Hermen Hulst Q&A: Interview with Head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios

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Hermen Hulst Q&A: Interview with Head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios

What's next for Guerrilla, upcoming TV and film projects, and the guiding principles that drive PlayStation’s network of world-class game studios

Just a few days ago, I caught up with Hermen Hulst, formerly the managing director of Guerrilla. In his first interview since becoming Head of Worldwide Studios, Hulst provides insight into his new role overseeing PlayStation’s international network of game developers and creators.
Our talk covers a lot of ground: from upcoming film and TV projects based on Uncharted and The Last of Us, to the upcoming PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn, to what’s next for PlayStation’s international network of game studios.
Listen to our full interview here, or read on for some key excerpts, edited for brevity and clarity.
PlayStation.Blog: For years, you’ve been the head at Guerrilla, the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn and the Killzone series. What have you been up to lately?
Hermen Hulst: First off, just let me say that it’s a great honor for me to lead such an incredibly talented team. Since I’ve been appointed as the Head of Worldwide Studios I’ve been spending some time at various studios, going around listening to teams. Obviously I knew a lot of people already [from my time at Guerrilla], but I’ve met a ton of new devs. And I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of how we can work even more closely than we already do.
I’m obviously involved in projects that I wasn’t before. I’m really pleased to see how well fans and press are responding to Dreams. It’s such an ambitious game.

There are PlayStation fans out there who have heard of Worldwide Studios, but they don’t know exactly what it is… How would you describe Worldwide Studios?
I think I would define Worldwide Studios as probably the most global network of game creators that exists, or has ever existed. I mean, we’ve got studios across the world from Sucker Punch in Seattle to Media Molecule in Guildford to Polyphony Digital in Tokyo. It’s truly global.
And pretty much all of these teams started as independents. Typically they have their own identity, their own name, their own studio culture. But at the same time, they’re all very much part of this global network that is Worldwide Studios. So there you have it, in a nutshell.
Since you’ve come on board, have there been any changes at Worldwide Studios?
I think Worldwide Studios is in a really good spot. We have been, and we are still, very much a quality-oriented group of developers. We’re storytellers, and we like to create new experiences.
And those are values that for a long time have been part of Worldwide Studios. And they’re going to continue to be part of Worldwide Studios. But we’re always looking to how we can improve things, how we work together, how we’re organized.

We’ve had a couple really great appointments of new leaders at the studios recently. You probably heard about Nicolas Doucet as the new head of Japan Studio… Alan Becker, who I’ve worked with for many, many years recently retired from Sony Interactive Entertainment. So Nick is a great appointment, he’s been creating innovative showcases for PlayStation since his early days at London Studios. He worked on EyeToy… he’s one of those guys who can tinker with hardware and bring innovation to the platform.
And Yumi Yang has been appointed as the new head of Santa Monica Studio. You know Yumi Yang, she’s been there from the beginning. She knows the people… she’s been such a vital part of establishing all these processes that have generated 20 years of great games coming out of Santa Monica.
She’s one of those people that gets creative talent. And I think the creatives love working for her because of that.
Actually, while we’re talking about Santa Monica Studio, I’d like to give a shoutout to Shannon Studstill, whom I’ve partnered with for many, many years. I’m really grateful for her, she left recently. And with her special brand of leadership fostering talent, she’s been so great at succession planning. And that’s exactly why we have Yumi there now, all set up.

From your perspective, what makes Worldwide Studios special? Can you chalk it up to the structure, people and talent… or is it the freedom that’s provided to these folks?
I think all of those elements are crucial to it. What’s unique about Worldwide Studios is that everyone here loves making games with a lot of heart and soul. It’s never just a job. People at the studios are so connected to the titles that they make.
And I think what’s key here is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s commitment to giving creative teams time to realize their vision. It takes time to create these heartfelt experiences, to create innovative experiences. And Sony really gets that, so I’m very grateful for that.
I should also mention the PlayStation community. I think it’s one of our greatest strengths at Worldwide Studios and PlayStation at large. Increasingly, I see deeper connections between developers and the community.
You’ve been with the company for a long time, you know what goes into a hardware launch year. A lot of challenges and opportunities that studios face, including Worldwide Studios. What are the teams focused on right now?
You know, these are the most exciting times when you develop on a console. We are super hard at work at the moment… and honestly, I can’t wait to talk to you in more detail about that.
Let me just say — we have some of our biggest exclusives on PlayStation 4, either having recently released like Dreams, or coming out very soon like MLB The Show on 13th March (editors’ note: early access date, with pre-order), The Last of Us Part II on 29th May, we’ve got a really great new IP that I’m so psyched about, Ghost of Tsushima. So there’s a lot coming out on PS4 as well.

