Marvel’s Avengers: special editions, pre-order bonuses and more revealed for PS4

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Marvel’s Avengers: special editions, pre-order bonuses and more revealed for PS4

Play the beta first on PlayStation 4 and get early access to the full game come launch

Since we revealed Marvel’s Avengers last year, we unleashed an 18-minute trailer detailing the havoc of A-Day, revealed the inspirational Ms. Marvel as a playable character, and now, we’re ready to talk about some of the additional benefits for playing on PlayStation 4, the multiple editions available, and the pre-order bonuses that include some bespoke yet recognizable outfits. We’re also releasing a new trailer that shows more gameplay and new explosive moments from the game! Check it out:

We’re honored to be working with Sony to bring Marvel’s Avengers to PlayStation 4 players, and with that, comes unique benefits along with being able to play the Beta first. Let’s start with the Exclusive Digital Edition available only on PlayStation Store.
This edition comes with 1,000 Credits, used in game for Super Hero customization options. In addition, you’ll also get an exclusive Ms. Marvel nameplate that exudes the bright and cheerful nature of Kamala Khan.
If you pre-order on PlayStation 4, you’ll also receive a team nameplate that can be equipped on any of the core six Avengers, an exclusive and sassy Ms. Marvel “Talk to the Hand” Emote that will make anyone’s face understand, and an exclusive PS4 Theme (digital only) that includes a simple yet slick hex pattern to brighten up your display.
Adding a little nostalgia for every Marvel fan, pre-ordering Marvel’s Avengers will also let you be the proud owner of the Marvel Legacy Outfits, which are inspired by moments from the comics that defined who each Avenger was as they embraced their powers to become the icons they are today.
GameTitle on PS4
Captain America’s bravery shines in this Front Line Outfit from his time enlisted in the military during World War II. Iron Man was able to deceive his captors by building armour that looked liked this Iron Will Outfit to escape. The first time Black Widow’s iconic black suit appeared in the comics, it looked like this Classic Stealth Outfit – complete with the Widow’s Bite. Thor’s winged helmet, chest installations, and red cape were his trademark from the very beginning of his origins, reflected in the Asgard’s Might Outfit. Before Ms. Marvel went on one of her first missions, she made a makeshift costume that looked like this Greater Good Outfit. Finally, when The Hulk first emerged, his massive body tore through Bruce Banner’s clothing to resemble an experiment gone wrong, much like this Breakthrough Outfit.
We also have a Deluxe Edition and Earth’s Mightiest Edition (our version of a Collector’s Edition), each with their own heroic content. The Deluxe Edition contains the Obsidian Outfit Pack, where each Avenger is fashioned with metallic versions of their Iconic Outfits. With golden accents throughout, the Avengers are ready to inspire hope in the people of Earth who have become fearful of the existence of Super Heroes. There are also six nameplates that are Obsidian-themed to fit the overall Deluxe Edition aesthetic. Finally, you’ll get 72-hour early access to jump into the world of Marvel’s Avengers! For those getting the physical version of the Deluxe Edition, it will also include a 1-month free subscription to Marvel Unlimited, which is an online subscription service that lets you enjoy over 25,000 Marvel digital comics.
GameTitle on PS4
Finally, Earth’s Mightiest Edition is for the biggest of Marvel fans, the collectors of unique items, and for those who want something special to commemorate Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to all items from the Deluxe Edition – including an Avengers A icon SteelBook® Case – it features keepsakes of each of the core Avengers drawn directly from in-game narrative. This includes a full color 12″ statue of Captain America, a Hulk Bobblehead you might recognize from inside our Kamala trailer, a Mjolnir Keychain, Black Widow’s Belt Buckle, Iron Man’s Prototype Armor Blueprint, Kamala Khan’s Honorary Avenger Pin, and a commemorative Avengers group photo!
GameTitle on PS4
Phew, that was quite the amount of information, but we hope we painted a better picture of what you can expect with all the editions and bonuses for Marvel’s Avengers when it launches later this year on 4th September, 2020 for PlayStation 4!

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  • 15th of May? I thought I heard something about September…

  • No thanks. Looks crap but then I expect nothing less from the poor man’s Naughty Dog. Oh, and thank you SO much for screwing up the reveal of the game, even before the reveal, with all the online nonsense talk, something that nobody has any clue what it is or how it will work 8 months later. Really got me even more put off it.

