DIRT 5 announced, first gameplay details revealed

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DIRT 5 announced, first gameplay details revealed

The legendary off-road racing series returns with a new vibe

Hey there! It’s Chris Groves here, the lead Social and Community Manager for DIRT 5, launching later this year.

The entire team here at Codemasters is proud to have created a legacy of racing games that handle like a dream and recreate the thrill of motorsport. We don’t need to tell you that DIRT 5 is going to deliver big on exhilarating off-road racing gameplay, just like each game in the series has, all the way back to Colin McRae Rally in 1998. So, instead, let’s focus on something a little… different.

Surrounding that core gameplay in DIRT 5 will be a culture, a style, an approach, that makes it bigger than the sum of its parts. From how it looks, to how it sounds, to what you can be a part of, DIRT 5 is a vibe that, just maybe, you’ve never seen before from the franchise.

Let’s take you on a whistle-stop tour and reveal what you can expect when you roll into a bold new world of racing in DIRT 5.

GameTitle on PS4

1. The vibe of DIRT 5

Regardless of the mode you’re playing in, the location you’re at, or the car you’re behind the wheel of, the DIRT 5 experience is held together by something bigger than all of that. Booting up DIRT 5 feels like you’re stepping into a brand new culture, surrounded by style and encouraging you to express yourself, whatever it is you’re doing.

DIRT 5 is an off-road racing game at its core, so we’re still pretty big on the spirit of competition and that thirst for success. But here, winning is just the beginning. We want to see how you win; what you’re going to do on that road to success that leaves an unforgettable mark, and embraces the vibe of DIRT 5. That’s the kind of stuff that’ll get people to take notice.

GameTitle on PS4

2. Style it out

It’s all good and well telling you that we want to see your style, but what about the style of DIRT 5? Well, around every corner you’ll find features, both significant and subtle, that show this game as much about style as it is substance.

Our official announcement trailer certainly sets the tone. The bold colour schemes, in-your-face graphics and rhythmic transitions? Yeah, prepare for plenty more of that. The song featured – ‘Time To Dance (Sebastian Remix)’ by The Shoes – kicks off a dynamic soundtrack that we can’t wait to share more about. Then there are the cars: GT heroes, rough-and-ready buggies, classic rally legends and so much more kicking off a stylish roster. Some are even dripped in incredible one-off liveries, designed by world-renowned digital artists who we brought into the fold. Even the locations revealed in the trailer (New York, China, Norway) are flexing with extreme weather, stunning vistas and dynamic time of day options.

TL;DR – every aspect of DIRT 5 is crafted with style in mind. You get the picture.

GameTitle on PS4

3. The DIRT 5 Career – own the spotlight

Clearly then, DIRT 5 is about being part of something big – and that theme rings no truer than in Career mode.

It’s one thing to want to be at the centre of DIRT 5’s vibe of style and expression. It’s another to earn that place. Our Career mode drops you into a deep narrative-driven experience, with a star-studded voice cast led by the legendary Troy Baker and Nolan North, partnered by icons of the automotive and car culture world.

In a journey filled with famous names, big personalities and major obstacles, the focus is on you to make sure nobody ever forgets your name, through fearless racing and extreme skill. Baker, North and others will set the scene for you to rise from obscurity to infamy, but not everyone you meet is willing to share the spotlight. The world of DIRT 5 is yours for the taking. All you have to do is prove you fit the bill.

GameTitle on PS4

4. Let’s get playful

At the core of DIRT 5’s vibe is a desire to be expressive, creative and playful – online or offline, racing solo or with friends.

Fill the couch and play offline modes in split screen for up to four players, creating epic action-packed events. Online, throw down against the globe in race events, as well as more innovative modes we’ll reveal more on very soon. Express your playfulness off the track, too, with a dedicated Photo Mode and a nuanced livery editor, to flex your creative flair.

Share all those moments with your friends and the world, and prove you’re very much at home in DIRT 5’s playground of style. Oh, and stick around for more news on another way to get playful – something you’ve never seen before from DIRT.

5. Everything, amplified

Bold and brave, loud and lavish, get ready for an amplified world of off-road racing that you can’t help but want to be a part of. We’re big on giving you the ability to let loose and express your unique style, as loudly as you want, and we’ll be amplifying your achievements, your creations, your vibe, on all of DIRT 5’s community hangout spaces.

