Blockbuster Picks Blu-ray

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Just a quick pointer to some good news coming out today regarding Blu-ray. As some of you may have read, Blockbuster announced that Blu-ray disc will be the exclusive HD movie format for 1,450 of their 1,700 stores in North America. This is a big win for the Blu-ray format, as Blockbuster noted they based their decision on consumer feedback:

“The consumers are sending us a message. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing,” said Matthew Smith, senior vice president of merchandising at Blockbuster, to The Associated Press.

By mid-July, they will have over 170 Blu-ray movies in stock. You can read the official Blockbuster announcement here.

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  • this is awesome

  • Blu-Ray is going to win!

  • This is really good news for Blu-ray

  • I saw this earlier. Good news for Blu-ray. Only thing remaining at this point is for Universal to go format neutral and then it’s completely over.

  • Woot! Woot!

  • nice very good news

  • Sweet, another MASSIVE hit for the Blu-ray camp. I got a question, though: Is Blu-ray created or owned by Sony or is Sony just endorsing it?

  • I knew that Blu-Ray would succeed, and I am proud of you guys for sticking to your guns. The attachment rate has been pretty phenomenal, especially for a dvd format. The PS3 will continue to boost these sales, so keep it up and HD-DVD will go away for good. Very good news that Blockbuster has chosen it, as that will attract 3 times as many customers to it. Kudos boys, this is one of those “crack open a bottle of the finest champagne” moments. Relish it.

  • It’s about time. Anyone who didn’t see this coming is retarded (or blinded by fanboyism).

  • This is great news for Sony. Right now the only company not backing up Blue Ray is Universal but sooner or later they will have to, if they want to make a profit in movie sales. It was wrong of them to back HD-DVD from the start anyways. So overall this is great news for Sony’s camp. I personally believed in Blue Ray from the start and wil continue to support it, I love Casino Royale on BD. Good news.


  • This is great news! I believe the critics said that whatever format is picked by the major rental outlets will win.

    I just could never understand HD-DVD.
    Blu-ray is the future it is better all the way around. Who wants to buy HD-DVD then have to buy some new format “Super HD-DVD” when 30GB is not enough in 2 to 5 years Blu-ray is truly next generation and positioned for the future. I can’t wait for the 200GB Blu-ray discs then we can truly have a reasonable optical backup solution for the entire hard drive.

    One more thing check out Stranglehold/Hard Boiled all on one single Blu-ray coming to PS3 I am buying that just because of the added value.

    Blu-ray Forever!

  • Very nice. Now as soon as the price drops for the stand alone player I’ll get one for the bedroom. :-)

  • When I got my PS3 on launch day, I was very impressed that my local Blockbuster carried both HDDVD and Blu-ray that very weekend. I was able to preview some titles to decide on which ones I wanted to actually buy. I am loving this news about Blockbuster going with BD for future launches at their other stores as well. I love my Blu-ray collection.. but can we get some more good movies though? I’m talking about movies like Amadeus, Pulp Fiction, Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan, and the Band of Brothers box set, ftw! Oh, yeah.. Lord of the Rings!!! And, don’t skimp on the featurettes on BD.. I really don’t like buying a BD and then realize that the extra stuff that was on the SD DVD is now missing.. :(

  • Good news, now if the price of Blurays would only come down to buy. ;-)

  • its was only a matter of time, sony the ps3 and blue ray will be the main force this new gen, in all markets

  • Case closed… my pipe please, Watson!

  • In other news, an unknown company pays Blockbuster 50 million dollars to restock HD DVD. ;)

  • When your only exclusive studio is Universal, while Blu-Ray has Sony, Disney/Buena Vista and Fox as exclusives, it’s no surprise people chose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD rentals.

    Personally I bought my PS3 as a Blu-Ray player (cheapest at that point) that also happens to play games. The 360 add on is a crock of horse pooh considering you have to pay to power the power hungry 360 AND an add on device. The PS3 may be power hungry, but I’m not running it in conjunction with a second power hungry device at least!

  • how much to rent a blu ray movie from Blockbuster
    9.99 ??????????

  • Nice Job Sony

  • Chase said:
    how much to rent a blu ray movie from Blockbuster
    9.99 ??????????

    At my blockbuster, they cost the same as regular DVDs- something like $4.


  • Nice!! And the PS3 is still one of the best Blu-Ray players available

  • I believe that Blu-ray will be necessary this generation. I heard that Konami plans to store Pro Evolution Soccer 08 on 18 GB’s, WOW. Also during Sony’s Gamers Day event, the demo for Uncharte was not on a DVD, it did not fit, imagine just one level of a game not fitting on a dvd. Developers will require a lot more space to make games graphically impressive and have a good amount of gameplay hours, an example of this is Midways decision to include Hardboiled on the Ps3 version of Stranglehold in HD. I think Blu-ray will be a major decision why developers will turn to the Ps3, I heard that Xbox 360 developers are already running out of storage space, the rpg Blue Dragon is contained on three dics. I am sure Kojima and Square Enix will utilize this to their advantage when developing for the Ps3. Go Ps3!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome news. I supported the blu-ray format before both formats were released (knowing it was the better format), and now it’s looking to become more true that it’s the next format.

