Dreams Early Access players can unlock the full version of the game on 11th February

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Dreams Early Access players can unlock the full version of the game on 11th February

Next Tuesday's Creator Patch update will let the community play new game features early

We’re excited to confirm that Early Access Dreamers will upgrade to the launch version of Dreams ahead of the 14th February launch date. We’ll be releasing a Creator Patch update on 11th February that gives those players access to all the new content in Dreams from 12pm GMT.
Following this Creator Patch players will be able to play and enjoy all the new features coming with the official launch of Dreams!
The team here have been busy bees since Early Access launched and we’re excited to be able to confirm the major changes from the 11th February:

We’re releasing Art’s Dream!

Dreams on PS4
This feature film length adventure follows former jazz musician Art as he dreams about his life, past and present, and realises he needs to make amends with his fellow bandmates.
The journey takes him through a series of dream-like situations involving him and a whole cast of wonderful fantasy characters, such as D-Bug, a helpful little robot with an electric personality and Frances, a hammer wielding teddy bear. Will he get his shot at redemption, or will his dreams become nightmares?

New creator kits

You’ll also get access to the Art’s Dream creation kits, allowing you to make your own dreams with our noir, sci-fi and fantasy creations. There are also two new kits to use in DreamShaping and your Homespaces:

  • Welcome Home
  • Ancient Temple
Dreams on PS4 Dreams on PS4Dreams on PS4

New Homespace introduction

You’ll also find a new intro to the homespace area and quite a few new tutorials and how-to videos in the Workshop!

Updated UI

The UI we implemented for DreamSurfing is also a significant update coming to DreamShaping which should make it easier to find content and collections to create with.


Now, we know our voracious creators in Early Access are dying to know what’s changed in the tools.
We’ve added better thermometer tools (level analysis and heatmaps), camera bookmarks and a whole new control scheme that uses left and right sticks, not the motion sensor function, for players who prefer that option.
We’ve also done a lot under the hood – our best guess for how many changes have been made between the start of Early Access and now is…well…18,000?! We’ve deployed bug fixes (much of it based on your feedback, thank you!) and added polish across the game as well as a host of smaller changes.
Thank you for supporting us in Early Access – we can’t wait to welcome you to the new improved Dreamiverse, ahead of schedule, on 11th February!

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  • Cool. For me then. :)

  • Will new master classes also be added with the launch of the full game so we can learn directly from the masters?

  • Awesome cannot wait to see the full version!

    A little disappointed no mention of VR though i hope this is still happening its my most wanted feature!

    • Yes, VR is still happening; both VR and online multiplayer are planned for future updates. :)

    • Yeap. But the date is still unknown. Just “hopefully later this year”.

      To me it sounds, that they found out, they are not able to render current dreams 2 times with increased frame rate on the PS4. So I see a possibility, that the PS5 version will be introducting VR support. (running level in PS4 quality to not split the comunity. So there will be spare performance to be used to render the VR image)

    • I’d put money on VR coming for the PS4 version of Dreams; it may be that the levels have to be a bit simpler, but I think the biggest technical challenges will be around the UI and making it easy for Dreamshapers to create Dreams that all VR users can make themselves comfortable in, perhaps with some built-in camera override options.

    • The most dreams I Played couldn’t play to 60fps even on PS4 Pro.

      VR maybe for PS5, sure they will skip PS4 for VR on this game.

  • Already bought the early access, can’t wait for the full release :)

  • Will early access players get the pre-order bonuses or miss out? The early access was essentially a pre-order for the full game.

    • The digital pre-order bonus is a Dreams PS4 theme. Early Access players will indeed receive it, Media Molecule have confirmed.

    • Nice one, cheers. Apparently the digital pre-order includes digital art book, and a digital soundtrack as well as the theme. According to Push Square anyways. Although I can only see the theme mentioned on PSN.

  • Will check this out again next week then. Haven’t been on it at all since buying it months ago. Didn’t get on with the motion control, and I’m probably not creative enough to make anything if I’m being brutally honest with myself!

    • It is easier that it souds. The object collection in the Dreamiverse is huge. So even if you have problem to sculpt something that looks good, you just use creations from other players and put them together to create some level. You can start like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYqSEzKIrw4

      Also you should have some fun playing the games that are there alredy (and more will come). Once you have it, look for:

      The Watergardens, Pig Detective series, Laser Bounce, Do robots dream of electric imps, Blade Gunner, Solaris, Castaway

      These should provide you with hours of quality fun.

      And then there are other in the making – Pig Detective 3, Exodus Machina, Llama Quest 2, Into the Unknown, Grimy Adventures

      These should be pretty good, once released / finished.

  • was very interested in this. Still very interested. Especially to do music videos of some sort for my own music.

    FINALLY a non-motion sensor option. The motion sensor controls are so frustrating in a touch screen era we now live in.

    I wonder if anyone can answer. I would buy the camera and wands but the price is stupid.

    • Dreams was designed around the Move controllers as those are the optimal means of creation, as they add depth and precision to sculpting in a 3D space.

      I highly recommend investing on some, especially with VR support being added soon.

  • I’ve bought the early access version but when I search the full version in the store, it doesn’t let me download it for free! It says that I have to buy it again!

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