Preserving Internet access for the entire community

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Playing videogames enables players all over the world to connect with friends and family and enjoy much-needed entertainment during these uncertain times. Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with internet service providers in Europe to manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire Internet community.
We believe it is important to do our part to address Internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are practising social distancing and are becoming more reliant on Internet access.
Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust gameplay. We appreciate the support and understanding from our community, and their doing their part, as we take these measures in an effort to preserve access for everyone.

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  • Are there going to be delays for pre orders??

    • My guess is that The Last Of Us Part 2 will likely be delayed due to CV19.

    • It’s quite difficult to say really, if all the mo-cap is done, the majority of the work left can be worked on from home, I’m sure Naughty Dog have remote access for servers etc. So with it being so close to the release date, there’s a chance it’s manageable to finish with the whole team being home.

      Games further afield like Spiderman 2, God of War and Until Dawn are going be delayed but we’ve the advantage of never know as they’ve yet to be announced.

    • Until Dawn?

    • @SkywardSpork

      Even if they do manage to complete the development of The Last Of Us Part 2, I don’t think Sony will allow the game to be released. The game and CV19 have something in common. Sony will probably receive alot of backlash if they release the game in May, especially when CV19 won’t peak until May/June time according to experts. We will have to wait and see what happens. I would be perfectly happy to wait until the end of the year and play the game on PS5.

    • It would be so much better working 16 hours a day from home. I feel for these guys and girls and hope their health doesn’t suffer just for a game. I’m going to play through the original and don’t mind one bit if the sequel is delayed a few months in these trying times.

    • @Bobsam

      Working 16 hours per day on a game means your asking for health problems. 10 hours max per day, I say. Im so disappointed with Naughtydog. But this is what happens when there’s no production team in place.

      If Naughtydog continue down this road. I will no longer buy there games due to there practices. They need a production team asap.

  • Imagine trying to download a game like Final Fantasy 7 which may be over 100gb. It will take forever.

    Of course it’s better then crashing the internet.

  • Just make sure we can start downloading The FFVII Remake nice and early. 

  • Just throttle connections on users that haven’t played in the last 6 months, that way all these casuals that are only playing because of the quarantine can deal with the lag, and not the people loyal to PSN.

  • We’d like to know the numbers though. The download will be capped to how many Mbps?

  • numbers SONY, we NEED NUMBERS!

    by how much will be the bandwith downgraded?

    Upvote for more anticipated days to download our games ! ( at least those +30 ~ 100gb )

  • There are no Internet stability concerns. This is Sony using CV as an excuse to penny-pinch. Nothing more.

    • Did you read the article you referenced or just the title?

      “Some slowdown in speed during periods of truly heavy usage is possible”

      Lots of people are remotely accessing their work computers and significant slow down can prevent them from working. People still being able to practically work is more important then downloading a game. Sony aren’t the only company doing this too, most of the streaming services have announced reduced quality to cut bandwidth.

    • Why would you assume I didn’t read any more than the title? I know what it says and the line you quoted is a stock line ISP’s have used for years to justify traffic shaping. I also know what other companies are unnecessarily doing.

    • The increased usage isn’t even touching the sides.

      Remote working isn’t bandwidth heavy compared to domestic usage. Factor in things like, my email is online, my source control is online, my servers are online, my phone system is online, my documentation and collaborative tools are online. I’m working from home and using almost the same internet I would be if I was still at work.

      The streaming services cut bandwidth because the EU government told them too, not because they were struggling or any network providers (you know the people that actually have the capacity figures) asked them too.

      Of course if all the muppets still out clogging up the Tube and setting new attendance records at Snowdon actually stay at home it might start to get a bit busier.

      Download speeds aren’t the biggest issue on PSN anyway … COPYING…………..

    • Great article linking game updates to highest peak of internet usage. Gives clear reason why Sony have taken this action.

  • BS. All of the ISPs have said that they can handle the extra load. This is more unnecessary panic.

    • What they say and what happens is 2 different things, there is going to be slow down to some degree.

      I am on Virgin Media on a 350 Mbps connection downloads have been slowing down for the last week during the day, which is to be expected due to people working from home and staying in. General browsing is also slower then normal.

