These are your PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your PlayStation Store releases this week

Resident Evil 3, Persona 5 Royal, Curious Expedition and more debut on PS4

With PlayStation Store’s releases this week, you’ll try to escape the unrelenting Nemesis in the remake of a survival-horror classic, stylishly steal the heart of deviant and corrupted adults in one of the most popular JRPGs of the decade, or step into the shoes of famous historical figures to explore and seek treasure in a gorgeous pixelated world!
Let’s take a look.

Resident Evil 3

Jill Valentine’s back and she really wants to get out of Raccoon City. But there’s one big… very big… thing in her way – Nemesis. Building on last year’s RE2 reimagining, Resident Evil 3 elevates the classic survival horror with fresh gameplay mechanics, gorgeous graphics and an expanded story. The game also includes the brand new asymmetrical multiplayer mode, Resistance, putting you in the position of mastermind of a room of horrors, or as a survivor attempting to break free.

Persona 5 Royal

Are you ready to meet your true self again? Atlus’ beloved JRPG gets an impressive upgrade with Royal, adding new characters, new story, and hours of brand new content. Prepare for a whole new depth to the original experience, pushing even further on the worldwide success of Persona 5. New to the world of Persona? Now’s the perfect time to dive in the metaverse, and with Royal you’ll get all of Persona 5’s DLC bundled in along with it for free!

Curious Expedition

From small Berlin-based indie studio Maschinen-Mensch, comes this unique 19th Century roguelike sim. Together with famous personalities, you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before, be it for fame, science or treasures. Start with seven different explorers, each based on real historical figures, and set out on your adventure!

*All game releases correct at time of publication

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  • Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is out Tomorrow. Campaign only which is great for offline players like me :)

  • I played the Resident Evil 3 Demo and was pretty impressed. However I will not be buying the game until it drops to £15.00. I’ve just heard that the campaign only lasts 5 hours ?There having a laugh aren’t they? I’ll wait for The Last Of Us Part 2 which will last 40 hours for me on first play through.

    As for Persona 5 Royale, I will also wait until the game drops to £20.00. I own the original release which is a very good game. I can’t see the point in buying the game again full price. I would definitely recommend it for newcomers to the franchise at full RRP ??

    • I bet it’s because they just HAD to waste half the games resources on a pointless bloody online mode to try to appeal to the Xbox crowd who won’t even be interested in a game like RE. At most they’d play the online for 2 days, then trade it in and go back to PUBG/COD. Was it really worth it Capcom?

  • Soooo, how about releasing Coffee Talk in the countries where its not out yet, Sweden I know, guess Norway and Denmark as well, maybe Finland? We need coffee over here, please

    • Well we are the second best country in the world when it comes to consuming coffee. The Finnish being the first….but those who lose against Denmark in Hockey shouldn’t be proud of anything ?

  • Sadly nothing about Final Assault on VR tomorrow. Look out for it, you will be impressed.

  • Customer who bought the VR version of Immortal Legacy should not be paying again for a flat version. This is wrong!

  • I hope Snakeybus comes as announced, both here and elsewhere. That looks like the type of silly fun I need right now.

  • So no news about Final Assault VR and Good Goliath VR

    • 11am today : Final Assault VR will be available

    • No it ain’t. Its 11.10 and neither are on the store

    • Noooo… Is there a time Difference…. Where Is it …. It was the only thing I’ve looking forward to all week.Is the Store updated at 1pm by Sony…… Am going into full meltdown!!!!

    • It looks like it’s only coming to the U.S this week..which sucks.

    • Really…. This studio (Not Sony) needs to keep its customers more informed. Poor Marketing Department… Someone needs to start working a little harder. Really simple … All they need to do, is highlight in there website … what the flipping heck is going on… If it is only in the US, why, it’s a digital download. Maybe they don’t have a stable multiplayer and can’t handle the extra European Users. Rant Over…. I’ll buy “Good Job” on the Switch instead.

    • Both are on the US Store not UK….

  • Looks like we ain’t getting either of them..which is totally rubbish..

  • Anyone heard anything about Kamiko?

  • Any chance someone at Sony HQ could sync the trophies with the servers for the excellent Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition please? They’re still offline. Maybe there’s a button you could press or summink? Cheers in advance.

  • No curious expedition on the norwegian store.. ? ?

  • Oh no. Did my friend Pedro get delayed?

  • Also releasing today is the PSVita exclusive game called Battle Rockets!

    But they couldn’t be bothered with mentioning this because they don’t care about the vita -_-

  • I’ve just purchased Operencia: The Stolen Sun. Bard’s Tale was great, and I have seen good reviews for Operencia. Just have to finish Jedi Academy first…

  • Hey everyone is it possible for naughty dog to update uncharted 2 and uncharted 3 PS3 trophies each game got 2 stupid multiplayer trophies like win one game online to get platinum but multiplayer is gone now I know game’s are old now but how hard is it to update them to something else or if possible just remove them.i can understand other small devolpers can’t do it but naughty dog is litterly rolling in money so is PlayStation

    • Unfortunately you will never get the trophies and they don’t care enough to patch them out or make them show as done

    • I want to delete all my trophies. I dont want them at all. There should be an option by now to delete them regardless of percentage. I’d rarther have actual unlockables, or behind the scenes, concept art and trivia about the game itself.

    • You can always just put your profile as private and ignore the trophies (or leave it public and hide the games). They’d still be there but no one would know.

      Games are supposed to be entertainment, so unless getting the trophy provides entertainment, it’s just an activity in adding 1 to a total no one else cares about.

    • You wanna change the trophies? Ehm, no. I got those multiplayer trophies 11 years ago and I want them there. You had alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of years to get those.

    • @Maaden_Swe

      I don’t mean delete the trophies for everyone. What I’m asking for is, I hope Sony give the option to delete trophies permanently for people who no longer care about them. Its good to have options.

    • This is part of the problem with multiplayer being added to single-player franchises. People who just play the single-player are blocked from getting the Platinum trophy by multiplayer-only trophies. Developers also rarely seem to think about what happens when the servers for these multiplayer modes get switched off.

      As much as I think the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises should have stayed single-player only, at least the tacked-on multiplayer trophies in the later games also had an alternative way they could be unlocked through single-player alone. Multiplayer trophies in single-player games should at the very least be optional in the same way that DLC trophies are.

    • Seems weird how Sony is constantly turning off servers for games when everyone is paying PS+ allegedly for improvements to online play.

  • Persona 5 Royal and Resident evil 3 remake hell yeah good time to be a gamer during lockdown

  • Playing Persona 5 Royal right now and loving it!

  • How long are these delayed? They link to the wrong games

    The Ultimate FMV Bundle


  • why is persona 5R is not in the pas4 store KSA

  • Off topic, but is it really too much to ask for PS Now to be updated on a regular schedule? Maybe, I don’t know, the 1st of every month? Some months it’s the 3rd, some the 8th, some the 16th….

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