PlayStation Store’s Black Friday discounts start today – save on games, PS Plus and movies

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PlayStation Store’s Black Friday discounts start today – save on games, PS Plus and movies

FIFA 20, Borderlands 3, NBA 2K20 and more are among the deals

Black Friday discounts arrive on PlayStation Store today, with massive savings of up to 60% on a huge range of PS4 games.
Make your mark on the pitch in FIFA 20, blast your way across the galaxy in Borderlands 3, perfect your three-point game in NBA 2K20, keep New York safe from crooks in Marvel’s Spider-Man and live your ideal life of crime in GTA V Premium Online Edition.
These are just four of the great titles awaiting you from today on our Black Friday promotion. See the full list of games that will be part of the limited time discounts* below, and click through for your local pricing.
And make sure to keep checking back here, as more games will join the sale from 28th November.
And Black Friday also brings discounts on PlayStation Plus membership! Get a 25% discount on the price of a 12-month PS Plus membership , which is available for a limited time**, so make haste!
Black Friday discounts also extend to select movies on PlayStation Store as well! Be sure to check them out.

*PlayStation Store deals end 11.59pm GMT Monday, 2nd December
**PS Plus 12 month membership deal discounts on PlayStation Store ends 10am GMT / 11am CET, Monday 2nd December.  

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  • A lot of these black friday deals are awful, you can get most games here physically for cheaper. Another fortnight another waste of time.

    And with the playstation plus deal will it be the same as last year where you can only get the deal if you’re not an existing playstation plus member?

    • The GOW Deluxe Eition is not even on sale? It’s the only version to get the bonuses that can’t be sold separately. I hope the base version will not be considered as the only version so discounts will happen only for it and not to the Deluxe Edition.

  • Days Gone (US) – $20

    Days Gone (EU) – 40€

    Welp, there’s always next year.

    • They should be ashemed of this.

      This is not how you treat european customers. Double the price? Jesus christ

    • We’ve been treated like second class citizens this entire generation by Sony. Why would they change anything now?

    • And that’s how we fight pollution and global warming, physical versions are cheaper than digital distribution. Greta, where are you?!

    • Damn, DG was the one game I wanted from this sale, that’s terrible from Sony to have such a price disparity tbh

    • This is why the chances of me buying a PS5 are so slim. Treating your European customers like dirt, and then treating the European Vita customers even worse than that. Most of the game series I play are no longer playstation exclusive and have moved over to the PC , Switch and Xbox now anyway.

    • Horizon Complete Edition was 10 dollars in the NA store but never went below the 15 euro threshold in EU stores eventhough the game is an European game which makes it even stranger.

    • Sony has always been doubling the prices for European Countries. Completely ridiculous.

    • Days gone is not $20 on usa psn I just checked and its 40. Its $20 on disc from a shop

    • What do you think you’re going to have the same at your house or at home in time for the party is on the step of forming an LLC the same at tulleys you

    • Yasink, that’s because for some reason, they decided to put Sony published games on sale in a different day. You can check again for the price tomorrow or you can go to the american PS Blog and check the sale details.

    • Cool thanks just got it for £15.57 by getting a usa psn card off friend in states

    • Never, ever, use “welp” unless you mean a wolf cub. It makes us think you are a hairless one.

  • Why there is no black friday deals for Asia??????

  • Yeah… for third party titles, I can understand, it’s up to the publishers

    But for Days Gone damn, it’s a first party title and yet, they double the price compared to US (even if we take into account taxes, it will be $20.50 in US)

    • Yep, totally don’t understand that. Wanted to buy Days Gone, Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition and Resident Evil 2 Deluxe, but Days Gone is overpriced compared to the U.S. Store and the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition is not even on sale, same for RE2.

      The normal price of days gone is 40$ on the U.S. Store and here it is 70€. Could Sony please do something for the EU players?

    • Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition isn’t on sale either just like GOW DE.

  • The prices suck when you compare them in the American Store.

  • well this sales are …. black fry_day…well down sony that’s what i call black humor..

  • These prices are terrible, disc copies can be found cheaper for most of them. The US store has some amazing deals but our store’s deals on same games are a waste of time. £35 for Days Gone when it is $20 for US. Converting that and even with VAT added that is like £19. I’ll think I’ll pass.

  • More awful ‘deals’

    Game – UK Price / US price (US price converted to £)

    God of War Deluxe – £25 / $15 (£11.62) (They also sell non deluxe for $10 but EU store refuse to let us buy that).

    Spiderman GOTY – £25 / $20 (£15.49)

    I’m not wasting more time doing them all, just some of the more glaring ones.

    • Hopefully SIE moves back to Japan next generation.

