Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend announced, starts 27th March

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Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend announced, starts 27th March

Play as part of a fireteam or go it alone as the iconic hunter in this intense asymmetrical PS4 multiplayer title

I am so excited to announce we will be running a trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds, starting on 27th March, and running through 29th March. The trial will be open to PS4 players with PlayStation Plus and PC players as well via Cross-play support. Just hop on PlayStation Store, download the trial and start hunting!

The Trial will be available to download on 27th March in Japan at 3pm JST, in Europe at 4pm GMT/5pm CET, and in North America at 5pm PST.
We spent the last part of 2019 taking a demo around to various gaming events around the world and allowing members of the public to try it for themselves. Seeing the fun that everyone has had as both the Predator and the Fireteam has been rewarding for the dev team. We got a bit of feedback through that process and we believe everyone will be excited to see where the game is. We are looking forward to having you test the game out as we are getting closer and closer to launch.
The Trial will allow you to play solo as the Predator, or to team up online with three others as part of a fireteam. Back in December, we detailed how savage and powerful the Predator was. Ahead of the Trial, here’s what you should know about playing on a Fireteam in Predator: Hunting Grounds:

The odds are against you

Predator: Hunting Grounds on PS4
Who doesn’t love a challenge? We love that when you play as the Fireteam it really captures that feeling of power, of being the best of the best. You have access to a state-of-the art arsenal and gear that lets you feel like you can take down an army, and you will. Fireteam players have a mission to accomplish and must face tons of AI opponents PLUS another player hunting them as the Predator.

Get a real sense of fear

Predator: Hunting Grounds on PS4
The original Predator movie was scary and so is playing this game. You land in the map with a mission at hand and battle a ton of AI to accomplish key objectives, and then all the sudden you hear that ominous clicking noise, a threat that could be coming from anywhere.
On top of this suspense, when the Predator attacks, it’s terrifying. The Predator is relentless. It can pounce on you from above, shoot deadly plasma from the shadows, or rip you apart up close. The thrill of being hunted made the original movie so fun to watch, and what makes playing the Fireteam so fun.

Making it out alive

Predator: Hunting Grounds on PS4
Just like in the films, you need to regroup with your team, reevaluate your situation, and decide how you are going to get out alive. The game gives you all the tools you need, but the tactics and strategy are all on you.
Do you escape the Predator or turn the tables and hunt it down?
Do you band together and use your collective firepower to fend it off?
Do you divide and conquer?
Do you use the environment and AI to your advantage?
There are so many options and the choice is yours. Figuring out how to survive is at the core of why being the Fireteam is fun.
Predator: Hunting Grounds on PS4
Lastly, we’re thrilled to reveal our cover art for the game! This piece really captures how we feel playing both the Predator and the Fireteam. You feel the intensity that the Predator is everywhere and nowhere all at once hunting the Fireteam. And you also feel that the Fireteam is just as deadly with their arsenal as they work together as a team. They are always alert and ready for anything. Which takes us right back to the film that continues to inspire us, the ’87 Predator.
Every gamer, no matter the character you are playing, is ready to hunt and be hunted. We are looking forward to seeing you in the hunt on 27th March! Watch the blog for more info and tips!

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