Blood & Truth goes action-rhythm in its final Challenge update, out now

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Blood & Truth goes action-rhythm in its final Challenge update, out now

London Studio’s PS VR blockbuster gets four music-themed stages, plus a DJ booth to let you showcase your mixing skills

Today we’re thrilled to reveal the fourth update for our PS VR blockbuster Blood & Truth and to announce its release today! That’s right, you can now enjoy even more sharpshooting challenges, just in time for the holidays!
As our current fans know, we’ve been hard at work in the months following the game’s release, launching three previous updates that give you alternative ways to showcase your weapon skills. Be it proving you’ve steady hands and quick wits with our Skeet trials or a multitasking master in Mechanism, these post-launch challenges have sharpened both your reflexes and aim.
So that’s why we think you’re now ready to take on our toughest and most rewarding update pack yet: Rhythm Challenges.
This latest gameplay compilation tasks you to prove not only your dual-wielding finesse and quick reaction times, but also your rhythm across four new music-themed stages.
Each drops you in front of a specially-created rig which will deploy targets in time to one of the grime mash-up tracks featured in Blood & Truth’s soundtrack. These four have been hand-picked by the studio as a perfect fit for an action-rhythm challenge.

Blood & Truth on PS4 Blood & Truth on PS4Blood & Truth on PS4

Here’s how it works

You’ll need to shoot each vinyl-shaped target that appears on the specially-created rig, with more points awarded the more on time to the beat your shot is – and how close you are to bullseyeing the target. To help you perfect your timing, a colour-coded ring will overlay onto a target when it’s time to shoot. And don’t worry about reloading: all guns in this mode have infinite bullets and are on automatic.
Chaining successful shots will activate a multiplier, which is your ticket to earning a spot on the Challenge’s online leaderboard*.

Swap bullets for beats with our DJ booth

Want to let off some steam from the shooting range? This update also includes your own personal DJ booth!
Those who’ve played through the game’s story will remember one of the campaign’s standout moments that sees you in a shootout while behind a fully operational DJ booth above a dancefloor. We decided to separate the booth from the firefight to let you practice your mixing skills and light effects without having to dodge bullet barrages.

Tips and tricks

Before we go, here are a few gameplay tips to get you prepped:

  1. Hitting the sticker in the centre of the record (the white section of the targets) counts as a bullseye and gives more points. Accuracy as well as timing count towards getting the highest scores!
  2. The points awarded for each target hit increase the more ‘on beat’ you are. Watch out for the colour of the shrinking ring around each target as it moves. Aim to hit the target as the ring turns pink and pulses briefly. This signifies the target has hit the beat. Shooting the target at this moment gives out more points!
  3. Keep your multiplier up! Hitting targets at a Cool or Perfect timing will count towards your combo score and slowly build up your combo meter. As your combo meter builds your score multiplier will increase – X1, X2, X3 and finally X4. Keeping this multiplier up is key to making it to the top of the leaderboards. Missing a target will reset your combo score and put a dent in your combo meter, so try and maintain your combo chain!
  4. If you manage to hit every target in a stage with a Cool or Perfect timing you will earn a Perfect Combo bonus upon completion of the level. Note: this is very hard to pull off. Good luck.
  5. There is no fail state for missing targets in this challenge so don’t worry if you are having trouble keeping up with the rhythm of a particular challenge. Keep playing and try and get a feel for the target patterns and tempo of the songs. You’ll see your score gradually increase as you become familiar with each track.

The Rhythm Challenge update is available now, and like previous updates is free to all owners of Blood & Truth. It’s our way to thank you for your continued support and to wish you happy holidays!
*Internet connection required to download new update and access online leaderboards.
PlayStation 4 system, PS VR, and PS Camera required to experience VR functionality.

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