These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

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These are this week’s new PlayStation Store releases

Zombie Army 4, Journey to the Savage Planet, Monster Energy Supercross 3 and more debut on PS4

Action horror, arcade thrills and more await on PlayStation Store this week! The creator of the Sniper Elite series turns its sights towards the occult with its awesome shooter Zombie Army 4, which sees you battle the undead. If you’re too timid to go it alone, grab three friends to battle through the story campaign and ever-satisfying Horde mode.
Elsewhere, there’s sci-fi adventuring in the form of Journey to the Savage Planet, high-speed races and spectacular jumps in motorbike racer Monster Energy Supercross 3, and tactial action with Netflix tie-in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics.
These titles join a wide range of other games launching this week: check out the full release list below*.
*Release dates correct at the time of publication

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  • And Coffee Talk in Sweden? No news, what a [DELETED] surprise. Been in contact with Playstation Sweden, its hilarious. They blame everything on the developers. Every single game I brought up that got delayed. All is the developers fault. Yet on Twitter developers keep writing that they dont have an idea why their game dont release in certain contries on the release day. They claim to have dont everything they can. So whats more likely, That 7-10 developer are lying, or that Sony is lying.

    • Not available in Norway either. I’d probably not buy this exact game, but the number of games released elsewhere in the European region but not here is quite annoying. As far as I can tell by my very thorough and nerdy list, there are 126 games released in Europe, but not in Norway. Probably more, because I can’t keep track of it all.

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  • Platinum trophy for funkpower.

  • Journey To The Savage Planet was released last week.

  • At least we are starting to get some Arcade Archives games again just lately.

    Rocksmith dlc?

  • Oh Saint Dragon, I remember that!!

    Fingers crossed Arcade Archives release Rastan Saga.

    Anyone know where to find their release schedule?

  • So what happened to Kamiko? Is it not coming at all?

    • This is the EU store, treat everything they say as more a suggestion of what might possibly happen.

      Games have a secret random chance of appearing, and if they don’t they’ll maybe appear at some later random date, maybe or maybe not.

      Also, even if the same games by the same developers/publishers appear on every other platform (globally), the games not releasing on just the EU PS4 store is clearly not EU Sony’s fault ever, in any possible way.

  • Saint Dragon is looking good for Thursday hopeful they will stick to it as well the latest batch has been a bit naff hopeful Hamsters next line will bring more Konami & Irem titles they seem to be the better ones fingers crossed Sunset raiders Jackal Gun-force & Gunforce 2 being some of them

  • Does anyone know when new PS Now games get announced / added? Doesn’t seem to be any pattern from what I can make out…

  • They have already been added. Lego Worlds and Cities: Skylines (both for a limited time only) and The Evil Within.

    Edit: This should have been a reply to Alex79uk, but that doesn`t seem to have worked out…

  • For those few weirdos who like those kind of games, just a heads-up that Pro Deer Hunting was also released this week without getting listed here.

    Edit: What the fork has happened to my avatar?

  • Why did the Five nights att Freddy games get deleted? It finally came and I didn’t get any of Them Because I was waiting for My money. But now they are gone? It came out for US in November. And I was waiting and waiting checking the Store Every Day and finelly but then it just get deleted? I want to know why!

    • Yeah I noticed that it’s gone from the Au,GB psn stores and others maybe clickteam fusion ran into more problems with something. Because it was an hassle to get the game on other psn stores that isn’t the US but it might came back hopefully within a week.

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