PlayStation Store’s Games Under €20 promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s Games Under  €20 promotion starts today

Save big on PS4 titles like Far Cry 5, Tekken 7, F1 2019 and many more until 13th May

Love a bargain? Been on the fence about picking up a particular PS4 title for longer than you should? Let PlayStation Store help you. Today marks the launch of Games Under €20 promotion, in which a treasure trove of awesome games are ready to be enjoyed for less.
Games like Far Cry 5, in which you battle a doomsday cult across the sprawling open world of the fictional modern-day American region of Hope Country. Titles like Tekken 7, whose huge roster of fighters and multiple modes will satisfy fighting fans. Racing sims like F1 2019, which demands you give it your all on the racetrack in pursuit of championship glory.
These are only a few samples of what awaits in the promotion. Check out the full list below. Click through on each title to find out their promotional pricing*!

* Promotion runs from today/tomorrow until 11.59pm BST Wednesday, 13th May

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  • Some games here don’t show the price and you can’t add them to your cart (sniper elite 4, what remains of edith finch, we happy few, Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek..) and seem as delisted from the store as even if you use the search function they won’t appear. Besides that amazing prices for most games and this marks the first sale for monkey king: hero is back and it’s 50% off! (this game was released on the 17 oct 2019) and the first for Yooka-Laylee: Buddy Duo Bundle (bundle released 11 Oct 2019) and it’s 56% off!

  • Sadly no Castle Crashers remastered, Battle Princess Madelyn (both Oct 2019 or so), nor Blazing Chrome (mid yr 2019), or Xeno Crisis. Still, Salt n Sanctuary hasn’t been on sale in a cple years,so yay!! Nice to see some indies on sale,more of this guys!

  • I see the alphabet is still an alien concept around here. Try using it.

  • The US page provide users with a nice and clean table with old and new prices, and discount percentage, in alphabetical order.

    We only get a few randomly sorted links?

    • Every country has different prices so to list them would be to much plus why would they point out that one country gets it cheaper when you convert your money into theirs

    • they could at least list the euro prices which are the same everywhere

    • @mschulze01010111 Not in the UK, now Australia. EU Blog is bigger than mainland Europe.

      But indeed, these overviews are less than informative. The fact that having to resort to sites like psprices to actually get a good overview of the sale is telling. Now they cannot be bothered with showing prices/discounts, but even the order is completely random. At least put them up alphabetically.

  •  I can’t buy a lot of these games: when I click on the link I come on their page and there is no option to buy or download, only the wishlist option. They don’t show up when i search them either. This goes for Streets of Rogue, Toejam & Earl, the Ratalaika games,…

  • So I bought “We sing” on a whim and tried to download the mic companion app on my phone while the game downloaded. Turns out the app doesn’t exist and hasn’t been available for at least a year! Does anyone have any advice on getting a refund. The PS store screenshots show players using phones in order to have 10 people playing at once. You can’t!

  • games like Donut County can’t be purchased. are they delisted or did the sony people screw up?

  • I’ll give you a clue, it goes A, B, C, D…

    Anyway I really recommend Donut County if you haven’t got it already, it’s a bit like Katamari Damacy.

    I might have to grab Toejam and Earl!

  • You guys always complain that every sale is the same. Now they try to spice things up with an unsorted list and delisted games … and you are still complaining.

    Are you never satisfied? ;)

  • Games that never appear on sales (so we get the same drivel time after time):

    *AOT Wings of Freedom

    *AOT 2

    *any Atelier game

    *NieR: Automata™ Game of the YoRHa Edition

    *Baldurs gate, planescape torment etc [which amazon have trouble selling at £15 let along Sonys ridiculous prices)

    *The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

    i’d make a list of overpriced games or DLC (mind kingdom hearts 3 for example) but that list would be too long

    although at the moment i’m playing Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins, never released in the UK but cheap on amazon and plays fine on the UK console, trophies and all.

    • I’ve seen all those games on sale this year alone, except maybe the latter two sets. I got Nier GotY last month and aren’t all the Atelier games on sale right now?

    • It’s koei tecmo’s job not to put games on a sale, AOT 2 final battle was released summer last year are has NEVER been on sale, the newer atelier games go for 25% to 30% and that’s all laughable compared to other Japanese publishers whose games are always on sale at least on the big in japan sale. On a side note, it’s the second sale for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star since 20 jan 2017 for 15e and the first sale was dec 2018 for 33e, so you’d better buy this as it won’t be in a promo for a long time. I wish that koei tecmo just put samurai warriors 4 on sale as I love the psnow version (ps3)

    • Baldur’s Gate price is beyond comprehension, both are 20 years old games. Fantastic RPG’s but pricing is daylight robbery wait for massive discount.

  • Please could we get sales on some older stuff. Using this time to work on backlog and games i wish I’d played and would love to see older PS3 + PS4 DLC, Vita games etc.

  • Funny thing is I’m not buying anything or almost anything of those PS4 sales because I’m keeping the money for the major PS2, PS3, PSP and PS Vita sale that might still happen. Give me those legacy platform titles on sale and I’ll spend more again on PS4 games.

  • Dead Cells sale is not applied on Portuguese (Portugal) PSN Store

    • These sales are not country specific, all sales are available in every country of the region the sale takes part in, add it to your cart and it will show the price. For Dead Cells, it appears as it was delisted from the store and you can’t find it using the search function.

    • Can’t add a delisted item to the cart. I can only find the bad seed bundle and the sale doesn’t apply there unfortunately.

  • Come on, Sony. You made over a hundred games unable to buy! FIX THIS ALREADY!

  • The same issue with download in Russia. Can’t add to card Zombie Army Trilogy. Sony please check the problem.

  • rougingbstrdsplc

    Sony getting sleazy with their sales lately. Don’t get me wrong they have some decent offers. But worryingly they seem to have standard edition games on sale for around two weeks with notices saying they will end on a certain date. Then miraculously a couple of days before that date comes, they release the alternate editions i.e gold/ultimate edition for a few £/$/€/¥/¢ more. The Xmas/January sale was by far the worst example of this especially since the sales started early. I understand why they do it, but it’s very very cheeky. Just release all the editions at the same time and let people choose like you used to.

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