    I still rent stuff from Blockbuster, so now I’m glad I can rent blu-ray movies there too now.

  • Very good news, Seems like Blu Ray is getting a great advantage over HD-DVD

  • ” chase | June 18th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    how much to rent a blu ray movie from Blockbuster
    9.99 ??????????”

    Would not surprise me. I use to be a gold member (100 plus rentals in a year) but because they came to $$$ I quiet renting. Its cheaper to buy movies now, but I refuse to buy Bluray when they don’t even have the same amount of content as the DVD counter parts.

  • Im hoping that the competition of BD and HD-DVD will end fast cause the players are really expensive and all. BD has more movie studios on its side but it doesnt support porn. Im hoping and believing that BD will win this.

  • i think the format war is already won, and this will have great reflection on the PS3 hopefully.
    since im becoming a little worried about PS3 dominating this generation.

  • This is great news. I haven’t been to Blockbuster in a long time and now I have a reason to go there. I can’t wait to see more movies in HD.

  • Is the HD-DVD camp in love with losing money and looking like stubborn idiots?
    Just give up, you lost.

    I know the same can be said for the PS3 but console wars are a 6-7 year deal at least where for the format war: The sooner it ends, the better FOR EVERYONE.

    Thank you Sony for giving us a true next generation format for entertainment and not some half-ass effort to keep the costs low.
    I’m talking about both PS3 and Blu-Ray.

  • Yeah!!!!!!!


  • I really wish Universal would go neutral… this is getting ridiculous. It’s completely obvious what most of the entertainment industry supports… Blu-ray.

  • Not only is this bad news for HD-DVD and Univesal but also for Microsoft . I think Sony will win this format war this time around.


  • I still do not know how HD-DVD was ever any competition. Blu-Ray has always been a more advanced disc format with more space and a more advanced form of compression. Maybe others were tricked by false information to believ that HD-DVD was better? We may never know! :P

  • Nice… looks like we are gradually transitioning, and the changes are good for, uuuum, us!

  • That is BIG news!!! I mean does everyone understand the significance behind this? For Blockbuster to make a decision to exclusively stock Blue-Ray as the HD format of choice is huge!!!!!!!! I mean it’s kinda of hard when you have 80% of the movie company’s backing you, Sony (and all their glory) and now Blockbuster. We will see this format war start to die off once this happens.

  • That’s good news for when I get a PS3 but for now the only news concerning the PS3 that I’m concerned with is being able to access the PSN and buy PS games without having to own a PS3.

  • I have no doubt in my mind that blu-ray will win…

    – Better technical specifications.
    – More studio support.
    – Higher player sales if you include the PS3.

  • ammm let me not b the first one to say woooooohhhooooooo :D

  • Awesome news! :)

  • I have a question for anyone who can help me. How do we insert our Gravatar into our posts? P.S. I already created one, I just want to know how to insert it.


  • This is good news. I’ve been renting Blu-Ray disks from Netflix since the PS3 came out, and they are awesome. BTW – they don’t charge extra for BD, so there’s no reason not to pick the BD version.

    As we know with a war like this – it comes down to 2 things, hardware and software. On the gaming front the PS3 is struggling big time compared to the 360 through a lack of software – we all hope to see that imbalance addressed sooner rather than later. On the BD front however – there is no doubt that BD will win – there are simply more exclusive titles on BD.

    Also, there was an interesting article on CNET about BD vs HDDVD – they seem to be putting their weight behind BD too, and their editor was suggesting he thought the war would be over by September – well, he might be right – check out the story here:

  • Great news for the better format!

  • blu-ray has been winning for a while. the first hd format movie to hit the top 5 in sales was Casino Royale.

    having people like Disney, 20th Century Fox and of course Sony pictures on board helps. this news just makes it that much more of a blow to the HD DVD supporters.

    i think the porn industry will play a big part too if they get into HD formats. regardless of what anyone thinks or how people feel regarding adult movies, porn was one of if not the biggest factor in VHS beating out betamax.

    blu-ray is a better format but more expensive. if Sony can get blu-ray players down in price then that’ll finish the war then and there.

  • Godofwar555555 i’m waiting on the same info. if you find out let me know. lol.

  • I can’t believe people still think that porn industry’s suport matters. It matter on vhs only because it was that or on paper. Newsflash- we have the internet now, porn is readily available at little or no cost. Also worthwhile to note that the porn industry isn’t backing either format and hasn’t been banned, contrary to stupid rumours.

  • *aaquib to answer your question:

    Sony is among a group of companies that created the Blu-ray Disc, including Dell, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sharp and HP.

  • I hope Microsoft loses $$$ on this, they got too much anyways.


  • Yay, blockbuster total access will be so much better with Blu-ray movies for my nice HDTV ^^.


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