Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are your PlayStation Plus games for May

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Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are your PlayStation Plus games for May

Build the metropolis of your dreams or get to tilling the land as you embrace an agricultural lifestyle

Two very different lifestyles will compete for your time thanks to next month’s PS Plus lineup. Challenge yourself to design, then maintain, your ultimate metropolis in city-building strategy sim Cities: Skylines. Want a break from the city life? Take in the country air as you turn your hand to agriculture in Farming Simulator 19.

Let’s take a closer look at both games.

Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition

Do you have what it takes to develop a small, bustling community into a sprawling megacity? In this acclaimed city builder sim by Paradox Interactive, you make the decisions that will see your city flourish or fail. You’ll need strategic smarts to keep your burgeoning ecosystem from collapse, ensuring your ever-growing populace stay happy and the industries that are the lifeblood of your expanding metropolis continue to thrive.

Note: this is the base edition of the game.

Farming Simulator 19

Stressed by the bustling city life and eager to tackle a more sedate livelihood? Rural escapism awaits with Farming Simulator 19! Developer GIANTS Software has packed in a wealth of agricultural pastimes to lose yourself in as you set out to maintain a homestead. Harvest crops, raise livestock, tackle forest, ride your own horses…or just jump behind the wheel of your John Deere tractor or one of over 300 authentic farming vehicles and go for a drive.

Note: this is the base edition of the game.

Both titles will be available to download from Tuesday, 5th May until Monday, 1st June.

April’s PS Plus games

As a reminder, you’ve still got until Monday, 4th May to download this month’s PS Plus games. Quick wits, fast fists and inventive use of weaponry are essential to survive the danger-filled, globe-trotting journey of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, while nerves of steel and precision driving are essential to roar to championship glory in racing sim DIRT Rally 2.0.

Find out more about both titles here.

More about PS Plus

New to PS Plus? Find out more here.

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  • Both available on ps now I believe..

  • Great month. Love Cities: Skylines.

    • Sit on it matt. Think of all us that actually like to experience fun. Does your mommy work there or something

    • Nob off, Ralger. Some people like simulations. This has been their first ever good month and we’ve literally never seen them complain. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you’re right. That’s just your ego talking.

    • Only 3% of people like this selection they are both on ps now and simulation games we want dyling light a game online to play with our freinds during this pamdemic

    • @RALGER1, what is an angry yank like yourself doing on the EU blog? Unless this is your trolling alt, you’re not even a plus member anyway, you silly person.

    • sim gamers are on pc. we are here for uncharted (just an example)

    • You’re very much in the minority thinking this month is great. Very small minority.

    • @atothej24 “we want dyling light a game online to play with our freinds during this pamdemic” — Excuse me, but who is “we”? I neither want Dying Light, nor a game to play online.

    • The people with friends who dont have anime pfps

    • @hdman720 Terrible example…all the main Uncharted games have been free in the last couple of month…

  • How can you mess this so bad this is just the worst how the hell would play a [DELETED] farm game I mean since you have the power to change it then why don’t you do it

  • Wow, worst month ever! Hardly anyone wants this, yet another game that’s on PS Now, and City Skylines a 5 year old game that hardly anyone will be interested in. What goes through someone’s mind when they think these are good for PS Plus? Ridiculous.

    Edit, they are both on PS Now. That’s really bad.

  • What a terrible month

  • Both games are on psnow

    • That’s really rubbish just signed up to that not that I would want to play these anyway but if they available through there they shouldn’t be getting offered here as well. Plenty of top quality games to choose from the gen is nearly over but here have this dribble. Terrible month.

    • People keep saying this, but ps now still has a small user base, so I doubt they’ll be taking that into consideration…

    • A small user base of the most loyal fans, those are the ones you shouldnt kick in the nuts, they clearly dont care about the loyal subscribers, why would they care about anyone else? #4theProfit

    • Yeah, the problem Sony has with PS Now is that the better they make that service, the worse PS+ looks. At this point, there is hardly any reason to get PS+ just for the games IMO.

    • PS Now is still only available in some countries, just sayin’

    • I don’t have it for free games, I have it for ESO. :)

    • Those are absolutely fair arguments for PS+. Personally, I have been a plus subscriber for years, but if I didn’t need online multiplayer features, I probably wouldn’t bother – especially seeing how much better PS Now is these days.

    • You don’t need Plus for ESO though?

      edit; or maybe I’m just lucky.

  • As a sim city fan i love that we get skyline. Havent played it yet. Have been thinking to buy for quite some time. Now i dont have too.

    And i bet my son will love the farming simulator! I probably will aswell, i kind of like “begin with nothing, and work towards being rich as possible” kind of games.

