These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Fallout 76: Wastelanders Deluxe Edition and more debut on PS4

This week on PlayStation Store, the post-apocalyptic frontier diversifies with the massive Wastelanders expansion for Bethesda’s online RPG Fallout 76 and Puzzle Bobble 2 brings a classic slice of tense puzzle action to PS4.
Check out the full release list below.

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  • When is superliminal coming to PS4, we got told April back in December.

  • Coffee Talk in Sweden please

  • Puzzle bobble 2 ? Woohoo!

  • Would it be a silly idea for PlayStation to implement the idea of license trades? The way this would work is strictly account based and value of the game you’d like to license trade based.

    The first 1000 users may transfer the license of 1x Playstation game if their choice free of charge with no value matching. From the point after that and transfer fee and price matching will be established. For example. If you wish to buy Need for Speed Heat Deluxe edition and you want to trade up Need for Speed Payback standard addition, you would have to pay a transfer fee and the price difference between the two games. To be eligible to transfer licenses you must have at least 15 paid video games or an account value of over $100 worth of video games in your library. When transferring licenses you will be unable to transfer the game you have just traded for, for example if you trade Minecraft for Ratchet and Clank, you will not be able to trade Ratchet and Clank and it will remain on your account for ever so when trading up, choose wisely.The idea of transferring licenses is to allow people who want to trade a game up for something else can do so, whether they don’t enjoy their current game, want try something different or just want a game bad enough the option is there.Certain things like avatars, themes and other downloadable content will not be able to have their licenses transferred, however, if you trade up for a bundle version of a game or special edition, the extra content in that package will transfer.The fees of transferring;

    If you are not a playstation plus member the trade up fee is $12.99 per game. If you are a playstation playstation plus member the trade up fee is $7.99 per game.

    Price matching will occur if you are trading in a game of less value and if you are trading in a game of more value then you will have credit refunded to your account.

    The tradeup process can take up to 48 hours on your first trade up to verify the transaction, from that point on trade ups can take up to 24 hours. This is not a means to exploit the playstation store, this is for the ability to explore new games and enjoy the most of Playsation. 

    For obvious reasons this will need to be thought out a lot more and this is just an idea but please if you could at least consider the possibility of it.

    • If you want to trade games to save money buy physical copies. Or just buy the game at the price the publisher has set it.

      They won’t implement such a feature as it reduces the profits for all and puts the companies making games into financial difficulty. Most pre-owned purchased games (if not all) result in 0 money going to the people it should. Instead it goes to the retailer. Your system might mean some money goes to them but a fraction of what they should get for a new release which in the long term will hurt the industry more than it helps.

  • Doesn‘t EU store get any new psn avatars anymore (game related psn avatars, not those ugly ones)

  • One worst weeks ever in playstation history

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