These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Old school sci-fi side-scroller Huntdown headlines the games debuting on PS4 over the coming days

This week on PlayStation Store, live your best bounty hunter life in 80’s action-inspired arcade shooter Huntdown. Let’s take a closer look at that, as well as get the full release list*.

Huntdown | Out: 12th May

Crime doesn’t pay… unless you’re a bounty hunter! Inspired by the best of 80s action movies, this hard-boiled arcade shooter will bring you back to the era of 16-bit games but with fast-paced, modern, intuitive gameplay. Take up arms as three bounty hunters — alone or in two-player co-op — and cleanse the criminal gangs controlling a buzzing dystopian city.

PlayStation StoreOut this week

*Release dates correct at time of publication.

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  • Yea, no Huntdown in Sweden, for [DELETED] sake billy, get it right, get the games out everywhere at the same time, sort those troubles out. Let me sign something that I agree that you have frickin translated the manual or description crap yet. I CAN READ ENGLISH ON A BASIC TO MEDIUM LEVEL, AND IF I COULDNT, I WOULD ASK A FRIEND, OR GOOGLE DANGIT TRANSLATE. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Then if there game is out everywhere else, why not just do the most logical thing and create a secondary account from a different region and buy it there?

    • You will also need a psn card in the money of the new account country

    • I got some other accounts but why should I have to go thru the trouble and buy stuff on other accounts.

    • Maybe cause you’re complaining like a little girl in the comments on a blog site cause it’s not in your country.

    • Where do you get maybe from that @goldenjames75? Of course Im whining, the game release system is not working as it should. Anyways, its out now

  • Do i get the impression that the Arcade Archives is going to Disappear again from the EU store sigh!

    • Hope not… hoping they bring out rainbow islands;D

    • Yes, I remember getting excited a few weeks ago when you mentioned Green Beret floating around the Japanese store.

    • That would be unfortunate, but not surprising. I’ve been waiting for Bomb Jack to be released on the EU Store for years. Think it was released on the NA Store and Japanese Store back in 2015 or something, and still not here.

      Plus there are still quite a number of arcade games I would love to see digital releases of, above-mentioned Rainbow Islands is one of them. Then Pang!, Rod Land and Cabal to mention some more. Lots of 2-player fun goodness.

  • oh just to let you guys know huntdown is really good but sadly the trophies don’t sync up.. please fix.

  • Well huntman not on store and that duke nuken wannabe not on the store this week but on USA store . You have bad handling the store playstation Europe

  • Wot no Super Mega Baseball 3?!? Available for just about every platform on 13th May – Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and PS4 (I mean ‘USA’ PS4 users of course) – but NOT, it seems, for PS4 users within EU territories(?) Just typical…

    • So, super mega baseball 3 was, in fact, available for purchase today. I guess that begs the question why this wasn’t mentioned in the ‘out this week’ schedule above….ah well.

  • Can we have a Season Pass sale please?

  • So… when are you going to fix the download queue on the PlayStation Store website?

    First, there was that problem two years ago with PS3/Vita content that was impossible to queue. It took several months to fix.

    Then, there was that problem with bundles and multi-episodes/multi-part games, where only one item out of the total would be queued. Been happening since AUGUST 2019, still not fixed, and you guys pretend it’s all my fault, my ISP, my whatever.

    And now, there’s this new problem with PS4 content, it is impossible to queue just ANYTHING. But at least it gives you a proper error message this time…

    Do you guys even bugfixing? Not even third-party solutions like PSDLE are helpful in this case.

    • yep yes been broken for some weeks now. And then there’s this weird new message stating that my browser has been updated and that the store doesn’t work correctly anymore. [DELETED] Adapt your store!

  • Where’s the Ion Fury is coming out on May 14th. Sony? Better go update your page as well and add the game as your 12th game of the week? so come on Sony..

  • still no update as well…

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