    And no doubt this glorious crappy online tacked on part is what caused your own demise with the delay too.

  • Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition Game Exclusive £209.99

  • So a Destiny Always Online game just with a marvel skin, not worth it sorry

  • Yay! A Marvel Avengers game with in-game currency to buy emotes and skins!! So exciting! And pre-orders get extra coins and other pixel stuff.. that’s so freakin cool you guys. But that’s not all, here’s some extra plastic toys and a keychain. You’ll really feel like you’re the Avengers! Go and tell your parents to pre-order now. Do it. Dooo it. Do it now.

    • Hey don’t you mention those plastic toys. There’s loads of people upset right now that a certain company wont rerelease a cheap looking figure of an underage teenage girl from an upcoming blahblah and zombie game. Kind of weird when you think about it, so lets not think about it…

      Also, it’s weird how people think collectors editions will be worth money some day soon. Because PS1 games are worth soo much now..

      Game “collectors” are a hard to understand group of people.

    • Do real collectors even buy these editions though? I mean sure, maybe there are super rare videogames from last century that are worth some 1000€ now because some people need to have them to fill a hole in their life… But a plastic Marvel key chain that came with a soon to be forgotten game will never be worth anything.

      I think these collectors editions are really just big boxes stuffed with cheap merchandise, aimed at wealthy kids and infantilized adults.

      Mabe they need the toys from all the different games so they can play tea party at Barbie’s fun house. Probably more fun than playing the actual games.

    • Collectors probably do buy these to sell at inflated prices to other “collectors” who buy it based on speculative price rises. Like a weird low end stock market with little to no provable returns. Historically the only significant return auctioned games have all been 1 off/low release games (1-10 copies) of things most people discarded, the opposite of these things (10,000 – 100,000 copies+) people purposely store.

      This really is weirder the more you think about it. All these editions come out BEFORE the game, when no one has played it. How can you want merchandise for a game you have zero clue you’d even like and have no “nostalgia” for (I guess in this case it’s superhero stuff, but still)? Also if they really were “collectors” editions, where is collectors edition 2 and 3? Can’t have a “collection” of 1.

      I don’t know, it probably is some strange subculture of people doing strange things… Probably best not to think about it lest you find out the answer…

    • They should just be called fanboy editions. Probably called collectors edition because these figurines are going to collect dust..

      I don’t believe that people are actually buying these as any form of investment, they really just get suckered in by marketing that appeals to their inner child and the promise to have something special, to the point where they just think “ooooh… I want this”.

      In the case of kids I can somewhat understand it, but I’d say most people who pay 200€ for this edition will be adults to whom 200€ isn’t that much. So to them it’s not that much money and they feel like they buy something special that’s somewhat limited and it gives them happiness for a minute or two. And sure, it’s cheaper than a motorcycle or a pinball machine, but it’s also worth absolutely nothing.

      Seriously, you can buy a 3D printer for that money and print whatever figurine you want. And a 3D printer will definitely be more useful.

      And hey, let’s say I’m completely off and people actually do have fun with those toys and find a practical use for them, in whatever strange way that might be.. good for them.

  • So, the game includes a currency you can buy with real money.

    Now i’m really thinking of skipping this game.

  • I don’t really know what people gain from coming here and crapping all over this, if you don’t like it, just leave it alone. I’m personally going to pre-order this when i can, unfortunately i don’t think i can get the Earth’s Mightiest Edition because of the country i’m in, but i’ll get what i can

    • Well good on you for defending and supporting a totally profit focused corporation’s pro profit yet anti consumer strategies. Silly unprofitable things like enjoyment and fun are childish, we should be punished with gating content behind paywalls. We should really be adults, stop thinking of ourselves, and help the CEO get his bonus package for moving stocks up 0.012%..

      I’m sure buying massively overpriced games filled with microtransactions (and cheap merchandise) in no way encourages more overpriced games with microtransactions (and cheap merchandise). This was just a one off, to help the CEO buy a boat. Every CEO needs a boat.

  • In-game currency? I was gonna get this, now I wish it nothing but the worst! I’m out.

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