    Thanks sony!

    • Well, one family happy (though I wouldn’t bet on his son loving it too much). Still seems rather selfish to me. Might as well have been consecutive Madden games, or two Chess games, or two soccer games, or two walking simulators. Get the point? Added, not sure, both these titles probably have Mega Micro-transactions. Good way of establishing a precedent for your future plans PlayStation. Good luck with that. Because EVERY kid loves a farming simulator! (Notice: contents may be laced with extreme sarcasm.)

    • How do I get my comment under moderation too so Sony actually reads it, would be good if they would put every post under moderation and found out how bad we hate this month and change it!

    • Too bad they’re garbage anyways

    • You keep commenting everywhere, Ralger, and all you say translates into hate. How about buying the games you want to play. Sony isn’t responsible of giving you free games anyway. It’s their platform, their product, their service.

      I feel bad for them that they made this move in the first place because everyone now expects free last gen games every month. None of you, ungrateful people, even think of them as individuals working their asses off trying to provide an entertainment platform for y’all to relax while at home or when spending time with friends.

      Appreciate that because of them you’ve probably met some of your best friends instead of hating them for not giving you free $50+ games.

      Grow up.

    • I fully agree with you

  • Just on time to rebuild economies in the covid aftermath….

    • Yup, it’s a conspiracy to force us all outside and back to work again. Covid-19 lockdown is officially coming to an end, and you read it here first on the PlayStation blog.

  • Is this really what you want to offer us in these Corona times? Could you not at least have mixed the genres, so those of us who hate resource sims also got something worth playing? Sony, you are really lowering the bar on your way to PS5 with this service.

    • Farming simulator is not a resource sim. Nothing really is because it’s not a genre.

    • I believe the genre is called….ummm….Simulation.

    • Have a point??

    • Now I do agree this isnt the best month in general. Though personally I wanted to try Skylines for a while… But the system is at the last part of its cycle, I did not expect them providing awesome games month on month. Can only hope for good ones here and there. But I would really like to know HOW they are picking the games to give on PS+ :D A bit of protection for Sony, they just gave away the Drake collection / Knack 2 and Journey, which while not being a valid excuse to make a bad + month, maybe it will deter and distract those who dont want to experience May provided games, so they can go an enjoy those other permamently free titles…

    • As far as I know for the Corona reason, they also released three Uncharded games and Journey?

      Not a bad selection imho

  • Wow, that’s a pretty dire month eh! I mean, one or the other of these games and then something different. These two are a bit similar in tone aren’t they? We are all trapped in our houses, we could have done with some escapism!! Had to pay for the ‘Free to Play’ Uncharted and Journey games recently I suppose!

  • Hey Sony its May not Aprils fools. City skylines is OK but farming [DELETED]

  • well thats ………underwelming

  • The rumors were once again too good to be true. This selection was a disappointment ?

  • So both games are on PS Now… Absolutely atrocious month. We’re all stuck at home give us some good multiplayer games [DELETED]

  • I don’t really ever complain about PS Plus games, but May’s offerings are straight up garbage, not only are they both on PS Now, they’re also incredibly underwhelming… Like God.

    • I’ve questioned the value of PS+ to me personally, given I rarely play online games now. But yeah, I’ve not really raged about the games, some months have been lame for me personally because I own the games, but this month? Yeah, they’re just straight up bad.

    • Actually they got uncharted 4 and dirt 2.0 same as us but had monster hunter as an extra game so they got 3 ps plus games. I know this since I have a Japan account

    • Agreed don’t really play online much and having had console since day1 bought majority of top quality games there are still plenty for sure tho but these are not them. I mean great timing Plenty of time on people’s hands currently but not how I wanna spend my time let alone my cash having paid for ps Now only this week. Thankfully I stacked my ps+ couple of years ago and still got a year and 1/2 and cost me barely £30 a year so it pays for itself really been a couple games I’ve been happy with rest is a bonus… or not ???✌??

    • Wait, they are underwhelming like God or they are underwheleming like totally God or whatever like?

    • @PermanentlyAngry – You have questioned the value of PS+? Why? I get two games per month for 2.30 Euros per month. What about this sounds bad? Most months are offering games I am not interested in, but it is still worth it. This month is good though. Sadly I already have all 104 trophies in Cities Skylines, but, that game is really good. Cannot wait for DLC9! Farming Simulator is a game you need to give a chance. I was skeptical at first too, but then I tried one and actually enjoyed it. It was so… silent, peaceful, relaxing… I do not have 2019 yet, so I will gladly take it. See? A game for 2.30 Euro! Niceee. I have Plus only for the games. I do not care about multiplayer.

