Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, Get Even join PS Now in May

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, Get Even join PS Now in May

Get tactical in intense multiplayer battles, descend into a twisted world of survival horror or question what’s real in a psychological thriller

A trio of intense experiences await on PS Now this month. Razor-sharp reactions and teamwork are needed to win the day in Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer title Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. In action horror The Evil Within 2, you’ll be plunged into a nightmarish town crawling with monstrosities. Meanwhile, thriller Get Even will challenge you to survive a mind-bending descent into corrupted memories.

Let’s take a closer look.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

It’s the perfect time to try out the deeply tactical, always tense multiplayer shooter that has become an esports phenomenon in the years since its 2015 debut. Strained matches are built around two competing teams of players using a variety of weapons, gadgets and sound strategies to triumph over the other. While you’ll need to adapt to its uncompromising gameplay, it only makes every well-earned victory all the sweeter.

Please note: this is the base edition

  • Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream until Monday 2nd November, 2020

The Evil Within 2

Genre aficionados will have plenty to savour with this horror sequel as you enter the alternate reality town of Union in search of your long thought dead daughter. Sickeningly brilliant creature designs and jump scares await as you explore the town’s expansive areas filled with dangers and secrets. But armed as you are with an arsenal of monster-shredding weaponry, as well as having the option to keep things low-key with a more stealthy approach, you’re ready to take on every abomination that stands between you and your family reunion.

Get Even

Puzzler, shooter, psychological thriller. Developer The Farm 51’s mashup of genres makes for an intriguing first-person adventure. Finding yourself trapped inside an insane asylum with a virtual reality device surgically grafted to your head, you’re forced to track down and ‘enter’ memories to gradually unravel the mystery behind your incarceration. As gripping as any murder mystery and with events shaped by your decisions, Get Even is a must play for those who love stories with plenty of twists.

New to PlayStation Now?

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Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now. Happy gaming!

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  • the ps now need more good indie games

  • It’s just wrong that the PSNow announcement is 10× better than that PS Plus one ???

    • Not really, PS Plus money goes mainly towards infrastructure. PS Now is a game rental service. Doesn’t mean the PS Plus wasn’t absolute garbage too.

    • Could not have said it better myself Dr Lovejoy

  • So a terrible PS Plus and Now month, shame. These should have been the PS Plus line up. Especially R6 as it’s 5 years old and full of DLC to sell. Compare this to the games on GamePass this month (RDR2 later this month, Streets of Rage 4 (launch), Deliver Us The Moon (launch) and so many more for May) and you realise it is bad value for money. I actually preferred the old Now model, which was older platform (PS2, Ps3) games.

  • Very disappointing. Just 3 games again. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for this months Plus and Now games. I still can’t believe you didn’t change the Plus games. Basically Plus got 2 recently added PS Now games, and PS Now got 2 games that are currently on Sale! Shambles.

    • You wait, next months PS Plus will be R6: Siege and the Evil Within 2 (well I wouldn’t put it past them). Owning both services is pointless now. It’s £100 a year for games that appear on both services. On PS Plus I can understand getting older DLC packed games, NOW should be newer games (don’t have to be brand new).

    • You would be a fool to think R6s will be given to plus at any given time.

  • Good month for PS Now, unlike the games for PS Plus service in May, those games are quite good

  • Great month for me – I’ve been wanting to play Evil Within 2 for a while, and now I can do it without giving Bethesda any money… Winning!

  • It’s not a good month though, is it. It’s rubbish, again. Three games. Three games I have zero interest in. It’s just garbage.

  • Weird that Siege has an expiration, considering what Ubi could make off of DLC just making the base game permanent. Pretty sure a lot of people will hold off on purchasing any DLC for a game that’ll be gone before the end of the year.

  • Gotta say, this may be one of the worst Now months ever. I don’t mind lower profile games like Get Even but in the case you need several of them, not one. The Evil Within 2 is a good one but then you have Seige. Oh boy. So with a single player game on Now that’s limited, you can beat it within the timeframe and then never really want to go back. With an MP game, if someone gets hooked and buys into DLC, when the time is up they lose everything, so they have to buy the game. Is also like a scam, it’s really just an extended demo.

    So we get one low profile game, one high profile game and one demo. Really, really bad. In march we got 9 games. Please go back to that.