      Since moving to the US they’ve gotten worse in every aspect, and basically closed down/ignored/treated poorly everything not in the US.

      Ignoring the biggest region (in sales and population) seems like a silly business move, especially when historically it’s been Sony’s safety net.

    • @MiseryPrincess To Hell with that, now that Hermen Hulst, who is from Amsterdam, has taken over Shuhei Yoshida’s position they should bring it over to Europe.

    • Europe would be nice really.

      It’s Playstation’s main territory and it doesn’t (usually) have (as) money hungry schemes as big US companies do, and consumer rights are much more consumer friendly.

      I think either option is fine, just not the US where SIE went and became Microsoft version 2 in a single generation.

    • Yeah, SIE took on an almost xenophobic approach to business since it became USA based. Anyone outside The US got an occasional deal to make it look like they were being altruistic but they definitely look after their own under the current regime.

  • Looks like I’m just here for the ps plus discount…

  • Dang, none of my 70+ wishlist on here. Already got my faves God of War, Uncharted etc.

    eh ok found one, but still too much for me this week. Mostly cos I bought the Street Fighter V upgrade kit and I’m very happy with it so it’s ok. :P

  • oh i might make use of the PS Plus 12 month 25% off discount (since only a couple months left on mine I think and it’s money i’d have to spend anyways) but i don’t see it reduced yet. Still showing as £49.99 to me.

    Oh does it mean next Friday? Is that actual black friday? I don’t even know anymore. i was never sure what black friday was and everywhere has black friday sales not even on the friday so… yeah…

  • Ooof… this was a real downer.

  • *sigh* The Reduced Prices aren’t available yet over here but by just reading what everyone is saying with you Sony charging double of what the US Store Owners would pay for their Black Friday Games is ridiculous let alone half your Games on PSN still cost €59.99 or €69.99 when you can buy them for half of that in Stores Brand new for years. I’d suggest actually hiring someone to Update the Pricing on the PlayStation Network to match acutal Store Prices cause half the time even when they are on Sale on PSN they still cost more then just buying a Physical Copy.

  • Never a greater time to go physical

  • Yet again, nothing for Vita, even in the BLACK FRIDAY sale. We don’t get Vita games on plus anymore, and you don’t even put them in sales either.

    That price for Playstation plus is still far more than the service is worth, now that you have cut 1/3 of the content.

    • We’re basically just forced into paying for online now, so they don’t care it’s really awful value.

      Weirdly the “online” part is the part we shouldn’t be paying for. Sony don’t provide game server hosting and basically have no online aspect in any of their games anymore.

      If I play MHW online, then Capcom provide the matching server and I/other players host the games. Yet we somehow need to pay Sony for errm…being Sony I guess??

  • They should call it a Joke Sale. No PSP, PS3, PS Vita titles, some PS4 titles are double the price when compared to US PS Store…

    I browsed the list twice to make sure but unless it’s updated it seems NOT EVEN ONE item for me in this sale. Guess I should be happy I’ll save some money at last.

  • Why is need for speed heat still 70,- ?

  • Where can i find need for speed heat black friday deal !? Anyonen!?

    • On the PlayStation store Need for Speed Heat is 30% off reducing it from £59.99p down to £41.99p. That is on the U.K. store though.

  • What a joke of a sale… Cheaper on physical on a huge number of titles, very similar titles to every other sale ever on PSN, prices are vastly inflated on many compared to US, and even compared to XBox who seem to know what a sale is supposed to look like (Witcher 3 GOTY is £10.49 on Xbox compared to £12.99 on PSN), and users on XBox are getting random emails through with vouchers for up to a tenner off… Couldn’t tell you last time I saw anything come through from PlayStation that wasn’t trying to sell me something… The double discount sale is better than this rubbish…

  • The PlayStation hits games are 14.99 euros compared to 9.99 dollars in the US. That’s just not fair Sony. The US always get the games cheaper every time. This is another sale I won’t be bothering it with because of the unfairness and how US gets much better deals and the EU always get screwed price wise. Nice way of treating region where your console is the most popular.

  • Why not 33% for 1 year of PS Plus?

  • It seems I can save a single buck on PS+ if I buy it at a local, brick and mortar, store.



  • i’m here for the borderlands 3 discount so thank you not a bad deal.

    and i’ve been watching a few games that haven’t been on sale for quite some time now.. it’s been over a year for some of them so wanted to mention them and ask if there’s any chance they’re going on >50% off any time?


    Shovel Knight

    Salt and Sanctuary

    also, what’s up with vvvvvv not showing up in the store anymore? was it removed?

    • I noticed Tales of Xillia 2 vanished too a year ago or something like that. They could at least warn people… Good thing I have my physical CE but would love to get a digital backup just in case. Now I need to wait for a remaster if I want a digital backup.

