These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Outer Worlds, MediEvil and more come to PS4

Experience everything from intense shooters to quirky adventures in this week’s batch of new PlayStation Store releases. Take on gripping covert operations in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, go on a space adventure in The Outer Worlds or become a goofy undead hero in MediEvil.
Check out the highlights below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information.


Why it should be on your radar:
This hilarious PS One classic is finally back with stunning new visuals, tricky puzzles and heroic battles for all you boneheads out there. Embark on a ghoulish adventure as Sir Dan, a disgraced knight accidentally brought back to life 100 years after his embarrassing demise. Fight to defend the kingdom of Gallowmere from the evil sorcerer Zarok as you try to gain back some of your honour.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Why it should be on your radar:
Gear up for Infinity Ward’s reimagining of its classic Modern Warfare series featuring thrilling covert operations, iconic locations and a cast of new and familiar characters. Tackle a gripping single-player campaign, compete in multiplayer or take on elite operations in co-op. If you don’t want to lose a second of precious gaming time, you can start pre-loading now if you pre-order. Just saying…

The Outer Worlds

Why it should be on your radar:
Up for an intergalactic adventure? Try this sci-fi RPG with branching storylines and a quirky sense of humour from Obsidian Entertainment. You can even equip flaws if you want to challenge yourself – and gain some additional perks. Your choices shape the way your story unfolds as you build your character through actions, dialogue and allies. It’s perfect for those of you who enjoy re-playable games. Will you be a righteous hero or a ruthless villain?

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 on PS4
Why it should be on your radar:
Step into the ring with 2K’s latest entry in its wrestling franchise, featuring improved gameplay and streamlined controls. Explore the new MyCAREER mode where you can play as both male and female characters for the first time in the series. You can also dive into the 2K Showcase mode featuring the story of the Four Horsewomen.

Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum Edition

Why it should be on your radar:
Giants Software returns with a shiny new Platinum Edition to its best-selling farming franchise featuring over 35 exclusive new vehicles from one of the world’s leading brands, CLAAS. Become a modern farmer and develop your land in two huge environments using an impressive roster of over 380 vehicles and tools to help you.

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  • Nothing interesting this week. Holding out for Cuisine Royale. Fingers crossed it’ll be soon.

  • Outer worlds , medevil , for me my A’s well try WWE2k2020 when it’s in a sale to see how bad it is .

  • Any update on Tamarin which didn’t show up last week?

  • Another week waiting for Fight’N Rage, another disappointment.

  • I was kinda hyping for PBA Pro Bowling, but no release in europe I guess ? Looks really fun, and for 20 dollar, which they said it would cost on all platform, seemed like a great price.

    • Same here. There’s nothing in the Australian PS Store either and I really wanted to play PBA Pro Bowling. Through social media, someone said it got delayed by PS Europe but why they are doing that is anyone’s guess. I’m giving it at least 1 more week before my hype for that game is gone.

  • MediEvil is finally almost upon us. I have the Digital Deluxe version pre-ordered. Can’t wait!

  • Cat Quest II! I loved the first one. :D Platinummed it. :D

  • Cat Quest II for me too. An enjoyable, easy-going gaming experience. Also rather intrigued by Destiny Connect. ?

  • Hi, it’s been months since the “Last 7/30 Days” sections of the Store have been non-functional, please fix them. Also fix the download queue issue with bundles. It only puts ONE item in the queue out of the total. The problem is with all content regardless of the platform.

    • I contacted support about the last 7/30 days option. They went from ‘its not broke’ to ‘it is broke, so we removed the option until it’s fixed’ to ‘its not broke, never was, we just removed the options to improve store functionality’ (!)

      So it’s never going to be fixed because it’s not broke according to the geniuses at PS support.

      Just typical Sony Europe incompetence.

    • Well, at least they replied to you, the Italian division is even worse, i lost faith many years ago, after they told me to format a PS4 to fix a PS3-related issue. No, wait, it wasn’t even PS3-related, but Store-related. Meh.

      It was very useful because it has all new content (themes, avatars, DLC, games, PS+ exclusive content, etc.) under a single page, now i’m forced to go through many different sections to see if there’s something new. And it’s not even accurate sometimes.

      The other issue is even worse because it’s the second time it happens in 2 years. First time it was completely non-functional, but only with old-gen content, and i had to insist for a whole year, now the issue is a little different but it covers ALL systems.

      ps: the issues are worldwide, not just in Europe.

  • Outer Worlds


    Trails of Cold Steel III


    This week is insane.

  • I have a long list of all PS4 games, but there are a couple I’m unsure if they were ever released. They’re not available in Norway, but they could be in other markets. Can anyone help? The games are:

    Raven’s Cry – Ready for Take Off: A320 Simulator – Maddening Overload – Gunducky Industries – Demons Age

    And then a few games listed on this page recently, that are not available in Norway:

    Arcade Archives: Vigilante – Flutter Bombs – Dinosaur Island VR – Big Pharma – Mistover

    • Often it’s the problem of missing storefront texts. Simply said, if the developer/publisher doesn’t provide a translated storefront text (to SIEE – and of course the need to approve these texts and this can take a while) in the specific language (e.g norwegian), the developer/publisher will not be able to publish the game in that country/store.

