PUBG, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and F1 2019 join PS Now in December

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PUBG, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and F1 2019 join PS Now in December

Battle against an island of foes, infiltrate an enemy stronghold in an action-packed blockbuster and race for championship glory

Hello, PlayStation Now fans! The Christmas period is here and it’s time to enjoy some holiday treats. Starting today, PS Now subscribers can enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Wolfenstein; The Old Blood and F1 2019 -available to stream and download on PS Now, joining the PlayStation Now library of more than 700 games in all.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Land, loot and outwit your opponents to become the last player left standing in a thrilling game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments in PUBG. Compete with 100 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills. (Available to download (PS4 only) and stream through 3rd March, 2020)
UPDATE: Enjoying PUBG on PS Now? Well, good news: the genre-defining battle royale experience is getting an extended stay on PS Now, meaning users can continue to download and stream PUBG on PS Now.
And also don’t forget to check out last month’s lineup of games including Persona 5, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and Hollow Knight.
And just a reminder, God of War, Grand Theft Auto 5, Uncharted 4, and Infamous Second Son, are available to download or stream on PS Now through 2nd January, 2020. Be sure to check them out until then!
If you haven’t tried PlayStation Now yet, now’s the perfect time to give it a spin with the seven-day free trial for PS4 and PC*.
Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now. Happy gaming!
*Terms apply. New subscribers only. Credit card or PayPal required.

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  • Wow… Okay, definitely not renewing my subscription.. Sad.

  • I pay my subs monthly and last month canceled after waiting to see if they would revert back to the original digital/indie games but no. Shame. Will carry on keeping an eye but they aren’t pulling me back in with games you can buy in shops. Bring back the weird and wonderful.

  • Definitely not renewing my subscription, down to 3 games a month is beyond a joke… what makes it worse is having this and PS Plus and the same games getting added to both… That is just absolutely ridiculous! And F1 2019…. A game that was just in the Black Friday sales… seriously? Oh and bravo adding it 2 days after the season ended. The people in charge of adding these PS Plus and Now games need changing ASAP!

  • I just don’t understand why you handle this service like that… It could be amazing but it seems you don’t care !

    Damn that’s so disappointing, just only 3 games added and you are the market leader with over 100m PS4 sold, shame on you really.

    You have such a great lead over competitors and you can’t even convince people to stay in your ecosystem with a basic service like PS Now which could be much more than that. That’s really sad to see how you handle this from a customer pov.

  • Is it a joke? cuz i am not laughing

  • I thought this service was supposed to get better but its been getting worse :( I’ve been subscribed since the download games option was added but now here we are with 3 games a month competing with Xbox Game pass. I and most other people subscribed to PS Now for variety but now if we own any of the 3 games or are not interested in them, we’re hot out of luck till next months random 3. Before PS Now was all about being inclusive of all types of games people enjoyed, now it’s lackluster and uninspired. I’ll be letting me subscription run out unless it improves ten fold.

  • Really? PUBG is only available for 3 months? And to top it off, it’s the base version, meaning that Sony clearly want to bait people into buying the DLC, and then to pull the rug from under their customers, forcing them to pay for the full game in March. This is no longer a game service, it’s a glorified timed demo system. Way to destroy a promising service Sony, I’m sure the competition are loving you for your greedy decisions

  • Merge this service to PS+ its screaming for it to happen.

  • These aren’t bad games at all. Just the fact is the service is not adding ENOUGH games per month. As it stands it’s not worth it because previous from oct 19 the service was adding 1 or 2 marquee ps4 games PLUS indie titles/ps3 classics. Please revert to the former or just add more each month.

  • Ohhhh, you made a big song and dance about the marquee games so you could just coast on them going forward. Cheeky, but smart.

    25th anniversary was a ripe time for some fantastic retro games, old school classics, a triumphant and surprising sudden announcement of PS1 titles to be streamed – dare we dream, even downloaded.

    Ah well!

  • The appeal of this service to me was the classic ps3 games, yet you’ve completely forgotten about that and turned it into a ps plus preview service. Give us Final Fantasy games like Xbox are getting. The recent changes sounded promising but have turned into a complete bust. Poor show Sony.

    • Those FF games are limited time only, it’s the exact same issue Now is having.

      I don’t understand why they don’t add ALL of there first party games from the PS1-3 on the service… it’s so obvious and easy for them.

  • What I don’t understand is how you haven’t added all ‘Sony World Wide Studios’ games to this service. I mean… only Resistance 3 & Motorstorm 3 is on the service? What about the first 2? All those PS2 and PS1 games you guys made… why are they not on here?

    I was planning to join this service as I thought of it as a massive streaming service of content… but adding 3 games a MONTH? Some of which leave? Wow.

    Im just going to buy an old PS1/2 & 3 and buy the disks. I’m not paying for PS+ 2 (what you have now turned this service into)

  • So many cry babies on here

    • No it is having a service that has changed so dramatically when people bought into the original idea. I’m lucky I only buy a monthly sub because of things like this but those who were getting 10 games a month and looked forward to them and purchased a long term subscription based on this idea, they are getting a lot less than what they bought into. The 700 games is what pulls people in but once they have played a handful they like, be it those that can only be downloaded, their preferred genre, a couple demo goes and games they might like, it comes down to what you get new in the month which will keep people subscribed. I have no problem with them removing games after a certain amount of time, like Netflix etc but unlike Netflix, they don’t give enough back if it is only 3 games a month. With 10 games there is more chance you will have a game for someone to want to play. What has happened for those who used it for PS3 games. No cry babies on here, just people voicing their opinions and maybe you should comment with a constructive argument as to why the service is ok, rather than attacking those around you. Shows the kind of person you are.

  • So this is what you call “holiday treats”? Congratulations for ruining something that could’ve been great. Don’t you care about us subscribers? Can’t you see the unanimity of our disappointment? It’s like you’re doing it on purpose.

  • I enjoyed PSNOW Service since I joined, but the service are going downwards instead of up. Every month I’m looking forward to the new releases, just to be disappointed.

  • Only Sony could create a decent service like PS Now, reduce the cost to match their rivals to create even MORE good will, and then shoot themselves in the foot by completely ruining what made it decent in the first place! There’s a pattern emerging here. They did the same with Plus – 6 games per month at £40, changed to 2 games per month for £50. It’s like they are trying to shed customers prior to PS5 for some reason. Let’s hope for their sake the Xbox isn’t brilliant otherwise their lack of respect for their customers could come back to bite them.

    • I lost interest in Plus games a long time ago when it just became old AAA titles every month. I wasn’t too bothered, I don’t buy Plus for the games anyway, they are just bonus, not sure I have played a Plus game in some time but I did use PlayStation Now for 10 games a month. Actually I would be quite happy if they offered just 30 games on the service, 10 new ones every month with 3 months to play them.

    • You could get through 10 games in 3 months?!! Wow! Try that when you’re married with kids :-)

    • Wow, you have the time to complete 10 games in 3 months?!! Try that when you’re married with kids! :-)

    • Uh. You said that already. I think we get it. Lmao

  • Il faut rajouter sur le psnow fortnite

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