New Resident Evil 3 trailer and screens showcase Nemesis’s monstrous makeover

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New Resident Evil 3 trailer and screens showcase Nemesis’s monstrous makeover

New screens also reveal Raccoon City’s destinations, survivors, Umbrella soldiers, and more

Originally released in 1999, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis expanded the doomed Raccoon City introduced in RE2. The chaotic city captured fans’ imagination, letting them fulfill thrilling zombie outbreak survival fantasies. New storefronts, colorful survivors, and explosive hazards brought the streets to life (despite all the death). The titular Nemesis stalked Jill throughout the city as well, keeping tourists on their toes with every step.
The upcoming RE3 remake capitalizes on the exciting expansion of Raccoon City delivered in the 1999 original, boosted by Capcom’s modern enhancements. A new trailer and batch of screens sheds further light on the iconic Nemesis’s reimagined look and the chaotic Raccoon City. The fresh look also offers a few tantalizing tastes of where the remake detours from the original release, with new faces, shops, and more.
Check out the trailer as well as the new screens (with a deep dive into each) below!

GameTitle on PS4
Nemesis is the star of the new trailer, showcasing his trademark determination and arsenal. His classic rocket launcher returns, but he also boasts a flamethrower this time.

GameTitle on PS4
Jill should keep her distance from Nemesis at all costs. If his 1999 iteration is any indication – he’s faster than he looks.

GameTitle on PS4
In the 1999 original, Nemesis could prematurely end Jill’s escape by grabbing her head, lifting her aloft, and unleashing one of his infectious tentacles through his palm. Does that lethal technique return in the RE3 remake?

GameTitle on PS4
Nemesis gives his hand a rest and lifts Jill into the air with the business end of his rocket launcher. This is objectively a bad situation for Jill Valentine.

GameTitle on PS4
Speaking of the bio-weapon’s tentacles, this screen shows Nemesis’s whiplike appendages in action.

GameTitle on PS4
The trailer and screens offer a closer look at the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.). Here we see Tyrell. Will Jill find some shaky ground on which to cooperate with these soldiers representing the insidious Umbrella Corporation?

GameTitle on PS4
An enemy visually similar to the series’ iconic Hunter enemy prepares to attack U.B.C.S. soldier, Carlos Oliveira. These reptilian monsters traditionally pack a devastating flying leap attack.

GameTitle on PS4
The enigmatic Dario makes his return in the remake. In the 1999 original, he’s one of the first survivors Jill encounters. Will he have a similar role in the remake?

GameTitle on PS4
In the mood for seafood and/or donuts? Resident Evil 3 offers glimmers of the destinations Raccoon City once provided its inhabitants.

Check out the full gallery here for a look at new character Murphy, Nemesis in action, and more shots of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 3 hits PS4 on April 3, packed with the asymmetrical multiplayer experience Project Resistance.

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  • It does look promising. I’ve skipped RE2 remake, didn’t want to spoil my memories of the original, but RE3 was fun a in a different way.

    Also, maybe it’s time for Parasite Eve 1&2 remake? Or proper Dino Crisis?

    • Parasite Eve wasn’t made by Capcom, it was a Square Enix game. It was also not that great, but still..

    • Dude… no… do yourself a favor and go buy RE2 remake right now

      im a guy who grew up with those games, I had the same fear but trust me you wont be disappointed. Its actually better than the original in every possible way! You will love it

    • Well, not every way. Ben in the holding cells barely got any lines at all compared to the original.

    • Him getting less lines is kind of an improvement, if only he got insta killed when he went to open his mouth.

      If I had to fix things though, i’d fix Claire’s constantly open mouth, Leon and Claire looking like a random cosplayers (seriously Capcom, stop being lazy and scanning random people for established characters in DMC/RE games) and minor things like Raccoon city plates on Claire’s bike.

      Jill doesn’t look as bad as Leon/Claire in RE2, but still, the character is French/Japanese, whereas she looks Russian (as thats where the scanned model is from). Also, per the plot they should delete the STARS badge (she’s been suspended), make her waaay less hysterical (Jill was never like that) and make her not dress in a vest top/trousers like every other female in every game in the last 10 years.

    • Parasite Eve wasnt great ? go home lulu you are drunk :D

  • Can’t wait, this is easily my most anticipated game of 2020

  • Wow, can finally log into the blog again after 3 weeks. The game is looking great but where is the news of the Collector’s Edtion for Europe? I thought with the new trailer and info blowout we would have got news of this by now Capcom? Do you NOT want me to buy the game like I didn’t buy any games from you for nearly a decade before RE2 Remake came out?

  • I have nothing to add other than wow, we can actually post again. I sent countless emails and tweets about this issue and got one reply ‘we are aware of the issue but can’t tell you when it’ll be fixed’. Over three weeks we’ve been unable to log in to reply to posts, no statement about it was released, nothing.

    Not. Good. Enough.

    • And how convenient when 90% of the comments at the time would have been something around the lines of, so where is the FFVII Remake demo that is/was sitting on your servers?

      And it was so obvious. A “PS Plus Games for This Month” post with only 2 comments? It was pretty clear that it was affecting the vast majority of users.

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