      I have tried to more any downloads to do during the night 11pm to 5am, instead of during the day, also I am not watching Amazon etc… during the day.

  • I’m saddened and frustrated at how selfish and entitled people continue to act at the slightest sacrifice of their normal daily lives for the benefit of everyone else. Be grateful if the only impact this global pandemic has had on you so far is reduced download speed for games, don’t be bitter.

  • Hey Jim, I have a gigabit connection with very good transfer speeds and I can hit 50-60 MB/s for all my downloads from PSN, but the reality for many other people (especially across EU) is very different. Many people stay home these days and given the large downloads of the latest titles, they will not appreciate even slower speeds. When everybody else is downgrading, you should be pushing for more and better. You are the leader. Prove it. Act like it. Don’t give up. Fight for your fans and customers. It’s the only way to be rewarded. You should have done the other way around and work with ISPs to improve customers speeds from PSN. Customer care IS customer satisfaction. I’m not surprised though. The entire communication for next-gen on your part has showed that you (and the company) are completely disconnected from your fans. And it’s not the product, it’s not the service, it’s not the price, it’s not the launch line-up or anything else that will impact how PlayStation performs and transitions to next-gen. It’s just you. Your leadership. Where and when can I get that?

  • This is more about keeping people playing so I have no issue with this.

    PS Plus free games for April leaked: Uncharted 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0.

  • Do people not realize that gaming uses a miniscule amount of bandwidth in comparison to everyone binge watching Netflix? Streaming services are the real killer here, but instead gamers must suffer.

    • Actually playing online, yes. Downloading? That uses quite a bit. But yes still not as much as streaming services particularly in HD and 4K

  • How about much-needed entertainment of your Turkish customers Jim? 1 week past since March Madness sale launched and still no sale here. No explanation either. Coronavirus is here too you know? We will remember this when Next-gen launches.

  • I see that Netflix is lowering there video quality by 30%, but the price is not being lowered? Hmm?

  • Undoubtedly prefer stable gameplay over download speeds. Physical over digital any day as well. Just get your game delivered.

  • As if PSN download were already ridiculously slow.

  • So that means any download above 50GB will take forever to download, nice we are in the End Game??‍♂️

  • So one of the dudes responsible for the develolment and construction of the internet says this is unnecessary. The dude asking for Netflix and such to be throttled has no knowledge on the matter. Yet for some reason these corporations are bowing to adude who likely gets confused turning a computer on.

    Can we go ahead and acknowledge this is purely a political move on the corporations part please?

  • You guys should make ps plus free for this month.

  • Thank you for the information, Mr Ryan.

  • Sony, you’re a joke. Your download speeds are an utter laugh the best of times. Only thing different now is you think you have an excuse.

  • Call of duty services are really slow on PS4 (especially public matches and CDL playlist). I don’t have the same experience on the PC. I think it is due to the release of warzone or overloaded PSN services (or the combination warzone and overloaded PSN services). It really is a pity in these times that the ps network isn’t providing the players the best experience.

  • I understand everything but it is already an exaggeration that the 81 MB file from the Internet disk would be downloaded 1 hour !!!! do something with it !!!!

  • ps3 and ps4 Gooooooooooood psn services

  • سوني3 افضللللل من سوني4 عالم مفتوح نت

  • Thanks sony it took me 11 hours to download minecraft (2GB), now I have to download 11 GB of Call of Duty update. When I will finish? In 2021?

  • The games that re getting released should be downloadble now that way you can flatten the curve…

  • wait you guys don’t have all those issues we EU players have?? like around 6 pm we can’t even join parties anymore for several hours

  • “Somewhat” slower?

    I completely understand this and I agree with slowing things down to help the infrastructure, but I’m getting download speeds so abysmal that it’s basically impossible to download anything. I have 200Mbps fiber connectivity and yet it takes me several seconds to download a single megabyte, it’s ridiculous. PSN has never been famous for being fast, but this honestly makes me want to reconsider paying for anything.

  • Speeds are an absolute joke lately. I have 350mb speed yet I’m constantly throttled to 20mb! Ridiculous.

  • Ok the lag on gameplay is ridiculous, why are we paying for PSN if we can’t even play online

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