    • Mate I paid £40 for a whole year of ps now including access to games like control, which is less than a year old and highly reviewed, spider-man(highest selling exclusive) and God of war(probably the best game on the system), don’t forget also gtav! how on earth can you say it’s a scam when most games rrp for £60 new, I’ve paid only£40 and I’ve got access to numerous AAA titles… Surely you used the wrong term there?

    • I said Rainbow Six Siege was a scam for the reasons I explained, not the whole of PS Now.

    • Oh fair enough, it didn’t seem like that on your comment…

  • When you have the likes of Streets Of Rage 4 and more coming to Gamepass day one, it just goes to show how poor this service is. A five year old online shooter, and 2 horror games, one of which is a distinctly average game and the other is a sequel to a game I never really liked…

    • Cancel your sub then..

    • Here’s a thought, mate. How about you think of something smarter to post than following me about posting snarky replies. I’ve got every right to complain about a service I pay for. What are you, 12?

    • I think Xbox has a lot less to lose though…. They have a much smaller user base. Every time a game is put on is ps now/game pass that means people with the service won’t be buying that game, therefore a loss in sales rev… When ps now puts up AAA titles in its service, it is a potentially far more costly to Sony, than if the same title were to go up on game pass… Just my thoughts

  • PS Now has gone 9 months without adding a single PS3 game..

    • PS Now is no longer for old/classic games, but it’s supposed to compete with services like Stadia and Game Pass/XCloud… And it’s doing it poorly.

  • Real talk…

    why can’t you guys get all PlayStation Studios games on the service? How is only Resistance 3 and Motorstorm 3 (worst one) on their trilogies on their? Where is All Stars Battle Royale? The old Fat Princess Games.. Get every PS3 exclusive you have on this service. Also, if you could run PSP and Vita game on the PSTV why not get them on the service? I would absolutely love to play the portable Killzone games or Resistance Retribution.

    realistically every IP owned by Sony from the 5 systems before PS4 should be on here. It should be a showcase for your studios. Also, adding some exclusive indi games would be great.

    The service just isn’t worth paying for at this point.

    • I think incredibly large tasks such as that you’ve mentioned would take an incredible amount of investment and planning. Don’t forget ps now is still in its infancy….

    • No it’s not. It’s been going for six years.

    • That’s still pretty young imo. Netflix in its first 6 years was pretty different to how it is now…

  • Another decent month! Keep it up Sony.

  • Probably best not to mention the games that are now ending in a month….

    Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorBatman: Arkham Knight, and the block-busting Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game and Lego City Undercover before they leave PS Now.

    (This is in the email they send)

    Honestly this service is getting worse, Sony are removing more games than they are adding.

    Evil within 2 is a good add, but only adding 3 games every month (some dlc heavy ones) while removing others is poor. Add in the games that end up on playstation plus anyway…

    I like the service, but I’m not sure Sony even want it to succeed at this point.

    • Sony doesn’t usually remove games, it’s a rare case (I don’t talk about games that have a leaving date). You are probably talking about gamepass, some 2 months ago they had 269 and now they have 238 even though they are adding a lot of games each month

    • feel-my-wraith1

      This could get really annoying if they start to remove games that we didn’t have time limits for. What if you had just started one of these? I know a couple have gone in the past due to licences expiring etc.

      Hopefully this won’t become common monthly practice.

    • they have a month notice on these games, even persona 5 can be completed (hell even the platinumed) in one month.

    • Where did you find this announcement???

  • why are some games time limited thoug,pretty lame

    • Hi mate, they couldn’t put every game on as these games are running on actual Playstation 4’s. So you have a storage limit issue and people lose interest in certain games overtime so doesn’t make sense to keep these on the service if no one plays them – also if they don’t own the game they would have to agree with the third party on any costs for the time period it is made free.

      On a related note happy with Evil Within 2 – trailer looks good and as I am a Resident Evil fan I would like to see what the creator of Resi has done with his own project.

      Should I play the first Evil Within or would the sequel make sense if I jumped the first one?

    • You don’t need to play the first one. It’s not that great, anyway.

  • Great month, don’t like it? Unsub simple.

    • Is it though? Is it really that simple? No. It’s not is it. Because most people pay for a year up front. So let’s stop acting all smug and superior for a second, shall we? Good lad.

    • It’s not like you’ve completed all the games offered or you want to play on psnow. Bad month for you? No problem, play the other games of the library.

  • I can’t download the evil within 2. Portugal.

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