Is there anything you can tell us about your vision for the future of Worldwide Studios, whether it’s going into next generation or beyond?
We’re very committed to dedicated hardware, as we were before. We’re gonna continue to do that. And we’re very committed to quality exclusives. And to strong narrative-driven, single-player games.
At the same time, we’re going to be very open to experimentation, to new ideas. Just trying things out to see what works. I think that’s also very much part of the DNA of Worldwide Studios.
Speaking of experimentation, there have been rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition that might be coming to PC… can you confirm or deny that?
Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer…. There will be more information coming from Guerrilla, from the new studio directors [Michiel van der Leeuw, JB van Beek, and Angie Smets] pretty soon.
PlayStation is no stranger to publishing titles on the PC, but Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the largest games to make that leap. Is there anything you would say to PlayStation fans? What does it mean for the future?
Sure. I think it’s important that we stay open to new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation, and show people maybe what they’ve been missing out on.
And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC. In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance. We don’t have plans for day and date [PC releases], and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware.

What do you think of Dreams?
I think what Media Molecule pulled off is just pure wizardry. These guys are empowering players to make and share their own games. If you reflect on that… not only did they create a new engine, and not just an edit suite, but a digital content creation suite on top of it.
I’ve been speaking with a few graphic coders from other teams about Dreams, and it’s hard for them to even get their head around it… [they’re] puzzled about how Media Molecule pulled it off.
PlayStation Productions is out to expand the reach of PlayStation IP by bringing it to mediums like film and TV. There’s not a lot of info out there — can you tell us about the strategy?
I would say the purpose of creating PlayStation Productions is to introduce our stories, characters, and worlds to new audiences while making content our fans will be proud of. The approach is to bring together film and TV directors, work with people who have a ton of respect and passion for our gaming IP.
We’ve got IP dating back for more than 25 years now, and we’ve been delighted to find quite a few PlayStation fans among these film and TV creators. What I’ve also come to understand is that our IP is perfectly suited to adapt to linear storytelling.
In a film and TV market, where IP and franchises are king, we’ve built up one of the most exciting IP libraries in entertainment…. I should mention that we are including the game makers in this expansion process. We want to ensure that we’re very authentic in that approach.
It’s really important that the game makers are a big part of it. We’re not just creating direct copies of our games, we’re really making an effort to adapt their stories to best fit that medium.

We know about the Uncharted film. What other projects are underway?
We’re very excited. The Uncharted film starts shooting this month with Columbia Pictures. It’s got a great cast — Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and recently announced Antonio Banderas. It’s going to be a really fun movie, [it] will help reach audiences who maybe haven’t heard of Uncharted before.
A big one recently announced — we’re partnering with HBO on a The Last of Us TV show. We’re so excited to be working with the award-winning team that brought you Chernobyl, with Craig Mazin co-writing the show with our very own Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog.
There’s a lot more to come on PlayStation Productions, but that’s what I can tell you now.

There’s even more in the full interview! Hulst also shares how he broke into the gaming industry, whether he inverts his Y-axis, and what his 1994-era self would say if he could see 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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  • Good to know that your team is dedicated to PlayStation hardware and making that very clear. I know what I will be getting this year! :)

    • Anyone diving into the comments: if you want your popcorn to taste like at the cinema, they use a seasoning salt called Gold Medal Falvacol. Enjoy.

  • Welp no need for PS5

  • ‘Good to know that he’s looking after studios and developers across the globe. Let’s see if he can make a difference and get Sony to support gamers across the world rather than just those from the USA.

    • Well Media Molecule and Rockstar are British.

      Guerrilla Games is Dutch.

      Ubisoft is French.

      Most of the unique games come from European studios.

  • lets just skip the PS5 and go to the PC

    Good luck sony with your new way with “exclusive”, the Japanese managers was better

    i was with you since the PS1 to PS4 but i dont think i will have a PS5 since there is no exclusive

    • That’s not true. You (and many other people) might want to re-read the interview to understand what is actually being said.

      Hermen clearly states: “And to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC… We don’t have plans for day and date [PC releases], and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware.

      So first of all, this means not every PlayStation first party title will come to PC. There will be games only on PS5/PS4. Also, for the ones that do come to PC, they will not be released at the same time as their PS5/PS4 releases.

      If you look at Horizon Zero Dawn for example, that is a whole 3 years and some months later that it is coming out on PC. If you really care that much about the exclusivity of these first party titles, chances are you have already played the game and have been done with it for a long while now.

