Introducing a New Series to PlayStation.Blog: Inside the Developers Studio

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We wanted to introduce you to a new series of posts we’re going to have here starting Monday that we are affectionately calling “Inside the Developers Studio.” If you’ve ever seen Inside the Actors Studio, you are familiar with how host, James Lipton, asks the same questions to every guest on the show. Inspired by this ritual, we thought it would be fun to develop our own set of E3-specific questions and have the developers of some of our most anticipated first-party titles candidly give insight into their titles and E3.

Over the next two and a half weeks we will post a different developer’s responses every day, so stay tuned and hear directly from the creative minds behind some of your favorite games…

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  • self.confessed.cynic

    Do we get any choice as to what questions will be asked?

    If not, at least post them so we can give some criticism…

    Ah well, assuming they’re good, this sounds great.

  • Best post yet.

  • This blog just keeps getting better and better!!!

  • Great idea, certainly something i’d be interested in. Would like some Guerrilla games, Ninja Theory and Media Molecule opinions

  • Sounds amazing. Can’t wait!

  • Sounds like a good idea, I hope the questions are in depth and cover many topics.


  • We really just need confidence votes from developers saying “This system is amazing, and we are working full force to get great new games into the hands of you gamers..” and then, hopefully it will generate some buzz.

  • Sounds like a good idea, I love inside the actors studio ;)

  • We are going to do this type of Q&A a few times a year, so we’ll solicit the feedback on questions in advance for some of the other ones. I think you’ll like some of the personalitites that come out.

  • Great idea!!!

  • this should me interesting


  • cant wait this sounds good

  • Let’s see what happen. So far it seems a very nice idea!

  • best post since the blog started

  • Very nice idea. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks. This is something you should keep going for a long time.

  • wowoww awesome

  • This blog rocks

  • More good news from the Sony camp…can’t wait.

  • Are these going to be videotaped? A video blog would fit the “Inside the Studio” thing real well.

  • self.confessed.cynic

    @ Seybold

    Intriguing : )

    Well, that, again, sounds amazing – great to see you guys working to bring us something new and interesting.

    But, just to give you a nudge on something of the things you guys could do wrong, and thus insense a lot of people, please keep the questions multi-faceted.

    For example, as opposed to “So, you excited for the new format E3?”, we’d love to see something like “So, what do you guys have in the works that most excites you coming into this years E3 – and how has the new format effected your development cycle?”

    And please ask them to elaborate if they – in answer to any of your questions, say “the ps3 is more powerful than anything else on the market” or say “more powerful” in general. We all remember what happend last time : )

    Finally – as you guys obviously know what you’re doing, and dont really need my advice – a wish. We’d absolutely love to see something along the lines of a never-seen-before screenshot / concept drawing of an, as of yet, unannounced game. The best part of that is, we’d love it even more if it wasn’t elaborated upon : ) – or perhaps just a shrewd comment. Gives us something to speculate about. Kindof like a “sneak peak”.

    Either that or a new, never-seen-before trailer / gameplay vid from a game which either hasn’t been announced or is due this fall / early next year.

    Media along with the interview is especially important – and will set the entire internet ablaze with speculation and excitement – and will get more and more people tuning into All because of a measly bit of footage/art which you can pretty much scan from a drawing board.( I’m thinking something like that FFXII poster from a couple of years back – but you don’t even have to put in the name of the game)

    Ah well, hopefully that wish will be heard.

  • i think if you answer the right questions it will be enough to keep the majorty of us happy, we have been waiting a good while now for some quality from our ps3’s.
    now that the goods things to come are drawing nearer we would like a few juicy details about what we are gonna be gettin return for our hard earned cash and patiance… its only fair! we want you to convince us that we have done the right thing in getting the ps3.
    im in no doubt that eventually we will be blown away with the console but its nice for you to remind us and also imform us of all the cool and new stuff we have in store….. could you explain why there always seems to be delays in uk releases?

  • Great idea.

  • Thanks sc-cynic. Our questions were inspired by the show, so I think you’ll see that come Monday. We have plans for expanding the series down the road, but for now, they will be text questions and answers, atlhough we are working on assets to accompany them.

    The teams are working diligently toward E3 deadlines, so I thank them profusely for taking time out to answer them.