  • Im sorry but that is an awful month of free games…

  • Just throwing this out there. Japan recently got Monster Hunter World for their PS Plus Month

    • yep. and that was an additional game to the usual 2 per month.

    • Whaaat!? I’ve been hoping that comes to Plus or Now for ages!

    • WhaaaaaaT?!! I’m not a massive fan but yes please I’d take that rather farm some dragons than hedgerows. I live in the countryside I’m good for tractors thanks ? just think it’s odd doing both these games in same month and having just signed up to a years psNow to see they are available there also this months selection is a bit of a joke. Bad one. They wouldn’t do 2 shooters a month or 2 RPGS or driving games. Surely that’s the point of having two options Variety

  • lol. (by the way the leaks are always better than the real thing…)

    • If it was a leak we’d have got them games. It wasn’t a leak, it was a fake post

    • Because leaks are usually wishful thinking not actual leaks.

    • Nah. I am neither interested in Dying Light nor in Dark Souls. So, I am glad we got FarmingSim19, because I do not have that yet. I already have all 104 trophies in Cities Skylines though.

  • Well got enough in my backlog. However, really poor offering. Won’t be adding to said backlog.

  • It’s a bit late for April fools isn’t it?

  • Is this an out of season April Fools Joke? What a weak month.

  • This is as disappointing as it gets considering what the rumoured games were…

    • Well, if I had said June’s games on PS+ would be FF VII remake and Spider-Man the actual games would be disappointing too.

    • So, you disagree that pairing to sims together in the same month is rather idiotic especially since PS+ is basically geared towards those of us into on-line gaming? Just wanted to point out that most sims are traditionally a single player affair. For that I think it is VERY discouraging, and lacks logic.

  • wow,all time low for me. both in ps now,never even bother to download them.

  • I really don’t understand why pick 2 games that are on PS Now? That makes no sense whatsoever. This is also the first month to ever go Cold on HotUKdeals. And look at all the dislikes on YouTube. Be very surprised if these aren’t changed.

  • Trash games was hopeing dark souls or something bad month would not play this games all my life . Shame on you

  • Well this is disappointing.

  • Not too bad, can’t see me sinking too much time into them, but I’ll give them a go, might be pleasantly surprised

  • Is this a joke?

  • Who chose these games?

    • The mean person at Sony who is determined that fun shall be wiped from the earth.

      They’re also the one that demands all their games have no fun game play and is just a bunch of depressing people talking.

    • Sony hates us!!

  • Wow. The comments should be interesting…


  • I am literally laughing my ass off at how bad this months games are. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Cities Skylines, but playing it on anything other than PC with a keyboard and mouse would feel like some form of torture. Farming Simulator 19? Not for me. For those who expected Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light… that rumour was always too good to be true, having said that, given both games are in PS Now, and given what they actually are, well, even without those fake rumours this is a pretty bad month.

    • I did all 104 trophies in Cities Skylines on PS4 and it was far from being a torture. The UI and the controls are pretty fine… But yeah, with the latest mayor patch they even added mouse support for cry babies like you.

  • This is seriously a slap in the face, we keep supporting you and you feed us this garbage?? I can play both now on PSNow and still wouldnt as theres much better options on it.

  • All right, farming simulator! Nice! Now I can crop from home

  • …Are we a joke to you?

  • This is the first time i logged on this site. Just to say how disapointed i am.

  • Both low end simulation games, not one to scoff at free games but these two combined are awful, far too similar in context for there to be enough variety for all, I don’t like either personally but wouldn’t have minded as much if either one was with a different genre game

  • Please tell me this is a late April Fools because I’d rather watch paint dry.

  • I don’t usually post on here to share my thoughts on each month’s games, but after seeing this line up I just had to say

    This is a joke right? What excuse could Sony possibly have of giving us two pure dribble games like this? Usually on a bad month I can see that some people will get some joy out of the offerings, even if it isn’t my cup of tea. But this is just an insult to every plus member.

  • -Step 1 : Charge us for playing online by forcing us into buying ps plus. An overpriced service.

    -Step 2 : Add sh**ty games every month that are either a remaster, a bad game or game already owned by almost everyone.

    -Step 3 : Temporary profit. Yes! Temporary!!!

    You know why? Because most of us with brains will skip your PS5. We’ll leave you to your greed Sony. PC is much better. And with PS now available on PC. Your exclusives are not exclusive anymore.

    • And you don’t have to pay ransom for being online.

    • Moved to PC only keep the PS+ on to see the life of the console out. The price of the new consoles will make a gaming rig a much better option. Crossplatform (you know what I mean) backward compatible, no online fees, much cheaper gaming, better multi-tasking, scaleable – i could go on and on. They are the master race for a reason and I am joining them….to much disappointment from MS and Sony. I will have their controllers though. You can actually use the gyro to aim on the PC, can you believe that.

