GT Sport: an update on the World Tour 2 in Nurburgring and the future Championships schedule

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GT Sport: an update on the World Tour 2 in Nurburgring and the future Championships schedule

Changes to May's event and the 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championship

We would like to announce that due to the situation with COVID-19 and the postponement of the Nurburgring 24-hour race event, we will not be hosting the Gran Turismo World Tour ‘Nurburging’ event previously scheduled for 22nd-23rd May 2020.
Additionally it has been decided that the Online Season due end with Rd.10 of Stage 1 on 18th-19th April (previously referred to as Stage 1) will be removed from the official rankings and henceforth referred to as an Exhibition Stage.
Furthermore, we will be changing the start of the official 2020 Series to 25th April.
On 25th April 2020, the 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championship will officially start anew.
The Championship Overview page below will be updated with the details regarding the future championship structure and schedule (as well World Tour selection) as soon as details have been decided.
Thank you for enjoying Gran Turismo Sport.

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  • Oh no, my gaming life will never be the same.

    So…….. does that mean GT7 in 2038 then? And will it lack PS7 BC support by then too.

    Hell, there is no doubt GT Sport won’t make the transition to PS5 because of the silly “100 most played PS4 games” BC list because it CERTAINLY is not popular enough to make it on to that list.

    Update: Since clarification, it might work enhanced now but at least it will barely run at PS4 levels.

  • I guess you haven’t read the update on BC. There aim is to include as many titles they can out of 2000. I’m certain GTsport will be alright .

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