Tips for surviving and dominating in Resident Evil Resistance

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Tips for surviving and dominating in Resident Evil Resistance

Lessons learned from hands-on time with Capcom’s intense, asymmetrical multiplayer horror game

The world of survival horror has two sides – the Survivors and the evil forces pulling the strings. Resident Evil Resistance’s online, 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer lets horror fans experience both sides of the nightmare. Ahead of the game’s April 3 launch (bundled with Resident Evil 3), I’ve collected some tips to help you succeed as both a plucky Survivor and malevolent Mastermind.


Four players team up to find key items, collect life-saving resources, and outlast the monsters and ticking clock. The classic survival horror player experience, but with a multiplayer twist. Each Survivor can wield standard firearms and melee weapons, but their specializations – from hacking to melee power – set them apart.

  1. Stick together to survive. Don’t become a horror movie stereotype.
  2. Connect your mic and communicate as a team.
  3. Experiment with your Survivor’s unique skills. Use ’em when you got ’em. You may not live long if you wait.
  4. Keep moving! Every wasted second is more time the Mastermind can use to lay traps. When time expires, so do the Survivors.
  5. Tap into January’s hacking skills to disable the Mastermind’s technology, restricting their surveillance and control.
  6. Tank it up with Tyrone. Manage single enemies with his powerful kick and buff teammates’ defense with his rallying yell.
  7. Becca’s firearm skills let her take a knee for powerful (stationary) potshots, and unload infinite ammo. Use the latter on Mastermind’s boss-type monsters.
  8. Martin Sandwich’s robust support skills let him craft proximity mines and wield a stunning Flash Baton to stop enemies.
  9. Pummel threats with ex-boxer Samuel’s flying fists. Use his Dash Punch to close the gap on enemies and deal damage.
  10. Valerie can heal fellow players with her Modified First Aid Spray, which leaves a lasting buff. She can also highlight nearby pickups and enemies.
  11. Love inventory space? Valeries’ backpack gives her 10 slots instead of the standard 8.
  12. Melee weapons are useful. Bats and sledgehammers are great for taking out single targets and dismantling key objectives.
  13. All ammo is general use for all weapons. No worrying about separate pistol or shotgun ammo.
  14. Stock up for the final escape. Save ammo, grenade-type weapons, and healing items for the end. The Mastermind will likely throw powerful monsters at you while you wait for the final door to open.
  15. Try out all the survivors until you find the one that suits your playstyle.


The bad guys hold all the cards – literally. Control the battlefield by observing the Survivors’ progress through security cameras. Spend energy points to activate trap and monster cards in your hand to run down the clock and wipe them out.

  1. Think ahead when setting traps and monsters for Survivors. Plan for the next two or three rooms they’ll be exploring.
  2. Mastermind newcomers should consider starting with the straightforward power of Daniel or Annette. Once you’ve got the basics, Alex and Ozwell offer more specialized tactics.
  3. Pulverize Survivors with Daniel Fabron’s high-powered monsters, including RE2’s bruiser Tyrant (a.k.a. Mr. X). Be wary of his cards’ high energy costs.
  4. RE2’s Annette Birkin specializes in buffing her monsters’ potency, and can call in the hulking G-Birkin form of her mutated husband to devastate Survivors.
  5. Alex Wesker specializes in setting traps and manipulating the battlefield. Drop her deadly, stationary plant monster, Yateveo, in front of an important objective to disrupt the Survivor’s escape.
  6. Ozwell Spencer’s obstructing Disintegration Field is on a short cooldown. Use it frequently to slow Survivor progress, and place it near monsters, which can pass right through it.
  7. Identify every map’s choke points and drop boss monsters like Mr. X and William Birkin there when the Survivors approach.
  8. Corner Survivors in a single, tight room when summoning boss monsters. Area-of-effect attacks dominate in tight spaces.
  9. Build a defense of traps and monsters around the Supply Zombie – a special monster Survivors can take out to earn valuable items. If this special zombie survives, the Mastermind is rewarded a powerful card.
  10. Close the dang doors! Even this minor bit of housekeeping adds up to slow Survivor progress. You can also lock doors and turn off lights to throw off Survivors.

Reading this after getting hands on with the game post-Beta or after launch? Share your own tips in the comments below. Resident Evil Resistance drops on PS4 3rd April, bundled together with the stunning Resident Evil 3 remake.

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  • Resident Evil 3 Remake campaign is 5 hours long? what a joke. This is why they thrown in Resistance. But if you don’t have plus, what’s the point.

    I will buy the game eventually when it drops to £15.00.

    • Were you complaining this much about RE2? I beat that game in 2h40 (both scenarios). But guess what, my first playthrough of just one scenario was over 11 hrs. Back then the reviewers were also saying “5-6 hours per scenario). Your comment is really unnecessary, because the experience will vary for others. Don’t wanna buy it? Don’t. I just don’t know why you’re spamming that “golden” comment all over this blog. Oh, and the original RE3 never took me more than 5 hours either.

    • The Resident Evil games have allways been this short. Most of us remember them as week long games because we played them when we were young und didn’t know what to do. ;)

    • @abok6

      At least the original had the clock tower scene intact which is cleary cut from the remake, and had a far better designed Nemesis. I’ve actually seen some early concept art for the Nemesis, which looked truly terrifying. If your going to remake something, you have to copy the original as close as possible and throw in some new scenes to make it fun. Capcom no that the campaign is short, thats why they’ve thrown in Resistance as fuller.

      If Capcom does decide to remake Resident Evil 4 in the future, I hope they don’t cut no scenes at all. Instead they can extend the experience further.

    • If they remade 4 i’d prefer they cut most the content and replaced it with something fun rather than “fight a billion of the same cultists/army guys in waves for the 20322nd time” and QTEs…

      Though of course the next one would be Code Veronica…

  • Is the beta now working on PS4? I would love to try the game but it’s impossibile on PS4…

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