These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Bayonetta, Vanquish, Hunt: Showdown, Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story and more debut on PS4

This week on PlayStation Store you can revisit two sublime action adventures that’ll test your reflexes, find out what happens when battle royale meets survival horror and delve into the depths of threat-filled dungeons for fortune and glory.
Let’s take a look.

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle

It’s a double-bill of PlatinumGames magic as two of the Japanese studio’s all-time greats celebrate their joint anniversary with a PS4 debut. Grow your arsenal of weaponry and combos as you slay your way through Heaven’s hordes in Bayonetta. Then, witness how Platinum puts a rocket-propelled spin on the cover shooter in Vanquish. Together they form an unmissable slice of action for genre fans.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown on PS4
Tackle other bounty hunters as well as ghoulish monstrosities in this horror spin on the battle royale genre by Crytek, creator of Crysis. Gear up with a mixture of long-range and melee weapons, then enter 1895-set Louisiana solo or in teams, tracking down monsters while avoiding the threat of others on the same hunt.

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story

Dungeon crawling with a huge dollop of Japanese folklore awaits in this isometric samurai romp. Descend into procedurally-generated dungeons to battle foes and claim loot at night, then get to know your neighbours by day as you play sword salesman in your local village.

These four are joined by multiple other titles launching this week. Check out the full list below*!

*All release dates correct at time of publication

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  • What day does Hunt: Showdown release?

  • And Coffee Talk in Sweden, how slow are you

  • The Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun bundle sounds good to me. More NES games on a non-Nintendo machine is always an odd but amusing thing.

  • I wonder if the people working on the Store are aware of the ridiculous situation that’s been happening since AUGUST 2019 on the Store website (i.e. via browser) with the download queue and item bundles? It literally puts one item in the queue out of the total instead of all items in the bundle. It afflicts all PlayStation systems regardless of the browser and internet connection used. I tried to report the issue on the official forums but they’re closing in 2 weeks… only ONE person cooperated and tried to replicate it and he got the very same issue. My requests for more feedback have been completely ignored.

    • Several upvotes… and not a single person who said “yes, the same issue happens to me” or “nah it doesn’t happen to me”.

      Guys, you don’t need to buy anything, you can try to replicate the issue with just ANY bundle you own. Even stuff bought a decade ago.

      These are the “bundles” i’ve tested:

      – Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition (and the Royal Edition Upgrade) (PS4)

      – MotorStorm RC Complete Edition (PS3/Vita, cross-buy)

      – Ridge Racer Ultimate Edition (Vita)

      – Doodle God Ultimate Collection (PS3)

      – Infamous 2 Character Skin Pack (PS3)

      – Godzilla Theme Bundle (PS3)

      – The Hobbit Theme Bundle (PS3)

      – The weapon bundle pack for DmC: Devil May Cry (PS3, that one with Gold, Samurai-style or Bone Crafted weapon skins, dunno how it’s named in English)

      – ‘300’ Theme Bundle (PS3)

      – Need for Speed Rivals Complete DLC Bundle (PS3/PS4)

      – Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition (PS4)

      – Need for Speed Ultimate Bundle (PS4, this one includes the complete editions of the 2015 game, Rivals and Payback)

      – Just Cause 3 XXL Edition (PS4)

      – Just Cause 3 Expansion Pack (PS4)

      – Just Cause 3 Weaponised Vehicles Pack (PS4)

      – The three Uncharted games for PS3 (they come with base game and several language packs

      – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3, it comes in two parts)

      – Bioshock: The Collection (PS4, it comes in two parts)



      It happens with just EVERYTHING across all three platforms.These bundles should be all available in the Store (in my country, at least… a person from Hungary i asked to replicate the issue tested it with the Star Wars PS4 Mega Bundle, it put ONE out of 4 item in the queue), if you have them, or anything similar to them (again: these are some of the bundles I own, your mileage may vary), go to the Store website, enter those bundles pages, and choose to “download” them (aka put them in the Download queue) to your console(s), then go to the Download queue page and you’ll notice it put a single item in the queue. For example, with the FFXV Royal Pack, it’ll only put the Russian Voice Pack. For MotorStorm RC, only a DLC vehicle, and so on.

      Things like The Nathan Drake Collection/Handsome Collection have nothing to do with this issue, they’re single apps/items. I’m telling this because whether i ask for help these are the first things that are tested.

      Seriously, i need others’ feedback, or the PlayStation support will never seriously look at the issue, and continue blaming my console and my ISP, even if i demonstrated that it’s not my fault because a couple of years ago there was another issue (with PS3/Vita content only,  IIRC) where it was completely impossible even to put a single item in the queue. It took several months to be fixed. I’ve even tried to report it for months if you remember, there was a looong thread in the old PS Forums.

      I apologize for the huge wall of text.

    • I remember when the queue was broken for the PS3 and Vita, afterwards it was fixed and since then I didn’t use this feature but I assumed it was OK. I’ve noticed on the PC store that the version number keeps changing with no noticeable differences, I wonder if that has something to do with what’s going on “under the hood”. Still, I find it absurd that such a big company can’t be bothered with such a trivial (for them, not for us) matter.

