PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion begins today

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PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion begins today

Save up to 70% on the likes of Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts III, NieR: Automata, Tekken 7 and more

PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion returns this week, shining a spotlight on a selection of the best PS4 titles to come out of development studios from the far east. During the sale* you can save up to 70% on such modern day classics like Resident Evil 2, NieR: Automata: Game of the YoRHa Edition, Kingdom Hearts III and Tekken 7.
Check out the full list of discounts below!

*The Big in Japan promotion begins 00.00am GMT on Friday, 21st February and ends 23.59pm GMT Tuesday, 3rd March

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  • Ni No Kuni remastered has been on sale twice in the US yet we don’t even get it in a Japanese games sale? Good to see Sony keeping up their Anti UK/EU policy.

    • It’s been on sale twice at £24.99 according to (Not defending Sonyi t’s just a fact!). Oh by the way I wanted this game discounted and would have probably purchased it.

    • My mistake then, hadn’t seen it on sale here. Cheers for the clarification. Sony massively favour the US over UK/EU in almost every sale though, of that I’m not mistaken.

    • Yep the discrepancy between the EU and US deals/prices is galling to say the least. Personally I shall wait patiently until the price for this (and any other game I want) becomes acceptable to me. I hope this game is discounted to a price acceptable to you sooner rather than later :-))

    • By the way, you can get it right now on Amazon for 24. Which though not on sale is cheaper than the cheapest “digital” sales price..

  • Now this is some serious sale … bought persona 5 ultimate editon, nier automata yorha edition and finaly final fantasy ix digital edition.

  • Very nice sale !

    Will pick RE6 to play the campaign in coop with a friend

  • BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Special Edition is 19,99€. The upgrade to this version (BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Ver2.0) if you have the base game is 24,99€. I already have the base game, so the store doesn’t let me buy the Special Edition. It makes no sense that the full game is cheaper that the upgrade.

  • Just played the Yakuza 6 Demo the other day (it was great fun), and now it’s only €19,99. Perfect timing!

  • I’m not having much luck with these recent sales. Still over 60 games on my wishlist that seem to never get a sale

  • Great selection though I wish Persona 3 Dancing & Persona 5 Dancing would go on sale individually since it’s always the bundle that does and that’s unavailable to me.

    • I wish the Vita versions of Persona 3 and 5 Dancing would go on sale since it is always the PS4 versions that are on sale. Same with Digimon story Cyber sleuth – Hacker’s memory.

  • Appreciate the low-key love for Vita here.

    We are coming up to one of the biggest springtime gaming release schedules this gen and Sony drops this our way. Oh sweet, aching wallet…

  • Oof finally finally NieR: Automata is on sale! Will surely get that and maybe Yakuza Zero or something else.

  • Nice selection but it is a little sad to see that only the PS4 version of Rabi-Ribi is on sale and not the PSVita version too.

  • Not a single Attack on Titan game. Not even the oldest one.

  • So ..

    we all got Nioh for free (which is now on sale for 9.99)

    The complete edition is 14.99. Can u plz discount the seasonpass to 5.00-7.50 euro then ?

    • Yeah it sucks. I paid more for the season pass than the actual game itself. Too bad it is not often discounted and I just was unpatient to wait any longer.

  • Why are there hardly any sales for Vita versions of PS4 games?

    For example:


    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – was £34.99, now £15.99

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II – was £34.99, now £14.99

    PS Vita:

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – £34.99

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II – £34.99

  • I see that DLCs for Ni No Kuni 2 are in sale there. I still have that game in my backlog, but I did play and love the first one.

    Ale the DLCs worth it? Do they add some substantial story, or are they just fluff and filler fights?

    • they add extra hard battles and some weapons. i found them worth the money in the long run as in time spent playing vs price

  • I play battlefield 5 on ps4How to create a new profile (I do not mean hosting) only a permanent account so that I can start all the progress again?when I made a new account, new email on the console, I don’t have the PS PLUS icon there, which means I have to buy it, and people say that you can connect ps plus to these 2 accounts, what’s on one console, how to do it?Forgive my colleagues for asking me here, but officially the ps forum was closed :( why??

    • You have to set the account/profile (your PSN ID) with your BFV game as a master account for a start and then create a new account and set it as your sub account. Just so you know, once an account is made into a master account it can no longer be made into a sub account again. Google PS4 master/sub accounts, there’s bound to be a YouTube video showing you what to do.

  • This is better than Wednesday’s Essential Picks sale but I’m still not impressed. Sale prices need to continue to depreciate rather than continually drop to the same price and then revert to the original price again ad infinitum.

    This is why digital stores will never be accepted over physical.

    • Also, some of the sale prices are higher than the retail standard prices. Yeah, I’m looking at you Square Enix and KOEI.

  • So……….. Sonic forces ain’t on sale! Any chance of fixing that?

  • Square-Enix and Aksys can discount their PS3/Vita games, why can’t you do the same, NIS America, Tecmo Koei, Rising Star and XSEED? :(

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