PS3 Firmware Upgrade 1.81 Coming Tomorrow

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Just a quick update: we’ll be making available firmware upgrade 1.81 tomorrow which will fix a few small issues some of you have noticed. Most notably is the RGB Full setting which a few of you wrote in about. In 1.80 we added an option to the XMB under settings allowing you to choose between RGB Full and Limited. Basically if you are connecting your PS3 to your TV using an HDMI cable, and if your TV supports RGB full range, the picture quality may be improved when this option is set to Full. Some of you pointed out that the Full setting would sometimes revert back to Limited and 1.81 will address this issue. Please keep in mind that this setting is only effective when the PS3 is connected to a TV using an HDMI cable. You can download the update tomorrow from [update: the upgrade is now available, you can download it here] or through your System Update option on the PS3 XMB.

We’re continually evaluating and improving PS2 software compatibility too. Where we can, we’ll look to share similar updates like this on our blog moving forward. Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support!

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  • Impressive considering it took Microsoft half a YEAR to fix their Dolby Digital bug that was more severe than the RGB bug..

    Keep up the good work and keep on working on the media functions, the DNLA was a good step!

  • There’s one thing and one thing only I want from the PS3: UPSCALE 720p GAMES to 1080i.

    That’s it. That’s all. Please get it done.

  • Great work guys! I also had this problem and now it’s fixed. I think you guys at Sony are doing a fantastic job with updates for the PS3! Way better then on the X360. Keep up the good work!


    The Netherlands

  • 196 – Are you kidding me? The US PSN store is packed with a lot more content than its Euro counterpart.

  • great news! Thanks!

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  • You know… I noticed this on my 48″ XBR Bravia (sorry had to brag :) ) but I always thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

    Thanks for being detail oriented :)

  • Oops, 46″ :)

  • CHANGELOG please!

  • thanks for the update but come on!!!!! wheres the cool stuff on psn ive only see a trailer and a lame game its going to be almost 9 months since the ps3 release and i dont see nothing good on the psn

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  • I agree with Andreww, I can’t feed my 24P projector through my Yam Pre/Pro RXV1700 with 24p content because the Yam doesn’t let the Projector EDID go through so PS3 sticks to 60p.

    A “forced 24p” might solve the problem.

    Thanks in advance !

  • Pre-Paid cards Sony for the Online store ;)
    the reason why many Europeans don’t buy online is because you have no pre-paid card, were very picky about giving credit-card info “we don’t give it”.

    how expensive can it be for sony to implement a pre-paid card system?

  • Playstation is so [DELETED].

  • Why do people write the same sh*t again and again:

    We want in game XMB.
    — Full XMB will never happen i think because the XMB uses so much memory – if they do it they will have to use suspend to disc for the game similar to S3 suspend on PCs. The way they should or good implement is a lightweight XMB with friendslist and messages, similar to the way to join rooms are done in many of the PSN games.

    Why doesn’t the PS3 upscale the 720p games?
    — The fact that you as a person didn’t know anything about technology when you bought your tv doesn’t make its Sony problem ;) Have you tried contacting the tv manufacture and asked why their TV set isn’t able to do 720p?

  • Vidikron, I was wondering if I ws the only other person thinking that….

    Of the 210 comments referring to minor release 1.81, at least 80 of them mention in-game XMB. Haven’t heard that gripe before! Geez, Sony must not be paying attention to the 500 posts about XMB in-game already at this blog – otherwise, they would have fixed it in the 3 days this blog has been up! Maybe we should all say it again just in-case they missed it! Assuming you have jobs, how many of you have fixed and tested a far-reaching problem in three days? Does it help when people keep reminding you about it?

    Sony, can you post a new topic called XMB Rant so that everyone who wants to complain about it (again!) can do it there and the rest of us can avoid reading it if we’re sick of listening? Thanks!

    By the way some of us do appreciate what 1.81 fixed!

  • Good work….

    I want Killzone 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well changelog was stared from 1.80 I guess.

  • I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to read through all these comments…

    Note to Sony, stop putting dates on stuff that aren’t 100% done. (yes, that includes hardware too. wink E3 2005)
    It will save you a lot of trouble.

  • Nice fix.

    Now all that needs to be fixed is the green screen tint when you play dvd’s through a RGB scart on PAL version of the PS3. Why this is still around I just done get.

    I mean you pay about £420 for the ps3, you would expect it to play your media at the highest quality applicable to your TV set, which in some cases is RGB scart, if you have a PAL SD TV.

    Please get rid of the green screen tint once and for all because it really sucks.

  • Personally I’ve not read the 217 comments before this, so sorry if it’s been mentioned, but why oh why cant DVDs (and Blu-Ray) play RGB in standard definition mode?

