Celebrating 25 Years of Play

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Celebrating 25 Years of Play

Join us for a week of celebrations on PS Blog as we mark PlayStation's 25th anniversary

On 3rd December, 1994 – 25 years ago this week- the first PlayStation made its global debut in Japan. Starting from a humble beginning as an upstart within Sony, Ken Kutaragi and team delivered on a vision to elevate video games as a form of entertainment that everyone could enjoy, and to make a platform for game developers to express their creativity. The original PlayStation sold 100,000 units in Japan on its first day and went on to become the first-ever home console to surpass 100 million units sold globally.
We struck a chord with the gaming community because PlayStation offered experiences beyond what anyone could ever imagine was possible with a home console. From the very start, we opened our arms to developers, providing them with the tools and technology to create beautiful, expansive worlds, and to experiment with new ideas. That approach led to the diversity of games PlayStation is known for, a true hallmark for our brand across multiple generations of hardware platforms.
Over the past 25 years, PlayStation has stood at the forefront of gaming, and I’m honoured to have been a part of the team since the early days. As I was helping set up the business in Europe, I remember having to start from scratch with many things, from hiring employees to ordering furniture.
Back then, we focused on catering to local markets to ensure that a gamer in Poland would feel a part of the broader PlayStation community just as much as someone in the UK, or Japan, or the U.S. Supported by passionate fans all around the world, our business has grown significantly and our focus on community is more important than ever.
It’s truly humbling to see fans who grew up on PlayStation passing down their love of gaming to their children, who are now playing on PS4.
On behalf of all of us at PlayStation – thank you for taking this journey with us. We can’t wait to celebrate what comes next with you!

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  • 25th anniversary console?

  • opened the post because i thought we would get something, lol ok

  • I been primarily a PlayStation guy for that long? :O Or at least since 1997 in my case when I finally got sick of my N64 disappointing me with it’s awful uncomfortable controller and blurry games giving me headaches all the time. Man, I loved my NES, SNES and Gameboy but that first PlayStation gave me far more entertaining games (and less migraines) than the N64. Also PlayStation had Street Fighter on it I loved muchly on my SNES. N64 didn’t get a single SF game. What was that about? :O

  • Getting my first PlayStation is something I’ll never forget, and when I booted up wipEout for the first time I knew I was witnessing something truly special that would change videogames forever. It was an amazing time. I’ve been a fan of PlayStation for all of those 25 years and I look forward to seeing where we go in the next 25. Thank you PlayStation for all of the joy you have given me over the last quarter of a century and happy anniversary!

  • Yeah. Im from Poland. And we Love PlayStation from born this system.

    And i love… Demon’s Souls :)

    Give us a Remake version, please.

  • The best way to celebrate some free games

  • Happy 25th anniversary Sony Playstation. Congratulations. ?

    Who’d have thought that back in the day when Sega and Nintendo were the 2 main players that Sony would come along and shake up the gaming world as we once knew it.

    At the beginning it was very nearly a Sony/Nintendo collaboration but thankfully Sony took their own path to greatness.

    Here’s to another 25 years of gaming magic.

    P.S any chance of a 25th anniversary theme. ?

  • Happy anniversary Playstation!!!! Please could you make a free special 25th anniversary PS4 Dynamic Theme?

  • Hey Jim, if your focus on community is more important than ever, does that mean you’ll be focusing more on ripping off the EU community with the constant price gouging over the US community, or will we be getting parity across the board?

    • Or the blog staff will reply to a comment more than once every 6 months?

      (probably, their current model is to gouge the loyal EU customers so they can make cheaper prices for the less loyal US customers, which is a bit massively unfair)

  • #SonyWins ❤️

  • “Catering to local markets”….as opposed to more recent times when EU/Aussie psn region gamers regularly see games running late, MIA on advertised dates with no follow up if/when they’ll come unless we follow up with devs/publishers on twitter etc., or at wrong pricepoints or sales with vastly less discounts or later than their US counterparts? Or still not having adopted IARC classification used by the competition for at least 2-3 years now?! A bit more parity in both store content & arrival/pricing would be appreciated heading into next gen Mr Ryan.

    On the plus side,yep from the early days of renting/trying out the likes of Suikoden, Alundra, Blood Omen Legacy of Kain, Wing Commanders 3 & 4,Abe’s Oddysee, etc, & buying some of the above,then FF7,GTA,Vice City etc. been firmly on the playstation bandwagon ever since!

  • Christmas deals have just gone up on the PlayStation store UK. Save up to 70% it says.

  • Happy 25th anniversary Jim! Anyway considering PlayStation sells the most in Europe, in future could you make our sales and prices of games similar to the USA?

  • Are you going to have a sale on PS3 games?

    I want to buy (God of war collection volume II) but not for full price

  • I’m looking forward to the PS5 celebrating 25 years of PlayStation with FULL backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 discs and digital downloads so that they can be played in their original modes and with PS5 performance boost!

