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Vote for your PlayStation Blog Game of the Decade

Ten years of unforgettable games. One very difficult decision

Choosing your favourite game of the year is always difficult. You may have a frontrunner and a few others that really leapt out at you, but truly determining which was your flat-out favourite? The one you’d hang your hat on for a given year? Tough stuff.
Welp, get ready for an even more challenging decision — choosing a game that stood above the rest for the entire decade. Gaze in despair at the list of absolute monsters in the voting link below and try to narrow it down to only one.
It’s impossible! And that’s why our first-ever Game of the Decade poll allows you to choose three games, in no particular order, as your favourites. Don’t see your preferred game in the link below? Write it in at the bottom of the poll and we’ll be sure to make note of it.
When voting ends on 5th January, we’ll tally the votes and see which games walk away with Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. We have some guesses as to the winners, but truth be told this was such a strong decade that there’s no way to really predict those top entries.
Better get started!
Vote for your PlayStation Blog Game of the Decade here!

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  • No Battlefield games? Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for me.

    • so many good choices there.

      Opted for The Last of Us., which reminds me, need to replay that before next years release

  • Three games are just not that whole lot of picks for a decade.

    Personally I feel like there have been a lot of great games, some of them better than the rest.

    Anyway definitely been a good decade of games.

  • Easy choices for me. Dark Souls (2011) is my number 1 choice because I had never felt so connected to my character and the world. The adventure that my character went felt like I was truly along in the adventure. The feeling of wanting to give up because I wasnt good enough almost beated me but because I was so stubborn and I didnt give up, I felt like a god everytime I made progress.

    Skyrim (2011) is my number 2 choice because that world is so well crafted, so liveable that I can replay it endlessly. Even before I started playing it with mods on the PC I was creating different characters types with different personalities and storylines. To this day its my most played game (after WoW) of all time.

    Third choice needed a bit of scrolling but once I saw it on the list, I knew it was my third one and that is the Witness (2016). I dont remember when was the last time I was so consumed by a videogame. Maybe when I was a child. When I wasnt playing the game, I was thinking about it. It haunted my dreams and even when I was away from it I started seeing patterns in the real world. It was madness. It took me a 3 days to platinum that game and for those 3 days I only existed in that small island. I have been chasing that same high with every puzzle game since but nothing has come close.

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