    I will buy a HD set, I promise, but a Sony 1080p set is a big ask, especially after the price of the PS3, and in the meantime I’d like to use the PS3 as the media hub it claims to be. For that an RGB video signal – which it is perfectly capable of producing in game mode – would be great.

    Why oh why leave this out? I can only assume it is deliberate, and that is the sort of thing that really annoys people. Me included. And I say that as a consumer with a general preference for Sony…

  • Hopefully you guys and gals at Sony will also add PAL support for the japanese PS3 console. I have a ton of region 2 PAL DVD´s in my shelf that I can´t watch on my PS3. It is not a big deal because I have a few other players, but none of them upscale the material. And I need to keep an extra player handy just for watching movies.

    Keep up the good work on the updates. I love the DNLA support and PSP connectivity through it.

  • Good update it maybe one lil thing but it counts. We get more updates then most MMO get within a month or 2.

  • Good job, Sony! I’m eagerly waiting for the update.

  • Wow, that is a lot of comments for what is considered a minor update. Like most others, I, too, would like to see PS3 games that are 720p up-converted to 1080p or at least 1080i. I would also like to see other video formats such as divx, .avi, .mkv, .mov, etc, be able to work on my PS3 without streaming or converting them. If possible, I would also like to be able to record my gameplay online and offline at 720p or full 1080p. And, of course, accessing the XMB during gameplay is like a dream for us all. I would like to listen to music while playing my favourite games or creating and sending a message to someone on my friends list while I’m in the game lobby online.

    I think all of the above is too much to be asking for at one shot but I hope that future updates will come sooner than normal and include much more than we’d expect. I hope you guys have a PS3 wishlist section someday (or maybe you already do and I’m being an idiot not to search this site thoroughly). Thanks for the update, keep up the good work.

  • Sony i just noticed that your fool enough to not give what almost the ps3 owners want including ‘XMB’ access through games and ‘Sweet custom tracks’ ow yeah custom tracks, u guys are really sick i have my tracks Ripped on my ps3 for like 3months and im still waitting to listen to them while playing NFS carbon which is old now because that proSTREET is comming soon and my other games, and the playstation store which is making me feel like i wanna puke every thursday when i check it out hopping that i’ll see something interesting. Im a dissapointed ps3 user :(

  • Thanks for update :)
    On future update is possible to include an option to allow set 60hz on pal Systems ?


  • Sweet…keep em coming!

    I have a request for the update (following this one). I would really like to be able to pause, fast-forward and rewind when I’m streaming movies from my computer. That would be really helpful.

    Darkpitiless: You honestly can’t say that your whole gaming experience is screwed up just because you can’t play custom tracks while playing games…just turn of the ingame music and play whatever music you like via your computer…come on!

  • We need more improvements, like interaction with XCMB while we are playing, and not this kind of things.

  • alx242 turning the music off in the game and play it somewhere else has nothing to do with playing experience, playing custon soundtracks in game has to do with a gr8 gaming experiece. and im sick of quiting the game just to read some msg i just recieved though.

  • Too many people must be downloading the update right now, or something, because I’m getting Error 8002F994. :(

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  • Thanx for the firware Really nice to see things moving in sony Cant wait for a custom wallpaper :-)

  • I am counting the weeks until the unified friend’s list & in-game XMB goes live…

    As a UK PlayStation 3 owner I’m very happy to hear you say that “We’re continually evaluating and improving PS2 software compatibility too.” I gave away my PS2, but whilst Im looking forward to future PS3 games, just like a favourite film, there are some games I like to play through again.

    I dont expect full compatibility with the early PlayStation library, but there are some major games that have issues eg Final Fantasy XII & Black.

    PS1 FFVII doesnt work. Please get it working or better yet, REMAKE Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 3!

  • ff 12 is on the ps2

  • Hey is this the firmware of the Month just one item or is there another update comming later this month.

  • Great! I was tired of constantly switching between limited and full.

  • Thank you Sony for the blog!

    I’ll put my 33 cents in though.

    I agree with everybody else when it comes to customizable wallpaper; I so badly just want to have my R-Type final wallpaper or Unearth(theband) wallpaper up :)

    Also, I would really love the idea of playing music while playing my games. For example, I have a PS3 and my friend has a 360. Whenever we play Gears of War we usually just black out the BGM and leave sound FX on while listening to RobZombie or As I Lay Dying. Its awesome, I would so love to do that with my PS3!

    One more thing; its just an idea though. I Love Music! My PS3 60 gig hard drive is packed with music to die for. I’m a real big metal/hardcore fan; and I know for a fact that all these bands love any new way to get their music to the public. One of my friends I go to school with is signed to Universal; his band distributes his music through, iTunes, Amazon and other forms. All def. cheaper than going through BestBuy and such.

