Blockbuster Picks Blu-ray

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Just a quick pointer to some good news coming out today regarding Blu-ray. As some of you may have read, Blockbuster announced that Blu-ray disc will be the exclusive HD movie format for 1,450 of their 1,700 stores in North America. This is a big win for the Blu-ray format, as Blockbuster noted they based their decision on consumer feedback:

“The consumers are sending us a message. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing,” said Matthew Smith, senior vice president of merchandising at Blockbuster, to The Associated Press.

By mid-July, they will have over 170 Blu-ray movies in stock. You can read the official Blockbuster announcement here.

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  • @leetfoo. that’s good to know. i do realize the net is porns domain but know some people still buy videos and dvd’s. though i don’t know how many people would need their porn in 1080p. lmao.

    either way this is just more in a long line of good news for blu-ray as a format.

  • I read this early, great news! :D I love my BD’s!

  • Yay for Blu-ray!!

  • 1080p buttpimples rule all :P

  • This is great news for the PS3. The HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray battle is over. Universal needs to move on.

  • Did any one read that article on and that said that HD-DVD players made up 60% of the HD players sold in North America. I think that article is complete BS, how could that be if Blu-ray was outselling HD-DVD last time I heard, plus those news were announced by the HD-DVD marketing group, they probably added some extra numbers to their sums. Also, they mentioned that they did not count how many Ps3’s had been sold, or it would of have created a huge gap between Blue-ray and HD-DVD sales, they just would not be able to stand the fact that Blu-ray is winning. I don’t believe this, I know Blu-ray has been winning and will win.

    P.S. About time we hear some good news regarding Sony, all we hear lately is negative news.


  • Nice i knew the playstation would push BD to win and its starting to show go sony!

  • Its quite obvious……when u got a project supported by 20th Century Fox, Apple Computer Inc., Benq, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi LTD., LG Electronics Inc., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, TDK Corporation, Thomson and Warner Home Video u cant go wrong.

    Way to go, cheers for Sony, Blu-ray and PS3!!!!!!!

  • Godofwar55555;

    That is standalone players, the PS3 is not considered standalone. There are cheaper HD DVD players out there than blu-ray and usually the cheapest thing is what people buy.

  • BDA is happy.

  • @K

    Let me tell u something, the blu ray disc format is dominating because of the PS3!!!!……..a console with a bluray player for 600 bucks…..a blu-ray player 700+ bucks………3,000,000+ ps3 sold……….it make sense.

  • This is by far awesome news…

    Just hope Sony continues to push the format as much as they are, because remember its Microsoft’s choice you’re competing against!

    I know Blu-Ray is basically won elsewhere in the world… but… keep it up though, until HD-DVD is not being produced again…

  • thats fine :)
    here in some stores (germany) they only sell blu-rays.. never saw any hd-dvds :P

  • Fantastic news! :) One more for BluRay! :)

  • Yeah, it is. But if somebody wanted to dive into HD movies and wasn’t into games or already had a 360, they might feel obliged to get the add-on drive or in the first case, a standalone HD DVD player.

  • guys, not to burst your bubble but MS already has gone on record to say that if “Blu-Ray wins they’ll just make a Blu-Ray external drive for the 360”.

    Sony, can we get back to talking about games please? i think your preoccupation with this format war has taken way too much of your attention. i thought i bought a “play”station.

    movie playback was a bonus to what PS2 did, now, with PS3 it seems games are bonus.

  • Digi Smalls, it’s still good news, the faster blu-ray becomes standard and adopted, the faster the price of PS3s come down.

  • Its about time… Blu-ray has been the better format from day one. Who wants a 15gig disc when you can have a 25 gig or 50 gig even better the quad layer 100 gig disc. Sony is King! Sony is King!

  • Blu-ray already won.
    Someone must be stupid to buy a HDDVD player now…

    Long live the Blu-ray and the PS3.

  • It’s good to hear this news with the lack of games for the PS3, maybe if Sony can attract enough sales, they might get some more exclusive games.

  • Blu-ray has always been the better format and it’s nice to finally see some reflection of that with companies like Blockbuster. Even my local, neighborhood video store only carries Blu-Ray discs. Pretty soon when people hear HD-DVD – they’re going to laugh.

  • Cool Cool….whats with those slackers over at Apple then?

  • SDkngsht and Godofwar55555,

    You have to sign in to the Gravatar site, and tell it to use the picture with the specific email address. It’s kind of a pain that it isn’t controlled through the blog, but *shrug*

  • Blu-ray FTW!