  • Kudos. Will the developers be asked the same questions? Hope not. I think this is a great idea. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Cool, thats what I am talking about…

  • This is great news i love thos blog btw :-) we WANT firware 2.0 btw :-)

  • lol nice man… can’t wait to see what you guys ask us… hope its about upcoming gaming idea’s or something like that…

  • SCC You know…I think that Sony is knowing what they are doing, they are in consolebizz since 3 Dec 1994. And they know it wil not be a walk in te park this time to come out on top.
    I have respect for the way Sony has don it so fare. With a playstation you knew that you could play new games on it for more than 6-7 years because Sony supported the “old ” system even as the newer system was on the market.
    I have great respect for the first party developers from Sony, they made games that almost entirely used the power of the system, and they where also the best games developed for the system. I cant wait for this…Its a great idea Mister Seybold.
    This blog and the E3 is a great oppurtunity for Sony to show of where the PS3 in fact has been made for,,,,GAMES.
    And I know that the first party games will be again the best games for the PS3.

    I can’t wait for all the new games from First Party devs such as; Sony Studio Santa Monica, Incognito, Evolution studio’s, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Zipper Interactive, Sony Studio Liverpool, Sony Studio Cambridge, Sony Studio London, Guerrilla Games, Digi-Guys, Factor 5, Ninja Theory, SCEE,SCEA, SCEJ and Media Molecule.

  • That is a great idea, I love how this blog keeps evolving and posting some great new info. This wil be a great addition to this already sweet blog, I cannot wait for this series to begin.


  • Sounds like a promising way to have put worthwhile reading on the blog.

  • damn keep up the good work sony you guys are coming thru

  • can’t wait, does this mean we’re getting some of our exclusive games back? Hope so

  • I also hope that this means that game announcements are coming. Come on, gimme more Jak and Daxter. PS3 rocks..


  • That Tsutomu Kuono guy that created Loco Roco posts a lot of inside the developer kinda thing, it’s great…Can’t wait!







  • damn this is a great idea. cant wait til monday for this to start. i hope on monday its naughty dog cuase i want to know more about uncharted. or maybe even cory barlog. he said on his blog he wants to post something on this blog.

  • Can’t wait to see which one goes first – there is some really good stuff coming! I know, I know, I’m a hypebeast – can’t help it!


    it’s just great PR and marketing.


  • I tried several times to use the emailing form for this but it just wouldnt let me send it. so here goes.

    Sony needs to reconsider their stance on Manhunt 2. By forcing Rockstar to either realign the project or cancel it wholly is like Sony admitting that computer entertainment is not a form of art. How will videogames as a whole ever get the respect it deserves as an accepted form of entertainment, and not just something that little kids do?

    On the backside of that, this would be a great and easy way for Sony to get back on Rockstars good side. Maybe even secure an exclusive for making the stand for the gamers sake, for future gamers sake. Heck, if things keep going the way they are, we’ll all be playing ‘kid’ games. And we all know who is the best at making those ‘kid’ games. Sony is not the correct answer.

    Fight the good fight, stand by your fellow industry workers. Defend freedom of expression and freedom of speech. The ESRB has an AO rating for a reason. Stand up and make parents do thier jobs and actually pay attention to what thier kids are doing. And if you havent seen it, there’s a petition that making the rounds. I would have added it here but your form doesnt like the link.

    People deserve the right to choose. Not be cut off at the knees and force fed what the politicians ‘want’. Banning this game in its original form lets people like Jack Thompson win. And to be frank, stupid people like that is why the world is going to crap.

    Please, at least blog about this… give your point of view, and why you are doing what you are doing. The people deserve at least that much.

    Take a stand with the people that support your job, not the politicians that want to limit your imaginations.

    At the very least i’d appreciate something other than an automated response.


    Brenden Chase

  • i think it’s a really a neat idea no matters where it came from particulary for the ppl who wants to “know beyond” and find out a little bit more about what is on the oven. I just hope a little bit of interactivity making this initiative part of that ethereal concept of Game 3.0 as an extension of the console actually

  • Great idea for the interviews. It’s a nice opportunity to show some of the readers what a day to day job here is like. I think a lot of people are in the dark about just what goes into making a game on a daily basis. These interviews are a nice window into the process.

  • I agree with CoolWater, please Sony, this is a dire issue that needs to be resolved soon!

  • Sounds fantastic, Im curious to hear more from the Guerilla Games team :).

  • I am also agree.. if there is a horse head bleeding between the sheets on a movie is art but if it is on a videogame the pilars of education of our childs are knocked down. Hilariouse but sad

  • Sounds awesome. Can’t wait!

