PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale promotion begins today

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PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale promotion begins today

Save up to 60% on FIFA 20, Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and more

PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale promotion begins today, offering huge savings across a wide range of fantastic PS4 titles!
In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Pick up the pieces of your shattered past and complete your Jedi training, develop powerful Force abilities and master your Lightsabre on your quest to rebuild the Jedi. Survive a ravaged Pacific Northwest in the gripping open world of Days Gone. Forge your own legend on the pitch with dazzling football skills in FIFA 20.
These are only a few of the games that are available on the sale from today. Check out the highlights below; click through to see your regional PS Store discount and go here to see the full list!
The Spring Sale runs until 29th April, but please note some titles will leave the promotion early. Be sure to check the game’s PlayStation Store page for its end date.
There will be more games joining the sale on 15th April, so come back for an update to the list then!

PS Video

There are also discounts on a selection of movies on PS Video as part of the Spring Sale. Head onto the PS Video tab of PS Store on your PS4 to check out what titles are available in your region.

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  • Is it too much to ask for a PS3 sale? It’s been a long time since we had one and no…cross buy games don’t count.

  • Fantastic price on The Golf Club 2, been wanting to upgrade from the first game :)

  • This sale is dreadfull. Same usual stuff and some of it is more expensive than it was in previous sales. There’s game on the store thats never been on sale but been on store for years. Why not bring them down in price a bit?

    • and this is why digital only is a TERRIBLE idea. surely if any of those games that have never been on sale, the used market would dictate a lower price point.

    • Most devs have almost given up sales on Xbox and Sony consoles, and is why sales is so repetitive too and why most discounts is worse than ever. The glory days of sales on current gen consoles ended 2-3 years ago. There is exceptions of course like Golf Club 2 for example and other games now and then.

      Nintendo however have bigtime focus on sales on Switch and is why it attracts more devs into sales with insane discounts.

      Switch have new sales up to 95% off, every day of the week, 365 days a year already. Even sundays have new sales on Switch. No wonder why devs is on board to promote sales.

      A bunch of devs earned far more money at 90% discount than 50%, because 90% off pushes sales sky high.

    • Yeah digital only is a horrible idea, that’s why games on Steam are always so expensive oh wait

    • Switch… where Nintendo’s own games are always expensive and hardly ever on much of a sale at all. Breath of the Wild been like £50 for several years while games that came AFTER it such as the sublime God of War have been on sale digitally for just £9.99.

    • Steam sales isn’t what it used to be. It takes up to years now until a game get’s a great discount.

      Earlier years, Steam games were dumped after a year. That doesen’t happen for most games anymore.

  • As usual my huge wishlist seems minimally affected. :/

    • Same here. My wishlist rarely gets any sales, and some were never even on sale since release. ;)

    • Came across a twitter thread just recently & a couple of small indie devs chimed in suggesting Sony no longer accept discount requests from small/indie devs-that their sales lists are curated by Sony. They said the easiest store to apply to was the e-shop,albeit with so many indies there it’s become necessary just to stand out,too. Given the PSN/EU store still hasn’t implemented IARC classification either, its not exactly winning indie devs over away from certain other competing formats atm.

    • As there’s small “indie” games in this list right here, it’s a bit unlikely or exaggerated that they don’t accept smaller games.

  • A few years back Playstation Europe had THE BEST sales, always a large variety of bigger and smaller games from all genres. Now it’s the same games again and again every month. Indies barely get any discounts. What happened?

    • Most Indie devs have almost given up sales on Xbox and Sony consoles, and is why sales is so repetitive and why most discounts is worse than ever. Devs just don’t care anymore due to lack of promotion by Microsoft and Sony.

      Developers flocked to Switch instead as Switch have new sales up to 95% off even on sundays. Much easier to sell games on Switch for Indies than on any other system except for PC because of daily sales.

      On Switch random developers give away free games too if you already own a game by them, even if you got it at 90% off. Switch offerings is a different world. Indies is promoted every day of the week on Switch.

      Last Xmas a developer gave away 9 games for free if you only owned one game by them. Several of the free games were praised games too. Those who didn’t own anything could just buy one game at 90% off, and get the last 9 for free.

      I own PS3, PS4, VITA, 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Switch, Wii U etc. so i followed sales on all systems from the start.

    • They can take their indie games with them and flock to the switch, I care only about japanese games and AAA games.

    • The switch has to promote “indies” because that’s all there is.

      The latest “retro” shovelware isn’t really news here.

    • There is tons of third party AAA Games on Switch and they are all portable.

    • and expensive.

  • Nothing for me this time and I have 55 games in my wishlist.

  • Waking Violet for 3€ is a great deal for any puzzle game aficionado.

  • I don’t know, but maybe you are too lazy to look through the entire games catalogue. Here are a few suggestions of a few indie games that have never been in a promotion sale: Speed Brawl, Omensight, Overland, Black Paradoxe … 

    But most importantly, for example Assassin’s Creed Origins is on the list for the twentieth time, good job.

    • The irony of calling someone else lazy when you’re too lazy to know how sales work.

