Introducing “Inside The Last of Us Part II” video series

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Introducing “Inside The Last of Us Part II” video series

New episodes each Wednesday

We hope you’re taking care of yourselves, staying safe and making solid progress on your back catalog of games.

The Last of Us Part II is by far the largest and most ambitious game we’ve ever made and there will be so much for you to dig into when it arrives on 19th June. Leading up to launch, we’re releasing a brand new series of videos breaking down key aspects of the game. Each video will feature interviews with members of our team as we discuss the design, technology, and ideas that have shaped the development of our game over the last six years.

We’re kicking things off by taking a closer look at the story in The Last of Us Part II, including some of the core themes we’re exploring, a glimpse into Ellie and Joel’s life in Jackson, and how we’re broadening the world and cast of characters. Don’t worry, we’re keeping all episodes spoiler-free and there will be so much more for you to dig into on 19th June! Check it out:

From here on out, we’ll be releasing new videos every week for the next three weeks. Here’s what to expect and when:

  • 13th May: Inside the Story
  • 20th May: Inside the Gameplay
  • 27th May: Inside the Details
  • 3rd June: Inside the World

We look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come! Enjoy!

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  • I just can’t wait to play it..

  • on a off topic to Sony Playstation? Where’s the Ion Fury is due to coming out tonight or later? go update the playstation store please?

  • It’s not as highly anticipated as it was before the leak. Knowing the storyline that’s being followed, I’ve no interest in this game. It’s a shame as the first is fantastic and I was so looking forward to another one.

  • Wow Sony that’s a new low. You deleted my comment and I said nothing wrong!

  • I am genuinely hyped about this game. I played the first one 4 times , twice on PS3, once on PS4 and once on PS4 Pro. I am annoyed about all the negativity thrown at this game and ND in the recent weeks. Hundred of people have worked hard on this game and Sony is always amazing at delivering great first party games, Horizon, God Of War, Uncharted, Days Gone, Spider man, etc. Frankly, this is the reason I have been a PlayStation fan since the PS1 and now that I have seen the game play tech demo of Unreal 5 on a PS5 tech kit I am super hyped at PS5 as well. So, TLOU2, Ghost Of Tsushima and then the magic of PS5.

  • I’ve repeatedly said im not getting this but that latest story trailer still amazed me even after the leaks.

    I’ve been convinced to give it a proper go now and experience this in its entirety.

  • They deleted many of my comments too about this game, Sony has to learn to respect their customers, and yeah most of us lost our interest in this game already

    • Great, then the rest of us can enjoy it in peace…

    • Not sure a tiny vocal minority on the internet is “most of us”. Most gamers don’t even read websites like this at all and PlayStation Blog don’t delete comments without good reason. If someone’s comment has been deleted then that user should take that as a sign that they’ve crossed a line.

    • GiftedGamer3020

      Love the taste of boots, do we? Freaking LOL

  • A nice thing to keep up players’ interest.

    As it always happens when a major project comes close to a release, there are tons of angry spoiler-dreading people around, blaming everyone for their fear of not being capable to enjoy the game anymore. What’s wrong with you guys anyway? Even if you accidentally know a thing or two about the game plot, or even if you think you already know a major part of it, doesn’t it still interesting how the game will build it up? how you eventually make through the game and how this process may change your expectations of things you think you know already? It is the process of playing that matters, not the result.

    Thanks, Naughty Dog, and looking forward for the next videos!

    • I knew “spoilers” for loads of games before I played them due to various reasons (I guess I shouldn’t say which), and it didn’t affect any enjoyment.

      Then again I play games for game play..

    • @rofeles Personally I would rather not know about major plot spoilers in a game ahead of time when it’s the main reason I’m playing. I will still play a game even if I encountered major spoilers somewhere, but I would prefer not to know what happens in advance. I can only experience a game for the first time once and I’d rather go in having everything be a surprise.

  • I honestly think that I’m the only Playstation gamer that doesn’t have a clue about these TLOU Pt.2 ‘leaks’. The PS Blog is my last attachment to the online world as I’ve severed ties from forums and social media almost completely, and reading some of these posts confirms that I made the right decision.

    • Same here. I’m only aware of the fact that there have been spoilers and that the culprits are hackers.

      I’m gonna remind myself to close chats on announcement streams as well, can always count on some trolls there too.

    • I heard a bunch of stuff about Anita sarkeesian and drukman becoming great friends and apparently trying to do some SJW stuff via this particular game. “‘if you don’t like my politics then don’t buy the game” I think that’s a quote but I’m not sure?

      I have no idea what happens in the plot, for now I’m putting it down to some weird homophobia thing but we shall see. I actually found Left Behind utterly remarkable so more of that kind of thing would be great. Ellie does look more like a Russian athlete now though :S

    • All I know is that the leaks triggered some “conservative” gamers, which I’m fine with, tbh ;)

      I managed to avoid any actual story spoilers though and I don’t think that was something very hard to do. Just don’t look for the leaked footage.

  • I love all games PlayStation 4 or 5 when is it coming out

  • I really enjoy games that push the boundaries in storytelling and gameplay, adding in those small details that many may otherwise dismiss e.g. the character using their hand to turn a door handle, or only being able to carry a limited amount of weapons. It’s so much more immersive, and I always appreciate those sort of things. This game is definitely up there with Red Dead Redemption 2 in regards to that level of detail and immersion, and I for one can’t wait to explore this crazy apocalyptic world.

  • Since the last E3 Demo on this game back in 2018, I avoided any press or stories about this game. This is the first time I checked anything out before it is released. I understand a small group people want to be known as the first person that knows what happens in this game, but why do people read their posts, if they are then upset on what they have read. The Last Of Us, was a game I have loved playing, and then even more so when paying again with my kids (when they were old enough). This is story that I cannot wait to experience for myself, and make my own opinion on.

  • I’m really gonna enjoy playing as the smaller and more nimble Ellie. Prone is something I really missed in the first and will make stealth even more interesting. Even the stuff that I generally don’t care for, like survival and micromanagement, is so well handled and dynamic in this series that I can’t help but loving it. Still the best animations in gaming as well.

  • I can’t preorder the game from the PS store!

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