These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, Afterparty and more come to PS4

With Halloween breathing down our necks, we’re back with this week’s slate of new PlayStation Store releases – and it’s a timely mix of the devilish and the wholesome.
Relive classic platforming adventures with Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King, make a hilarious escape from the underworld in Afterparty or go on a Victorian space adventure in 39 Days to Mars.
Check out the highlights below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information*.

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin & The Lion King

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King on PS4
Why it should be on your radar:
Feeling nostalgic? Return to the 16-bit era with these two retro platformers featuring enhanced visuals and customisable controls, alongside new features including instant saves, a rewind feature letting you jump back 15 seconds, and Game Viewer for watching full playthroughs.
Fly your magic carpet, fight sword-wielding enemies and pick up gems as you relive Aladdin’s adventure through Agrabah. Then reunite with Simba and his friends as he reclaims his rightful title as the Lion King.


Why it should be on your radar:
Night School Studio, the creator of Oxenfree, is back with another spooky title for you to enjoy this Halloween. Go on a dark buddy comedy as Milo and Lola, a pair of recently deceased friends who find themselves damned to an eternity in hell. Luckily, there’s a loophole! If you can out-party the Devil, he’ll grant you entry back to Earth.
Schmooze your way through an underworld where actions and dialogue options change the way your story unfolds. Completing a quest in one area can mean the destruction of another…

39 Days to Mars

39 Days to Mars on PS4
Why it should be on your radar:
If you’re looking for something fun and whimsical to play with a friend, pick up this two-player co-op adventure inspired by the works of Heath Robinson and Jules Verne.
Take control of two hapless British inventors sailing to Mars for a cup of afternoon tea. Solve puzzles and try to keep your ship from falling apart as you fix water leaks, fight space monsters and even bake a few scones. Solo space travellers can team up with the ship’s computer-controlled cat.


Eastshade on PS4
Why it should be on your radar:
Those of you who prefer a peaceful adventure should dive into this open-world exploration game from Eastshade Studios. Play a travelling painter exploring the island of Eastshade as you learn about the inhabitants’ lives and create beautiful artwork.
Obtain schematics and crafting materials to help you get around obstacles and complete quests. Work on your paintings anywhere in the world and offer them to locals. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll help you unlock a secret or give you items in return.

Castle Costume

Why it should be on your radar:
Halloween doesn’t have to be all about gore and nightmare-inducing horrors. This platform adventure is perfect for those of you who want to celebrate the holiday with light-hearted spookiness.
You play as a young boy exploring a world trapped in an endless cycle of Halloween by Angry Aron, a child who was scorned one Halloween night. Travel between four unique worlds as you gather collectables, unlock special abilities and encounter wacky characters along the way.

PlayStation StoreOut this week

*Release details may vary by region, check your local PlayStation Store for local details. 

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