      Why not let people on PC get a taste of the awesome games Sony’s first party studios create? Especially after most people with PS4s that are interested in Horizon have already played it by now?

      This move will potentially will make even more people interested in what PlayStation consoles have to offer. People that never got to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn before, will have reason to be hyped for sequels and other titles by Guerilla Games, as well as other first party studios. Just because Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC does not mean Horizon 2 will. It makes a lot of sense to do this to get more people interested in the future of PlayStation.

      Yes, there will be people like you who’ll say: “I’ll just wait for these games to come out on PC.” Well that’s cool, but know that you might be waiting for years and also know that you won’t get every exclusive game that’s coming to PS5. If you don’t care about that, then more power to you.

    • If pc players want to taste all that super PlayStation incredible games , its super mega simple: they can buy a PlayStation, its really cheap nowadays.

      Second, the Helmen or any sony’s executives words got ZERO value. They can say a lot of things, but they also said: look thid game, its ONLY ON PLAYSTATION so, empty words, only damage control there, and its the end of the exclusives in the platafform, no matter what lies they can tell now. For sure you can expect ps4/5 coming to pc ( even sooner as you think) , so, in that case, whats the point on buying the PS5? Its absolute nosense.

    • I wasn’t born yesterday

  • Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC? Who needs ps5 now? Start of collapse PlayStation.

    • Think about it. Pc gamers will play the game on Pc. Horizon sequel will come on PS5. Pc gamers will buy a PS5 to play the sequel meaning more sales for PS5 hardware. Its perfect business sense. I think Hermen Hulst will make the Playstation brand stronger.

  • Playstation, best played on PC ;-)

  • Maybe read the whole thing before commenting.

    We’ve played Horizon early 2017. I mean, if you’re good waiting for 3 years to play SOME PlayStation games on PC, then sure you don’t need a PS5.

    Speaking of PS5… reveal when? ;)

  • What’s the point of wasting money on dedicated hardware and specially services such as PS+ if we can get the same or better experiences on PC? Might as well skip PS5 and with that money and the PS+ money that I’ll spend over the years I’ll be able to buy PlayStation exclusives on PC and Xbox Game Pass on PC and enjoy more games for cheaper.

    • Because that kind of thinking is going to cause a crash in the games industry lol. Is that enough of a point for you?

    • They are the one who should think of that as they have to give me reasons to buy into their ecosystem, as a consumer I want more honest communication from PlayStation.

    • What… Exclusives have been a thing from as long as gaming existed… [DELETED] are you on?

  • My point is that y’all need someone like Shahid. Man was great at finding those fun, new and really interesting Indy games. Since he left I’ve noticed a lack of these games. It’s really disheartening. Please do something to rectify that.

    Best regards

  • This seems like a mistake.

    Bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC might generate profit in the short term, but long term it will cause damage to the PS brand overall.

    if it’s profit over creativity, you would better served combining + & Now into a £9.99 pm package that has exclusives day and date on it. (I also just say, I don’t want that).

  • Ожидание ps5 сильно уменьшилось, смотрю в сторону pc…

  • So many words about nothing.

    We already knew about Shannon Studstill, Yumi Yang, Alan Becker, Nicolas Doucet, TLOU HBO and Uncharted movie. Seems like the main purpose of this article was to announce HZD PC port in fancy way.

  • That means that “Only on Playstaion” on my game boxes means nothing since now. I don’t have any guaranty that it won’t happen again. Thx for saving my money and best regards to Shuhei Yoshida, he didn’t make such [DELETED] decisions.

  • Since Horizon is coming on PC and “Only on PS” means nothing now I’ll think twice before bying PS5

    • best is to cancel the ff7 remake on ps4. since sony is starting to publish their 1st party games on other plattforms, i ll maybe go back to pc gaming. ff7 remake comes to pc too. dont know why i sould buy it for my ps4 slim then.

    • I’mma sell my Ps1 now – FF7, 8 and 9, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and more are available on other consoles now

    • I’m buying a PS5. Sony are not stupid you know. There not going to put all there Exclusives on Pc. Sony are mostly a hardware manufacturer, and will want to sell hardware in the tens of millions. This is a good business strategy from Sony. Horizon Zero Dawn is no longer selling that much now on PS4. This is why its coming to Pc three and a half years later. There strategy is to bring Pc gamers to PlayStation, once they play Horizon on Pc, they will want the sequel on PS5 which means more hardware sales.

    • Final Fantasy has never been a PlayStation exclusive, it also released on PC same as PS1 back in the day.