  • Simply Embarrassing. Us European Customers being scammed once again.

  • When a sales not a sale

  • Is the ps plus offer just for new ps plus users ? Cause i cant seem to buy the 12 months offer…

  • Yeah, I’ll have to go for PS+ again, that blemish on the brand. Hope to see better deals on Black Friday. So sick of paying for online in the first place, so sick of being forced into PS+ JUST TO GET TO PAY those online fees. And people were complaining about PS3 being a little more expensive. Laughable. You get that back in just 2 years of being forced into PS+ this generation… And they don’t show signs of stopping this exploitation any time soon. But hey, at least their PS+ fans don’t need to bother subbing seperately… By all means, keep selling out one part of your audience in favor of the other, it’s not like your reputation hasn’t already hit rock bottom in regard to this.


    • The least they could do is reduce PS+’s cost permanently by 50 – 66%.

      As they cut 2/3rds of the content, it makes sense to cut 2/3rds of the price.

      But of course they raised the price instead.

  • Need for Speed has a discount in America but not in Europe? Because the chart in the US blogpost had Need for Speed in it. This post doesnt mention the game. What the hell Sony?

  • used a discount website to take even more off that PS Plus deal so it was £29.85. That site is getting hit pretty hard at moment from eager buyers so tough to get through but I stuck with it and yay I’m paid up til Feb 2021 (mine was up for reneweal in Feb 2020). Thanks for the PS Plus sale. :D

    • That’s a great price, which discount site did you use please? You can PM me on PlayStation messager if you’d prefer not to post the info here.

    • done so earlier. did you get it?

    • I did, thanks.

      In fact I bought two and am signed up to PS Plus until 22/01/2022. Might as well make the most of these deals, we probably won’t get anything as cheap as that again for a long time to come.

    • yeah i nearly bought a second but i’m a lil skint at moment and gotta get christmas stuff It’s a great deal though. :D

    • I figured that it was only £9.70 more than a single subscription and took the plunge. It’ll pay off in the long run. Luckily I don’t have too much Christmas shopping to worry about.

    • i don’t have loooads of christmas shopping to do but as someone who has been unemployed for years due to health reasons i don’t have very high of an income. :P (But i still go digital rather than physical because it’s just way easier for me, no game stores near me, and i hate cluttered shelves and swapping discs and bleh) But yeah this PS Plus deal is great. One thing I don’t have to worry about in 2020. :D

    • Are those discount websites for UK store only? Any code i’ve tried is rejected by my store unfortunately

    • PSN codes are generally store specific. So you’ll need to get one for your particular region.

    • Ok thanks. From a quick search i found out that sony has only given a 10% limited time code for my region back in 2015 and never again… Too bad

  • Dear blog team, do you also occasionally read the feedback you get here on the blog? It does not look that way! Do not overwork yourself on replying to too many questions and concerns, ok.

    • From the looks of it, they’re apparently only allowed to copy paste stuff from the US blog.

      Replying to comments would require writing something new. So it’s kind of impossible.

    • Chances are that the people in charge of updating this blog don’t have any say in what corporate does, they are just the mouthpiece hired to write up pretty posts for online marketing.

      Them replying to questions and concerns on here would probably be; “I wish I could help you out with that, but alas, my hands are tied”.

    • Nope, these are the laziest “bloggers” you will likely ever come across.

  • Wow, and still nothing for PS3 and Vita. Seriously? Sony, are you ignoring your userbase on purpose? Every time there is a Sale, there are people in comments asking to include Vita and PS3 titles in the Sale, but you just downright ignore them week after week. Is it your way to force some of us to upgrade to PS4 if we want to get certain games with a discount?? Personally speaking, your outrageous behaviour in ignoring your customers like this makes me want to go with another company’s console next year instead of getting PS4 or PS5.

    • I absolutely agree. With the way Sony treats its customers, I’m considering switching to Xbox next year. I’m getting tired of their [DELETED].

  • Seriously, PS3 and Vita are so outdated and so dead it is not even funny. It’s almost 2020… Get over it.

    • Enough about VR, we’re talking about things people actually bought.

    • Hey, I bought PSVR Definitely my worst gaming related purchase..

    • @MiseryPrincess: Woah, woah, woah! Any more criticisms of my beloved but dusty headset and you and I will be facing off across a game of Street Fighter.

    • Unfortunately (and ironically) I just went to finally buy SFV (for cheap) and juuust missed the sale by an hour.

      However, any challenge must be in Tenchu 3’s vs mode. Of course for that we’d need someone to finally port it, so i’d win either way.

    • The same goes for your opinion. If you don’t play them, it doesn’t mean no one else does either.

