These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

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These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

Nioh 2, My Hero One’s Justice 2 and MLB The Show 20 debut on PS4

This week, Team Ninja challenges PS4 players to best a world of terrifying yokai in its hotly-anticipated masocore sequel Nioh 2. Bandai Namco gives anime enthusiasts another reason to test their might in the virtual arena with My Hero One’s Justice 2 and for early access players, SIE San Diego Studio promises the ultimate sports sim in the shape of MLB The Show 20.
All this and more are releasing on PlayStation Store over the coming days. Let’s take a closer look*.

Nioh 2 | Out: Friday 13th March

Christmas has come early for those PS4 players who’ve sharpened their combat skills through the brutal difficulty of the masocore genre. Team Ninja’s samurai epic arrives this Friday, promising another masterclass in action RPG brutality. Keep an eye on PS.Blog this week for combat guides and behind the scenes look into the game’s design.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 | Out: Friday 13th March

This arena battler sequel sees the original’s memorable cast be joined by a few new – yet familiar – faces from the hit anime series. With a roster groaning with the weight of 40 unique characters, you’ll have plenty of choice when building your dream team of fighters.

MLB The Show 20 (early access) | Out: Friday 13th March

GameTitle on PS4
If you’re super eager to get playing San Diego Studio’s expansive new take on the world of baseball then great news! Pre-order the digital version of the game and you’ll unlock it this Friday, a full five days earlier than the official launch.

*Game releases correct at time of publication

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  • Nioh 2 for me, although Super Destronaut Land Wars looks really cool too.

  • Yay for Koei Techmo for making a game with gameplay and fun as the main focus.

    You know the thing a certain company don’t even bother with anymore, replacing it with boring bearded guys and plain women talking sadly about sad boring things.

    Speaking of which, I wish they’d stop promoting Baseball.

    • Wooo MLB 20…woooo

      can’t wait to NOT buy that again.

    • That’s not a very nice way to talk about Microsoft.

    • Hey now, just because Sony release (basically) only franchise/sequel games and charge people for online doesn’t make them Microsoft.

      They prefer the term “Microsoft 2”..

    • Most Sony published games aren’t sequels though. They’re one of the least sequel reliant publishers in fact. Last of Us 2 will be the first sequel they’ve released since God of War, which was two years ago so your assertion makes no sense. Plus, everyone charges for online now. That’s what the industry is now, like it or not.

    • This generations few Sony first party games have almost all been sequels or remakes.

      Killzone. Infamous. GoW. Uncharted. Medievil. Gravity Rush 2. TLoU2. Knack 2. Gran Turismo. MLB 1905-2099. Etc. (if you think there’s missing items, more than likely you’re confusing Sony’s owned games with third party games Sony kind of helped publish a bit, like Detroit, Movie Stranding and Until Dawn)

      The only “original” PS4 IPs they’ve done themselves have mostly been painfully generic open world games and their own version of Microsoft’s “make your own game” software. VR got a few tech demos. It’s not exactly a deluge of original IPs coming from Sony, or characters.

      Sony copied Microsoft with online fees. Nintendo copied them both. 3 wrongs doesn’t make it right somehow, or any less dishonest.

    • If you’re just going to be dishonest and misrepresentative about this then there’s not really any point continuing here. But you should probably actually try looking up how many titles Sony actually published this gen… and maybe look up what ‘third party’ actually means while you’re at it.


    • So being “dishonest” and “misrepresentative” is claiming that games Sony didn’t make aren’t Sony games… Ok then…

      I think you should look up what “dishonest” means.

  • Nioh 2 should serve as a nice starter to the onslaught of heavyweight releases hitting over the next few months.

  • Nioh 2 and with season pass, let’s whack some controllers.

  • ACA or arcade archive games are extremely appreciated by me, it is like having a neogeo and a crappy kebab shop arcade on my ps4 pro. Love it

  • Good u haven’t mentioned word “exclusive” – we know what happened to Nioh and tenths of other PS universe games… Even to some of the most iconic ones, as Crash. And streak is continuing…

    If u are making multiplatform game, say it, and everything will be fine.

  • OMG three in a week 2 Neo Geo arcade Archives & Arcade Archives makes the week go more smoothly

  • On the pre-order page for the standard edition of MLB it says “early access” but I can’t pre-load it yet…what gives?

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