No Man’s Sky introduces huge mechs in its latest free update, out now on PS4

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No Man’s Sky introduces huge mechs in its latest free update, out now on PS4

Traverse and explore hostile planetary surfaces from the safety of your very own exo-suit

Hello! It has been a few weeks now since we released the Living Ship update for No Man’s Sky and it seems like PlayStation 4 players can’t get enough of exploring the universe in these crazy organic beings which they’ve grown from an egg! It’s been especially satisfying to see PlayStation VR players jump inside their ship for the first time and marvel/recoil at the organic innards!
No Man's Sky on PS4
Since the Beyond update last year, we have resolved to increase the frequency of our updates and ensure that, as well as working on larger, more all-encompassing content, we are also able to deliver more digestible drops to keep our PlayStation community entertained. This seems more important now than ever.
And so, today, we are able to announce the latest free update to No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 owners: the Exo Mech update.
Players are already familiar with the suite of exocraft which players can research and unlock in the game: the Nomad, the Roamer, the Colossus and the Pilgrim. Today we introduce a fifth: the Minotaur.

The Minotaur Exocraft is a unique new exocraft / suit hybrid and introduces a different way to explore planets. This mechanical walker shields its pilot against hostile extra-terrestrial atmospheres, providing immunity against hazards such as radioactivity and extreme temperatures. Its special defining feature, though, is the freedom of movement it affords. The Minotaur’s powerful jetpack allows it to soar powerfully through the air, and land on terrain with a satisfying slide. We think it’s a lot of fun to stomp around in, especially in PlayStation VR.

No Man's Sky on PS4No Man's Sky on PS4

We hope you enjoy this latest update and look forward to bringing you more in the coming months. Until then, keep safe.
Our journey continues.

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  • Wow !! The game that keeps on giving !

  • Awesome! (although I’ve still not managed to unlock exocrafts yet!)

    Top work though guys, your support for this game has been above and beyond. Anyone still complaining about the launch game needs to really get a grip and get over it. Top class.

  • “huge mechs” ? What’s huge about them? They’re mechs, and they look pretty cool, yes… but huge mechs would be Mazinger/Pacific Rim size…. but these are just Mechs.

    • So important, thanks for posting.

    • Murray is know for exaggerating ‘quite a bit’.. At least he didn’t photshop the pictures to make the mechs look bigger than they actually are. ..or maybe he did lol

  • Another hunk of junk update… literally.

    • What did murray do to you? You seem to have a personal hatred of the guy to always post crud on these articles. let it go and move on.

    • Hes got an agenda, probably an xbox player.

    • You know what, I’m just a stranger leaving meaningless comments on a meaningless game, maybe take some of you own advice, let it go and ignore my comments. Or don’t. Up to you.

      And Maaden, NMS is available on Xbox, so your comment makes no sense²

    • Sure, but when was the last time you played this game? Maybe the launch made you sour, or you just are unfairly hating it because it’s not your type of game.

    • byteflare, by “meaningless comments” you really mean ‘spewing bile like a bitter ex-girlfriend’ on every single No Man’s Sky post. Get over it, Sean Murray doesn’t love you any more….and No Man’s Sky is a pretty decent game now.

  • Very cool. :)

  • Wow super impressed with the continued support for this beautiful huge game.

    If I could ask for one thing. Please make it a bit more user friendly. I’ve played over 100 hours but after around a year away. I found going back very daunting.

  • @ H8/9

    I played a fair amount at launch, then not again until what turned out to be the day before Synthesis dropped. A 3 year gap.

    At first I too was overwhelmed, I had forgotten what the controls were, menus, etc. Plus the game was much more evolved.

    What I found was, most of it comes back as you quickly as you tinker and do quests.

    Then two days later, you’ll realize there’s still a ton you don’t know, but that’s the fun of it.

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