    • There’s rumors about TLOU Part 2 and Dreams coming to PC… What I’m trying to say is with business decisions like that Sony will loose a players who bought PS consoles to play those exclusives. Right now you can get games like Detroid, Heavy Rain, Beyond and soon Death Stranding and Horizon ZD cheaper and with better experience on PC.

      P.S. Only on PlayStation? More like after couple of years on Steam sales

  • It means that “Only on Playstation” on my game boxes is nothing since now. I don’t have any guarantee that it won’t happen again. Thx for saving my money, Sony. My very best regards to Shuhei Yoshida, he didn’t make such dumb decisions. We will all miss You Sensei. It was great time.

  • Fantastic news, I already have my physical copy of CE but I’ll get it on Steam too since my account there is stacked and having the choice of where to play is always a great thing.

    Hopefully you guys can consider cross-saves or even some sort of account link with Steam, in the unlikely event that Bloodborne comes to PC (or other exclusives) and since Horizon is already coming, since I’ll inevitably buy those exclusives again when/ if they do get released on Steam, I’d like to be able to continue playing with the max level characters/ saves I currently have. Cross-play and cross-progression is great.

    Unrelated to the article, man, there’s some real clownery going on in this comments section. Like little children crying over telling ’em to share their toys lmfao.

  • Playstation was better with Japanese Managers like  Shuhei Yoshida

    exclusive mean exclusive at that time

    and there was lots of exclusive

  • Yeah putting PS exclusives on PC makes PS less appealing

    • Not every PlayStation Exclusive will go on Pc. Heck I don’t mind if Horizon Zero Dawn goes to Switch, as long as we get Zelda in return on PlayStation.

    • The difference is thet Nintendo would never make this stupid decision

  • Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit Become Human, The Journey, Flower, Death Stranding and now Horizon. The PC is becoming more and more the home and the best way to play Playstation “exclusives”.

  • therefore it is time to sell the ps4 and do not buy a ps5 since sony is starting to publish exklusives for PC.

    i have a ps4 slim and a nintendo switch. i hope nintendo is not making such a mistake in the future.

  • Aloy can’t be Playstation Icon after this summer

  • Who cares if HZD comes to PC? Don’t worry, the game will still be dull on PC

    • But then they can pretend it sold even more copies!

      I wonder if on PC they can fix the horrendously terrible facial animation or weird popup.. Or oversized heads…

    • The game was so forgettable, I don’t even remember these things. The one thing that stood out to me were the monotonous side-quests. Go there, activate blue vision, investigate the area, follow footprints, repeat.

      Maybe they’ll fix popups and oversized heads though. If they want to bring PC players to PS5 for HZD2 they’ll need to deliver a polished port.

    • The game is great but it don’t matter now. It sold over 10 million copies for a reason.

    • Kind of doubt it did sell “10 million”, as it’s only Sony who says that. Independent verification can at best only account for around 2/10ths of that figure. On the other hand, “10 million” is pretty junky for a constantly cheap game with stupendous levels of advertising.

      Sony even admitted to it’s forgetfulness. They keep forgetting to include it in their “greatest games evar” self praising articles.

    • [DELETED] are you talking about

  • Sony now trying to kill Playstation, with horizon going to pc ?

  • i thought horizon zero dawn is a new exclusive first party IP for playstation. instead they release it on PC…

    huge fail and i am very disappointed cause it is a rip off. horizon zero dawn was advertised by sony as an EXCLUSIVE PLAYSTATION GAME!

    horizon zero dawn is for me, since this announcement definitely a PC game.

  • The best advertising of Nvidia hardware i’ve ever seen.

  • Oh noes! They releasing my pwecious Horizon on PC 3 years after it was available on teh PS4, and a few other games already available. Now more people are going to get teh chance to play the game who didn’t in teh last 3 years.

    How did Microsoft ever survive weleasing all their games on PC day and date across Xbox/PC

    To the vocal minority here – Get real people! Things which have been promoted as ‘exclusive to x’ in the past have made the transition to other formats in one way or another. And it’s 3 years later, not like it was just a short time

    • You do realize the Xbox One is a flop right? I wonder why? Xbox did not sell 100 million consoles. You can stay on PS, but others have a right to go to PC if that will be an option in the future.

    • If it was a flop, why would they still be selling it and making games for it 7 years later. When the Wii U flopped, a lot of support went away – not so with the Xbox

    • Microsoft survived selling game pass subscriptions and releasing low budget games. Is it the future you want for Playstation ?

  • About time they confirmed the PC port instead of continuing to be silent.

    Let me say this. The only reason I have supported OS since the PSX (including PSP, Vita and the dark days of PS3) was because of the first party exclusives.