    • I tested my copy of Ni No Kuni on the PS3. One item on the Webstore. 2 items on the PS3 store itself.

    • Thanks for the feedback, MissDreamer. Could you please do more tests with different bundles? Not necessarily the ones i posted, those were my examples. But i don’t think it’ll be really necessary anyway. Also please post your ISP. Thank you.

    • I don’t know what my isp is. Plus I’m not sure what other bundles I have at the top of my head I have so much stuff. Lol.

    • Well, if you’re subscribed to Plus, and you got The BioShock Collection, you could try that. It should be in 2 parts and download both on PS4 and one from the webstore. No worries about the ISP, you’re from UK, so it’s definitely “just not any ISP from Italy” lol (i’m italian btw)

    • Bioshock isn’t a bundle. I have two separate items to download on my list. I tried Batman. Return to Arkham PS4 from the game page it only added the second game. On the PS4 library, if it is a bundle, you download them separately and not as one bundle.

    • BioShock is not a bundle? I thought it comes in 2 parts, the first one with 1+2, and the second one with Infinite. It only puts Infinite in the queue, just tested.

      And thanks for testing Batman though. I’m aware that it works fine from the consoles, but the problem i was talking about involves only the webstore, nothing else. That behaviour is “normal” (well, not really, the webstore queue doesn’t work as intended… it’s always the webstore, like two years ago, as mentioned by @stathmos). I hope it’s more clear now. The queued items are totally downloadable, the problem is just HOW MANY ITEMS are put in the queue itself, if the involved game/bundle comes in multiple parts/items. Manually downloading is also fine, too, but good luck trying to scroll down thousands of pages to find a DLC bought a decade ago lol.

    • I got confused. I was trying to download Bioshock from my download list, which are two separate items. I went to the webstore gamepage and it only added Infinite to the queue like you said. So both Bioshock and Batman bundles only add 1 item each queue.

    • No problem. All bundles have this issue, no exceptions. Once again, thanks.

    • i guess i don’t own any bundles..never had an issue with any of this lol

    • If you don’t own any bundle, of course you never had issues… *sigh* i don’t even know what’s available in Japan.

    • i’m pretty sure i own many bundles but never had any issues

    • … dude, i’m pretty sure you wrote “i don’t own any bundles” before. Maybe the problem doesn’t happen at all in the japanese Store? I cannot test it, same for US accounts. The problem that happened years ago was worldwide, though.

      Have you tried doing what i wrote in the previous posts? It has to be done from the Store website, not the one on the console(s).

    • Well I have never had this problem, I have downloaded many bundles and they are always placed in the download queue.

    • You mean it put several items at once in the queue? From the website?

      Sorry if i insist, it’s because some people think that collections like the Uncharted and Borderlands ones count as “bundles”.

    • Yes from the website, the bishock collection for example. Both items was placed in the queue.

    • Really weird, but thanks for trying.

  • Is bloodroots out on 18th? I thought they said 28th Feb?

    • You can’t trust this list anymore, it’s fact that this is a mess every week. 

      It is clearly stated on the developers twitter- and webpage, that it will release on the 28th for PC, Switch and PS4. So, I don’t know where they have their info of the 18th!? 

      But surely someone from the blog staff will get back to us straight away, why it is listed this week. Certainly of course, no doubt.

  • Not exactly the Way of the Samurai game I was hoping for on PS4, but I’ll still look into it.

    And since Bayonetta is coming to PS4, I’m really hoping Anarchy Reigns gets ported. I don’t even need it to be remade…just please bring it to PS4.

  • What’s this Thursday’s Arcade Archive?

    • Yeah good Question did you spot the diamond in the ruff Metal Slug 4 a Neo Geo archives . 2 Archives last week though double delight don,t you think with new titles coming up for future releases like formation Z gemini wings & konami has just added Jail break the tin Star taito are all on the way as future releases

    • I’m not convinced Jailbreak is on the release list. POW is something like Prison Break in Japanese and I think this is causing confusion. Hamster’s list only includes 2 Konami games for Switch (Salamander/Flak Attack) since they’re already available on PS4.

      I bought Metal Slug 1, X and 3 on PS4 and 4 and 5 on Switch since they weren’t available on PS4. If 5 comes to PS4, I’ll prob re-buy 4 & 5 to have the full collection with XX. I don’t know what they licensing would be for 6 since it’s published by Sega?

  • Ryan Clements would spin in his grave like Crash if he saw the mess the weekly drop has become. Powerhouse rise!

  • it is February 20th

    where is kunio-kun bundle?

    • I cant find auto bhan police sim on the site of only dit Germanen US and UK i (in the Nederlands) have no ideaof whats gowing om whit PlayStation an wierd [DELETED]

      (Sorry for the bad gammar)

  • it is February 21st!

    where is kunio-kun bundle???

  • I play battlefield 5 on ps4How to create a new profile (I do not mean hosting) only a permanent account so that I can start all the progress again?when I made a new account, new email on the console, I don’t have the PS PLUS icon there, which means I have to buy it, and people say that you can connect ps plus to these 2 accounts, what’s on one console, how to do it?Forgive my colleagues for asking me here, but officially the ps forum was closed :(why?

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