideo Kojima please!

  • Badass blog entry!

    Pls PS tho…more advertising!! we need more commercials, more print etc..
    There is so much cool and kickarse stuff happening in the Sony camp the last 2-3 months…yet no ones knows about much.
    Every forum I go to its like Im teaching people whats been going on in the Sony camp the last few months and how cool and exciting things are…everyone is obsessed with the 360 and Wii and have no idea what they are missing!

  • dm102#
    Hideo Kojima is not part of Sonys first party.

  • Here’s a question for the bunch of folks saying Sony should allow AO:

    The line is at AO not because of violence, but because of sex and porn. If I made a sex-with-girls simulator, should Sony allow that to be sold? Sure, it’ll be AO.

    Isn’t the *real* reason the line is drawn at AO because the moment you have the above scenario you have a problem? If Manhunt 2 is ok to sell in its current form at AO, what happens when you add rape? Where do you begin to draw the line?

    The line is drawn at AO. I’m not at all convinced it’s a bad thing that it’s drawn there, for all of the above reasons. We don’t ever want to see video games being sold in backrooms of seedy sex parlors – that isn’t the way gaming becomes mass market, it’s the way gaming loses the mass market.

    For the sake of gaming, and its continued progression into mainstream consciousness, it’s important to all of us to remember that we’re not there yet – we’ve got a long way to go before we’ve got everyone comfortable playing games. Once gaming is ubiquitous, maybe then it won’t be so damaging – but while the gaming market is still the young, small thing that it is (relative to the global population) it’s somewhat fatal to go down that road.

    And gaming, and the continued growth of gaming, is too important to us gamers (not to mention the devs and the hardware folk) to leave open as an option. The people who most want gaming to go mainstream aren’t Sony and Microsoft, they’re you and I – the people who want more people to play with, play against, and to share our experiences alongside.

    For that to happen, it needs to be safe to buy, sell, and share in the light of day. “Edgy” content isn’t an issue, adult issues aren’t an issue; but it can’t ever become a back-alley, seedy affair, or it’s all over for a generation and we can go back to struggling to find a mate to play co-op with.

    That’s my opinion in a nutshell – and it’s one of the reasons I feel it’s so important not to get embroiled in a war over the Manhunt issue as a community – we have to care about more than the fate of one ultra-violent game. Once upon a time, Clockwork Orange was banned in the UK, too – times changed, and it’s now seen as a masterpiece. Perhaps someday someone will say that about Manhunt 2.

    More likely they’ll say it’s pretty crude, though, and has more in common with snuff films than with Kubrick.

    Regardless, it hardly matters in the wider scope, and the wider scope has to be what matters to us most – because we all want the same thing; we want our friends, our family, and everyone we meet to join us.

    Think inclusive, not exclusive.

  • Great Blog, thanks Sony. Can’t wait for E3.

  • that was a pretty good read Gregory Block. i agree with you…but i still want play ManHunt 2…

  • can’t wait for monday then

  • Oh, good… We only have to put up with it for 2.5 weeks. Honestly, can’t you guys be creative and come up with something original? just once?

  • Sounds great. Maybe they could add some exclusive teaser screens to build up some hype? :)

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