  • Feels like 25 years since the blog staff replied to any questions or comments here

  • You’re welcome.

  • What a ride it has been. Blew my mind with 2D to 3D game jump, now blowing my mind again leading the VR jump. Don’t. Ever. Change. Happy 25 years and counting

  • So proud to say iv owned and loved playing every version of the play station from original to ps4 pro. Not only that, I have met some people online I can call friends in the clan I joined (TMM) thank you sony… Can’t wait for the 5

  • Congratulations Sony, and thanks for 25 years! I’ve been by your side since almost the very beginning, since the first moment I saw the first footage of Wipeout and it absolutely blew my mind. Then came Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil and most of all..Final Fantasy 7, and ever since my home has been on Playstation. Now please just ease up on the censorship madness, and allow us to play PS1 Classics on PS5 (at least), and I’ll be there for another 25 years.

  • Up until the past few years I would have agreed, however since moving your headquarters to San Francisco Sony has become censorship heavy virtue signalers. I owned every PS console day 1 but I won’t be pre-ordering the PS5 till you stop with all the crap you’re pulling.

  • PlayStation is gaming for me, I remember my megadrive and SNES (with fondness) but playstation has been with me all the way into adulthood.

  • I still remember my PlayStation 1 like it was yesterday damn we had good times and now almost time for the PlayStation 5. Can’t believe it’s already been 25 years keep doing what you doing

  • It has been a wonderful 25 years! I still remember the Christmas I got my PS1, a magical moment.

    While we’re on the topic of PS1, how about finally allowing people to play their PSOne classics on PS4, eh, PlayStation?

  • I remember playing Demo 1 like it was yesterday – was blown away by Wipeout & Destruction Derby. Good times. I also remember the marketing campaign: SATS – Society AgainsT Playstation. So bad lol.

    • I miss really bad Playstation adverts!

      Like the one about the PS3 where it was some overweight man talking about being naked.

      I’m not sure how many people were convinced by that particular angle, or what it had to do with the PS3.

  • The Best Place to Play Since 1994

  • “That approach led to the diversity of games PlayStation is known for”

    … Until the PS4 when we directed our studios to make endless gritty generic third person walking and talking games with really boring central characters…

    I know everyone messes up, so i’m expecting much, much better (and more interesting) games and characters next generation (and some much needed gameplay).

  • Thank you, Playstation, for all these years you have invariably enriched my life.

    I sincerely doubt I would have been as passionate – or as busy – a gamer without you in it.

    Words cannot describe my gratitude or general respect I have for you.

  • I bought my first PlayStation in 1998 and I bought all PS ever since. :) So I’m waiting for PS5 now. :D

  • Been here for the 24 year ride(europe) Still remember buying my first playstation together with air combat,destruction derby and tekken holidday 1995. Had work every weekend for months to finally have enough money. In the end i ended up buying 3 playstations 1(laser issue) and 1 playstation one(still working fine today) After that switched to ps2 right at launch(still working today) But i also bought a slim new(still boxed till this day and only will be opened if my fat original system ever gives up), Then ps3 straight at launch with haze and remembering the first day in 2009 when trophy support came online.Then ps4 at launch and a slim and a pro and slowly moving towards the 8000 trophy’s in the last 10 year. It’s been a great journey with awesome memory’s straight from into my teenager years with tomb raider,tekken,ace combat,tony hawk,dave mirra bmx to more awesome games on ps2,ps3 and ps4. And to put the cherry on the cake the most awesome moment is that i now have my kids play the same exact systems i loved so much. From the lego games on ps4 to games like tomba on ps1

  • Congratulations Sony on 25 years!

  • Happy anniversary, Playstation. Here’s to another 25 + years of console greatness

  • Do you know what would have been a perfect way to celebrate this 25 year anniversary? A big sale which includes games from your other consoles, not just PS4 games.

  • Yo we need a free psn codes 10$ ??? ??? ???????

  • Happy Bday!

    25 Years of Pay!!

  • Congratulations PlayStation. To all devs… we love what you do for us. Been a long road, I came from GameBoy back in the day. Bring on PlayStation V, the future is ready.

  • Best experience of me childhood

  • pity u didnt release more ps consoles in the original colour would love 2 have one. maybe something 2 think about b4 the ps5 is released

  • i´m in since Vita release. I also own ps3 and ps4.

    Using ps4 only.

  • It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was playing wipEout and Ridge Racer first on the system

  • In essence I’ve just realised I have now been a loyal follow of PlayStation for 25 years and all I have got to show for it..? A poxi free Christmas Theme?

    Well thanks PlayStation we made you what you are today and that is how you show thanks to us?


    Probably won’t be around for the 50th but if I am.. I’ll be back.. ?

    ps..anyone remember having to turn your ps upside down to load games? Those were the days hey ?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I still buy and play every system.I can’t wait for PS 5 to come out.My first game on PS One was Ridge Racer and I have been a fan ever since.Thank You Sony.

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