Ghost of Tsushima out summer 2020

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Ghost of Tsushima out summer 2020

Watch the stunning new trailer for Sucker Punch’s upcoming samurai epic and check out the game’s key art

I am so excited to announce that Ghost of Tsushima is coming Summer 2020! I joined Sucker Punch as the new communications manager back in March (nice to meet you all!) and I’ve spent my entire time at the studio so far dying for the opportunity to show off more of the game. Today it’s my pleasure to finally do exactly that. 

I know it’s been a long wait for everyone looking forward to playing, so I want to start by thanking you for your patience. This is a big game for our studio (like…really big) and we’re taking our time to get it right. 

Today, we debuted a brand-new trailer that delves deeper into the identity our hero is forced to adopt in order to save his home: The Ghost. While Jin starts our game as a samurai, he’ll learn skills and adopt tactics that are decidedly not samurai-like, and you can get a small taste in the footage we revealed today. In the months ahead, we’ll share more about Jin, the threats he faces, the allies that help him along his journey, and what he’ll have to give up to become this new kind of warrior.

As I mentioned, Ghost of Tsushima is huge – the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin. Our trailer includes some quick glimpses of the vibrant, diverse open world you’ll get to explore, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. 

GameTitle on PS4 GameTitle on PS4

I’m also happy to reveal our box art today, featuring Jin in his Ghost armour as a growing storm looms behind him. You can also get a peek at some of the gear and upgrades Jin will acquire throughout his journey, which we’ll share many more details about next year.

Beyond our new trailer and box art, we also have some brand-new Ghost of Tsushima merchandise to reveal, available on Insert Coin. Go check them out!

GameTitle on PS4 GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4

It is so exciting that Ghost of Tsushima will be in your hands next year, and there is still plenty more to share! You can get the latest info by finding your way to Sucker Punch’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, or on Ghost of Tsushima’s official site.

GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4


GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4


GameTitle on PS4 GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4

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  • Looks fantastic, I just hope we will also get Japanese and Mongolian audio for maximum immersion. This totally deserves it. Age of Chanbara continues.

    • There is apparently a Japanese voice over and the enemy guy is speaking Mongolian in the trailer.

      Which i’m glad about, English sounds so hammy..

  • Amazing, cant wait!

  • Oh my… That combat just looks stunning beyond belief! Those 3 slashes! So weighted, so responsive, so elegantly brutal.

    This really looks like the samurai game I’ve been waiting for most of my life. My ticker is pounding from excitement for this!

    • Hopefully it’s not too “QTE”/”cinematic” in combat. In the trailers before it looked very, very “cinematic”, where you ran up and pressed a button to execute people in a fancy way, then ran to the next multikill “cinematic” scene.

      I’d prefer if it was purely player controlled like Nioh/Dark Souls/etc.

  • Looks like a decent casual game.

  • 2020 is a good year for gamers. Epic gaming experiences awaits.

  • It’s look fantastic! Can’t wait!

  • Summer 2020… that means we’ll get the *actual* release date in April-May time, right? Or maybe the delay will happen nice and early like with TLOU2? Exciting times!

  • Even if its half the quality of Sekiro, I’ll he happy.

    Looks pretty epic thougj

  • I know it’s not supposed to be a remotely historically accurate game, but still, I wish you’d fix the name. “Jin” is just so completely wrong for the time period..

  • Really hope so I can relive some Tenchu moments again…

    Cover looks great!

  • With the game coming out so close to the PS5 release, buying it for the PS4 is most likely completely pointless.

    The game looks good otherwise.

    • As the PS5 is backwards compatible it’s maybe unlikely there would be a specific “PS5” version.

      It would probably just get patched to run in a “PS5” setting or something, with the “Pro” visuals at higher frame rates.

    • I’d still rather get it for the intended console -for which it was originally designed- as soon as possible

      than having to wait for a maybe possible PS5 re-release that looks a little beefed up. There probably goes more thought

      and care into the original than into a remaster, generally, anyway.

  • Nothing to do with this game but as it was shown at the game awards I’ll just dump this here.

    Why does the US get a game awards sale and the EU gets jack-all? Over 100 games (including Days Gone for $20, again) on top of their End of Year sale with 900+ items, while we get shafted again. Absolutely sick and tired of Sony treating us like crap. You guys are making the decision of not buying a PS5 really easy when it’s abundantly clear we are going to be treated like this next gen also. /rant

    • SIE is a US company now (unfortunately). Which is why they basically only have US studios now (they closed loads of the European/Japanese or made them do crappy mobile/whatever development) and give the US customers massive discounts.

      Don’t worry though, they remember the loyal EU customers, it’s who gives them most the money so they can probably fund cheaper prices in the US for less loyal customers.

  • I would still prefer this as a PS5 launch title, so it can make use of it’s power, not just late-stage PS4.

    • too many ps4s and ps4 pro’s out there to ignore, not saying a lot of people will not buy a ps5 in year one but this game not coming to ps4 at all doesn’t make financial sense, dual release where the ps5 gets a far greater version is fine but to ignore 104 million consoles?

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