BioShock: The Collection, The Sims 4, Firewall Zero Hour are your PS Plus games for February

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BioShock: The Collection, The Sims 4, Firewall Zero Hour are your PS Plus games for February

Explore iconic worlds or create your own with this month’s games

February’s loaded with not two, not three, but potentially up to five free PS Plus games! BioShock: The Collection contains three legendary first-person adventures, The Sims 4 gives you creative control over reality itself, Firewall Zero Hour offers engaging, online multiplayer* for PS VR owners**.
More on February’s free games:

BioShock: The Collection

From the undersea city of Rapture to the airborne metropolis of Columbia, BioShock: The Collection takes players on monumental journeys through awe-inspiring, deceptively dangerous places that are simply unforgettable. BioShock: The Collection features all three games in this award-winning series – BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite – remastered in 1080p, including all single-player add-on content.

The Sims 4

The Sims is celebrating its 20th birthday this February, and you’re invited to join the party! Now’s your chance to play with life in The Sims 4, where you can unleash your imagination and create Sims in a unique world that’s an expression of you.

Firewall Zero Hour (PlayStation VR required)

Become a hired contractor and expertly seize – or protect – sensitive information from opposing teams in Firewall Zero Hour, a 4v4 tactical shooter developed exclusively for PS VR. Dive straight into these intense multiplayer battles when Firewall Zero Hour’s new season – Operation: Black Dawn – also begins 4th February, featuring a new map (Oil Rig) available for all players, and other free content!
All three games will be available from 4th February to 2nd March. This means January’s games will be available via PS Plus for just a few more days, so grab ’em before they’re gone!
For more information about PS Plus, visit our webpage.
*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.
**Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • This is fantastic!

  • Don’t have plus anymore but I’d be happy if I did with this ?

    • uuuhhhhh…. in case you didn’t know, the ps plus logo is visible over your profile picture if you have an active ps plus subscription

    • The Plus logo on profile pictures isn’t updated very well. It will stick around for months after you stop the “service”.

      If only I could be free of this blackmail crap too.

    • I have PS Plus since July 2018, and there’s no Plus logo on my profile, so I guess it’s flawed.

    • its been bugged a few years now, some people it works some it doesnt, dont think ever will change

    • I let it lapse near the end of December so it must be being slow to update? I could be cursed with this golden plus forever ?

    • Apparently, changing your icon to something different fixes it.

  • I can’t complain with Bioshock as that is 3 Awesome games…. But Sims 4, seriously… So many better games than Sims. Firewall is good for the small percentage of people who actually use PSVR.

    • I like how you point out Sims 4 for being 6 years old, but not the other thing for being a set of old ooold PS3 titles.

    • The logic

    • If your gonna complain about the sims, at least complain about the right things lol.

      Like how you have to buy 100s of expansions to make the game fun or have basic gameplay sim features that were in the previous games removed to be sold instead?

      Usually when a game has the #4 at the end, it’s implied its going to be better than #3 not worse.

      Nice try, EA.

    • Whatever… They are Remasters that are 3 years old..

    • Samurai:

      Yeah. I like the SImes games. But in S4 on consoles there is really huge problem about Sims forgotting half of their commands. Making it almost unplayable for me. Managing one sim is fine. But bigger family gets so micromanagement heavy to make them do what I want, that I stopped playing.

    • To be fair, Sims people forgetting half their commands makes them pretty much identical to actual people.

    • You forgot to mention the sims 4 has been in so many sales lately and its also part of EA access for £3.99 too lol.

    • Yes, because 5 million PS VR units sold is such a minority statistic. I think you’d be surprised how many folks are excited for the inclusion of the VR title this month.

  • I wish to be free Dying light but still no coming im sad :(

  • I love you! Thank you so much for all of these! <3

  • 2 collections in a row!!! and finally a psvr game.

  • Great for people that didn’t play Bioshock.

    Now, would you kindly give me something i already didn’t play next mont?

