Two years with God of War

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Two years with God of War

Santa Monica Studio celebrates the God of War Community on the second anniversary of their realm-spanning epic's release

Two years ago today, you, the fans of God of War, embraced change by joining Kratos and his son Atreus on their epic journey. Since then, all of us at Santa Monica Studio have continued to be astounded by your passion, creativity and support. Below we have included a small sampling of some of our favourite fan creations.
GameTitle on PS4
Credit: @BT_BlackThunder
GameTitle on PS4
Credit: @MaryeLeFay (Photo by Kevin Jeukens)

Credit: @ViridianCosmos
View more God of War fan creations here
In celebration of this day, and in honor of all of our incredible fans, we are excited to announce some new products opening up for pre-order.

God of War: Lore and Legends

We are once again teaming up with Dark Horse to bring Atreus’ journal from God of War to life in Lore and Legends. Written in collaboration with the God of War team, this hardcover book chronicles the journey of Atreus and Kratos through the Nine Realms. It includes expanded lore, detailed bestiary, character dossiers and so much more. Check it out here to pre-order your copy and to catch a sneak peek.
GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4

Kratos life-size bust

Gaming Heads has been hard at work on designing the next installment of their life-size Kratos busts. This time they have captured the Norse Era Kratos in all his glory. The bust itself was crafted using in-game files, while the finer details were painted by hand. They kept the production run to only 500, making this a true collector’s item for any die-hard God of War fan. Visit the Gaming Heads site here for more images and pre-order details.

Kratos and Atreus Tubbz ducks

What do you get when you cross the God of War with a duck? Rubber Road has answered that pressing question with the latest edition to their Tubbz lineup. We have to admit this may be the most unique cosplay we have seen to date. These new Kratos and Atreus cosplaying ducks will have you saying, “We must quack better”. Check out both the Kratos and Atreus versions here!
GameTitle on PS4
Thank you again for being the best fans ever! You continue to be at the heart of everything we do here at Santa Monica Studio. Until next time, stay safe and remember to enjoy the journey.

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  • I’m still in awe of this game 2 years on. I still can’t get over how the heck it was made to barely ever cut away and has a beautifully crafted flow between the playable parts and the cutscenes. Ok I need to do yet another playthrough. :)

  • COME HERE Boiiiiiiiii! ? ?

    The new God Of War was a really good game. I loved the gameplay.

    Moving off topic.

    I can’t wait for the sequel to The Order 1886. The game has so much potential and lore involved. Hands down the best looking game on PS4 to this day baby! ?

    • I liked The Order 1886 a lot! I mean – I get where all the criticism comes from, I just thought it wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it seem. And the visuals were crazy good of course.

  • Is there any chance that Santa Monica Studios could make the “God Of War Holiday 2019 Giveaway Pack” available again on the PlayStation Store?

    I was one of the unlucky few, who never managed to download the pack; before it was removed back in January.

    It would be great if you could, as this is the 2-Year Anniversary. It would also help liven peoples’ spirits, especially in these uncertain times.

    Please…? Thank you.

  • “Please celebrate our game by buying more stuff and giving us more money.

    Luckily we didin’t even have to mak… *cough* I mean unfortunately we couldn’t make a theme or avatars or something else that’s simple to make for everyone to enjoy for free, BUT Sony licensed some stuff out boiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    Happy anniversary or whatever,

    nobody that cares at SMS”

    Sad stuff for such a great game.

  • GOW 4 has some jaw dropping action sequences an epic story and also pays homage to the original trilogy connecting greek and norse mythology those things made me to really enjoy it and making me even more excited for the potentials of GOW 5 and the amazing boss fights that could have

  • I could never understood the hype around this game. Bad story – lets throw your mother ashes from a mountain, oh and lets kill everything that come close to us, because ‘uhhh, because we can. Oh and if possible to make enemies for more franchises. Yeah there are really good terrain visuals, a world class voice actor and … that’s it the rest is mediocre. Probably most of the people have never finished the game, dont know the story, never been trying for hours to understand how the [DELETED] they are supposed to guess what the programmer was thinking in this f*88 puzzle. There were at least 2 better games in 2018 that are easily better in every way. Finished the game once, and I would never play it again.

    • Sorry to rain on your horrible opinion to inform you over half the people that ever got to the main menu of God of War went on to complete it. So at least 8 million people if we are to believe the game sold 10 million units 11 months ago. If it sold 10 million then we know it was PLAYED by far more people lending it to others and such.

      Your argument is even more baffling by the fact you completed it yourself lol. Wow, you just couldn’t stop playing and had to see it all,says it all really.

      When I don’t like something like garbage like FFXV, I NEVER touch them, not even for a second,not even to get a lend of it off someone. But then that’s why games like that are horrendous failures in every single way and why we have games deserving of every bit of praise like God of War.

    • People are entitled to their crap opinions unfortunately. The game was near perfect to damn perfect and that’s from someone who played games since late 1970’s. It wasn’t just the story or the great graphics or the none interrupting gameplay or the action. It was that it could get most of us emotional, feeling for Atreus then wanting to smack the little tit when he became cocky. Or feeling for Freya and her chaotic relationship with her son or even with the Great God of War himself, him losing his wife not aware that she was a giant or the initial encounter with Baldar was actually Baldar looking for the wife and not the GOW. The Thor cutscene at the end and many other great moments un the game. Truely excellent. Can’t wait to replay on the PS5 in full 4K glory.

    • Clearly didn’t understand the story much. Maybe you should re-play to actually understand the story.

  • I get that it’s a different mythology but I never liked the recurrent axe thing, especially not compared to the Blades of Chaos, one of

    the coolest melee weapons ever -other than the Katana- as far as I’m concerned. I miss the chaotic combat it entailed.

    • not sure what game you played then because the one i played had the blades of chaos in it

    • It’s not just the blades, it’s the fixed camera that zoomed way out during battles, etc…I really loved God of War 3.

      Not a fan of the Dark Souls type combat that is omnipresent now and believe the old combat was more unique.

  • Somehow I thought it was already more than 2 years :D

  • Interesting.

  • I know, there are no perfect games, but damn it, the new GoW for me has come close to this mark as much as possible. The last time such emotions in me was caused, perhaps, by the third Witcher. When I played the battle with the stranger at the end of the first big plot task (whoever plays will understand) – it was just sheer delight, I sat with a smile from ear to ear, and the sensations seemed to have just rolled from a roller coaster.I have a good pc, and for a long time I did not dare to buy ps4, although the list of games I wanted to play grew and grew (Bloodborn, Ancharted, Last of us, HZD, even the upcoming Death Stranding Kojima). GoW was the last straw for me, I bought a console and do not regret anything especially I do not play online games [DELETED] The game is amazing and deserves all the praise that it collects from critics and players. 10/10 does not mean perfect, but it means that minor flaws just dissolve against the background of its merits.

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