    Ahem. What I’m trying to say is to make the PS3 downloadable service accessible to other forms of media too; like music. If Sony even mentioned their downloadable service to a label like TrustKill or VictoryRecords or Atticus, or anything for that matter. I know they would jump all over the chance to promote their bands through a good source to spread their music. It would just make it a little easier and more convenient to get my music to my beautiful PS3. :)

    Thanks for the posting space!

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  • Great update but I think everyone is waiting for in game XMB access, custom soundtracks and all that.

  • Good work fella’s. Now all i need is a HDTV. =(

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  • Sony guys! Are you reading this stuff? Is it sinking into your heads about what we want on our PS3? Lets recap a bit.

    1. XMB in game Access
    2. Custom in game Music
    3. XMB Backgrounds (Would be nice to have a random option too)
    4. More Store Content (Not just 1-2 trailers of crap! We want Demos & Game content!)
    5. Fix Bluetooth Head set Connections
    6. FIRMWARE 2.0 that was said to be a Rumor! Just hand it over already, Please!!!

    Also Release games quicker like RBS:Vegas and add more PS1 games that we want. (FFVII, FFVIII, Hint Hint!)

  • Great news and it’s good to see the direct communication from Sony!

  • Thanks for listening and giving us the update today Sony. :)

    But please give us XMB access in-game, custom in game music, and customizable backgrounds.

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  • Senhores quando alguém compra um PS3, lógico é claro está na cara, que ele quer ver o espetáculo na sua frente da TV.

    Bom partindo desse principio, devemos tornar as algumas coisas bem claras:

    1) A sony tem inteligência e capacidade para atender as expectativas dos usuários?

    -SIM na minha opinião sim, desde que observe coisas que já estão no mercado e que não mude o que é de fato um gol já marcado, ou seja, o media center do PS3, tenho quase 800 MP3 no disco rígido, que como organizo isso? não sei!! o PS3, é limitadíssimo nesse ponto, então o que fazer? Devemos criar Playlists, organizar de forma de Títulos, eu, por exemplo, acordo bem cedo e a primeira coisa que faço e ligar o PS3 para ouvir musicas, mais só que uma bagunça, as musicas se misturam, não existe nenhuma forma de organiza-las. Eu queria por exemplo criar uma playlist, chamada INDO AO TRABALHO e nessa playlist colocar as minhas musicas que gostaria de ouvir para me animar a trabalhar….poxa pode ser feito? e quando estiver na fossa, queria ouvir somente musicas lentas, mais não posso, isso é ruim, perco tempo e me desmotiva a ouvir musicas do HD do PS3.

    2) Visualizações do midia center do PS3?

    – Pessoal fala sério aquela imagem da corda rolando na tela e aquela viajem sem rumo, é sacal, sem sentindo e queima um dos recursos mais legais de um media player, que é ver aqueles efeitos fantasticos na tela, poxa tenho uma tela de 42″ LCD, e queria dar uma festa em casa e ver esse feito na minha sala, pode ser, por favor….

    3) Fotos, caramba como posso ver as fotos de forma mais divertida e dinamica?

    – Bom um dos recursos de qualquer dvd player de mesa de 50$, é fazer um slide show com MP3, lógico, é muito mais emotivo, mais o PS3, não faz, por favor, esse tem que ser um recurso básico de um sistema poderoso como PS3, trabalhem , criem mostrem que isso é uma coisa fácil de ser implementada e que vai consolidar o PS3, como uma central de entretenimento, definitivo em uma sala. Coloquem uma opção como abaixo:

    – Melancolico
    – Agitado
    – Felis
    – romantico,

    Abram uma opção para cada uma delas de forma que o usuario coloque qualquer musica que estiver no HD para tocar, poxa mostrem isso para nós.

    4)DVD caramba, a atualização 1.80, transformou o PS3, o equipamento definitivo para DVD com resoluções de 480i e 480p, deu a volta por cima, mais podemos melhorar, podemos acrescentar, e importar nossos próprios DVDSs, lógico desde que originias, criar a estrutura em forma de ISO, para dentro do HD, gente (SONY, vamos botar pra fora as armos que temos, podemos simplesmente criar a ISO de DVD FILME no PC e copiar para o HD, estamos falando de HD, a opção de colocarmos um HD maior no PS3, abriu a porta para essa opção, eu tenho nada mais nada menos que um HD de 260 GB, para informações, mais me limito a MP3 JPEG e videos da Playstation Store, podemos melhorar…….? abram a opção de importar video com estruturas e tudo.

    5) DIVX E XDIVX,, mais uma mancada, qual o problema de inclementar esse recurso no PS3, royaliites, marcas?, esqueçam isso, façam como os gravadores de mesa onde é inserido um código de instalação, onde o usuario pode ter essa opção no menu do PS3, mais tem que comprar essa nova funcionalidade, façam parceria, esse é o momento, PARCERIA, se mostrem dispostos a levar aos usuarios, que o PS3, pode fazer tudo o que um computador pode fazer, mais de forma, facil e rapido bastando somente o usuario, aceitar o termo de uso e pagar pelo novo recurso.

