These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Last Labyrinth, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and more arrive this week

This week PlayStation Store delivers a dilemma for players who love sci-fi: do you step into the shoes of a Jedi or a Time Lord? For some, it’ll be a tough choice, as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time both launch on PS4 in the next few days.

Of course, you might not be of the sci-fi persuasion. Maybe you’re more of a horror person, who likes to spice up solving puzzles with the threat of imminent death. If that’s you, then take a look at Last Labyrinth.  

None of the above work for you? The rest of this week’s releases will likely have something to suit. Have a browse below…*

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Why it should be on your radar:

As anyone who played Titanfall 2’s thrilling campaign can attest, Respawn Entertainment knows how to make a compelling action game. So we’re excited to see the results as it brings its magic touch to the iconic sci-fi saga.

Star Wars fans are well-served with a story that further embellishes the turbulent era between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, while a third-person adventure platter of sprawling worlds to explore, unlockable upgrades and lightsaber-focused combat will no doubt interest genre fanatics.

Last Labyrinth

Why it should be on your radar:

You’re wheelchair-bound and trapped in a mysterious mansion. Your only hope of escape? Directing Katia, your fully-mobile AI companion, to solve puzzles and get you both out.

Few developers would take on the challenge of a gameplay experience that’s wholly dependent on interaction with a single NPC. Yet those involved in creating this PS VR puzzler also had a hand in the likes of ICO and The Last Guardian.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Why it should be on your radar:

If Last Labyrinth isn’t to your PS VR tastes, perhaps embarking on a perilous adventure across time and space will be. This tie-in to the long-running BBC series brings with it a who’s-who (pardon the pun) of iconic monsters. Whovians concerned about this being an inauthentic treatment of their favourite show should be mollified by these words from the studio behind it.

*Release dates are correct ay time of publication. Release details may vary by region.

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  • Arcade Archives TNK III…otherwise known as TANK? Cool. I may have that. If I had or could use PSVR without issues, I’d get the Doctor Who thing but I don’t.

    • I’ve never heard of TNK lll before. At first glance I just thought it was Ikari Warriors.

      On a side note are they still going to bring out Vigilante on Arcade archives as it’s been more than a month now since it was mentioned.

    • TNK III is same sorta thing as Ikari Warriors and also by SNK but in a tank. :) Also came out on PS3/PSP as a PSP Mini back when that was a thing and is various SNK collections. I grew up with the game as TANK on my Amstrad CPC. It’s not the most amazing game ever but I have fondness for it.

      Did Vigilante get Time Piloted? Like it appeared then disappeared and appeared and disappeared and was gone for ages and then it appeared and was purchasable and there was much rejoicing ‘yeeh’

  • What happened with “STAY COOL, KOBAYASHI-SAN!: A RIVER CITY RANSOM STORY”? It was in the list of releases of last week and it´s not on the Store yet.

    And any idea about Fight´N Rage release data?

    • This site is such a mess. They say Spirit of the North release this week but its out already. Tamarin probably wont release this week as they claim. Cuisine Royale, they have told us that before. You cant trust the EU Blog. I always cross check with the US blog cause they are correct more often. But then the problem is that some things release in the US before EU. Lol, its so annoying

    • Stay Cool… was released in the UK and probably some more places last week. I guess Spain got the same treatment as Norway.

    • So it has been released in UK? It´s like Double Dragon IV again, which was released in UK but not in Spain? Arc System Works game, too…

      But both appeared in the Spanish blog.

  • Why is the Doctor Who: The Edge of Time release date 14th November, the developer (Maze Theory) has said the release date is the 12th November?

  • Eastshade was released on 29th of October.

    Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers was released on 8th of November.

    So why are you listing these games as if they would release this week?

    And regarding Tamarin, developers still haven’t announced a release date so I doubt it will release tomorrow.

    • Yea, same with Spirit of the North, already out. Its so annoying, why do they even make a list.

    • They used to mention the region where a game launched (when it was before or after other regions) but they don’t do this anymore. They also just guess when games will launch (just look at Tamarin, it’s been in the store releases for weeks now…

  • Missing VR games as usual. Why don’t we get the big games we are due . #annoyed.

  • Yey! Cuisine Royale is back! Let’s hope it stays on the store this time

  • Much to my delight this Morning i arise to the fact that Tank 3 Has been released already played it on the SNK 4OTH Anniversary Collection the Arcade Archive version happens to be more playable Yep its a great concern just where is Vigilante it was due for release for 4 weeks back in September now its just totally totally Disappeared

  • Finally we’ll be getting the ‘AUDICA and 2019 Season Pass’ bundle tomorrow!

  • I think the release date for Terminator Resistance is December 10 right?

  • Tamarin is not out this week. Chameleon Games still haven’t announced a release date.

  • Audica – £24.99

    DLC Pack 01 – £7.39 (5 songs)

    Audica + DLC Pack 01 bundle – £49.99

    2019 season pass – £28.99 (15 songs)

    Audica + 2019 season pass bundle – £38.99

    Two questions – (1) is DLC Pack 01 included in the 2019 season pass, and (2) who on earth sets these prices?

    • I know… Harmonix knows (see Facebook and Twitter).

      AU PSN vs US PSN Store Pricing

      Game – $44.95 / $29.99

      DLC Pack 01 (5 songs) – $13.45 / $8.99

      Game + DLC Pack 01 (5 Songs) – $90.95 / $34.99…. definite pricing error (should be no more than (AU$58.40)

      Season Pass (15 Songs) – $52.95 / $19.99… definite pricing error (should be no more than AU$40.35)

      Game + Season Pass (15 Songs) – $67.95 / not available in US… definite pricing error or does this mean the Season Pass should actually be AU$23.00 on its own???

      Unfortunately, i’ve bought the base game, so I have to wait til they fix the Season Pass pricing since SIEE denies any responsibility and won’t issue a refund to purchase the Game + Season Pass Bundle.

    • The bundle price with the dlc pack had to be wrong?

    • Thanks for the info – before today I’d only bothered checking the price of the game plus DLC Pack 01 and just dismissed it as a horribly overpriced, wait-for-a-sale game. I might spring for the game+season pass at that price

  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition can not be found in PS Store.

    Unable to Find This Page

    It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect. Select [Home] to continue browsing PlayStation™Store.

  • Last Labyrinth, Edge of Time and No Way Out – this is going to be an interesting week.

  • Hyped about Astroneer!

  • Neverwinter is 6th Dec

    Who runs this blog? Is ANY of it right? Absolute sheer incompetence to make this many mistakes weekly.

  • you know what funny there is no new dlc on dlc list anymore since didn’t get any dlc last week and this week

  • VR Ping Pong Pro and Sparklite was also released this week, without mentions here.

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