PlayStation Store’s PS Plus Double Discounts promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s PS Plus Double Discounts promotion starts today

And so does Deal of the Week, Games Under €15 and Games Under €5 deals

PS Plus members can earn double discounts with PlayStation Store’s headline promotion this week, the aptly named *drumroll* PS Plus Double Discounts.
PS Plus membership grants you up to 70% off a range of PS4 titles* like Mortal Kombat 11, Black Desert, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition, EA Sports UFC 3 Deluxe Edition and more. Non-members can still save up to 35%.
Check out the list below.

Deal of the Week: Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Save 35% on undead shooter Zombie Army 4. Created by Rebellion, the studio behind the Sniper Elite series, this third-person action romp will see you battle legions of the living dead alone or with friends.

Games Under €15 and Games Under €5***

PlayStation Store is also running two additional promotions from today for a limited time. Check out the Games Under €15 promotion here and Games Under €5 promotion here.
*PS Plus Double Discounts promotion runs from 00:00 GMT Wednesday, 4th March to 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 18th March
**Deal of the Week promotion runs from 00:00 GMT Wednesday, 4th March to 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 11th March
***Games Under €15 and Games Under €5 promotions run from 00:00 GMT Wednesday, 4th March to 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 18th March

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  • Wow there are a lot of big reductions for PS+ members (WWZ at 12€ for PS+ and 26€ non PS+ members ; Far Cry New Dawn Deluxe at 16.49€ for PS+ vs 35.74€ for non PS+ members, etc…)

    As usual, the sale on Store only shows 213 items while more than 380 items went on sale !

    Full list + price history for each game/DLC/add-on (choose your region) :

    • Are you taking into account the secondary €5/€15 sales?

    • Double Discount = 207 games. 15 euro = 110 games and 5 euro = 82 games. Everything is showing for me in the store :) But that site is still very useful :)

    • This is a decoy they use to justify your ps+ purchase even if in a regular sale you would pay the same price for every game.

  • I didn’t really like the demo so it’s not for me, but little nightmares currently has 5999 ratings. If you purchase it, and rate it, you can watch that sucker tick over to 6000.

  • I have the game and just went to rate it, but it still says 5999.

  • Yoku’s Island Express for me !

    And anyone looking for a chill game to relax with great music, the Expand + Soundtrack Bundle for 3€ is a great deal. The music is absotootly worth the 50 cent extra..

  • I am so glad you take into consideration our wishlist items even if some of them are unpopular.I wrote this on January19 ”I hope next time we ll get DLC sales,the Evil Within Season Pass will be included!!!Unfortunately last year it was only discounted once at May 2019 while other season passes get featured many times…Recently got both Evil Within & Evil Within 2 and I want to enjoy the full experience with Kidman’s story!! ”.I just got Evil Within DLC for 4.99€ and I will dive once again into Sebastian’s nightmare before starting Kidman’s parallel storyline!!!

    • It’s bad when dlc you want never goes on sale again but the thing you say about considering what we say or what’s in our personal wish lists is being ignored… Well yes as they don’t read any thing we say or spend days looking at wish lists writing down a list of what dlc people want then making a dlc list to put on sale. If you are lucky the game will be on plus and they will cash in on the dlc on offer thing they sometimes pull

    • Sorry post deleted as they found dlc on sale so me pointing it out seams stupid

  • There are some games in this discounts that I wanted to buy so good job that’s some solid discounts

  • Following the link above, Dandara is advertised as £4.99…in the ‘games under £4’ sale. ?

  • Yeah I think something has gone wrong. The Days Gone link is showing at £54.99. Although yesterday it was £19.49.

  • Dear playstation, you forgot to discount Hollow knight voidheart edition. The us has it atm and the last time this game got a discount was over 6 months ago

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