    As someone else said, what is the pint of dedicated hardware if you start putting games on PC? Sony talking about ray-tracing, 4K, 8K, 240fps, flash drive etc, but now you want to put (certain) games on PC? ROFL.

    Nintendo would never put any of their games on PC. Should have kept SOE for that. Also HZD is a showcase for PS hardware and now it no longer is. It has become a third party game just like al Xbox first party. Ever notice how poorly the Xbox has sold?

    So what else will be ported? Will HZD2 be ported? It has to now since the first game is going to PC. What about my favorite franchise of all time GOW? If you port GOW then I may as well jump to PC instead of buying a PS5.

    Ken, Jack, Kaz and Shawn would have never let this happen. Is this why Shawn Layden left abruptly? This is not LBP, The Last Guardian or Fat Princess we are talking about. This is the biggest debut franchise from PS since GT on PSX.

    This is a bad idea period, but hey Sonybhas made dumb decisions before so we will see how it plays out in the future. Even during the PS3 a game like Resistance and Uncharted made PS3 worth buying.

    All in all Sony has been disappointing the past few years. E3 canceled twice, no PlayStation experince, still no Dark Cloud 3, no Sly Cooper, no Modnation Racers 2, No PS All-Stats 2, no Ape Escape, No Soul Sacrifice, no Legend of Dragoon 2, no Wild Arms abd nothing else for PS fans like me who have been asking. No PS3 bc either.

    Yet, PC gamers who don’t care avout PS get HZD? If you want to experiment then do so with creating more new game ideas or recreating older games like GOW. No Syphon Filter, Resistance 4 or MotorStorm either.

    Right now, I am not looking forward to PS5 as there is no reason to. This is not a good start Hermen. Even Sega never made such a bad decision when they stil made hardware. SMH!

    • you are right. horizon zero dawn was one of the games worth buying a ps4.

      spiderman will be the next pc port? maybe? thats a customer ripp off. advertising games as an EXCLUSIVE if they arent.

    • When I bought Sonic the Hedgehog years ago, it was advertised as being only for Sega. Completely outrageous people can but it on other consoles

    • I’m hoping that Sony and Nintendo will make a trade. I want Zelda on PlayStation.

  • It’s not exactly shocking that after spending almost the entire generation producing sad games (where it feels you spend most the time watching people talk) that they’re now making TV shows. The mood they love now also pretty much fits in perfectly with the sad hour shows TV likes to show almost exclusively.

    I mean at least it means you don’t have to hold the left stick or occasionally fight some mediocre cover shooter/puddle deep action combat once an hour.

  • So here’s my take on the horizon issue.

    I buy Playstation consoles to play Playstation exclusive games on. I may by some 3rd party games along the course of the generation, but not to many.

    I have owned ALL Playstation consoles from the launch day of the Playstation 1 and the last i bought was the PS4 Pro on its launch day. I try to buy ALL first party games on launch day, at full price, so I support the studios who have made the games as much as possible, so they can continue to produce the excellent quality games they are renowned for making.

    I AM NOT, expecting the hard earned money I choose to give to the first party studios to be used to make ports of games for PC. I want this money to be used for future Playstation console only “EXCLUSIVE” games, which have, for many decades, kept me coming back to Playstation consoles.

    Sony Playstation ISN’T Microsoft Xbox so stop following them like sheep. Keep doing unique things/ideas. If you want people to play Playstation exclusive games on PC, then think of a way to get these people to buy into the Playstation eco system. Whether that be making PS Now much better/enticing to these people or allow them to download the games to PC through PS Now, I dont know. But dont just spend the money that your dedicated fan base have given you spending time and resources porting the games to PC.

    Just by reading these comments, I’m sure you can see, its leaving a very bad taste in many fans mouths and could mean a rather shaky start to the next generation.

    Im sure your already making enough money from software sales without doing something stupid like this to dirty the Playstation brand. Is this why Shawn Layden left? Because im guessing he wouldn’t of liked the idea of PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE games going to PC.


    • Your money is going to them to decide to spend however they want. You don’t get to define what your money is going to do in the grand scheme of things.

      A port is inexpensive in this day and age where there is increasing parity between architecture and cross platform engine support, and will likely pay for itself and give the developers even more money to do what they want with.

    • No, my money went to them for PS and for them to make more PS exclusives. When I bought a Switch, Nintendo just made more Switch excluives.

    • On one hand it’s good they’re getting easier profits for further use, on the other it seems like a waste to divert their talents on ports. Hopefully done by an external team entirely, leaving first party studios to focus on Playstation. However sad it is to see us losing exclusives, I do applaud Sony for giving their first party developers so much control over their projects.