  • @Coolwater
    Rockstar stated they were aiming for an M rating, probably to get more sales. So they would either have to win their appeal to get the rating changed or alter the game as they missed their target according to the ESRB. On the other hand, I don’t agree with the policy of not licensing AO games just because it is the highest rating in NA. There is even a search function for games with an AO rating on…why bother having it?

  • After a second there, I decided to elaborate on why I agree with Coolwater, and why any kind of response on this issue would be great. Gamers are every where, of all ages, Nintendo has proved this. With that said, there are obviously gamers well above the age of 18, and to deny them content is unjust regardless of what some parents group says. It is a growing concern amongst gamers that this industry is beginning to constantly cater to the uptight yuppie adults that years of constant mental abuse from self inflicted damage have spawned. Instead of art, the industry is starting to consider video games a crime. ART IS NOT CRIME. The responsiblility is, and always will be IN THE HANDS OF THE PARENTS. Yes, kids can go buy video games at a store, but without proper identification, they are pretty much SOL. But that’s not enough, so we enforce fines on any retailer that sells appropriately rated content to underage kids. Sounds solid, but wait, THEY STILL AREN’T HAPPY. So we ban a couple of games, and force the content to be re-filtered, all the work, redone just to cater to these people’s taste. And what do we get? Spit. In our faces. In the developers faces. Rockstar Games put this game down several times already, and went back to the drawing board a bunch to try to come up with their perfect vision of how it would play, and now we just sit back and go “yeah, looks really good guys, keep it up, its coming along great, this one will sell a ton!” and then they work their way to the door, in which we slam it in their face and go “HAHA, SORRY!”


    There are always going to be measures taken to prevent things like kids buying violent video games. There will always be that line. Retailers will always do what they are told, and sell what is shipped to them. This is not rocket science. But why do we have to stand for this kind of blatant censorship?? I don’t give a good g** d*** what some nervous parents think their kids shouldnt be playing, as that it is in their hands to say “NO BILLY, I WILL NOT BUY YOU MANHUNT 2! THERE ARE THINGS IN THAT GAME, AS INDICATED BY THE VERY APPARENT RATING LABEL, THAT WOULD BE UNSUITABLE FOR YOU AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE!” Of course the kid will cry and moan, as that’s what kids do. They try whatever horrible strategies to get what they want. But instead of parents actually doing their jobs and sticking by their guns, they go form little circles and go on MSNBC and say that things should be banned, or destroyed. While they are away though, their kid is renting porno movies on pay-per-view and eating all the ice cream in the freezer. The parents come back and go “THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL, ITS ALL VIDEO GAMES FAULT!!!!”

    No, its not, sorry ms. suzy homemaker, but its YOUR FAULT. The content in video games is meant to be viewed as art, as entertainment, and like you wouldnt watch a dirty movie with your children, you shouldnt let them play graphic video games either. The point of this giant rant, if ANYONE AT SONY IS LISTENING, is that just because these few parents get all up in arms about how they are too lazy to deem what is right and what is wrong for their children DOES NOT, and I really cannot stress this enough, DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD DO THEIR JOBS FOR THEM. The ESRB is in place for a reason. AO games are completely fine for anyone over 18. Worried about that? Make them change it to 21+. I’m sure a guy that can drink himself to sleep can handle Manhunt 2. Do not lose your nerve Sony. Your policy has always been that you do not allow AO games on your console. WHY? Answer me that. Why? Why even have the rating if it cannot be used? Why even allow third party developers like Rockstar, who have visions of games the same way old artists had visions of paintings? Why allow them to make anything for you, if you cant handle the smallest indiscretion from the world? The world will always be breathing down your back about this stuff. Do not give them the time of day, as that the world will never learn a lesson if you cater to them as such. Please respond to this, ANYONE AT SONY, just give us one solid reason why AO games are not allowed on your systems. I, amongst tons of other gamers are wondering why even though we are over 18, we cant play content designed and worked on for long periods of time that was made for us. Thats like making a real nice saw for construction workers, but not giving it to them because its unsafe for children. I repeat myself once more, it is unacceptable.

  • Best post ever.

    Thank you very much. We really needed this to build our confidence.

    I can’t wait for John Carmack to show up *fingers crossed*

  • Sounds good, we should first put the PSN director on the hot seat. I have a few questions to ask him ;)

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