    • I know that. What I was wondering about was if these games have ever been released at all, in any market or country.

      The list of games released in other European countries, but not Norway, Is ridiculously long.

    • Hadn’t checked yr list,but for ones MIA on the aussie store I’ve googled either other psn’s or XB local store.

      Another “quirk/feature”, affecting this storefront is the EU store hasn’t adopted IARC classification. This means large fees for PEGI/USK etc.ratings & getting them approved need to be done too. Have seen games on XB store locally but not psn. XB & Switch adopted IARC back in 2016!

    • The games available in other European countries, but not Norway are these:

      AngerForce: Reloaded – Score Rush Extended – The Door – Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim – Drawfighters – Gridd: Retroenhanced – Embers of Mirrim – Dogchild – Her Majesty’s Spiffing – Adventures of Pip – Graceful Explosion Machine – Scram Kitty DX – Gotcha Racing 2nd – Doom & Destiny – Super Daryl Deluxe – Floor Kids – Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice – Wondershot – Of Mice and Sand: Revised – Speed Brawl – The Videokid: 80’s Edition – Paperbound – This is the Police 2 – Rolling Bob – Magnet Knights – AIPD – Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo – Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe – Gunscape – Symphony of the Machine – Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle – The World of Nubla – Flying Bunny – Lastfight – Talisman – Rally Copters – Elliot Quest – MOP: Operation Cleanup – Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 – Slice, Dice & Rice – RobotRiot: Hyper Edition – Shred It – Knock-Knock – Gal*GunVolt Burst – Claws of Furry – WinKings – Super ComboMan: Smash Edition – Siegecraft Commander – Stardust Vanguards – Now That’s What I Call Sing – Anamorphine – Miko Gakkou Monogatari – Hex: Card Clash – Ages of Mages: The Last Keeper – Double Dragon IV – A Healer Only Lives Twice – Deployment – The Voice – Koi – Pilot Sports – Pixel Gear – Poltergeist – ATV Renegades – The Onion Knights – The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse – Out of the Box – Double Switch – The Deer God – Lithium: Inmate 39 – Fat City – Miko Mole – Ace Banana – Baila Latino – Toon War – Wonder Boy Returns – AnywhereVR – Weeping Doll – Special Delivery – Wer weiss denn sowas: Das Spiel – Vrog – Tu Cara Me Suena: El videojuego – Thug Life – Schlag den Star: Das Spiel – Rayon Riddles: Rise of the Goblin King – Picture Party VR – The Path of Modus – Operation Triunfo 2017 – Nubla 2 – Inglorious – HeroCade – Hagwalla Legend – Flipy’s Tesla: Let’s Invent the Future – DWVR – Desert Racing GST – BugsBox VR – BugsBox – Bring to Light – Abo Khashem – 3M Spain Foundation – Exception – Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition – Super Dodgeball Beats – Throne Quest Deluxe – Akash: Path of the Five – Afterlife – Hookbots – Beep! Beep! Deliveries – River City Melee Mach!! – Baldur’s Gate & Baldur’s Gate II – Draw a Stickman: Epic 2 – Planescape Torment & Icewind Dale – Wer weiss denn sowas: Das 2. Spiel – Yoga Master

  • Cold steel 3 for me! Very excited for this, shame about the timing for outer worlds, just too soon after CS3 and too close to Death stranding. Next year for sure

  • Fingers crossed for Outer Worlds.

  • I’m still waiting on an update/fix on last week’s Battle Princess Madelyn’s release wherein its dev submitted a price similar price to the other versions & somehow this store managed to inflate it by an extra 40% plus! Not buying it til this mess is sorted out!

  • How pleasing another Arcade Archives release but still no sign of Vigilante 4 week in September now its Off Radar

  • I think most people forgot that MediEvil wasn’t a good game when it released, and are buying this remake based purely on nostalgia. They will be disappointed. First week of nothing for me.

    • Or people might have a different opinion and like Medievil.

      Regardless, the problem I have with it is the framerate is pretty terrible (even though it’s not exactly the prettiest game ever). They have made no indication they’re doing anything to fix it either.

  • Hmmm, probably I’ll buy some games (not in playstation store)

  • COD COD COD that’s all we hear. Are u kiddin? How many more will we see? As for WWE2K20 I’m dissapointed that they took away the Creating of Titles. What I’m looking forward to is playing Medievil. Brings back memories in my PS1 days. ?

  • can we all laugh at the “price drops” when it comes to Fallout 76, as if the recent subscription for that game idea wasn’t bad enough. there are other ways i can throw my money away

  • Please correct the two themes which are permanently at the top of the New Releases (Battalion Commander & Treasures of Montezuma) … they have a release date of 01.04.2020.

    The same problem exists for an avatar (Modern Frankenstein), supposedly released on 04.01.2021!

  • Getting this game for free on Game Pass on release.

  • Why COD wouldn’t Reales in Russia??!

  • where is the PBA Pro Bowling game here in the PS STORE SONY

  • I am looking for ANTIGRAVIATOR in the psn store from the Netherlands.

    Could you please help me???

  • Antigraviator is not released in Norway either, yet.

  • if not available in certain regions, you guys could use a vpn. theres a halloween deal on pure

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