These are your PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your PlayStation Store releases this week

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, Moons of Madness, Paper Beast and more debut on PS4

With PlayStation Store’s releases this week, take a masterclass in intense musou action, question your sanity in an off-world Lovercraftian horror, or be spellbound exploring an alien world built for PS VR by a gaming legend.
Let’s take a look.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Omega Force, the Japanese studio who’ve specialised in the musou genre, brings its combat expertise once more to popular manga and anime series One Piece. Pick your favourite character and get to showcasing increasingly-stylish takedowns of masses of enemies.

Moons of Madness

‘Lovecraftian cosmic horror’ is the kind of enticing description that should make genre fans sit up and take note. Originally due out earlier this year, Rocket Pocket Games’ nightmarish, Mars-set adventure is finally ready for launch. Get ready to question what’s real while trying to escape some horrifying monstrosities.

Paper Beast

Éric Chahii creator of seminal 90s puzzle platformer Another World, returns with another intriguing vision of an alien world. PS VR makes this new creation, a journey through a surreal-like landscape interacting with unique creatures, all the more immersive. For PS VR owners, it’s definitely a title you should read more about.
*All game releases correct at time of publication

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  • Stay safe everyone! This is the most crucial and critical time we have EVER witnessed!. Also stay IN to save a life! X

    • You know, even if you take the most crazy persons totals, for every associated fatality caused by this virus there’s over 1000 caused by the largely preventable effects of unhealthy living? Or that there’s around 700,000 people to every 1 suspected covid fatality who don’t have enough food to eat daily?

      It’s serious enough, but outside of twitter it’s not even in the top 5 global issues right now.

  • Odallus: The Dark Call & Oniken: Unstoppable Edition are a must-haves this week

  • How come USA get new Star Wars game this week and we haven’t got it . Oh well not end of the world but everyone stay save please.

  • Also new Cities Skylines DLC this week.

  • Evening Gamers in the UK & EU I would like us all just to spare a thought for all our gaming Friends in Italy & Spain & for those here in the UK & through out the EU who have been Effect by the effects of Covid-19 thank-you. our thoughts are with you thank-you

    Arcade ARCHIVES yet another release this week glad to see they are still coming thick & Fast great to see as well & guess what Sun-set raiders has just been confirmed for the series as well but its IKARI Warriors 3 the rescue see you all next week!!!!!

  • Konami confirmed there will be more of their games coming via Hamster’s Arcade Archives inc Mikie, Green Beret, Trigon/Lightning Fighters, Circus Charlie and Sunset Riders.

  • Yipee for Green Beret!!! And for Wartile finally arriving here in the UK!!!

  • Control DLC Foundation 26th March is missing.

    Also can we please get PsPlus games announced tomorrow instead of next week so that we ll get them earlier during quarantine days?

    I hope we ll get Crash Team Racing for April as more people will get to enjoy online racing and couch co op!!That would be a win-win situation for Activision since player data base will eventually decrease after the end of grand prix events,and there is lot of stuff to “buy”/unlock!!

    Stay home,Stay safe,Play games !!!

    • Ok,so it seems “Playstation Access” (well they should not have…access anymore :p ) youtube channel already leaked PsPlus April games…Uncharted 4 & Dirt Rally 2 ?? I really hope this is fake news as we got Uncharted trilogy earlier this year and many players might got U4 recently to complete Nathan’s journey.Also Dirt Rally got “double” discounted a few days ago and I really doubt if anyone plays these kind of racing games more than a few times before deleting them…Aaaanyway,I guess we ll have to wait for confirmation but I still hope for CTR :p

    • They don’t list dlc anymore it’s now look every day pot luck

  • Ara Fell will be worth social distancing for….*these buzzword covid-19 phrases make me want to vomit*. I’m sparing a thought for the millions of Brits who’ll be left out of work and, ultimately, penniless after the latest govt. dictatorship/guidelines.

  • With the corona virus pandemic and almost all of Europe forced to stay at home it would be awesome if you guys would allow players who do not have ps plus to play online with others for a month or two to help people at home. Or maybe do a special promo with a big discount for ps plus. Just an idea to ponder on.

    Have a great day!

  • It’s only tuesday and the store is already missing two games I wanted: Roundguard and Deep Sky Derelicts.

    Ah well…

  • Where is vampire the masquerade? Its not on the store

    • Boris placed a lockdown on it. £30 fine* for even attempting to download it. *fines may escalate beyond your wildest nightmares

  • is the link working for one piece? It‘s not working for the swiss store.

    • Same as the UK, and I don’t think they will fix it. The game will be released in 2 days and the link is down.

    • Store links posted on these articles generally don’t work until the release date. So check again on the 27th and it should be fine.

  • No Jeopardy in RSA?

  • So I got up early today, bored with the self imposed exile we are all enduring (although I mostly work from home, I am in the higher risk bracket due to health reasons). Had a look in the UK Playstation Store, and there, gleaming like a saviour to all my worries, is Star Wars Jedi Academy! Yipee! Was going to begin Doom Eternal today. To Hell with that (pun intended). Time to use the Force…

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