    • Had my eye on this collection for a while…well my psplus subscription has made back a tenner, probably 6 quid with Nioh, just another £14 to make back and i’ll be up on the subs cost.

  • Psvr required like Only 1% have,

    • And only 0.1% of those still use it.

    • And its a third game, so why even begin to whine. I have the VR headset, love it and Im happy about the game, one of few I dont own. And 0,1 % only use it, eh, whats that based on?

    • Oh do shut up. Sick of this whining whenever Sony so much as *mentions* PSVR is a thing that exists. It’s an extra game on top of the usual two, so it’s not like it’s replacing some hypothetical non-PSVR game. It’s also pretty damn good & as a multiplayer it’s an excellent choice for Plus as the more the merrier. And for those who don’t have VR, you can just add it to your library anyway on the off-chance you ever get a headset.

    • Well this is the PS Blog, where free whine comes complimentary with any order, sir.

    • Maybe a free VR game is an extra incentive to get PSVR, or a bonus for anyone planning to.

    • Had my PSVR just over a year and still love it and play it regularly. Got an Aim controller this Christmas so this bonus game is perfect for me!

    • And i don’t get why people “defend Sony”. 0,1% is most likely joke, but lets try to use some more objective math.

      There’s 5 million VR units out there, but that doesn’t mean 5 million people will get FZH. Even if they did that’s around… 13% of people (38,8 million subscriptions) that have plus.

      However Sony has big problem with plus. Over 100 million active users per month, but only 38,8 million subscriptions. Even with fact that you need only 1 subscription per console Sony probably isn’t selling plus to 50% of console owners. By that logic only half of VR owners have plus. That’s 2,5 million. Now we take away people that already have game, or don’t care about it and that number probably drops under 2 million and i would say i’m being generous with this math.

      This is a bonus, but it’s bonus for 5% of paying customers. Excluding 95% of customers isn’t smart business. I’m glad for everyone that will get to play this, but i will not applaud Sony since it’s obvious that every game they pick was already sold to death, or it’s just mediocre. Only logic why would they do all of that is to minimize number of downloads.

    • Sony lump constantly cheap crap because they have to lump something. When they started PS+ it was a service based entirely on the value of the games alone, so if the games were poor people would have no reason to pay for it.

      Then with the PS4, they borrowed Microsoft’s greedy idea of making people pay to play p2p/3rd party server games and made it part of Plus. So now it doesn’t matter the value of the games, as almost everyone is stuck paying it for online. They have put the price up several times and reduced the number of games to 1/3rd, and now pretty much give games that are 9.99 or less because they know most people are going to pay regardless.

  • Pretty good month. A bit gutted that I purchased the Bioshock Collection in the XMas Sale and didn’t even get to play it yet :p.

  • This this great news! Much better than last month ? Keep it up, Sony

  • Got 3 of the Bioshock games on PS3 but haven’t played through them so chuffed to have them on PS4 with improved visuals and performance. Never played a Sims game before but will give it a go but don’t think the VR game will be my cup of tea and dont you need the big gun thingy.

  • Well I got sims 4 and I got bioshock remastered collection so I guess try that ps vr game since I got ps vr so and still waiting on playstation now new games

  • One of the best months for Playstation Plus

  • My sub has just run out and I don’t intend to renew, but I’d be happy with that month if I was still a Plusser.

  • Seems kind of silly stopping the PS3 titles when basically all you do now is give PS3 ports…

    • Not really and a Big difference between a port and a Remaster. And i would definitely rather have 3 Awesome games than garbage like Goat Sim or MLB.

    • You know none of the games offered this month are even “remastered” just ported PC versions with identical textures, AI and a few minor engine tweaks? It’s not like a Medievil or Resident Evil 2 effort was expended.

      Personally i’d rather not play something identical to something I already played 10+ years ago.

