Final Fantasy VII demo out now on PS4

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Final Fantasy VII demo out now on PS4

Take on the iconic opening bombing mission and face off against a powerful boss

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here: the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is out now! Visit the demo page and download now!
While you’re waiting for it to download (or get home to play it), we can give you a little information about what to expect from this exciting glimpse into the game.

What’s included in the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo?

The new demo features a lengthy segment from the very beginning of the game: the iconic bombing mission against the Shinra Electric Power Company, and the subsequent escape.
You’ll control two of the game’s cast – spiky-haired ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife, and the ballistically-limbed Barret Wallace – and enact a dangerous plan to infiltrate and destroy Mako Reactor 1.
Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4

It’s a very large complex, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore, find secrets, soak in the richly detailed environments and, of course, bash Shinra Security troopers with a giant sword.
When you reach your target, you’ll encounter the Scorpion Sentinel. It may be the first boss of the game, but don’t expect this mechanical monstrosity to give you an easy ride.
If you manage to beat it, don’t think you can relax – you still have to escape from the complex before it collapses around you.
But did you give yourself long enough to do so…?

What you need to know about combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake

When you play the demo, you’ll get to experience Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat system first-hand.
It combines real time action and menu-based commands to create something that feels brand new, but still hearkens back to the original game. You’ll see what we mean when you play it.
Everything revolves around ATB. As you attack foes with the Square button, you’ll fill a gauge underneath your character’s health indicator. This is the ATB bar – and when a segment is full, you can spend it to perform an action.
Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4
For example, you can use an Ability – a special attack that deals damage or fills the enemy’s stagger gauge. Alternatively, you could heal with an item or cast a spell – magic can be devastatingly effective when used properly.
We think it’s a really exciting system, but if you prefer strategy to action, you can also try Classic Mode. In this mode, the characters will attack automatically, so you can focus on giving them commands – similar to command-based RPGs like the original Final Fantasy VII.
However you like to play, remember that spending ATB is the key to combat. Basic attacks don’t do much damage, and enemies can hit surprisingly hard, so make sure you experiment with all the tools at your disposal to find what works best.
To get you started, here’s a pro tip that fans of the original game might remember: Shinra machinery hate electricity, so bring the Thunder!
We hope you enjoy the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

When is Final Fantasy VII Remake out?

If you’re excited to play more, the good news is that you don’t have long to wait. Final Fantasy VII Remake releases 10th April, 2020 for PlayStation 4! You can pre-order now on PlayStation Store.

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  • Awesome! Only been waiting almost 15 years for a FFVII remake, can’t wait to try it!

  • It looks and feels faaaantastic, WOW

  • Out today?! Damn uh I’m suddenly starting to feel ill, I should probably go home sick ?

  • Oh wow thank you for the birthday present Square!

  • Holy heck. Yes please. Now if only the EU would do away with the whole “deliver pre-order bonuses like themes, avatars etc on release instead of on pre-order”.

  • Absolutely destested this game on my PS1. Ugly and dull. But I’m downloading the demo anyways to see if modern graphics & gameplay can change my mind. Though I don’t imagine I’ll like the characters much. Cloud was an unlikable piece of crud back then and unless they’ve totally changed up the story I don’t see that improving much.

    ok first 10 mins of play. It certainly feels much better and i appreciate the more real-time battle (cos turn based never made any sense to me) though the engine does have that same oddly ‘sterile’ feel a lot of japanese action games have compared to western counterparts like naughty dogs games (where uncharted and last of us feel smooth and full of life in their movements). But eh it’s a lot better than i imagined it would be. Certainly the right way to do a remake

  • About time. That is all.

  • Thank you! Much appreciated!

  • Loved the demo! It looks great and the combat system seems cool! Combining real-time attacking and dodging with ATB-based abilities seems to work great and it’s definitely deeper than just ‘button mashing’ (as some people were afraid it would be). It also means battles can differ from one another in cool ways (environment becomes a bigger factor). The boss fight was epic and satisfying.

    I’m even more excited now!

  • All we need now is The Last Of Us Part 2 Demo to drop out of the blue?

  • I finished the demo last night: that opening sequence was just phenomenal. The level of detail and polish left me in awe, and the pyrotechnics/lighting in HDR look insanely good. This is one of the few games where I most definitely won’t be skipping the cutscenes!

    I love how the devs have transitioned between the action sequences with dramatic camera angles (in typical FF fashion), and there was a real sense of urgency throughout the demo even before the countdown timer was set. I’m a turn-based player at heart, but I think the action/real-time mechanics are better suited here to match the pacing of the gameplay.

    On the surface it appears you can just hold the square button to brute-force your way through battles, though I imagine (hope) some deeper strategies might be needed for certain enemies in the full release.

    As it stands, it has seriously whetted my appetite for the game. I love the ‘pick up and play’ factor, there doesn’t seem to be any overly lengthy dialogue and the presentation looks like something I’d expect on PS5. It’s Final Fantasy, but not as we know it.

  • Just finished the FF7 demo. Wow yeah, I really liked it. From the moments the opening bars of music started it was nostalgia overload. Combat great, looks nice (although possibly if I’m being harsh not actually looking like a 2020 game), sound is great. I deliberately skipped every cut scene just to concentrate on gameplay and I’d rather wait for the full release, but I’m impressed.

    Man, that boss fight was hard!! I only just made it through after using all my phoenix downs!

  • Some of what I loved about the original FFVII back in

    the day, was the simple and classic turn based gameplay, though with a time

    element (ATB) which would always keep you on your toes. Yet the experience was

    way more tactical and slow paced than what I usual like(d) to play. It ended up

    being a game I could somehow relax to, yet get a deep satisfaction from. This

    laid back gameplay, also opened a window for me to take the story in and appreciate

    it, like no video game had done for me before this. So how did this experience

    translate to modern age? Well, intentionally I haven’t been reading anything

    about the remake, to avoid any kind of spoilers, so I took the plunge on “Normal”

    difficulty. After having been blown away by the opening cinematic, my hands

    were almost shaking to get into the actual game. After fighting 2-3 groups of

    mobs, I noticed how drastically the game had been changed, even though

    musically and story wise it seems reminiscent of what came before it. I

    button-mashed my way through a few more fights, struggling to see all of my

    opponents due to a disoriented camera. I noticed in the menu a lot of camera

    settings, so I decided to play around with some before going any further. A few

    more fights – the guard dogs at least proved a bit challenging, having me rear out

    my materia for the first time, which worked perfectly, though I was struggling

    as much with the dog running all over the place, as forcing the camera to play

    along. After a few more fights I jumped back into the menu, now slightly more

    desperate to find something that would give me a more tactical and relaxed experience

    like the old game. [to be continued]

  • I ended up switching from “Normal” to “Classic” mode,

    hoping that this would let me focus more on the tactical aspects of battles,

    than camera management and button mashing. Anyways, I pressed on and was slightly

    more satisfied this time around – but the thing is, the ATB gauge still does

    not fill automatically, still forcing me to button mash to fill it up. On

    another note the character switch/issue commands system seems to work perfectly

    and allows you to focus on you main character, while still having control over

    the others.  I was interrupted in my struggle with the

    battle system, as “the big one” suddenly approached my team – the Scorpion boss

    was one of my favourite of the original and I was mesmerized by how beautifully

    (and scary) it had been recreated. However, the actual fight – even on Classic

    Mode – was very tough, and I hate to say this, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Camera issues, an arbitrary dodge system (to be fair, parrying works great though,

    but hurts…

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  • With only a month for the full release, I’m not spoiling it by trying this demo. Good to see so many good opinions of it though.

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