    • I would also switch but the exclusives and the trophy system are just too good to give up on them

    • @Poradroid_d the term “master race” is only used to define their elitism and as a justification to avoid the vanity of spending so much cash onto parts and heart into troubleshooting and time into tinkering. It’s nowhere near in the gaming lifestyle of a gamer.

      The price of the new generation is making the next generation value for money, due to their power in a mass produced package, it will lower the price significaly. You won’t be able to get the same juice from a PC double the price for about the next two years at least. Happened with the PS4, will happen with the PS5. PS3 was far better than the gaming PCs back then. I had a gaming PC, i remember.

    • enjoy cheaters on your 500 USD gfx card :)) “master race”…. parody of their own

    • I’m not going to comment on this month’s PS+ games, I’m not a subscriber (I play mostly single player games and I buy the ones I want to play). But in my country, I think, PS5 will be a better option than a gaming PC. Today, I can buy two PS4 Pros for the price of a noname lowend gaming PC with the same hardware specs of a PS4 Pro.

      This debate – console vs. PC – will become obsolete in the near future. We are heading for a future of gaming in the cloud and game streaming. Just this morning I was streaming Apex Legends to a 300€ PC with integrated graphics and it works. This game on PS4 Pro is still better, but that is only because my internet is slow.

      It’s not temporary profit as I read that Sony made a contract with Microsoft to use their Azure cloud datacentres for PS Now or for streaming that will be incorporated on a game by game basis in PS5. So, whether it’s console, lowend PC, tablet, or smartphone, you will be able to play games that you want thanks to cloud gaming. And there will be no more online cheaters or similar things because the games will execute on remote servers not on a local PC/console.

    • Such drama about a service that costs 2.30 Euros per month… And, excuse me how are “having a brain” and “skipping PS5 and move to PC” related? You think PS Now is giving you everything a PlayStation has to offer? I am very sorry for you, but yeah, enjoy your ignorance and your very small horizon, Mister self-proclaimed “smart boy”. :) Enjoy your 500 Euros graphics card and all the cheaters, modders and hackers in every game you are going to play. …And all of that only because you consider 2.30 Euro per month “overpriced”. Jeez…

  • LoL rumors were Dark souls and Dying light, i knew that was too good to be true.

  • I have never once complained about ps plus games and i have had plus right from the start of the first offering on ps3, when we used to get minis etc (wish those days were back right now).

    However for the first time ever, i have decided to comment on the plus line up. I have to say that this is the most bizarre offering I could have ever anticipated.

    I am not complain about the value of the subscription still and I am not sad enough to bring up covid 19 as a reason for Sony to have somehow delivered triple aaa titles on plus etc. I also don’t mind paying approx 50 gbp per year for online alone so please note this is not a complaint about the economic value of plus. I am also fully aware that this is a huge first world problem but;

    This just seem a bizarre offering considering how niche both of these titles are and seems like poor choice to have both of them lined up together. I love Sony because of their exclusives etc and I really want them to succeed but this is the sort of thing that generates bad pr and that is not good considering the new considering ps5 is around the corner etc.

    Do a few hundred negative comments on here really hurt the install base, probably not but it certainly doesn’t help either. As I said, I am sure getting games on plus is not as easy as some people make out but it is really hard to imagine that they could not have done better than this.

    Just for the record, I am not suggesting these games are bad either. I know little about them and may even end up enjoying both of them personally. I just think that because they are so niche, most people wont even bother downloading them, which is a shame, as if they would have added these games individually with another genre game on separate months more people would have likely got to play them.

    Never mind – lets hope next months line up is more varied.


    • Same situation here, there have been some duds but I’ve never complained. I’ve been going through comments sections everywhere just to confirm how [DELETED] this line up is.

  • Это полное фиаско братан. Сони вы реально делаете прыжки в яму, только думаеш вроде все не плохо с пюсом но последние месеца уверенно в этом отталкивают. нужен ли такой плюс ? думаю нет…….

  • In one month you match the pain I copped in 8yrs of owning a Vita.

  • Why does Sony hate fun so much.

    • Fun is not on their political agenda.

    • What do you consider as fun? I enjoyed Cities Skylines a lot and hope they are going release DLC9 soon. Just because you have mainstream “taste” does not mean that non-mainstream games are bad. ;)

  • Well Sony have clearly given us all a real life Dark Souls experience with these games, because we’ve all died.

  • This is poooor, what happened to Dying Light and Dark Souls?

    On top of these games both being on PS Now too, after I’ve just subbed, makes this so much worse

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