Media Molecule announces the IMPY Award winners

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Media Molecule announces the IMPY Award winners

Dream of the Year, Best Visuals, Favourite Streamer and more revealed

Thanks to everyone who joined us for last night’s 1st Annual IMPY Awards! If you missed our magical evening you can catch the rebroadcast now…or cheat and skip ahead in this post to see the winners!
It’s been an incredible year in Dreams and the IMPY Awards just scratch the surface of all the wild, clever and creative things the Dreams community has been up to.
Now for our acceptance speech:
We want to massively thank all the people who have supported Dreams in Early Access by creating, playing or sharing and supporting their fellow Dreamers – you inspire us every day. Thank you to our industry judges who helped us narrow down our shortlists, it couldn’t wasn’t have been easy…and thank you to…oh…wait, this is about the IMPY Award winners, not us…a mega huge congratulations to all of the nominees and all of winners – you can see the list of the winning content and creators in each category below:


Most Helpful Dreamer

Impy Award Winners on PS4

Best Curator

Impy Award Winners on PS4

Community Star

Impy Award Winners on PS4

Most Improved Dreamer

Impy Award Winners on PS4

Best Visuals

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Wolf Woods by Shandyboy1975
  • Beach by Patekkah
  • Outpost 60 by BrianTaylor60
  • Paintings by OTTOposte1
  • Pip Gemwalker by ManChickenTurtle

Best Voice Acting

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • KeldBJones – Sheriff Dog in Pig Detective 2
  • CaseyJones – Opposite Day 5
  • Bella_Iris – Computer Voices Collection
  • ReddishBoat – Pig Detective Halloween Special
  • Awesome_David – Witchy Woods

Best Character

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Ruckus by Morishiro1935
  • Anastasia the Messenger Mage by Morning-Nya
  • Roger Whitebeard by PuddyDoke
  • Frederic the Fox – CodiBear8383
  • Bo by Byvsen

Favorite Streamer

Impy Award Winners on PS4

The Aww-ward

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Color with Crayons – MarmiteForMe
  • The Reach by Ryan47
  • Fuzzy and Snowflake – Grumpypickles5
  • Duet – Byvsen
  • Rainbow Coast – DigitalThing

Funniest Creation

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Witchy Woods – Awesome_David
  • Opposite Day 2 – MrCaseyJones
  • Dating Friendbot: The Survival Horror Experience – Frostadoodle
  • The Classical Order – sdcxsfd
  • Pig Detective: A Little Trouble in Little Cologne – Sde_Reu + Lotte Double

Best Song

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • PG x JD – Spravade – PGray_Official
  • Bees in the Boathouse – JayYoder & AyeWilder
  • Riviera Daylight – Mandelbo
  • Matte. – DisarmedX
  • You and I, All Night by MaJiCkAL0ne

Best Sculpture

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Dragon Showcase by Gauffreman
  • It’s A Sunset Lookout – itsDIG
  • Captain William Stone by MAC-Seventeen
  • The Snaggs Head by MadGFX_Snaggs
  • The Collector 2 by ryan47

Best Animation

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Duet by Byvsen
  • Seventh Doll Machina by BukkoroChan
  • Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by VerbalCreative
  • Radical by TheOneironaut
  • Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5

Creator of the Year

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • DisarmedX
  • SdeReu + Lotte-Double
  • SlurmMacKenzie
  • MrCaseyJones
  • DiamondDiancie10

Best Gameplay

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Deepest Dungeons RPG – Daniel-Hamster
  • Divide by Deimatic
  • Cubric by the_burgervan
  • Art Therapy – KeldBJones
  • Scavenger – Robinabcstu

Best Narrative

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • The Starbrushed Peak by Mandelbo
  • Trace of Time by FeyzPS
  • Pig Detective 2 by SdeReu & Lotte_Double
  • Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei
  • Day by Day by GentlemanTom

Hidden Gem Dream

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Chrono Shot: Infinite – RadishLord
  • Tactics 100 – Aecert
  • Zdex – Temple of Flies Part 1&2 – ZakYeL_
  • Do Robots Dream of Electric Imps – SlurmMacKenzie
  • Fin – Fleckromancer

Best Sound Design

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • The ornithologists private collection by Mattizzle1
  • Turbulence by sanderobros
  • The Backrooms – Syntronic_
  • Great Job, Human – the__burgervan
  • Pig Detective 2 by Sde_Reu + Lotte_Double

The Wish I Had Thought of That Award

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Player Piano Player – Enigma_0123
  • Functioning Move Violin – TannicAlloy
  • The Gate – ruolbu
  • Alex’s Nightmare – SlurmMacKenzie
  • Living Clock Screensaver – Agarwel

Hidden Gem Creator

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • The_Tenia
  • Chellssey
  • Appolonius
  • ORD6
  • Mattizzle1

Dream of the Year

Impy Award Winners on PS4

  • Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by Verbal Creative
  • Wind-Up by Fireburn02
  • Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei
  • Ruckus – Morishiro1935
  • Pig Detective: Adventures in Cowboy Town – SdeReu & Lotte_Double
  • Pip Gemwalker – ManChickenTurtle
  • Opposite Day 2: Regular Day – MrCaseyJones

We can’t wait to do this again – and we’ve been listening to all the feedback, your category suggestions (Best Music Video, Best Remix, Best Historical Sailing Ships) and thinking of some new ways to involve even more people from the community in the awards. Thanks for watching, being awesome and making things so cool we just had HAD to award them.

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  • can’t wait to give the game a go! I’m sure I won’t be able to build anything… but I will play everyone else’s levels

    • You may be surprised. It is really user friendly, intuitive and with great support (tutorials, tooltips, etc.)