    • I think someone doesn’t understand the difference between a remaster and a remake…

    • “remaster” and “port” are the same thing, it’s just marketing speak for “we totally did more than just port it and turn the resolution up ”.

      There was next to zero effort expended on these ports. I mean, there’s accusations some look worse than the original.

    • A remake is when a new engine in made like spyro, re2 or hell even batman arkham city/asylum since they are using ue4, a remaster is the same engine with minor tweaks to accommodate the current gen.

    • …and a port is when you port the game directly right??

      So it’s a port… The lazy “remaster” if you want to use marketing nonsense was on the PC, then they ported the barely changed PC version to the PS4 again. The PS4 wasn’t “remastered” over the original PC “remaster”, it was just a direct port.

      It’s still an identical set of PC port PS3 games lazily “remastered” on PC and ported again to the PS4 with zero new features.

  • Another remastered collection of 10 year old games. good for the kids that weren’t alive back then and can’t spare the 10€ to buy it when it’s on sale every month I guess.

    Friewall Zero is nice for the 1500 players out there that still play with their PSVR they got for christmas and don’t care about what those cheap (in quality, not price) gimmick glasses do to their health. But I guess even then it’s just a boring FPS that has nothing going for it other than “it’s VR”.

    Sims 4, just no.

    • To be honest I’d rather play Sims 4 than a massively overrated boring repetitive shooter that thinks it’s waaay more clever than it actually is. I mean I probably wont bother with that either, but still..

    • Lol, you keep writing all sorts of crap. Why do you think only 1500 people use VR? And why would they do anything to anyones health. Keep whining, its very entertaining

    • “massively overrated boring repetitive shooter” sums it up pretty well :D ..The Sims though…that’s a whole nother level of wasting time.

    • There’s nothing wrong with VR if you enjoy it

  • I was wondering how many people would pay for PS+ if online play wasn’t behind paywall…

    • If is wasn’t forced, who would pay for random old cheap titles? I think we all know not many.

      The worst thing about it is that Sony has no right to charge for online as they don’t actually provide any game servers. The only “online services” they actually provide are part of the free service. Messaging and the Store (oh and “cloud saves”).

      Hopefully Sony do the honest thing and make Online free again. They can make PS+ have “play online on Sony servers”. For the no games they make with online.

    • literally no one

  • Got to love the selfish people. We are getting in total 5 games. 1 of them being a really good VR game and the the none VR owners are complaining lol.

  • Not a bad month to be fair, had the bioshock collection on the Xbox, so it’ll be good to get some trophies

  • Wow, super impressed with this month’s games. Best I can recall.

  • Nice to see a “bonus” VR game again, I hope it will be like this every month :)

  • Got Bioshock Collection last summer for only 8.99 € and I’m currently finishing the mindblowing Burial at Sea!!!

    What a journey I had missed all these years !!! Thanks Ken Levine and the whole team !!!

    Totally excited that through PSPlus , more players will get to experience this phenomenal story telling and quite addictive shooting !!!

    On the other hand , Sims4 is a totally disappointing choice for my taste … Please , no more of these ”games” ….

    Hopefully on upcoming months we”ll get Dishonored 2 or even better , the DeathOfTheOutsider double bundle!!!

  • So so games i got both of firewall be nice

  • A good month unlike last months goat sim. Also nice to see the ability to leave comments again, especially as they will be more positive.

  • Eh, nothing for me this month but that’s ok.

    • Still think there should be a system where if you don’t redeem any games you get some store credit.

      It would make the bad months less bad and mean everyone at least got something for their month, making Plus more attractive. As a bonus it would also encourage Sony to not put crap games out fairly constantly.

    • They would only give you £4.17 per month

    • 4.17 is still better than 0.00 and 0 games though.

      For me, the last game I didn’t own/wanted was…overcooked?? I’d have 37.53 store credit from the 9 months since!