    • That’s bad timing/luck and a little spooky at the same time. (cue ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ theme tune)

      PS Street Fighter V is currently £9.99 at Argos for the vanilla edition or £14.85 for arcade edition at Shopto.

    • Wait til February and you can get Street Fighter V Champion Edition for just £24.99 which includes almost everything, the regular, the Arcade and the Champion upgrade kit and tons and tons of otherwise expensive DLC. I already have SFV so I bought the upgrade kit and damn I have loads more content now. This is how the game should have been from the start. :D

    • @Gotrek_74 I will probably get it in February. However, that did remind me to look around for some physical copies (also known as better than “PSN sale prices even when not on sale” copies) of some other things!!

      @ Carnivius_Prime It should have been like that from the start, buuuut it’s weird for a fighting game (and DLC) to not be not so great value for money. If it doesn’t have stuff like little to no singleplayer, less content than the previous entry, a pile of rather overpriced DLC and random things like “buy the same game again so you can be allowed to buy 2 more DLC” (damn you Guilty Gear Xrd) people get shocked and confused.

      The Champion edition does seem like a fair price point now.

  • A few good deals like Shadow of Tomb Raider, RE2 and DMC5. MHW Iceborn could be a bit cheaper.. I’d buy it for 20€. But I was hoping for more Indy games.. There’s one game I kinda want, but I forgot its name. So that sucks.

  • Yet another pointless sale with hyperbolic claims of greatness from the super tight Sony.

    About the only thing of note is £7.99 for GTA V and that only applies if you didn’t play it LAST GENERATION!

  • Sony is always unfair with Europe and this problem has been since 2013

  • Since the US is the only country in the world that actually celebrate Black Friday they should get better deals than us. The Black Friday sales is something that the rest of the world adopted from America. For the ones who don’t know Black Friday it the day following Thanksgiving, which by the way is next Thursday … so hopefully they should be adding better deals next Friday which is the ACTUAL Black Friday.

    I like everyone else though can not find one good deal in this sale, so hopefully all the good ones will be coming when they add more to the sale.

    The thing that mainly pees me off though is that a lot of the games they put in sales should have a PERMANENT price drop as you see the same old games in every sale, games that should be at the sale price anyway.

  • Possibly the worst deals I have seen all year from the PS Store, no interest in paying for any of these. PS EU won’t even acknowledge the comments in this section but I hope no one actually wastes their money as the game they want to purchase will probably be cheaper in the new year sales. Whoever set the discounts for the EU Store for Black Friday needs to have their position evaluated.

  • Let’s hope the next batch of titles added today is better than last week.

  • When will they add new deals ? Half day of 28th has passed here in Europe…

    Any time frame ?

  • So.. Are we getting new deals today or what? The existing ones are a pure joke, we could use something better… Though personally i would exchange more games being added for matching the us store prices for the current black friday eu deals. There is no way i’m paying 40 euros for Days Gone while the us store has it for 20 bucks… Complete joke and disrespectful as hell.

  • 4pm and still no new games added

    Well done, Playstation. Keep it up with the good work

    • Almost 19:00 where I am from (gmt+2) and still nothing… Probably the new deals will come out tommorow on the 29th…

    • If that’s the case, why did they mention the 28th?

      “And make sure to keep checking back here, as more games will join the sale from 28th November.”

  • It’s November 28th but I can’t see new games in the Black Friday deals as they promised…

    • együtt érzek :/

    • Seems like they lied to us….

    • This sale was such a joke that i literally believe they didn’t get the revenue they expected, so they “postponed” the new games of the sale in order to make “passionate” and impatient customers spend more money on the current ridiculous deals. They certainly treated EU this sale in a consumer-unfriendly way.

      And as far as it concerns those saying that black friday is American and the difference between EU and US sales is rational, all i have to say is that i didn’t ask for a black friday sale. They gave us one for hyperconsumerism reasons. When they give me black friday sale i expect a black friday sale. They should name it something else since the deals are max at 60% and most of them at 25-50%

    • You really think they postponed the rest of the sale?

      I doubt that there will be more games added. Not even tomorrow

    • And the award to the company with the best costumer support goes to…

  • 28th no new games added past 8pm here in the UK, tried my luck with tech support but they dont know anything. Got my eye on a few things but want to see the full list before jumping in.

  • They’ve already updated the games, it’s just incredibly minor and with no announcement. They’ve added need for speed Heat and the standard version of COD MW. They aren’t on the above list, got added earlier today. Was really hoping for more though

  • Spiderman only £13.99p in Argos. Cheaper than the ps store. UK only.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be an update yesterday, with more games added?

  • Where are the new deals?

  • Black Friday is great!!!!

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