Today’s State of Play is all about Ghost of Tsushima

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Today’s State of Play is all about Ghost of Tsushima

Tune in for an extended look at Sucker Punch’s gorgeous open-world epic

Hey folks – just a quick note that we’re finalizing a special episode of State of Play airing this Thursday, 14th May at 9pm BST / 10pm CEST on Twitch and YouTube.

The episode will be focused entirely on Ghost of Tsushima, coming to PS4 17th July. You’ll get an extended look at new gameplay footage, including exploration, combat and more. The current cut is clocking in around 18 minutes, give or take.

And just to be clear — there won’t be any PS5 news or updates in this episode, just a big, beautiful look at Sucker Punch’s PS4 open-world epic.

Don’t miss the Twitch and YouTube broadcast this Thursday. See you then!

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  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ! At last. I have wished this for ages. This will be a great summer for us PS owners !! :-)

  • Can’t wait to know more about this gorgeous game from legendary devs at Sucker Punch. Enjoyed INFAMOUS Second Son a lot. Great way to watch an extended ‘Gameplay’ of a Current Gen game before plunging into all PS5 info dump happening next month. Great Strategy by Sony. PS4 Games looking better than all of Xbox Series X showcase together.

  • Looking forward to it, day 1 buy for sure!

  • Great! ~15min. pure vameplay with dev commentary…thats the way

    +1 for clear messaging

  • Goty for me

  • That’s awesome we need to see extended gameplay and get more information can’t wait for Thursday

  • This is the one big game I cant wait to get my hands on.. yes I’m looking forward to last of us 2 but not as much as this game.. it just looks epic.

  • Sony PlayStation I know got games left for PS4 but you got 5 months left to marketing the PS5 and we haven’t seen what consle look like no price and no PS5 exclusives to show we all still waiting. So I hope talk about the PS5 next month because I want save up for PS5 and a new tv for PS5 since I don’t think PS5 can handle 1080p Big HD TV

    • Why would they bury their biggest exclusive (TLoU II) and a new franchise (GoT) under a mountain of news about PS5? Dude, chill out, it will come out in November. Play the rest of the games that are coming out.

    • “I don’t think PS5 can handle 1080p Big HD TV”

      I think it will support 1080p Full HD TVs, like PS4 Pro supports 720p, even some games (like Child of Light and Star Trek Online) are entirely in 720p. But we’ll have to wait and see until they assemble the official PS5 FAQ. I’m not buying a 4K TV just for PS5 (don’t care about the resolution).

    • 8k/4k screens aren’t owned by most people, so locking the PS5 to 4k+ would just stop the vast majority of people buying it.

      As it’s easy to downscale, and Epic’s PS5 demo was 1440p, it’s pretty safe to assume Sony wont be that silly..

  • Excited to see this episode of State of Play.

    The next one will be focused to PS5 Games and first info on next-gen console, that will be revealed in July

  • Excited to see this episode of State of Play.

    The next one will be focused to PS5 Games and first info on next-gen console, that will be revealed in July

  • I bought the game on pre order and cant wait now! Big like!

  • This is the only game I am looking forward to play this summer, as I am skipping the last of us 2 for sure

  • Well about time! I would like to finally see real ingame gameplay.

  • did sony ban my comments?

    I wrote that this is the only game that i am interested in this summer since i am not interested in the last of us 2 at all now

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • I honestly feel that this is a better format for State of Play. Just focus on one particular game instead of a group since some of them can seem uninteresting.

    Though this one will be anything but!

  • Cyberpunk, Ghost Of Tsushima and Mafia 1 Remake.One of the best years for gaming right next to 2018.

  • Couldn’t careless about this game only the ps5 reveal and price and what it looks like I’m ready to preorder Xbox series x and ps5 Sony your slow to show anything at least Xbox showed there final console design and half assed Xbox game trailers just reveal it Sony atm you guys at Sony are radio silence ?

    • Have you seen the Epic PS5 tech demo yet? Honestly it’s the first thing to get me excited for next-gen (since the new controller is too big and gimmicky for my taste, and the Xbox trailers were disappointing). The textures, the lighting, the details, and the smoothness of it all! You can really tell the audio improved with the falling debris as well.

    • Why would they bury their biggest exclusive (TLoU II) and a new franchise (GoT) under a mountain of news about PS5? Dude, chill out, it will come out in November. Play the rest of the games that are coming out.

  • I really enjoyed all three main Infamous games, especially the second one in New Orleans. Thought they were great. Although they got decent reviews, you don’t often hear about people saying they really liked them. Don’t know why, as I think if you reskinned them with Spider Man or something, people would lap them up. They are literally superhero games. Anyway, definitely interested in this so will be watching later.

    • It’s probably the gameplay being very open worldy (finding all 100000 bits of glass, skill tree to slightly change the simple combat against the same few enemies).