    • That’s what PS+ is for. Sony makes billions a year on PS+ subs, but won’t get my money anymore.

    • I’m with you on that, buddy. I hate them forcing PS+ on us, but that’s Sony…

      I assume those port profits go mostly towards the game developers.

      At the very least it’s better than losing first party developers altogether, like in the case of Quantic Dreams. -_-

    • Next Gen TV is the future of gaming. Access Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft Apps direct from the Tv. You wait and see. There will be no need for physical consoles or Pc.

  • One last thing. Take “Only On Playstation” off the cover of HZD and never use it again on any other game. Only PS, really? TLoU2 and GoT both have it as well as Dreams, but there are rumors of Dreams going to PC too LOL. I tell you what, I need a new PC, but do not want to buy a PS5 too if I do not need it. Let us know now what else is going to PC so I can save money. That is only right.

  • How do we know what’s next? GoW, Last of Us? Uncharted? What does “Only on Playstation” means now? 25 years of history and traditions destroyed by one man and his  greedy and chaep decision: “Oh!!! i’ll made more mony by seelling the game of my studio on PC, suck my “Hulst” PS fans!”

    Sony must be headed only by Samurrai with honour and respect to traditions.

    Orrdering rtx 2080 super, thx for advice.

    • Because this is definitely the first time it has happened in the history of PlayStation. Not like FFVII or VIII were ever released on PC back in the day. Or Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Journey, Flow, Flower etc.

    • It was 3rd party games. Yes it’s definitely the first time 1st party game goes to another platform.

    • We don’t know, but I want to know so I can save money and not buy a PS5. I am about trade in my entire PS4 catalog on Amazon right now. No need to keep them.

    • Gotta love the rashness of gamers. “Im gonna sell my whole console and gaems because Sony announced something that hurt my feels”

      I remember all of them claiming to sell off their console when Sony remover Linux support for the PS3.

    • This is different. I just want to save money and if I don’t need a PS5 then I will not buy it. Anyway, I just got $143 dollars for trading in most of my PS4 collection. Will use that to buy TLoU2 and GoT then get rid of my PS4 and PSVR while I wait to see where I will be playing games in the future.

    • Who cares everything will be available on the Next Generation of Tv. You will likely play every game on it.

  • Absolutley ZERO sense for me to buy the future PS5, i’ll better invest my money on PC. It was obvious all this time, all the silent, the Ghost of tsusima Annoucenment for this summer few days after this… The death stranding silent, all the thing with detroit, etc… Sony officially kills its legacy. No dout we can expect Gow, Tlou, Uncharted and all those “exclusives” Coming to PC as soon as we can even expect. So, for me, playing playstation consoles, even psp, go, vita, etc this is time to skip next playstation. I assume someone in sony makes numbers, and this got more benefits than loses, and you know, money talks so. We, playstation players means ZERO to sony and we where lied( putting ONLY ON PLAYSTATION in the box) we can’t change that and Sony never denied the playstation first party games coming to PC, they allways talk empty words like we appreciate our games, blablaba. You can expect every single playstation exclusive on pc, maybe ones earlier, maybe other ones a few later, but no more real “Only on”. I will feel super good if sony loses the hardcore fans on the next generation, sony doesent deserves them.

    • They have allready lost at least one. I was going to buy not only PS5 but Sony KD65XG9505BR2. Alot of money… Now i can just buy top grafics card by Nvidia and good monitor and save alot of money. Also in my country games in steam more than in 2-3 times cheaper than in PSN.

    • I sadly buy the X950g 5 days ago… But, you know, i will use it for my next pc that i will buy soon( with the money i was saving for ps5 and 4-5 launch games, adding a little more) and for cinema too.

    • Sony TVs suck now. I had 2 4KTVs screens get damaged back to back but luckilly I had a warranty the second time. Got a nice Samsung TV now that is much better and cheaper.

      Sony has cost me a lot of money. From 3DTVs (which are dead), to 4KTVs, PS4 Pro and a new sterero just so I could game on PS at a better experience.

      All this time they could have just put all their games on PC and I could have saved a ton of money while being able to play all their games on Steam no matter which hardware I have. Really, [DELETED]?

    • I wasted money on two Sony 4KTVs that both got screen damage. Luckilly I had a warranty on the second TV so now I got a beautiful and cheaper Samsung TV.

      Sony has cost me a lot of money. I spent money on 3DTVs, 4KTVs, theater systems, PS4 Pro and PSN all to enjoy my console. I bought the Pro and a 4KTV because of HZD ironically.

