PlayStation Store’s ‘Christmas Deals’ promotion starts today

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PlayStation Store’s ‘Christmas Deals’ promotion starts today

Save up to 70% on a huge range of PS4 games, including God of War, GT Sport, Diablo III and more

PlayStation Store is getting Christmas celebrations started early with its Christmas Deals promotion, ensuring you’ll have plenty of gaming joy lined up for the holidays.
With up to 70% off a huge range of PS4 games digitally, there is plenty to choose and enjoy over the festive season, including God of War: Digital Deluxe Edition, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Diablo III: Eternal Collection, Gran Turismo Sport to name just a few.
Check out the full list of titles below and head on through to PlayStation Store to find out your regional pricing.

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  • Looks worse than the Black Friday sale…

  • Just wait for new year’s sale, it should be better.

    • Could always wait for the “12 deals of Christmas”…

      I mean there’s no way it could possibly be terrible every single year since it was invented… riiiight???

    • 12 Deals of Christmas 2017 was so bad that we didn’t have a 12 Deals 2018. I have a feeling that it will be the same this year.

    • We probably did get a 12 deals of Christmas 2018. Just the only possible way to make it worse than the year before was to not post about it anywhere..

      Which is a shame. I’m sure everyone reeeeally wanted 2% off CoD whatever..

    • 12 deals of xmas were pathethic no matter what year.

    • Will it include PS3 and Vita games? Probably not knowing Sony Europe.

  • Okay, I thought it was Cyber Monday deals that missed YET AGAIN the legacy platforms but it’s already a ‘Christmas Deals Fail‘ time…

    Way to celebrate 25th anniversary with forcing Vita players into Switch, woohoo.

    • How is anyone forcing anyone to move from a long dead platform to the current best selling platform?

    • The platform is so “dead” that Square-Enix released a game on it a month ago but yeah, tell yourself that no-one is using PSP, PS3 or Vita anymore.

      Handheld gaming with 3+ years old games at full price is not something my friends would like to jump into despite being interested in some exclusives on PSP and PS Vita. If that persists, the only logical option would be to get a Switch (notable for receiving lots of ports, also for older games) even if they’re not into Nintendo exclusives.

  • Why put the regular titles on sale,only to put the deluxe versions of those same titles on sale for almost the same price one week later? You guys are trolls man.

  • PlayStation Europe, will you please stop ignoring PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PS Vita in your sales?

    It’s ridiculous that the U.S. PSN keeps giving discounts on PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PS Vita games while PlayStation Europe haven’t done it for months now.

    A game like Persona 3 Portable hasn’t been on discount since 2016! And the last time Persona 3/5 Dancing on PS Vita been on sale was in April!

    Come on!

    • Yeah, I wonder if it’s possible to get any feedback from people in charge of this Blog thingy? It doesn’t seem like anyone is reading these comments since many of us have been asking for PS3/Vita deals for quite some time now with no luck whatsoever.

  • From one poor “sale” to another. There are a few indie titles that are worth a look in this one but, other than that, it’s another **** show from Sony.

    Even the PS Plus exclusive discounts are non existent.

    • Still holding out for the “almost the cost of a physical copy” sale and the “US prices in Europe” sale…

      Probably if they didn’t charge 30% more for a digital copy that was 50-100% more expensive in Europe, a 70% off could actually be good…

      (that said the Trails of Cold Steel games are reasonable)

    • Even if they included the playstation plus discounts, the games would have been the same price for plus members anyway, they would have just been even more for non -members as you see all the time with the so called “double discounts sale”.

    • Hey, come on, be reasonable! All 74 DLC items and Microtransactions for Titalfall 2 are on sale!

    • I did notice that. Monster Supercross microtransactions are also included in this sale as well.

  • Lame deals. Absolute Scrooge.

    And thanks for vita deals.

    • Vita has been dead for at least five years

    • Guys at TweetVitaReview counted it and in 2019 so far there were 79 games released for PS Vita. Not only indie – even Square-Enix still supports PS Vita (Romancing SaGa 3 released on 11.11.2019). NIS America released in 2019 their final physical game in Europe for Vita (The Longest Five Minutes) – last I checked 2019 wasn’t five years ago.

      Do the research first before posting troll-like comments.

  • Monster Boy! Finally in a sale. £15.99 instead of £32.99. But I have no monies. :O

  • Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t seem to actually be discounted at all.

  • Since when does the alphabet end at the letter S?

    The complete lack of effort on this blog is astounding, is it really too much work to actually finish the list you started?

  • As usual, no PS3 and Vita games except for the ones that are cross buy with PS4.

  • Well, The Last Guardian for €9,99 seems like a steal, but it being a Sony published game, I can’t help but feel that it will be on PS+ one day.