      You also dont have to be able to create the whole from scratch. Because of great community people create and share lots of the individual obects, characters, sound effects etc. So you may be able to just create and share some sculpt. Or to actually create full game without modeling single object (using only objects created by others). As a result creating something like platforming level is easier than it may appear.

    • It’s not at all easy! I’ve plenty of experience with 3D modelling and Little Big Planet (I had an animation I created in LBP exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage), and Dreams is very different, pretty complicated, and not at all straightforward, unlike LBP. The learning curve is steep and its not particularly intuitive. eg. You can enable a grid, but the handle for the object you are wielding isn’t centered, say, and you have to go into Edit Shape to change the handle (buried in one of the advanced tutorials which you’ll have to spend a few hours working through). But then scaling isn’t fixed to the grid (as it was in LBP) so you can put down a cube and have it not properly grid-aligned at its edges. The way objects are assembled also interferes with what you’d expect; I created a cut-cone but couldn’t stretch it and it just moved instead.

      LBP was intuitive. Objects were physically present so if you moved a shape, it’d hit another and stop, and you could glue them together by pushing them together. Dreams doesn’t have this and you can’t so readily paste pieces together. Navigation is also kinda awkward. Without a camera, the DS controller drifts horribly and I found it unusable. With the camera, it’s a lot better. Two moves provides in some ways a natural interface, but it’s also a bit ‘messy’ – moving the camera keeps introducing bits of twist and turn, and you have to hold the Move straight-up to keep your objects upright when that isn’t at all a natural position. I’d like to be able to flick the object’s rotation 45 degrees with a quick gesture. I don’t think I came across global light settings in the tutorials and had to dig around to find them, but even then, I couldn’t create a black environment lit solely by the lights I placed.

      As such, it’s a huge testament to the creative talent of the people who have invested the many hours needed to Get Good and be showcased here! Dreams is an incredible product, but I fear for its accessibility which isn’t anything like LBP’s. I feel the project needs better ground-up training, guiding a user through creating simple stuff towards a decent goal that feels like progress. The numerous bridges just aren’t engaging, and the higgledy-piggledy creations like the earliest rocket which can’t be nicely aligned used snap and grid are I think demoralising to the early creator. Something like starting with a snowman, then a tree, towards a simple scene, would be more engaging and rewarding.

    • I agree only partinally.

      Yes, the Dreams are complex powerfull tool and to fully understand it takes some time and learning. But I dont believe you need to fully understand it to have fun with building some stuff.

      1) I feel like the Dreams accessibility is build in layers of complexity. And you can fully work with the “simplified” layers before going deeper. The best example is music tool. You want music in youl level? Just download some nice song from Dreamiverse and you are done. You have good music in your scene. You want to create something new? Just take few premade instrument tracks and put them together to create something that sounds good. You want to go deeper? Just create music note by note. And you want to go even deeper? Just use the microphone and create your own instruments with 14 tabs of effect settingss on the tweak menu. But you dont have to understand these 14 tabs to use music.

      Same with characters. You want a character in your platforming level? Just download one from the dreamiverse and you are done. He runs, walks, doublejumps, has sound effects,… Maybe even some other stuff. This is all you need to create you first simple level. Or you can go deeper, you can model your own character, create custom animations, modify the logic, add new abilities. But when you are starting with the dreams, you dont need to know how to create “throw fireball” function to start building something.

      2) You can also do stuff based on your skill level. You dont have to create full games from cratch. You can create and share just some assests. Scupt something, draw something. There are people who has good microphones and share some short voices someone else can use in their level. If you want to create, there is something for you in dreams. You dont have to understand and be good in everything……

    • Or plan your games around your skill limits. For example I dont have any talent for drawing or sculpting. So one of my first dreams was just Picross 3D. You need few default cubes and that is it. No modeling needed. I like playing with logic gadgets so I planned the Dream that needed only cube + gadgets. Someone else may build different Dreams around different parts of the engine. (beutifull graphics, only basic logic)

      For example you mentional issues with the grab points. I created few Dreams (hopefully having one nominated for Impys can make me sound that these were not completelly terrible :-D) and I did not feel a need to change a grab point single time :-D I know the function is there, never used it. I was probably building something that could be done with knowledge I got. And it was enough to finish the level without using all the features.

      3) You mentioned the tutorials. Yes at the moment, these dont cover everything. But we still have early access. More tutorials are announced from the start of the EA. So Im pretty sure that in full version, there will be much more of these that were created during last year. Just rememebr LBP – they covered everything. I expect same here once the full version is out.

      So yes, if you want to create some complex game from scratch, Dreams can be complex and difficult. But if you want to start with it and create your first platforming level, it is really really easy. Search for few objects, slap them together, maybe add few keyframes for moving platforms or record some voiceover and you are done. It will not be a game of the year. But you also dont need to study the 3d modeling to even start. And by doing such simple level, you will get experience, get better and next Dream will be more complex, etc. You will find out what you are good at and what you enjoy building and you just plan the whole dream around it. It is not mandatory to create realistics graphics with scupting tool, if you enjoy building logic. Just create tetris or something. Or it is not mandatory to create complex games if you like scuplting. Just create some atmospheric walking sim.

  • I loved LBP, and when LBP2 came out I thought the microchips and extra logic was really useful. However, it was too basic for most of my grandest ideas. Only now with Dreams can I realise them on the PlayStation platform. That being said, I found the tutorials covered everything a beginner would need. After following them (which might take a day) then I think most players would be able to easily create basic levels, or just mess around with the physics.

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