  • Nice (though I believe it’s kinda overdue)

  • I’ve been wanting to start getting high-def movies on disc for a bit. This format “war” has gone on long enough. I want a one format world where I don’t have to worry about buying into a format that can possibly go under. With this step (Blockbuster backing Blu-ray) hopefully the end of this Blu-ray/HD-DVD mess is near. Don’t know if anyone else reads the site, but recently the Digital Bits recently sided with Blu-ray. Blu-ray has too much in its favor. More studio support, more manufacturers backing Blu-ray. It’s only a matter of time. Now, let’s start getting the big hitters on Blu-ray now (Spiderman movies, Star Wars, etc.)…

  • Rent and buy Blu-ray movies everyone. All i do is rent the new available movies from If Blu-ray wins then maybe Sony will start making more money and hopefully enough to lower the price of Blu-ray drives and eventually that will lead to a much cheaper PS3. PS3 sales are weak.

  • Blu Ray Rocks – I think I would feel as if I wasted my money if I had a HD DVD player or a HD DVD add on for my XBOX – war is over – this was one war microsoft could not buy like all of their exclusives. Great job Sony!!

  • Will this be in the UK also? Or just the US?

  • Just 1 more nail in the HD-DVD coffin. Blu Ray ftw.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too, Dave. So, any idea when Universal is going to realize they pretty much got pwn’d and jump ship?

  • I saw this coming at the moment Sony announced Blu-ray for the PS3, and dit a good thing to wait for the newest version of the format and chose for the highest standard HDMI 1.3.

    Sony is in the electonica bizz since the late ’40 and they know what they are doing. Sony offered Toshiba a few times the chance to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon and knew that one format would be the best for the market and the consumers.
    The best format fore HD carriers is Blu-ray.

    Toshiba refused.
    I think they are regreding that
    decision. Its only a matter of time that UNIVERSAL embrace Blu-ray.

    And that Microsoft will realise that they have betted on the wrong horse. A Blu-ray add-on for the 360 is just a matter of time…

  • I’m glad that Blu-Ray is pulling ahead, if only for the fact that it further justifies my purchase of a PS3. =)

    But seriously, it is a superior format and deserves to take the top spot. I’m not saying this as a fanboy or anything, I simply understand what the specs are and BluRay has better potential in the long run. I just hope this war ends soon, as prolonging it just hurts everyone.

  • Sweet. I can rent Bluray movies online and now take them to the store and get more Bluray movies.

  • This is more proof that Blu-Ray will be the winning format. Plus, now I can actually rent High-Def, instead of just buying it.

  • Oh thank Heaven for…Oops wrong slogan, none the less, thank You Blockbuster ^^

  • Great news, since I didn’t buy an HD-DVD add-on for my 360. I had a feeling Blu-Ray would pull ahead and thus stuck to my PS3 as my all around game/media unit. Well catch ya later. I’m off to Blockbuster!

  • Great news………… clearly war formats is over now.

  • If Blu-ray movies over time are going to be at a higher price than DVD movies then I would rather have DVD movies or HD-DVD movies for that matter.

  • “The consumers are sending us a message. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing,” said Matthew Smith, senior vice president of merchandising at Blockbuster, to The Associated Press.

    How ironic to see this on here…

  • A good day for Blu-ray :)

  • Awesome news!

  • im happy i have a ps3!

  • Great :D I hope other countries who have blockbuster will follow suit ie Australia. I need to rent some Blu Ray. I’m over DVD’s :P

  • 300 is also coming in Blu-ray!!!

  • Blu-Ray needs to secure Net Flix exclusive next ;)

  • we need Lost in blu-ray ;o

  • anyone know when 300 is coming to blu-ray. The second best movie of all time on the best format of all time, that I can put in the best console of all time. Im there.

  • awsomee

    bon bagay net

  • I hate blockbuster I am a Netflix longtime fan but this can never be a bad thing.
    I am about to rant. I hate the HD-DVD guys over at AVSforum saying that PS3 owners won’t buy BD movies after we start getting good games on the PS3 and the only reason BD is doing good is because we are watching movies instead of playing games. That is bullcaca. I only watch BD movies now from Netflix and will not put a DVD in my queue. For along time my only DVD player was my PS2. I rented over 400 DVD’s from Netflix and watched them on my PS2. So the theory that PS3 owners won’t watch BD movies after we get good games is bullcaca. All I am saying guys is make sure you support the format. If your parents watch movies make them get it in BD. The quicker this format war ends the quicker we will have more movies available in BD. We will never have to look at a SD picture again.
    Hail the BD. LOL
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    Netflix give me more BD movies please.

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