    • I would have about £104 in credit as I have owned almost every game for the last 2 years (yes even the bad ones) and I still have 6 more years to go as playstation don’t refund ps plus

    • They actually legally have to allow you to refund it by consumer law. The only thing they’d be able to do is take a reduction based on what you’ve used.

    • I tried when vita ps3 was dropped. Some asshat in Cs wanted me to email receipts for the 7 years remaining at that point in time to process that I paid full price

    • You should have those in your email still?

      Could always try to get a different less silly customer service person??

    • Problem is I got cards when they first started being sold in Sainsburys and they messed up the price and they was put £14 per year and I got about 18 (whole stock) and sold some at full price

  • Guess it’s time to try bioshock then, good selection – love Sims 4, best console Sims yet.

  • There’s nothing wrong with VR if you enjoy it ?

  • There was this rumor that it was going to be Crash Bandicoot Racing. I really would have preferred that as opposed to some 6-year old games and a VR Title that I’m not going to use.

  • BioShock the collection is an excellent game for those who have never played it. Although i have played those 3 games on ps3 multiple times except the dlc burial at sea and sim franchise never interested me much but I am curious to try one sim game also i don’t have a psvr so for me is a mediocre month. But for those who don’t have BioShock collection is an excellent month

  • Don’t have VR, already own Bioshock collection and wouldn’t touch a Sims game (especially one with literally hundreds of pounds of dlc) even if you paid me, nothing for me this month, oh well, not gonna complain as I’m cool with others experiencing the glory of Bioshock.

  • Pity it’s poorly done, BL Infinite looks worse than the 2013 PC original.

  • snore.. each individual bioshock game has been given away individually before ad nauseam, heck I know infinite was on plus and I think possibly 1 & 2

    not a fan that we’ve reached the point that we’re being given repeats.

    It’s also time to stop with the PS3 ports. Like others have said, It’s a huge insult that you took ps3 titles away from us to give them to us in ps4 form

  • I don’t see the sims 4 in the saudi arabia ps store, will they replace the game again? -_-

  • I don’t understand why would they give chimparty instead of the sims…

    • Well that’s an easy one… you live in a heavily censored country with strong religious beliefs. Sims 4 is definitely not suitable.

  • Great month. Unless you already own Bioshock series and Sims 4 on PC and unless you have bought Firewall Zero Hour last month like me

    • There will always be coincidence cases, but it doesn’t mean that upcoming month games aren’t great…

      Btw, after changing id, I don’t have PS+ sign on avatar while commenting here. Some bug I guess.

  • Excellent month! Keep it up, Sony!

  • Games I played on PS3, a game from EA access and I don’t have a VR walk into a bar…

  • I have The Sims 4 on Origin with add-ons, have the entire BioShock collection on Steam and Firewall: Zero Hour along with the Aim Controller. Nothing for me then apart from more players in Firewall :) I totally recommend getting the Aim Controller for this one – it functions great in that game.

  • I’m OK with this – like a lot of people I suspect, I bought Bishock when it was reduced to about a tenner recently, but appreciate it’s a great collection. They can keep the Sims (might download for the kids), and since I got a VR for Xmas, I’ll give Firewall a shot, as it seems to be well reviewed.

    Can we get some more variety on the games though? A decent racer, or even more shocking, a fighting game might go down well as these types are not well catered for. And whatever you do, please no more niche sports titles…

    • At least they’re almost run out of walking simulators/telltale games to give. We’ve basically gotten a complete collection of every one ever released for the PS4 via Plus..

  • Another month of dissatisfaction to me, but cool for VR headset owners and those who never played Bioshock trilogy probably

  • Uhuuu! Another great month for me! I was really looking to buy the collection and Firewall! Great job Sony! Keep it up!

  • Sims to my little sister

  • Great games for February! Been wanting to play Firewall for ages, even if I’m always sick playing VR.

  • I’m gonna stop buying games on PS4. Almost every time i buy a game, they anounce it for PSN+.

    Nothing for me again, as Sims 4 is aimed at 13 year old girls.

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