Days of Play 2020: Incredible deals on games and more

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Days of Play 2020: Incredible deals on games and more

Days of Play returns with big savings on games, PS Plus and PS Now memberships, and more

We’re thrilled to announce that Days of Play is back again this year with awesome deals to celebrate the passionate PlayStation community around the globe, and to thank you for all the support.

Days of Play will kick off early at participating retailers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other select regions starting 25th May, with promotions running through 8th June.

Great deals* will include:

  • PlayStation VR bundles**:
    • PS VR Starter Pack for £199.99/€199.99 RRP
    • PS VR Mega Pack for £229.99/€229.99 RRP
  • A wide selection of games** including:
    • Nioh 2 from £39.99/€49.99 RRP
    • Death Stranding from £24.99/€29.99 RRP
    • Days Gone from £15.99/€19.99 RRP
  • PlayStation Hits games:
    • Selected titles** in the PlayStation Hits range from £11.99/€14.99 RRP each, including The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and more.
  • Save 30% on a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership***
  • Save 30% on a 12-month PlayStation Now membership** and play over 700 PS4, PS3 and PS2 classics for a year

What’s more, PlayStation Store will also be offering awesome deals for blockbuster games, along with deals on PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions***, from 3rd June through 17th June. Stay tuned for more info here on PS Blog and over on the Days of Play site.

Again, thank you all for your incredible support this past year. Here’s to another year of epic gaming on PlayStation!

* At participating retailers while stocks last.

** Availability may vary between countries. Manufacturer’s recommended maximum retail price. Actual retail prices will vary. Please check with your local retailer for details.

***PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now are on-going subscriptions which continue until cancelled. Recurring subscription fees will be charged automatically to the payment method registered to your account for PlayStation Network at the frequency chosen at checkout.

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  • So No New Days Of Play Console Then. ?

  • Any chance of launching Playstation Now in Australia… or are we just going to continue to miss out on the service?

    • Vanlischtenstein

      They need to build up playstation servers in Australia to provide the service. Since SONY is partnering with Microsoft on the Azure tech worldwide for PSNow they are probably installing PSSystems in Microsoft Azure Facilities wordwide and particularly in Australia. so by the time the PS5 come out they will announce PSNow2 wordwide

    • I know it’s not a perfect solution but it might be worth grabbing a psn card for another country and grab a years worth while it’s on a deal, the price of buying Spiderman and Evil Within 2 (digitally) on their own would be enough to cover and hopefully within that year they would finally roll it out to you guys (and you can start a new 14 day trial on the AUS store version come the time!)

  • €15 for those PlayStation Hits games is rather underwhelming as they all have been available in the past at that price or even less (source: psprices).

    30% off for a PS+ subscription is very nice though, and I hope it’s not just at retailers but also in the PS Store.

    EDIT: reading skills lacking… The article does clearly say that the Store will also have deals starting June 3, and that includes PS Plus/Now.

    • In North America the PlayStation Hits -games has always been half the price during sales, and in the EU, we only get 25% off…

    • Now the question remains, will the Store versions of PS+ and PS Now also have a %30 discount, or will they get their usual paltry %25 discount?

  • nioh is 39.99? yet on deal of the week its 44.99, bit of a smack in face to anyone who got it in last couple of days… like me lol, although i had a 25% coupon and a cheap card from cd keys lol so thankfully didnt pay that , but still for anyone who has its a bit unfair

    • Best is to wait 6 years and you’ll get it eventually for free like GTA V. on Epic store. But that’s different platform.

    • haha, ive bought that damn game 3 times, ps3, ps4 , on steam, now epic free, if only i had known :) (never paid full price though)

      i got nioh 1 and all dlc for dirt cheap, maybe 15 quid max a few months ago and loved it, so was waiting for a sale on no 2, and when i saw it i thought yay, as just been sent a 25% store discount voucher too, but to tell you while its on sale that its going to be on a better sale is a bit unfair lol

  • Link just goes to a website telling me Days of Play 2019 is over! ?

  • Nice, I will pick up Days Gone for that price! Hopefully Medievil gets a decent discount too

  • xWhySoSeri0usNL

    The game prices suck. Nioh 2 for €50? Its already €45 here…

  • Will headsets be included in the sale in Europe? I see they are in north america

  • Add aim controller in days of play. At the moment, 80 euros is ridiculously expensive in 2020

  • ps plus is a good deal, 30% off in uk, 35 quid, and if you got to a cd keys , a 35 quid card costs 31 quid too, so even better :)

    • Still not good enough for me to renew, due to the PS3 and Vita games being dropped without increasing the amount of PS4 games to make up for it.

  • These prices also going to physical games too? That Days Gone price is super tempting ?

    • I was waiting for Days Gone to drop to £15.99 about a month ago, but I gave up waiting and bought Days Gone Brand New on Physical Disc for £28.00. Now its finally priced at a reasonable £15.99 on Digital, which is sods law for me, but a bargain for yourself. I very much enjoyed Days Gone, much better then I expected.

      Don’t listen to the mainstream media reviews, they clearly never played the game from start to finish. It starts off slow, I mean it will take roughly 10-15 hours to get started, but when it does its a joy. At £15.99 its an absolute bargain

    • I’m more of a physical collector so I’m hoping some shops will have it for around this price, but yeah I ignored it for ages due to the reviews by right now I kinda want a fun zombie timesink :)

    • Mate, i just paid 30€ for a secondhand copy of Days Gone, and now this comes out. happens every damn time

    • I would say: these prices are ONLY for the physical games. I was personally still hoping for deals on the PS Store, but DOP starts today and there is no sign of it on the Store. Yet, all retailers here now have the lowered prices.

    • One of the best games I’ve played and I currently own 574 ps4 games! I really want a sequel there is so much more thy can do with the story.

  • I see Sekiro Shadow Die Twice is still a RIP OFF at a Whopping £59.99 14 months later. Seriously this game should be now priced at £15.99.

  • how about gamepads?

  • Will the PS Plus and PS Now subs be available to existing subscribers at that price?

    • I’m not 100% about ps now but ps plus is a roll on service. So if you buy a 12m sub, and activate it, it runs from when your current sub expires.

      So if you bought your sub 1st Jan 2020, and then buy one on this deal, activate your sub wont expire until 31st Dec 2021

    • Thanks for the reply. Yh I understand that it stacks usually, I just meant for this specific offer. Wanted to make sure it’s not a new customers only thing.

    • Sammy, it’s for everyone. You can purchase a code at retailers and just use that code.

  • What shops will you be able to get the psvr starter bundle in the uk

    • GAME as of today are selling the bundle for £189.00 which includes VR starter pack and resident evil 7 and 2 months entertainment NOW tv code.

  • please have ff7 remake on sale ?

  • When is it starting?

  • Shop to have got ps plus and ps now 12 months for 30 quid each , good deal, certainly the plus anyway

  • Having an eye on the 12 month Plus.

  • I got Days Gone for £13.99 from Argos in my local sainsbury’s today, but you have to order online and do click and collect and you must have an Argos online account to do this

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