      Sony don’t get to choose who has sales, that’s down to developers /publishers.

      You don’t know for a fact that Sony haven’t tried to get those games on sale, Speed brawl as an example has never been on sale on Switch, and has only been on sale once recently on Xbox (and not for very much)

      Omensight has been on sale.

      Same with Black Paradoxe

      Making things up doesn’t make them true, and over exaggeration makes you look ridiculous.

      Want those games to go on sale? Then ask the publisher/developer.

    • Warner and UBI Soft etc. games is sadly also on Xbox One sales nearly every time too. It’s not only on PS4. ;)

    • Omensight has never been on sale, when you look at PSprices, you will see that prior to release the 10% discount is for preorders. I know because sadly I didn’t buy it then and it has never been on sale since.

      For Black Paradox it looks like almost the same thing, was released on the 1st of May and has had a discount of 10% for the entirety of the month May. Then no more sale…

    • @Mr_Writer

      Of course, there is no chance and no way at all, that Sony can create more varied promotion sales on its OWN platform. And no, Omensight and Black Paradoxe where never on sale (except the 10% discount on release) as you can clearly see on psprices – it’s a flat blue line.

  • What the hell is this sale? Ys 8 for 36e when I’ve bought it for 18e last sale, ni no kuni 2 the prince edition for 30e when last sale it was only 15e

  • Is it that difficult to put psp, PS1, Vita or PS3 games on sale anymore? There are so many gems on the older consoles, most of which playable on your criminally ignored exceptional handheld the Vita, but the sales just ignore those platforms way too much. I don’t want another copy/paste AAA game for PS4, I want unique games from the past

  • Same old same old, but with different mostly higher prices than sale before. Deluxe, Super deluxe-gold and ultra ultimate legendary editions and editions for “poor”

  • Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice, when will you ever drop in price and be on offer? It’s been over a year. I’ve been waiting patiently for the game to drop to £25.00 tops.

  • Days Gone is still over priced for me. I’m waiting for the game to drop physically to £13.00. In which it will do.

    • I bought it on day of release, finally played and completed it last month. Felt long winded but there was a good story at heart definitely right to wait for it, it’s a £15 tops game.

  • I had hoped like the US sale to see Arizona Sunshine in here. So I will probably pick up Ancestors and Journey to the Savage Planet.

  • Again getting an ad for this in between my games. And no one complaining…

    With companies and gamers like these, I truly fear for the future of this industry.

    • Having a Sony sale advert on a Sony machine isn’t that bad, it’s far less intrusive than say, banner ads on websites.

      You can delete it like all other apps by pressing the options button while hovering over it.

    • Keep up that complacency and soon they’ll be charging for ad-free OS.

    • I hate these bloody things. I want a tidy list of my games, that’s it, no bloody non-game ad [DELETED] interfering. I hate the Singstar ad on the PS3 XMB and I hate this useless crap too. Sony really don’t respect their customers, at all.

    • You can’t delete all other applications though!

      Damned Playroom can’t be removed. So just sits there, completely useless to anyone who doesn’t own the camera (most people), taking up space.

  • This sale is great… for making sure that you don’t spend anything.

    As said in comments already, it’s the same old games for the most and some of them are higher in price than in previous sales. Anyone would think that Sony was attempting to monopolise on the fact that people are indoors and playing more.

  • I hope that PS3 games sales will be back soon. It would be unfair to players if they were permanently withdrawn without prior info.

  • You forgot the PS3 and Vita again.

  • So I got the bloody sale spam ad on my game list even though I have my “Featured Content” in my System settings unchecked. Nice going Sony, really respectful of you to follow the wishes of the users.

  • In the end this sale turned out to be a sad joke. Again no PSP, PS3 or Vita titles discounted. Why don’t you want our money?!

  • If SONYs listening bagsy me 1st in the queue for a PS5…Ha ha I AM funny…Better have better sales on old games as they will be dying out…and be left with old tutt…

  • Once again no Wasteland 2 sale

  • We need a new PS3 and Vita Sale, Sony!! When are you going to do it???

  • Why does in one ps4 account has a discount on naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm legacy bit on the on another account doesnt have a discount on the same ps4?

  • Can you put the rest of the lego games on sale for PS4. Like the Lego Ninjago Movie game, and Lego the Movie Game 1?

  • Is it still possible to get 60% off for FIFA 20 as part of the Easter Sale?…I heard about it recently and logged in today and found that it wasn’t their anymore.

  • I thk its extremely cheeky of you to slowly increase the prices of sale items incrementally, even though the text clearly states the time period of the prices.

    At first I thought I was mistaken, as I was sure that the LEGO Marvel collection was £15 earlier on, but the price was £20 last week. But now I know I was right, as the price is now £25 for the same offer. Even though the text clearly stated that the earlier price would be in effect until 29/04/20. Clearly anything written in blue is a lie.

    Very cheeky indeed.

  • I wanted to purchase the fifa 20 which was on sale but when I went to buy it, it was saying 59.99

  • Well I’ve been debating what to buy and guess what? They removed the one damn game I decided to get.

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