      There’s nothing wrong with simple games as long as they’re fun, but they don’t usually turn up in peoples top 10s unless people really like the setting/characters.

      I’m not sure many think the Infamous games have really good characters, or stories, or settings.

  • I’m down for this, just hope the story/protagonist is better than second sons :S

  • This looked amazing. There are resemblance with AC and it is not a bad thing. The graphics are to die for, love the fact we were shown reaal, detail game-play was crucial.. I would probably play it with the Japanese voice with subs. Sony has such great studios, focusing on single player stories which is why i stick to Playstation.

  • Im not impressed with this game at all, but good luck to Sony and Sucker Punch.

    • It did look a bit…stiff… i’m not sure why he walks so weirdly, or why the character is on the far left when you’re on a horse…or why you have to pick bamboo and flowers…

      A bit disappointed it’s a “light” stealth game. There’s a billion hiding places and getting caught by the brainless “always looking the other way” AI just means you need to use super moves to escape. The “action” combat just seemed like AI queuing up to take turns being parried.

      Buuut, I guess it could just be a really, really early level or something. Played on very easy. They probably still have time to fix stuff.

    • Yep this game has some strange looking animations, which I do not like at all. Body proportion and facial animations look off to me. The A.I is also ringing my alarm bells.

  • Out of interest does anyone actually find wandering around pressing buttons to pick flowers enjoyable?

    It’s been a mechanic of loads of games for a long time, so there must be fans of it, Riiiight??

    • Of course. And if you ever get bored of that, you can always climb the tower or clear up the bandit camp. Maybe even gather some shining collectibles for a achievement. What else do you want from a game? :-D

    • It’s not so much about the specific mechanics of gathering flowers but about having lots of different activities at hand so at any given time if you get tired of whatever you are doing you have a number of different activities close to you. And sometimes you need reminders for this activities when they are not visibly close. Gathering flowers is a good reminder of the possibility of crafting some stuff so everytime you get one you remind that posibility and it helps to get you more engaged with the game. IMHO.

    • @Agarwel

      How about some actual lnnovation and some clever A.i? Heck add some originality to the mix.

    • In this game the purpose is only cosmetic, but I liked it in Elder Scrolls Online. With them, you could craft potions, craft for daily quests, trade/sell them to players who need them, sell them to NPCs for gold, even taste them to find out their effects. And you have to know which type is where on the map, which includes exploration that is also fun. I like it more than combat.

  • In the stream it looked very bad but with this video it looks much better.

    Still a lot of improvements could be made like why is the cape blowing in the wind if he’s in a building? That is weird. But the game looks fun and maybe Sucker Punch can improve on it. Biggest question for me to invest in the game is, will it (and all other PS4 games) get the “smart delivery” like on Xbox Series X?

    If not I’ll wait.

  • Going to be completely honest, I do not get the hype for this game. Nothing I have seen looks that interesting. The open world just looks too empty, the combat looks easy and very basic, just looks a bit boring. Maybe I’m wrong and this turns out to be amazing, but I think I will pass. Much, much more excited for the last of us part 2!

    • I’m mildly disappointed. Didn’t expect open world with gathering&crafting. Thought about more souls like experience. Roughly said it looks like assassin creed in japan. Well i’ll get it after some price drops or with next gen.

  • I can’t wait for this game it looks really good, however At 6:40 and 6:58 Jin seems to have not effect on the water he is walking through/on, the same thing with infamous second son. Also is there by any chance a poorly dubbed version to fit in with the classic samurai film mode?

  • That’s how you do a State Of Play…. In-depth with the developers. Game looks Amazing….. Can’t Wait !!!

  • Love it. The minimalistic artstyle and exploration reminiscent of Journey and Shadow of the Colossus. The brutal but precise and responsive combat that is visually pleasing looks sort of epic on a subtle level. The stealth sections that bring out the ninja for a change of pace. Looks like a really atmospheric experience that’ll delight my senses. The music seems like a perfect fit as well.

  • Im excited for this first open world by suckerpunch. But im also worried about how stiff the horseback animation is. Not to mention some other combat animation too.

    I was hoping it will surpass shadow of colossus (ps2) and RDR2 horseback animation, where it shows the kid pulls the lead rope.

    • Unfortunately the horse animation is stiff, but also the anatomy is also wrong when galloping. Horses front and back hind legs do not run in sync together like shown in the video. I completely understand that horse animations is no easy task, and no developer has yet to perfect it. Shadow Of The Colossus Horse is the best horse to date in a videogame when galloping, and RDR2 has the most realistic horses. Rockstar Games has a knack of pulling off superb animal animations, and Fumito Ueda the creator and director of Shadow Of The Colossus was obsessed with animations and things that basically moved as a child when growing up.

      I think in future, if developers are struggling with horse animations, maybe its best to mo-cap the horse in the studio. At least that way, there guaranteed perfected animations.

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