    To buy now or to wait for its inevitable inclusion in PS+… tough choices.

    • The Last Guardian was a very ‘clunky’ game and Team Ico’s worst game to date so I say hold out for it. The game regularly sells for under £10 on eBay anyway so you aren’t missing out by not picking it up now.

  • Sony EU be like “Vita? Sorry, I don’t speak Italian.”

  • I don’t have a huge amount of time to game nowadays anyway, so I have more than enough to crack on with so can afford to wait 2-3 years and buy the bigger titles when they are £15 or less to be honest. I’d never pay these prices, nor those in the Black Friday sale.

    • I am proud of having gotten The Witcher 3 for 8 effin bucks earlier this year one year after a youtube comment told me I would have NEVER found it at 15 bucks.

      The Witcher 3 4K HDR for 8 bucks. That’s what I call a deal.

    • I’m not sure that you should have held out so long for this masterpiece of an RPG but congrats on proving the YouTuber wrong anyway.

    • Always have to remember that games are a buyers market with considerably more supply than demand.

      There really isn’t much reason to buy a game (especially single player) until it’s deeply, deeply discounted.

      Games companies charging more and more just makes more people wait longer and longer (or not buy it at all).

  • Should rename it whatever is on ps now and ps+ dlc sale

  • Why even have this sale?

    • Because Sony like to be seen to offer something to their userbase even if that offering is just a dead dog’s head on a plate.

  • GTA 5 premium online(includes single pl. campaign: 9,99E on black friday

    GTA 5 (only single pl. campaign) : 15E on christmas deals.

    A small sample about how to humiliate the definition “deals”. Tons of games which are supposed to be on sales, have the same prices when they get the “deal” tag, nomatter how many months/years pass.

    Shame on you Sony

    • Well, blame the players for not reading the description of GTA 5 premium online edition and thinking it’s an online pack or smth. In fact, when you check the top selling games you will always find the regular version much higher on the list than the premium online edition and that tells something about who buys from the store.

  • I thought this said sale somewhere…

    • You misunderstand.

      S ony

      A lways

      L owering

      E xpectations

      It’s a SALE event for sure. They like to have at least 2 sales every month (not including PS+ and PSnow).

    • It seems that sony is starting to do 3 weeks sale instead of 2.

  • Argh.

    *Please* add Vita titles in the post-Christmas sales… you’ve now dropped the prices of Steins;Gate and Ys Origin for PS4 but not Vita.

    People still use them!

  • Please give us a Rocksmith DLC’s sale…

  • No PS3 sale?!?! Aaahh come on guys!

  • It STILL doesn’t show the gmes past letter S on this post! Doesn’t Sony have the technology to update a blog post? How does this happen? How does a huge company not update the sales page for millions of customers! I just can’t see a valid reason! Only madness! Monkeys taking the helm of the company!

  • It STILL doesn’t show the games past letter S on this post! Doesn’t Sony have the technology to update a blog post? How does this happen? How does a huge company not update the sales page for millions of customers! I just can’t see a valid reason! Only madness! Monkeys taking the helm of the company!

  • I hate to be the person to say this but the USA sale is far better than ours not for range of titles but for amount of dlc and level of discounts.

  • Dear PlayStation Blog Staff,

    Do you even read any comments to your own posts here? If yes, could you reply somehow to all those questions regarding the total absence of PS3 and Vita deals on these Sales?? Please let us know if you are going to include any Vita/PS3 deals in the future Sales, and if not, please explain why since the US Store continues to support those consoles unlike their EU counterpart. Your ignoring the elephnat in the room doesn’t help the situation.

    Best regards.

    • I tried multiple times to speak with PlayStation PL staff. It wasn’t easy, especially that first I received an info that PS3 and Vita isn’t supported anymore since 2017 and provided me with a link for the end of support of… PlayStation Now on those platforms, Bravia etc. Fun fact, it wasn’t even available in Poland officially at any time. Then they turned to saying that it isn’t supported since 2018 – probably meant PS Plus freebies. Stopped after being provided with a proof of purchase of Drakengard 3 at the end of 2018 with a 50% discount.

      Recently they repeated again that it isn’t supported anymore and that there are differences between regions, hence the lack of discounts in Europe. When I again stated that I managed to buy 3 discounted Vita games last month (yay, NISA) and wrote plainly that “Sony is losing money” (of course, not that much, we all know that PS4 is leading the way, but still) they promised to escalate it to HQ. Hopefully someone will decide again that they want our money.

    • @Finka_Karfein Thanks for reply. Hopefully, your efforts will bring us some kind of closure on the issue.

  • I really wanted tekken 7. I wanted to buy it this christmas and i dont want the disk

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