    6) Jogos on-line, aqui está o principal na minha opnião o calcanhar de aquilo do PS3, não tem como jogar on-line de forma satisfatória com essa opção:

    a) Exemplo de motor storm, voce entrar nos servidores da SONY, e tem que acessar uma daquelas opções, e no meio delas voce entra como se fosse um doido num mundo onde não conhece ninguém. È fundamental criar um update para o motor storm para criar uma sala fechada, somente com seus amigos, ou seja, voce enviando convite a eles, e jogando uma partida onde todos possam se divertir, acreditem é um problema sério jogar on-line com motor storm, pessoal mais uma vez, se vc faz um jogo on-line bem feito, o lucro está garantido, o que importa será sempre a diversão e modo on-line e a nova arma dos usuários, se vai bem tudo vai bem, se vai mal culpam o PS3, e não o jogo, então partem do principio que vcs devem escolher e sugerir modos de jogo on-line para fazer a melhor experiencia on-line possivel.

    7) RESISTANCE FALL MAN, mais uma mancada on-line, cade o modo cooperativo para dois jogadores on-line? Simplesmente não existe, a melhor coisa do mundo é jogar dois jogadores simultâneos e voces, não conseguiram implantar isso nesse game maravilhoso, somente existe o modo cooperativo na mesma tela, pra que isso, o modo agora é on-line, por favor, preparem uma atualização para jogar com meu amigo do outro do mundo, mais de forma cooperativa, onde podemos avançar juntos fase a fase ate o final do jogo.

    Na minha visão vcs podem falar poxa instala o linux, nele e voce tera todas essa opções, acreditem computador ja tenho no meu quarto, e o PS3 é o meu media center, logo esqueçam, e legal ? é, mais o usuario quer ter tudo centralizado no PS3.

    Espero ter ajudado, e espero que na próxima atualização esses meus pedidos possam servir de alguma ajuda não só para mim para milhares de usuários e a adeptos da marca SONY, nós iremos ganhar.!!!

  • Thank you so much Sony. I just tried playing a PS1 game and the FMV skipping is gone now. Also, the sound lag in PS1 games appears to be gone (I played DDR Konamix to test it).

    Thank you again for addressing the issues.

  • This probably will get missed, but I use my PS3 (when at home) about 80% of the time; watching videos, listening to music, playing games, browsing the web or PS store, chatting with friends, or just watching F@H. I am addicted. I love my PS3 so much, I bought a second PS3 for my fiancee so that I could keep this one to myself entirely! I wanted all 60GBs to myself! Now for the rambling…

    From constant use, I have found some issues I wanted to bring to your attention… Like others are reporting – I too have a problem from time to time when my controller is not plugged (running wireless) it will lose the signal and be unrepsonsive for a second or two. This can be easily corrected by pressing the Home button a few times or by plugging the controller in via the USB cable and pressing the Home button.

    This doesn’t happen a whole lot, but on occassion has occured during heated moments of a game – very frustrating.

    I am not sure if it is possible, but a method to set your PS3 to Remote Play stand-by and still have F@H client run. Or even offer users the option to allow a Remote Play connection state where while the PS3 is in use (game, movie, music, etc) remote users can stream content to the PSP without interfearing with the running content on PS3. Of course, limited Remote Play options would be expected in this situation, but having any connection options at all would be nice. Having to put your PS3 in a Remote Play mode and having it unusable during this time, sorta stinks.

    I have noticed the changes with the XMB and more options that have been given, LOVE IT! Any idea when we may expect the ability to access friends lists while in-game? I like how we get a menu of options when we press the Home button, would it be possible to add an option here to check friends list with maybe the ability to read/write messages and even chat while game is in stand-by? Now if any of these options would require leaving the game, make sure you prompt the user before leaving so that they can save (though not having to exit would be even nicer)! The PSP has a great feature – I can turn off the system mid-game and power it back on to pick up where I left off. Could this be a possibility for the PS3 when a user accesses the XMB or Home options while in-game?

    Music options… Any chance of incorporating a option for gamers to use their personal music library rather than the games? Any chance of ‘asking’ developers to give us this option (kind of a requirement)?

    Speaking of requirements – too many online games for PS3 has no chat. Simply not supporting chat for these games KILLED their longevity in the online arena. Prime Example: FEAR. No chat – this game had sooo much potentual online. Not being able to communicate with teammates KILLED the online game. I know this was a Serria developed game and they even made decent use of the PSN friends list, but no voice chat (or even text! come on!). At least make Voice-Chat support a manditory thing for online games!!!

    Okay, boss is out of his meeting, back to work….

    PS – Can’t wait for SOCOM!!!! :)

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