From the roaring atmosphere and cultural style, to the license to drift and hoon around to your heart’s content, to the ability to conquer any terrain put in front of you, the vibe of DIRT 5 turns everything up to 11. So… are you ready to do the same?

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  • Was console was that gameplay from though?

    Looks like PS4, but if it was PS5, i’m not seeing anything special.

    • Pretty sure they showed the exact same video at the “Xbox gameplay live stream” yesterday, so it could as well be neither ;)

    • Xbox of course

    • This what happens when Sony or MS don’t send dev kits early because you don’t see no difference since looks like a PS4 game . If we don’t see no difference on PS5 and Xbox series x next couple years this could be last consoles

  • Do we need another Dirt game?

  • stefmeister2008

    It’s a shame they seem to be taking it in a different direction to the more recent games that were more rally/racing focused. Dirt 4 was more on the arcade side but was still primarily focused on Rallying which is the part of the series i’ve always preferred.

    Also nervous about them having big voice actors for a career mode as in Dirt 2/3 especially having somebody constantly talking me through the career mode was always my least favorite part of the games, Especially when you couldn’t skip it. I just enjoy the driving/racing & all the x-games big loud social festival type stuff was always a bit of a turnoff for me.

    Oh & I really hope they move away from the thing the more arcadey Codemasters games often do where your immediately thrown into a race before getting to the menu. As a wheel/pedal user been thrown into a race before you have had the opportunity to properly set it all up is never a fun experience.

    • Sounds like Dirt Rally would be more up your street. The Dirt games are fun enough, but I much prefer Dirt Rally personally. I’ve loved the series since Colin McRae Rally on the PS1 (a game that’s held up remarkably well actually!) and played all the games since. I kind of dropped off Dirt around Dirt 3 when it got all ‘YO COOL BRO!’, but this new one looks OK. Still prefer the Rally games, though.

    • The presentation put me off Dirt 4 pretty early and it looks like it could be amplified with Dirt 5. It’s the same with the F1 games, the demo was enough to put me off Grid too.

      I’m an adult who enjoys racing games, not a child who isn’t old enough to drive wanting to pretend I’m a pro race driver. All this in your face BS is too much.

      Simple interface around the race mechanics like Dirt Rally is enough. It was enough for older games like Toca and Colin Mcrae.

    • Totally agree, all the extreme sports X-games type presentation is really off-putting and just frustrating when all you want to do is drive. It’s irritating and pointless.

  • Looks like the closest thing we’ll get to Motorstorm. I’ll take it.

  • “Fill the couch and play offline modes in split screen for up to four players.”

    Awesome news.

    Give me a stable 60fps on PS5 splitscreen and it’s day 1 for me. :-)

  • Im glad that they have the dirt over the top instalment and get the grips of the new console and don’t mess with the proper game, when they mixed up the games was a real pain in the ps360 era.

    i will def look forward for dirt 3.0 and avoid this [DELETED]

  • I don’t want to say it. But it sounded like you’re trying to excite someone with allot of word’s but you didn’t excite me yet because you didn’t answer allot of questions that some gamers want to know like myself.What are you doing to leverage the power of PlayStation 5?What ground breaking technology are you using on the PS5 that’s not on PS4?What’s the typical frames per second on PS5 and at what max resolution?Are you using HDR?Are you using Dolby Atmos sound?How are you harnessing the power of Tempest sound chip in PS5?What will be better between the other Dirt game’s compared to Dirt 5?Will Dirt 5 be cross buy? Meaning someone buy’s it on PS4 both disc or digital and there able to play the upgraded version on PS5 for free?How many more player’s can you play online on PS4 compared to PS5?Will you have cross platform game play online between Xbox and PlayStation and PC player’s? Can you just limit yourself to just PS5 player’s or PlayStation player’s on PS4 and PS5. What about just PC vs PlayStation?Answer all these questions with answers I’d expect then I’ll be excited.Thank you for reading. ?????

  • Revealed by Microsoft, xbox gameplay

  • Looks very good. Hopefully the PS5 version is just a free upgrade from the PS4 version. I’m not buying it twice when the PS4 games will work on the PS5 anyways.

    Also, please don’t micro transaction the game to death. Some decent DLC sure, but dont lock half the game behind a paywall. That put me right off the series a few years ago.

  • Looks like….. “FORZA HORIZON 5” ?????

  • So, I guess this has splitscreen. Weird how the PS1 (and earlier) managed it in basically every game but barely anyone does now.

    Though hiring the usual hammy voice actors who do the same voice over and over puts me off.

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