      Could have just saved me a lot of money by putting all their games om PC more than 10 years ago when PS3 was struggling. Geez.

  • Shawn Layden come back, please. :(

  • It looks like another E.T. release.  The second Rising if you want.

  • Thanks for saving me the ps5 money .. better save money for PC and got them all there with cheaper prices and better performance

    • “all there”

      How will you get them “all” on PC when they aren’t “all” releasing on PC lol? So next gen you are going to become a PC port beggar rather than simply buying Spiderman 2 on PS5?

  • We all must analise the situation. HZD PC release is some kind of  breaching of contract term between seller and buyer, between Sony and gamers and fans. When Sony was selling US that game we were guaranteed that we can’t buy this sofware on any other platform, were guaranteed that it will be “Only on Playstation”. As a result we were lied. Similarly i can buy Cola, open the botle and get Sprite. Hate Sprite!

    Ask yourselves do want another botle of sprite? I’m definitely  not…

    • OnlyOnPlayStation now means “After a couple of years on Steam”

    • yup, and that’s for now, in 1 year it will be after 1 year on steam, 1 year after that it will be 6 months later on steam, 6 months after that it will be day one

    • Legal things are weird though. It would probably end the same way the last similar case did.

      The judge basically ruled that “advertised features are only valid during the warranty/sales period of the original product” (or something like that). So basically around 2 years after the product goes on sale the advertised features no longer apply. Courts usually favor companies over individuals.

      So basically if you bought a bottle of one drink and got another you’d win the case. But if you bought a bottle and left it on your shelf until the sell by date had expired and Sony magically switched it, you wouldn’t.

  • How would we go about getting a partition started for people to sign up to, to really see how many people are truly against this?? Would anybody know???

    Just reading all this, i personally think Playstation should just say, “OK, this was a misjudgement on our part and we would like to apologize to our fan base, this will no longer be happening”. Maybe a partition could help??

    If anyone knows how to start a partition and could maybe post a link here and maybe Reddit or something and let’s see what the response is?

  • Well here we are my fellow gamers, it’s a sad day to be a loyal Playstation fan. It now seems that Sony is planning on releasing Zero Horizon Dawn on PC and I for one would rather for Sony not to go through with this idea of releasing PS4 or any Playstation games on PC. I guess the word “exclusive” doesn’t mean what it use to mean. Sure Sony will make even more money on a 3 year old game but what they’ve fail to completely understand is the fact of what they are doing to there loyal fan base who have supported the company with our hard earned money generation after generation, I mean come on Sony, are you now starting to see your loyalty fan base as just cash cows like Microsoft? I kinda feel like it’s a slap in the face for being so naive as to believe that the word “Exclude” meant that it wasn’t going to be available on any other platform. This was one of the biggest reason I am such a big fan of the Playstation because it meant that the Playstation had great game’s that I could only play on t…

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  • I think the only effective way that I can complain and be heard is with the wallet. I won’t buy Horizon zero dawn 2, you don’t have to answer to me, even if it says “only on PlayStation” it doesn’t mean anything. Good luck with you Playstation 5.

  • “Only on Playstation” yeah right…

    Thanks for saving me the money, sony. I wont need a PS5 anymore it seems.

    Shout-out to Nintendo, it seems they are the only ones that still understand that exclusive means no other platform ever, and not “there will be a better version on a competing platform few years later”. That’s why the Switch has been dominating.

    • Nintendo would be done if we could play their games on better hardware. My mistake for trading in my Switch, when I should have traded in my PS4 instead.

  • To me, the most important aspect of exclusivity is that it was made for my console in question, but not sure how I feel about this. I don’t mind others getting it eventually per se, but if that means manpower and resources of the studios in question being diverted to another system instead of on future Playstation endeavours, that obviously isn’t good for us. Not to mention the ambiguity of calling it an exclusive that’s “only on Playstation” when it’s really a timed exclusive.

    What I am perfectly clear on, however, is how much I loathe the concept of PS+, and how I am forced to subscribe to it for online. It’s contradictory to combine online costs with a service that encourages you to download on a monthly basis. It’s downright dirty to force it on us who don’t want to put strain on their network. I’m tired of supporting PS+ against my principles just to get the ‘online’ extra out of it.

    • Shocker! Game studios can have more than 1 team working at a time – and, y’know, companies like Bluepoint who have spent pretty much all of their time porting games

  • Bearing in mind that, seem to start following, Microsoft’s ideas, Only on Playstation, will no longer converge, Horizon Zero Dawn on PC ??? after a news like that to buy a PS5 ?? nape, you can absolutely release all exclusive on PC, ,, (Hermen Hulst) this guy will destroy the legacy Playstation

  • Wow some of you people really need to get a grip, I’ve been gaming for over 30 years and seen so called exclusives move to other consoles. I mean who thought Sonic would be on a Nintendo console.

