PlayStation Store’s Games Under €20 promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s Games Under €20 promotion starts today

Fallout 4, Watch Dogs 2, F1 2018 and more PS4 games available at a discount for a limited time

PlayStation Store’s latest promotion, Games Under €20, debuts today! For a limited time* you can save money on a wide range of PlayStation 4 games. Lose yourself in a post-apocalyptic open world with Bethesda’s Fallout 4, become a racing champion in Codemasters’ F1 2018 or showcase your hacking skills in Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition.
So enjoy more amazing PS4 experiences for less! Below is the full list of games available on the sale. Simply click on each to find out your regional saving.

*Promotion runs from Friday 17th January at 12.00am GMT to Wednesday 5th February at 11.59pm GMT

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  • Very dry sale but the prices for some of these games are very enticing and tokyo xanadu ex+ finally after a long time of waiting (still waiting for you nier:automata).

    • Check physical stores. You can easily (depending on region) get Nier for under half of what it is on the store.

  • I guess with the january sale there aren’t much games left to have a sale lol

  • wish they would go back to shorter sales like in the past, another (nearly) 3 weeks of the same sale, after nearly 4 weeks of the january sale, they seem to last forever, would prefer weekly deals even if a smaller selection of games , fortnightly at most, keeps it slightly interesting at least

    also is real farm really that bad,that it dropped to 24p from 34.99 haha…

    • i feel like buying real farm even though i have no interest in the game but i just feel pity for it being reduced that much and it’s one penny less than a fudge bar so not exactly breaking the bank. :P

    • Actually, would never notice it without reading your comments. Gonna buy it, i like farm sims, i like soedesco and it is very easy to plat.

    • i read the description about it saying ‘american farm’ and now i’m tempted to pretend it’s Clark Kent simulator about his time living with his folks on the Kent Farm before he became Superman. :P y’see now it’s a superhero game. :P

    • sod it for 24p im gonna buy, save a fudge for another day haha

    • i bought it. whether i download and play it is another thing but eh i might do. 24 pence it seemed rude not to buy. :P But yes if it play, it’ll be Kent Farm in Kansas for me. :P

    • 24p for a game. Oh my….

    • Don’t feel bad. The soundtrack to Real Farm is still a tenner. :D

    • Shiney is 14p if you didn’t see that as well

    • I’ll grab Shiny too thanks :P

    • The digital version of Real Farm is impossible to plat, and since the game is so bad it is very monotonous to even try and get the easy trophies.

    • @Squidooer yeah, i read that on playstationtrophies but i thought that it was old. Shame that they still haven’t patched it. Although they refer to a how to brute force download v.1.0, which has no glitched trophies.

  • Amazing thank you

  • One of the issues confronting particularly Indie devs is the lack of communication with the SIEE storefront…apparently,the US PSN regularly communicates upcoming promos inviting/following up on discount offers etc. Apparently the complete opposite with the EU storefront, Push Square article referred to some struggling to even get a reply (possibly due to downsizing),& nowhere near the communication offered by the US PSN. Hopefully the appointments of Shuhei Yoshida/Greg Rice etc., to the indie/3rd parties might bring some much needed changes to how the storefronts are managed & make things easier!

  • It’s yawning time again. Always the same stuff.

  • Might pick up 2 games, still thinking about it.

    A PS3 sale would be nice some time.

  • I would have bought the Vita version of Zero Escape: The Nonary Games if that was in the sale, but yet again you are excluding the Vita versions, just like you did with the Persona Dancing games and Digimon Hackers memory in the last sale

  • Had to get real farm for 24p I couldn’t resist, good shout ?

  • A sale for PS Vita games would be great…

  • Just one remark on the store interface, which should not be too hard to fix.. It would be nice that if you select sort by price, it takes the reduced price into account, and not the original price.

    • Hahaha, thinking that Sony cares about store interface in 2020. Seriously, they have even stopped pretending with PS3 and VITA where they don’t even put games on sale into separate section. PS4 interface is still usable but it’s laughably bad. It is beyond silly that the games in the Deals section are ordered randomly and after sorting them they revert to a random ordering after you add anything to your basket. Sony evidently doesn’t give a flying hoot about customers’ QoL.

  • No PS3/PS Vita sale yet again!? Come On!!!

  • Please give as Rocksmith DLC sale.

    Also, as stated in numerous comments above, Vita/PS3 sale would be nice.

  • Really don’t understand why the europe psstore team never listens to feedback.

    No Ps3/vita sales and indie devs need to put a lot of effort in trying to get their games on sale. Cowcatgames confirmed he had been trying for the last 2 months to get his games on sale, wich finale happend now. In the US his games are on sale a few days after his request.

    This really shows how little the EU team cares about it.

    • Indie devs don’t care much about sales on Xbox One either. Reason. PSN and Xbox shop is usually only updated only 1 time a week, which makes it hard for a Indie to promote sales.

      Indies only care about Nintendo Switch nowadays because it has new deals every day 7 days a week.

      There is 1-20 games on daily deals on Switch, up to 90% off, and sometimes up to 98% off.

      Nintendo promotes Indie games every day of the year. On top of that they have Indie of the day promotion too. Some Indies have said in a interview that they earned alot more money when they sold a game at 90% off than 20% off, because of huge quantity sales.

      3DS and Wii U get’s weekly sales only.

      Switch recently had combined on 2 stacking sales nearly 1000 games discounted at the same time. (Switch have around 3000 games)

    • How would having weekly sales make it hard for indies to promote sales? That sounds like [DELETED].

    • It’s more likely Nintendo care more about “indies” because that’s basically all they have…

  • Zero escape £9.99, think I’ll take a look. Otherwise pretty lacklustre. You should do monthly sale of 5-6 games only, and they should be really good value, you’d get a lot more take up than just reducing the same old things over and over again.

  • Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe is still showing as £49.99 to me…

  • Thanks for the latest Sale on PS3 titles, Sony, got some nice games from it. But was it a one-time only event? Is there any hope to get another one like that in the upcoming months? And also, could we get some Vita titles on Sale again?? There has not been a good Vita Sale in quite some time.

  • I hope next time we ll get DLC sales,the Evil Within Season Pass will be included!!!Unfortunately last year it was only discounted once at May 2019 while other season passes get featured many times…Recently got both Evil Within & Evil Within 2 and I want to enjoy the full experience with Kidman’s story!!

  • Wait, there’s a Taiko no Tatsujin game on PS4? Now where can I find a drum peripheral though…

  • Please for pity’s sake can we have some PS3/Vita sales for once which are decent titles/DLC which has not been on sale before and not just the same old indies month after month!

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