    I mean you call yourself Playstation fans but are now spitting your dummy out and saying you won’t buy PS5. I mean I honestly don’t care what you do my PS5 will be pre ordered as soon as I can.

    How is giving Sony devs another way of bringing money to make new games a bad thing. HZD has already sold millions and isn’t going to make more money on PS4, but this allows a new revenue stream to old games. Its business, Sony aren’t stupid they have said they are not planning day and date release on PC. The Last of Us 2 is not going to be coming to PC in the foreseeable future and if it does so what. 1st party games sre gonna be optimised for console 1st and most PC ports run like crap, just look at how long it took Halo to run fine.

    If you were true PS fans this wouldn’t phase you.

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    • Does Sega still make consoles? Did Sega put Sonic on other platforms before they stopped making consoles? I only bought PS for exclusives.

      I did not buy it cause I like Sony. Also I bought a Dreamcast and I know for a fact that Sega would not put their games on other platforms if they still made hardware.

      Sony has not given us anything from the money they made. They have released less games this gen than last gen. Fact is PS is pointless if their games are on another platform.

      With your logic they should put their games on Xbox and Switch too since they would sell more copies. Oh put them on Stadia too.

    • the problem here is don’t put “only on playstation” and then take it out in other platforms. why pay for a console that will not have exclusives? What guarantees do you give me to stay? As a user, what satisfaction do I have? playfirst? pfff! Why be in a system that forces me pay by playing online and will not have exclusive?

    • To put in perspective, they will only do this with a select few exclusives, probably the best selling ones.

    • Funny you mention Sonic because Sega is just a shadow of its former self. All desire to make amazing games in order to compete with other platforms is long gone, the only thing they have going for them is Yakuza, everything else is garbage. If that is the future you want for playstation then be my guest, meanwhile i will be in the cozy Nintendo camp

    • Short sighted children throwing temper tantrums, that’s how. It doesn’t really matter though, as long as Horizon sells well, Sony is going to port more stuff. There’s a lot of money to be made on PC and they’ve been missing out.

    • Yeah – I don’t why people are so against it. More money on Sony’s pockets could be a good thing – more to invest in original ideas and studios

    • Sony makes billions annually from PS already. I could care less about them making more money. Where is my Modnation Racers 2, Starhawk 2 and Resistance 4? So much for using their money to make more games. No Bloodborne 2, Sly 5 or new MotorStorm.

    • its dishonest to say to the people :

      Hey! Buy my console, you can play all these games ONLY here.

      If I, as consumer can buy sony’s console, or a pc, and finally decided to buy sony’s console because of these “exclusives”,all you can say means nothing, it is an absolute lie, and costs me 400$ , so, in some way, its like a fraud.

      Secondly, all these ” Grow up, blablabla , why dont you let other people enjoy the game? Blablaba” Narrative is nosense. I’m not against anyone playing anygame in any platafform, but, i want sony to speak clear and let me buy the system i want to buy whithout lies. Its dishonoest all these fakes “only on PlayStation” Boxes, dude.

      Finally, if people dont mind about exclusives and all this things, its ok, but FOR ME, its what makes every single console attractive in its own way. Without exclusives there are no competence, and without it, we doesnt ever get games as Tlou, gow or the names HZD.

      And dont day to people who are o who arent true playstation fans,i think its pretty obvious that you arent the true one,preorder your ps5 and all that things, its up to you , i sadly will buy a pc next and for sure i will play all the “exclusives” There x saving tons of money that i used to spent in sony’s plataforms.

    • @krazy_whiskey What a senseless statement. It’s not dishonest in the slightest, the game has been ONLY on PS4 for years, and fyi it still is as it’s yet to be released on PC. You get to play “Only on PS” games YEARS before PC players even have a chance to buy them.

      It really baffles me how selfish people like you can be, outdated mentalities like yours have caused so many classics (especially PS2 games) to be lost over time due to being locked down to outdated hardware/ consoles (due to console generations), when they could’ve been preserved by being released on PC.

  • greedy for money. bite the hand that feeds you. in times of ps3 I would have understood, but now…

  • ended the “only on Playstation” label

  • I am extremely upset with the launch of a PS4 exclusive for the PC

  • Liar !!!….you break Playstation 5 exclusives !!…#horizondawnnotpc

  • Plays better on PC!!!

  • This guy just sold me a PC Gamer. Keep up the good work!

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